Beyond Re-Animator (2003) - Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi

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After 13 years in prison, the mad scientist from Re-Animator (1985) gets a new chance to experiment with the arrival of a young prison doctor, who secretly hopes to learn to reanimate dead people. Good intentions turn to horror.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Brian Yuzna
Stars: Jeffrey Combs, Tommy Dean Musset
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 9 out of 83 found boring (10.84%)

One-line Reviews (42)

The only redeeming quality of the DVD is the terribly enjoyable music video for the song "Move Your Dead Bones.

Very enjoyable horror film.

That said, the film is still packed with flaws, a lot of it pertaining to the repetitive nature of the story, which is basically "kill person, revive person, then kill person again," a cycle that endlessly repeats itself.

Even the sequel, Bride of Re-Animator ( obviously a tribute to the greatest sequel ever made "Bride of Frankenstein" ) was also a very decent and enjoyable gore horror story.

But overall it remains entertaining, and if this is how the series has to end (which at this point seems likely), I am okay with that.

Everything about 'Beyond' is wrong, and cheap, and lazy, and a waste of time.

Damned enjoyable!

"Beyond Re-Animator" is an enjoyable horror flick that offers plenty of gore.

However, the supporting characters are a little uninteresting and Yuzna's constant emphasis on the lowest forms of humour (a battle between a zombie rat and a severed penis gives you some idea of the film's sophistication) mean that this film can't hold a candle to the original.

The movie its self is just boring and lame.

Now I can nitpick about the somewhat slow beginning, the bad dubbing, and the mishandling of the girlfriend/warden scenes.

Elsa Pataky is stunning in her role and the gore in this movie is just so over the top it makes you smile while watching horrible things happen to people.

Here we get a bunch of retreads,the Phillips/female reporter/warden love triangle is a fourth-rate version of the Dan/Megan/Hill love triangle from the original, the female reporter gets killed and then gets re-animated*yawn*,the villain(the warden),gets killed, then steals West's re-animaton serum and creates his own army of the undead,just like in the original.

While inevitably it doesn't reach the same level of lunatic heights as the original or even the first sequel, it comes up with enough outrageous mayhem to work as a generally enjoyable sequel.

West is under used to a certain degree, the movie focuses on a little too much on other prison inmates,the nurse, the awful and contrived romance between Howard and the reporter,when they should have been focusing more on him.

The finale is dynamite; I was on the edge of my seat with how much chaos was going on.

The first 'Re-animator' was an unexpected and amazing surprise, a knockout horror movie based on the original Re animator tales from horror master Lovecraft.

While Yuzna's second sequel, "Beyond Re-Animator" does, in my opinion, not quite reach the quality of its predecessor, it is nonetheless a gory, funny and outrageously entertaining film that no Horror fan should miss.

Deeply depressing, dull and pointless.

Maybe not, but I enjoyed it more, and it's a rare sequel that actually remains true to its predecessor's roots.

Highly entertaining addition to the Reanimator series.

just a fun and entertaining horror movie that'll do justice to the series.

It is completely entertaining and features some very nice story ideas.

But this movie is boring, has no sense and the only good thing on it, the actress Elsa Pataki (very pretty) is not enough to watch the movie.

This one here is a quite enjoyable if simple to understand effort in the series.

Also in the cast is the delectable, stunning Elsa Pataky.

The first two films lead Herbert West to a prison, which is always such a boring (not to mention cliché) setting and the characters always leave much to be desired.

BEYOND REANIMATOR is a boring, obviously cheaply made follow-up to RE-ANIMATOR and BRIDE OF REANIMATOR (2 far better films...

The atmosphere of the first two movies are gone,Yuzna's direction is on the bland side,considering his movies are always very stylish.

Really entertaining was the guy with the personality of a rat, great idea.

I saw this one very exciting, thinking about new horror films made in Spain could be a great idea.

the rest of the enjoyment comes from the intense horrific violence, which is wonderfully realised, and it all pays off in the last 20 minutes when previously useless characters come to fruition.

This is coproduction in between the Americans and Spanish another great film from fantasy factory (like the absolutely stunning DAGON).

There are ready elements for plot conflict with an academic community controlling West and his resentment towards that and to a progress that is more painstakingly slow and measured to the directions he wants to take.

Very fascinating .

We see West experiment on the rat which serves as an all to predictable foreshadowing of the rat being re-animated as one of West's experiments and eventually attacking his former owner.

That leaves the film with some great scenes here, including the first reanimation of the prisoner after his freak-out in the prison, their experiment on the rat and eventually leading into the encounter in the solitary room where the infection spreads from the first patient into the warden and then takes over the rest of the prison by going after the rest of the staff during the exciting riot that takes over most of the final half here.

While entertaining at times, Beyond Re-animator does little more than copy it's predecessors and fails to further the story of Herbert West in any meaningful way.

And speaking of that rat, if you think cutting to a shot of the poor creature rolling around a severed penis is entertaining, you need to read more books and perhaps graduate middle school.

Thankfully, Yuzna's sense of humour is just as dark and demented as before and the result is another hugely enjoyable exercise in outrageous splatter, deviancy, and total lunacy.

Obviously, there is no plot worth mentioning, and only West's zeal to proceed through the insanity and protect his work manages to cause some impact in terms of psychologically rendering a character above a simple stereotype.

P Lovecraft was one of the best and most entertaining horror movies of the 80's.