Better Than Us (2018) - Drama, Sci-Fi

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A family on the brink of splitting up become the owners of a cutting-edge robot being sought by a corporation, homicide investigators and terrorists.

IMDB: 7.4
Stars: Paulina Andreeva, Kirill Käro
Length: 52 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 19 out of 163 found boring (11.65%)

One-line Reviews (90)

Actually very entertaining (check your Netflix settings) .

I'd have enjoyed it more if it didn't sound like 2 or 3 voice actors played multiple roles and just slightly changed their voice for each one.

A few borrowed ideas from AI robot SciFi, but ultimately dull.

Would recommend to anyone who finds the concept of AI and their inevitable integration into our lives remotely intriguing.

Entertaining .

The weakest part of the series was the contrived escape that puts the bot on the streets and on an intercept course with Georgy Safronov and his family.

Its enjoyable .

The storyline is convoluted and depends on numerous chance meetings or brief misinterpreted observations that of course immediately send the storyline in unexpected directions.

The show is very entertaining, the acting is good for the most part.

Intriguing Cyberpunk .

Well worth a watch, lots of tense moments and unexpected outcomes.

I still haven't seen the shows that this is like/based on so can't compare, but I found it curiously absorbing especially once I selected subtitles rather than the bland dubbing.

However, for a show based on ultra modern tech, it felt formulaic and pedantic.

Superior Russian sci-fi with a compelling killer nanny .

This is dull.

Definitely worth watching.

I expected it to be more "B" quality but it's a great and entertaining show.

Every episode deals with an action packed list of violent events that throw the main characters into peril largely unnecessarily, and almost arbitrarily.

Still, very enjoyable!

Compelling plot, high quality effects, and very good acting.

The very slow pace accentuated the flaws.

Very entertaining , good story, great acting .

Trite , predictable plot.

Entertaining enough .

Its too boring, more like a typical russian melodrama without any action or tension.

The main flaw of this series is that it starts very, very slow.

Plodding storyline.

I watched the whole series, so it was adequately entertaining.

It's worth watching regardless the voice probs.

Somewhat entertaining.

The story becomes increasingly complex and involved, you start rooting for certain characters and it's quite an enjoyable watch.

A TV Show worth watching .

The male cast has some very boring faces and the acting is only average.

Just dull and stupid .

You have a teen coming of age story.

Unique, intense and brilliant .

It is really entertaining.

They take for ever to set up the story and the dialogue moves at snail's pace.

I watched all the episodes back to back and i enjoyed it.

Really good drama with a compelling story line.

Empty six-lane highways go nowhere under leaden skies.

The story is clever even though it relies on a lot of often used-on-TV problem or conflicted characters: Teenage angst, broken cop, corrupt cops, robot-trying-to-understand-humans, killer-robots, strong and very gun-happy bad guys, girl hacker, social-minded protesters gone too far, etc. But it works to keep the story from being boring and too keep you watching and waiting for the next episode.

The acting is good and the storyline is compelling.

I am blown away at how much better this Netflix original is over the US produced Another Life and Lost in Space sci-fi originals that lacked good scripts and compelling actors.

Surprisingly entertaining .

Very interesting and intriguing show.

Hugely entertaining, great plot, excellent acting.

Aside from that, Better Than Us takes a number of admittedly somewhat cliché characters (tough suspended cop with history, teenager in love, crazy mum who's lost a son, surgeon who's unfairly sued & persecuted etc.) and re-instills a good deal of credibility through an all-round talented cast.

The serie got a little slow mid-way and then really catched up.

It did tend to start to feel stretched in the third quarter of episodes, but it finished in a rather compelling manner while offering speculation as to the perils of AI, automation and robots.

So unexpected in quality .

Enjoyable, to a point .

Really enjoyed it.

30% clever, 15% brilliant, 55% incredibly contrived and stupid.

Enjoyable to the end .

Arisa, played with an engaging balance of subtly human facial expressions and smooth, deliberate robotic action by the inimitable Paulina Andreeva, is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

At times the story seems a bit lazy and predictable.

Still there is something Intriguing about this series the maybe the different story.

It just popped up on Netflix and it looked intriguing.

Most boys will like this mindless trite show .

It's fascinating, and will keep you guessing enough to want more.

Very distracting to the point I found it unwatchable.

If you want to be bored in Russian, watch this snooze fest.

This is a highly entertaining and engrossing film, Well-written script.

Suspenseful, interesting story.

Enjoyable sci-fi .

Starts off well, then becomes utterly boring .

The storyline is intriguing.

Slow, poor script, visuals arent mind blowing.

Gripping human v robot futuristic series .

Enjoyable if you are not very demanding about the script .

Given that it's voiced over in English for me it's still gripping.

The self control of the actress playing Arisa is awe inspiring to watch, for example.

Boring .

Nothing happens after EP1

But perhaps the most engaging aspect of the show is its cunning misdirection.

After having dragged myself through the first two episodes of season one I concluded that that if you replaced the robot with an illegal immigrant then you probably would get the same story.

Actors are mostly solid as well; Paulina Andreyevna is impeccable as Ariasa and Olga Lomonosova as the torn ex-wiife of the main protoganist (Kirill Käro) has an especially compelling on-screen presence.

Netflix Dubbed in English Poorly - Unwatchable :( .

If you like long and slow drama shows this is one for you.

Starts off good but slowly turns in to a boring drama without action.

The surgeon's family unravels while Arisa bonds with his two children, displaying startling levels of human empathy and insight, a compelling killer nanny.

The story is solid and complete with humans good and bad trying their very best to come out on top in a violent game where Arisa, the empatic female robot, over and over again shows the unexpected powers of an evolving AI (the orginal title Lutche tchem lyudi - Better than humans, is not misleading).

Very enjoyable .

boring .

Netflix obviously Dubbed in English Poorly - Totally Unwatchable.

Very entertaining .

Ok but slow going .

All the episodes are very exciting , with a complicated story line.

There was so much double dealing, so many subplots, divided loyalties, etc. that it seemed pointless to watch the movie.