Benny & Joon (1993) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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A mentally ill young woman finds her love in an eccentric man who models himself after Buster Keaton.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Jeremiah S. Chechik
Stars: Johnny Depp, Mary Stuart Masterson
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 15 out of 164 found boring (9.14%)

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He is then taken on as a housekeeper by Benny who warns him about Joons unpredictable behaviour.

Sweet and entertaining .

Depp inserts a pervasive element of zany, unpredictable humour, an aspect that he has come to play recurrently in recent times.

But it is really worth watching, as the story is beautiful and heartwarming; the music is lovely; Mary Stuart Masterson's, Johnny Depp's and Aidan Quinn's acting is brilliant; there are scenes that are unforgettable; sad, funny, extraordinary and touching moments; and this film makes you love mentally ill people.

Undoubtedly, this is one of those movies that will probably be perceived in one of three ways; as a completely silly, utterly unrealistic piece of garbage; as a rare artistic gem; as a movie whose only impact was confusion.

But the movie itself will be dismissed as pointless by most guys - including myself.

A secondary theme is a playout of the common concept that to be creative, you have to be quirky (Joon and Sam), while being logical (Benny, the caretaker and mechanic) carries with it the mandate that you also be dull, unimaginative.

But overall, the film didn't give any insight on new ideas and just focused on a standard topic of "forbidden love", and was pretty much predictable all the way till the end just like all Hollywood films.

That in itself made this movie compelling and worth watching.

At the heart of 'Benny & Joon' is the story of Joon, a mentally ill young woman, and her older brother Benny, who takes constant care of her and, while complaining about how much that complicates his life, actually uses the obligation as an excuse for the fact that his own life is going nowhere.

Returning to the table,Benjamin is shocked to find out that Juniper is playing an intense game of poker with a work buddy of his called Mike.

When I first heard of the plot line, I thought it sounded a little boring, almost like one of those after school specials, when they teach you about the hardships of being mentally ill, or the fortune that may come to you if you are kind.

The movie ultimately though belongs to Johnny Depp whose performance as the eccentric yet endearing Sam is simply breathtaking.

But beyond the story is Johnny Depp's magnificently entertaining performance of tender touches, wonderful facial expressions and brilliant Buster Keaton-like skits that put this movie into the category of one you want to own.

Warm, engrossing film about real people .

Even though it's cheesy and predictable, this is just a charming romantic comedy.

But even without the tremendous significance of this thematic message, the movie is extremely clever and subtly entertaining.

June is a bit slow and lives with her older brother who helps take care of her.

In the end, though, the fact that the movie was still such an enjoyable ride makes me wonder if we even really need to know.

I have seen this movie countless times and each time is enjoyable as the first.

Benny & Joon is a relief for anybody tired of overtly sexual and predictable romances where all the attraction is in the physical aspects of the relationship.

Great movie, funny entertaining, great to watch as a pick me up from daily activities.

Besides him being extremely hot ;), I found his character very amusing/entertaining.

Overall it's a bit daffy but it still manages to be sweet and quite enjoyable.

All three characters are marvelously portrayed, and the plot, though somewhat predictable and cheesy, ends in such a hilarious and sweet note that it makes the whole movie experience delightful.

Very well-done and worth watching.

It may seem a little lethargic at first, but will grow into a touching, memorable and thoroughly enjoyable film.

) He does a stunning performance!!

brilliant .. well worth the watch!!.. 5 stars .

It is a sweet, funny entertaining movie.

It's a bit odd and contains a large bucket from the fairytale trough, but better than a lot of other movies that have attempted to be wholesome, romantic and entertaining.

June is a bit slow and lives with her older brother who helps take care of her.

Everything just seemed to fit together for this film, and if i break is needed from intensity or anxiety, I highly recommend it!

Frankly, I didn't care for the rest of the lead characters, those played by Aiden Quinn (too blasphemous) and Mary Stuart Masterson (nice at first, but then pouts all the time which gets tiresome).

Apparently chided for its poor portrayals of mental illness {tellingly tho, Joon's illness is not identified} Benny & Joon just about survives the pit fall traps because of its engaging cast.

I would say this film was pretty much a cliché.

While the handling of Sam and Joon's budding relationship may seem trite, and the humor applied to Joon's illness might seem cruel, in my experience the people who make those judgments know little about living day to day with a mentally ill - not to be confused with unintelligent - human being.

A perfect, almost stereotypical example of a "chick flick", this film would be a great movie for a second or third date - a chance for a guy to show how sensitive he is, while inside being bored out of his mind unless he's finding plot holes big enough to drive a truck through.

Benny leads a mundane life much of which is spent looking after his mentally ill sister Joon.

Benny & Joon Is Compelling And Worth-Watching .

It's a little slow in places, and it's a shame some of the supporting cast aren't given more to do, but it's certainly a curious film worth watching.

Johnny Depp's character was a great tribute to the talents of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin on a subtle level and was enjoyable to watch.

June is a bit slow and lives with her older brother who helps take care of her.

INto their lives breezes a full-on eccentric(Johnny Depp,by now fully on his way to the type of intense and remarkable performances he's now known for)named Sam who has been perfecting his reenacting of Buster Keaton routines to the point that it defines his persona.

I think this movie is definitely worth watching, its funny, romantic, sweet and actually has some depth unlike some typical romantic movies.

It's partly down to their talents as writers that Sam is such a real and engaging character.

This is a wonderful movie with a wonderful story, well worth watching for that alone.

Quinn and Moore seemed bland compared to Depp and Masterson.

adorable artsy fartsy love story .

Johnny Depp plays Sam, based off of Buster Keaten, he pulls in great physical comedy and made this movie magical and enjoyable, believe me, Benny & Joon is a fun story that any one could fall in love with.