Best Worst Movie (2009) - Documentary, Comedy, Drama

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A look at the making of the film Troll 2 (1990) and its journey from being crowned the "worst film of all time" to a cherished cult classic.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Michael Paul Stephenson
Stars: George Hardy, Lily Hardy
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 9 out of 46 found boring (19.56%)

One-line Reviews (48)

So how does one create the worst movie ever?

The movie is a waste of time.

I mean who else can say they were in the worst movie ever made?

The story behind the creation of Troll 2 and its belated reception by hipsters and ironists is interesting, but more fascinating is the journey through the memories and reactions of the cast and crew.

By the way, I'm one of those people who thought Troll 2 was hilarious and entertaining.

Perhaps it was the build up for watching this documentary, but I found it to be the most enjoyable movie I've watched all year.

Well worth the watch.

It is Troll 2, and by everybody's opinion, it is one of the worst movies of all times.

What starts out a homage/tongue in cheek look at the "worst movie ever" ends up being a sad and moving experience.

since it's about the worst movie ever.

I think the story of Troll 2 warranted a little more historical context and background info, as much of the facts are fascinating in themselves.

Still worth watching though.

He was a living embodiment to what made Troll 2 so entertaining in the first place, i.

(Even holding the #1 worst spot on this site at one time) It's one of those "so-bad-that-it's-good" movies- the film is just so fundamentally flawed in every way that it becomes strangely watchable and enjoyable.

' Sadly, I barely made it through this tedious documentary, which was poorly edited with terrible pacing.

Best Worse Movie is surprisingly touching, funny, and engaging, and after getting to know the cast and crew, I hope my imminent viewing of Troll 2 will have the same effect.

A documentary about the infamous "Troll 2", this is a very entertaining look at the film's legacy and the nature of fandom in general.

It ranks up there with "Plan 9 from Outer Space" and "The Room" as some of the Best-Worst movies.

This is such a compelling and interesting documentary that it becomes very much about the individuals involved and less about the original subject matter (Troll 2).

It's probably better if you have seen Troll 2, but if you haven't seen it, this documentary will stir a desire in you to watch one of the worst movies ever made.

Was This Best/Worst Movie From Hell Really Necessary.

There is also some extremely unexpected emotion in a few key scenes, including a sequence where Stephenson and George track down the actress who portrayed the mother in the film- only to learn that she has become reclusive, delusional and is clearly "out of touch.

It is one of the worst movies ever made, making it indeed hilarious.

It's a lot of fun seeing George in particular, who you can tell actually enjoys acting, running around and giddily telling people about how he was in the "worst movie ever" with a smile.

This is a documentary about "Troll 2"--one of the worst movies ever made.

Although I love Troll 2, I cannot concur with the general consensus that it is even close to the "worst movie ever made.

I found the more interesting parts of the film to be whenever the stars of the film were on camera, to hear what they were going through and how they are dealing with the fact they were in such a film was quite intriguing.

Troll 2 is a nutty little comedy with a ridiculous plot, silly dialog and amateurish costumes, and, as such, I really enjoyed it.

A very entertaining look at the legacy of "Troll 2" and the nature of fandom in general .

Despite the cast being the strangest group of people you would ever meet the result is surprisingly conventional and boring.

Now I really want to see the worst movie ever made.

I recruited a few friends to watch the documentary since they'd heard of Troll 2 from some documentary about the worst movies ever filmed.

and its about a movie that is a waste of time.

When the movie does explore the movie's origins and production history and interviews cast members, it is extremely entertaining.

Mismarketed as a documentary that seeks to deduce how bad movies get made, "Best Worst Movie" spotlights the cultural impact of "Troll 2", widely considered the worst movie ever made.

Troll 2 fans could rejoice with this really entertaining documentary directed by the kid star of that movie.

This is a fantastically compelling documentary.

Still, it is a nice doc and worth watching if you liked (or even didn't like) Troll 2.

The parts when they interview 3 of the "stars", the mother, the grandfather and the store owner, are the most compelling and depressing, showing 2 of them to be extremely mentally unwell and the other a sad lonely old man surrounded by his own junk.

Again, I highly recommend watching Troll 2 first, then (definitely) this documentary and then if you're lucky, catch the Rifftrax version of Troll 2 as they made it all the more enjoyable.

But the good definitely outweighs the bad here, as this is a thoroughly enjoyable film.

Troll 2's infamy lies in the fact that it was voted the Worst Movie Ever on IMDb, a quote which is often mentioned in the subsequent promotion of the movie.

Surprisingly dull .

Then they point out about 5 minutes in that the always smiling Hardy starred in one of the worst movies ever…Troll 2.

Pretty boring.

A very little of this is entertaining--about enough for a five-minute feature on a TV magazine.

I enjoyed it as much as "King of Kong", and really enjoyed the story of how a film can go so wrong in every department.

All types of people have seen this film, and enjoyed it for what it is.