Beyond the Reach (2014) - Thriller

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A high-rolling corporate shark and his impoverished young guide play the most dangerous game during a hunting trip in the Mojave Desert.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Jean-Baptiste Léonetti
Stars: Michael Douglas, Jeremy Irvine
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 17 out of 61 found boring (27.86%)

One-line Reviews (55)

This is one of those films i did feel like i waste my time watching it.

The ending was a bit of a disappointment and the movie could have had a little more tension but I enjoyed it none the less.

While it builds to a few exciting moments overall it is not particular good or innovative.

Very enjoyable.

Review: What a terrible, pointless movie!

Entertaining thriller in a beautiful backdrop .

Douglas was born to play the pretentious, money is everything corporate type, he won an Oscar playing one, so why not go back and do it again and again?

Beyond the Reach is boring stupidity.

Predictably, because he has an intimate knowledge of the desert landscape, the young guide outwits the hunter at every turn, which leads to some entertaining situations.

Overall, nothing amazing, but it is entertaining enough to keep you watching for the entire hour and a half.

He is nicely countered by the young guide he takes along as they soon run into a whole heap of unexpected trouble.

This cat-and-mouse chase across the desert that follows is fairly entertaining to begin with but unnecessarily drawn out, leaving far too much room for Douglas to plug with cartoonish quips and daft machismo.

He's perfectly lifeless, with bland acting and frozen reactions.

All that out of the way though the movie is tense in some parts, but becomes somewhat repetitive and loses steam toward the end.

Sorrowfully, the "boring stupidities" are in fashion since the start of the 2000s.

More thrilling twists and turns unravel as Douglas escapes through the toilet window into a waiting helicopter (he's a millionaire, they have 'copters waiting at the drop of a hat) and the chase is on again.

Starting of kind of slow, telling the story of who Ben is and how he lives in a small town in the Mojavi desert.

Maybe because the producers of it are that evil guy himself, who want you to empty all of your negative feelings towards them before leaving the movie theater, so you forget about that evil guy (s) in real life !

Instead, Douglas forced Irvine to strip naked, and wander off into the barren horizon, to die of dehydration and exposure, which led to one of the most stupid and boring sequences ever captured on film, where Irvine walks into the desert, and Douglas follows him to kill him if he didn't die on his own !!

It is far-fetched, shallow and disjointed at times.

There's an allure of two men engaging in high stake wit battle.

Everything else was just boring!

Make sure you have your phone in hand so you can scroll through FB or IG while this borefest is looming in the background.

Watch the original made-for-television version instead of this bombastic waste of time.

It was exciting to see my home town in a movie.

Just because it's trite and derivative doesn't mean it can't be a quality picture (this wasn't one).

You will probably shed some tears because of the continuous yawning.

It is so corny I enjoyed it just to see how they developed it.

Overall the story works, though ending up to be predictable, especially in its final part.

Watching this movie is a waste of time.

Terrible dialogue, a story that seems it was first filmed in 1960's and an ending that leaves you with a really big yawn on your face.

And, even as predictable as EVERYONE bloody knows it is going to be, I still genuinely enjoyed it and found it entertaining.

Stephen Susco's script, based on Robb White's novel "Deathwatch," jumps from one thing to the next without regard for good sense, I'm sure the novel has a more intense and interesting plot than the movie but we are left with a boring chase with an obvious promotion of Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6.

All in all, a worthwhile watch, if a little slow.

This movie is so bland I was able to predict the ending with the first 2 minutes.

The story line was predictable, including the ending.

The photography is some of the best i have ever seen, and if director Jean-Baptiste Léonetti is ever allowed to make another film after this piece of garbage, he could make millions directing documentaries, because the views are absolutely stunning.

IF knowing that, and you still are interested, and if you also happen to like Michael Douglass, sure, I think you might very well find it fun and entertaining, as long as you are realistically NOT expecting Shakespeare, 'CITIZEN KANE' or 'BLADE RUNNER' (sorry, I HAD to include 'BLADE RUNNER'...

Based on a novel by Robb White BEYOND THE REACH has already been adapted to media back in 1974 as SAVAGES a television movie when America made very impressive and thrilling TVMs .

But it looks stunning throughout, and it's always good to see Douglas playing a complete moron.

Solid Thrilling Experience .

Tedious, by-the-numbers thriller that sees Michael Douglas play an entitled multi-millionaire businessman out in the desert paying off the locals so he can fill his trophy cabinet and bag himself a Longhorn.

The film is, however, compelling and fulfilling in its story and the possibilities it presents.

The middle Act is repetitive and way too strung out.

Don't listen to bad reviews, this is a fairly good thriller, grippy and entertaining, far better than the average Hollywood crap, and with far less budget.

The ending is also somewhat predictable and a little implausible.

With all that being said I would love to pick up a copy on DVD, and I would recommend the movie to anyone in search of an entertaining watch.

"Beyond the Reach" (2014) is nice little flick for some boring evening.

 CONS: The one thing for me would have to be how confusing the end of the movie got.

While the battle of old versus young and the gap of technology might produces a few thrilling moments, the rest of the plot suffers from irrational choices.

After a relatively engaging, if mostly predictable first and second acts, and many good options to resolve the film, an utterly bizarre and irrational ending was concocted.

I couldn't find any fault with it, certainly not in the plot, and it was so exciting that the hour and a half it ran for just flew by for me.

Worth watching .

An excellent movie with an intriguing interplay that's being performed for more than an hour, is being reduced into a pale third-rate thriller in sheer 10 minutes.

What a waste of time.