Bill Nye Saves the World (2017) - Comedy, Talk-Show

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Scientist Bill Nye explores various problems and misconceptions from a scientific point of view.

IMDB: 3.6
Stars: Bill Nye, Karlie Kloss
Length: 30 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 60 out of 270 found boring (22.22%)

One-line Reviews (122)

This show is informative and entertaining, and brings focus and education to topics that we, as humans, need to bring more attention to.

That is as much disinformation and propaganda as you can get.

Even I was learning a lot of new information, and it was entertaining.

His show is actual propaganda at this point, and is a terrible show overall.


This is our political propaganda with not a shred of science.

Sure the show isn't going full Marie Currie on the science aspect, but it is entertaining.

Anyway, you can watch some clips of this on YouTube if you really want to see the true nature of this train-wreck, but I highly recommend you steer clear of this and do the best you can to dilute its propaganda.

If you are expecting science there is none to find here, just humorless comedy and painfully obvious propaganda.

Which is ironic because Bill Nye's 1990's show which did appeal to 5th graders, was much more informative and engaging to all audiences.

We enjoyed it.

Others have pointed out the propaganda and I guess it depends on whether you agree with the point of view.

None of this show contains actual science, as it is just full of propaganda and stupidity.

These lies are presented in entertaining ways that convince US consumers and voters.

I won't go through every episode, but stay away from this propaganda filled garbage.

They are using the credibility of a great show from the 90's that focused on actual science to push this leftist propaganda into the minds of young children.

I loved the idea in the first place but after watch I noticed how boring and forced is this show.

The good were (to name a few things) that it was very inquisitive, had a wide perspective, and delivered cold hard facts in an entertaining way.

People don't like this show because it explains very important topics in an foolish over-simplistic manner, it made me feel like they were explaining everything in a very slow manner because they thought regular people wouldn't be capable of understanding this things,and you should know that no audience likes to be treated like they are mentally disabled.

Entertaining- Great show for the basic stuff .

There's very little about these round-tables that is educational or entertaining, they're boring and obnoxious.

For a show about science, its pretty entertaining.

Absolute garbage propaganda .

Fairly entertaining talk show with interesting content .

I kinda enjoyed it.

This is just propaganda for the left wing.

Sooo predictable!

Even if I were a bleeding heart liberal progressive I would cringe at how smug, pretentious, and condescending this drivel is.

Full on Propaganda .

Cringe-worthy Propaganda .

I enjoyed it.

Unscientific leftist propaganda .

propaganda .

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I won't deny that some episodes, like the one on genetically modified food (episode 4) can be interpreted as propaganda.

Leftist propaganda .

The amount of people calling this show liberal propaganda is astonishing.

This is simply a show of political propaganda for Marxist progressive causes wrapped up in a thin veneer of "science.

Their complaint: It is propaganda.

Sorry to say, but many of you are missing the point of this fascinating, funny and empowering show.

Bill Nye capitalizes on science guy acting gig for propaganda .

No one, not even the most fervent social justice leftist can sit there with a straight face and say this wasn't completely cringe-worthy, unwatchable junk...

However, on this new propaganda show, Bill Nye has become a liberal LGBT activist instead of a scientist.

By the same token those enlightened folks who understand real science will find this boring.

Song's about talking vagina's, pushing far left gender ideology, graphic descriptions of sex, and a segment that states "White people ruin everything" make this show veer from science into the lane of propaganda and political virtue signaling.

Propaganda masquerading as entertainment .

Let's go back to the OG Bill: a cool scientist being a zany, exciting, unbiased and fun role model.

so that I can point out the holes in this Swiss cheese slice of propaganda.

He's opening the eyes of the media illiterate so understand how to fight the propaganda machine.

What's worse is the propaganda here can actually cause gender dysphoria If unsuspecting kids were to watch this.

This show reeks of liberal propaganda, politics and is a desperate ploy to try and make it hip or cool to mock people who don't agree with the garbage they are regurgitating.

Does not present any scientific material, is filled with political propaganda, contrary to his show from the previous century.

Bill Nye the Leftist Propaganda Guy .

To me the rest of the episode was very educative as well as entertaining, so in my opinion it's wrong to bash the entire show just because of a silly song that mentions sexual organs.

Gotta be honest, I could not get through a single full episode due to the cringe worthy laugh track "audience", lame attempts at being "hip" and funny, completely pointless celebrity guests (who don't know jack about science) and focus on political/social agendas rather than unbiased actual science.

Leftist Propaganda .

A Steaming Pile of Propaganda .

I believe in free speech, but when things such as sex and gender are addressed in this way and on a scale as large as Netflix, you can only deduce that this is propaganda.

Enjoyable .

This show has very little science and appears to be some kind of messaging or propaganda tool for far left ideology.

Propaganda, for kids?

terrible post modernist propaganda .

This show is essentially propaganda to push Bill Nye's views, I was actually looking forward to this show at first.

He keeps explanations clear, concise and entertaining.

He's the guy who turns in the rental car with an empty tank.

Probably not for young children, but enjoyable for teens and above, assuming you don't mind a bit of cheese with your information.

Just more propaganda .

The alternative is that there's something about "Bill Nye Saves the World" that has driven a veritable horde of people to creating accounts and writing reviews decrying its propaganda tendencies.

Clearly some did as seen by some of these unbelievable 10 star rating reviews just because they liked the views being pushed here enough to apparently ignore the awful "humor", annoying laugh track style audience (clearly coached/paid to laugh at literally every stupid thing Bill Nye says), pointless celebrities, disturbing lack of actual science and all the other terrible things about this show.

I think another problem exists in the fact that Bill spent years entertaining children, and trying to port his ideas over to adult topics is a bit difficult.

I'd rather sit in a shack watching Dora the Explorer for the rest of my life than watch another second of this vomit-inducing propaganda experiment.

If you are interested in Science, don't waste your time.

Entertaining starting point to make us aware of science facts, demonstrations, and process.


It is an enjoyable show, and I don't see why so many people give it bad reviews.

This show is an awkward waste of time.

This attitude, and his growing celebrity ego ("Saves the World" is rather pretentious, isn't it?

Grotesque, degenerate freak show that perverts science into brainwashing propaganda that targets vulnerable youth, because only gullible, ignorant or mentally defective would be able to stomach such utter insanity.

The propaganda-like slant of this show left me feeling unempowered to draw my own conclusions.

It's funny, engaging, educational, and scientific.

Wanting to convey THE TRUTH, doesn't make this "political", or "propaganda".

The only slightly redeeming factor is Tyler The Creator's input who by the way got banned from England because of these same SJW lunatics, I wonder if he was aware that this show was gonna push the same propaganda that stopped him from doing a tour in the UK?

Far too many reviewers see the show's topics as "propaganda", pushing "political and social views" with a "scientific spin" and so forth.

Every episode has a different propaganda theme with no science to back it up, while claiming otherwise.

I watched a couple of episodes and thought they were pleasantly entertaining and thoughtful.

Excellent for school age children, yet still entertaining and challenging for adults.

This isn't science, it's political propaganda .

After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.

Recently having delved into the flat earth theory, I've been awakened to the outright political propaganda that's coming from Bill Nye, "Steven Hawking" and NDT.

The experiments presented are most of the time boring and basic, the topics are explained in a very simple way (not a good thing) and the guests are given like 7 min (tops) to discuss very ample topics, the show is filled with unnecessary and boring musicals and capsules that look childish most of the time and boring.

Don't waste your time.

I think most people however who are stuck in their anti-science beliefs (ie the world is flat, vaccines cause autism etc.) will have little use for this show and think its 'propaganda'.

The net result here is zero; viewers who understand the science and are entertained might watch the show while those who believe the topics to be liberal propaganda will dismiss it.

Bill Nye Saves the World is an entertaining, informative look at science that focuses almost exclusively on topics that would be considered "controversial," such as GMO foods, gender, and you know, other topics that are pretty relevant in the current political climate.

I've enjoyed it.

Some episodes can be very educational and scientific, but then again "The Sexual Spectrum," was obviously all propaganda.

This show is propaganda masquerading as entertainment.

It is about Bill Nye tells us what is right and wrong, what we should believe and think - also called propaganda.

How can the writers could take a good concept with Bill Nye and make a boring show like this?

I had a hard time differentiating this from political propaganda.

The first episode is about climate change, yawn.

This is complete utter brainwashed propaganda where women scream about their genitals and that their vaginas have voices.

This show is definitely slanted, like the opposite of Fox News, but it's interesting, thought-provoking, entertaining, and funny.

Science and technology are moving fast, we could use someone to explain the science behind so many issues in an engaging way.

Not only is it unbelievably unfunny, and even borderline disturbing (in more than one way), it's also blatant SJW propaganda.

No one should be watching this because it is mostly pseudo-science and political propaganda.

With some clever production values, a charismatic host and great comedic writing, it was both education and entertaining.

What I just sat through (watched the first two episodes) was unarguably one of the most non-Scientific cringe-inducing hot piles of garbage I've ever had waste hours of my life.

I actually had high hopes after watching the second episode as I really enjoyed it.

It is corny, but enjoyable .

I have watched several episodes of Bill's new show and have found them very entertaining and informative.

This show, however is just extreme leftist propaganda.

His jokes are corny in a bad way, but despite the enormous mass of conservative trolls that literally made accounts to review this title and claim it has no science, is just propaganda, and opens with some gay ice cream thing- yeah...

For example, his debate with Ken Ham was immensely engaging.

The show is pretty much solely based on propaganda that you have heard all your lives and passed off as being scientific.

Great show, worth the watch, and even though it's geared towards adults, I think this would be a great show for middle and high school as well!

When you have to use the word science as the premise for all the otherwise empty conclusions you have on your show, there is something wrong.

The list of things wrong with this show is too long for me to even write out.

Oh by the way, the term "cultural Marxism" is LITERAL NAZI PROPAGANDA.

Globalist narrative is literally vomit inducing yet these networks actually expect that they can just keep pumping out blatant propaganda with out the push back of the public.

Predictable and sloppy attempt to debunk recent truth movement developments .

What better way to turn people away from the scientific method than to inject it with elite Hollywood propaganda.