Bigfoot County (2012) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Hohum Score



A trio of hikers are hunted by mountain men who keep the urban legend alive.

IMDB: 2.8
Director: Stephon Stewart
Stars: Stephon Stewart, Davee Youngblood
Length: 82 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 11 out of 26 found boring (42.3%)

One-line Reviews (17)

An abysmal film, don't waste your time or money.

We were a little bored to begin with...

For the love of god, don't waste your time.

This film is incredibly boring and if it doesn't send you to sleep then the awful camera work will give you a headache.

But then it starts ripping off Blair Witch and eventually turns into the boring old "hillbillies bent on raping city folk" thing.

Boring .

This film was a huge waste of everyone's time, is mis-billed as a horror film and lacks any redeeming value.

Random, disconnected and banal.

But I can forgive the slow pacing, predictability, poor acting, flagrant use of the the F- Bombs (a sign that the writer doesn't know how to write dialogue) because I do love my silly horror/monster films.

So in closing, this movie is a waste of time!

Don't waste your time or give THEM your $$$...

Three people go searching for Bigfoot, filming every step (yes, this is yet another found footage movie, Zzzz).

It leaves you feeling NOTHING for the characters, except rooting for their slow, painful demises.

I enjoy found-footage films, but this was boring.

We basically just zipped through most of the dialogue because it was lame, boring and unnecessary.

If they just kept it simple they might have had something, but the "twist" followed by a last minute even more predictable "twist" is just lazy.

What a shame, then, that what ensues is so listless and predictable.