Billions (2016) - Drama

Hohum Score



U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades goes after hedge fund king Bobby "Axe" Axelrod in a battle between two powerful New York figures.

IMDB: 8.4
Stars: Paul Giamatti, Damian Lewis
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 25 out of 204 found boring (12.25%)

One-line Reviews (89)

There are lot of plottwists and unexpected situations.

It now feels repetitive and storyline unrealistic and non-engaging.

the series is enjoyable and pretty catchy.

Yes, it's libertarian propaganda, and yes, it manipulates us into rooting for handsome, charming Roarke ( billionaire Bobby Axelrod)and deriding the repulsive Toohey (prosecutor Chuck Rhoades).

Two stellar actors and an intriguing plot results in a very fun cat and mouse TV series.

Should Have Named It Boring .

The machinations of the financial world are as complicated as they are exciting and the writers have given us an intelligent show, smartly done.


Love this show - great cast, great premise, good dose of escapism and overall extremely entertaining.

His insight were at most banal.

The script is a droning & predictable seesaw between two themes: insider trading and sex, neither of which is fascinating with these one dimensional characters.

This includes illusive foreshadowing that only hits on the big reveals, that somehow stay unpredictable.

Brilliantly acted, well-written, intriguing show .

The show always starts a little slower with a few episodes to reset the rivalry and establish what the characters are up to this time around.

Her psychoanalytic quatrains are succinct, entertaining and really quite relevant.

The characters in "Billions" are not real, they are artificial and predictable as the story.

The problem with Billions (as with other niche-profession-focused shows) is that the more you don't have a clue about what it's talking about, the more you may find it entertaining and fascinating.

I'm four episodes in and ready to leave this where it lies.

Just plain boring.

It's supposed to be fun and entertaining.

Billions is an intriguing new show that has promise.

It is exciting to watch both of them go head to head to get better of each other.

I wasted three hours of my life on this show that I can never get back.

I used to like this show until it started to deteriorate at record speed and turn into "in your face" propaganda of degeneracy.

It's just boring.

The whole concept of the show is boring, uninteresting.

It's enjoyable for what it is, though.

Getting a bit boring now and seeing people doing not a lot, treating people badly and making fortunes for not doing much is unrealistic!

'Billions' is a compelling look at wall street, justice, politics, wealth.

I mean, in real life I will stay away from such individuals, simply because they bore me.

It just keeps getting better and more intense.

Only saw the first series so far, but well worth watching

The plot is getting dragged out and filled in with distractions.

The cast are living their roles and their conviction is riveting.

Frankly there are no right or wrong on each side, only the goal to perform your task on the edge excellence.

The constant behind-the-scenes finagling and intrigue is fascinating while each and every character is portrayed as rich, self-motivated individuals.

Love Giamatti and really love Lewis in their roles, but some of the dialog and character development really is trite.

I find this show to be competitive, entertaining, funny, and keeps you wanting more.

I tried to get into series 4 but the script is weak ,boring and seems to have been written by 18 year olds.

Much of the the first season is contrived conflicts (strained marriages, unrealistic sexual relationships and dives into fetishes, odd character tensions that feel strained....

I hope this show gets better because the drama is boring and unimaginative and the dialogue reminds me of bad fraternity flick; I'd much rather watch The Wolf of Wall Street over and over for a day than this frustration.

When I got back I saw an intense scene, no spoilers, in the middle of season 1 and I just kept watching.

It is impossible to predict what is going to happen next, keeping you on the edge wanting to see next episode.

They pay taxes, give jobs, or just rob people?.. The series strongly advise everyone who loves serious topics in an entertaining format.

Worth the watch .

It is fiction, but well thought out and entertaining.

First off, it's very cliché and pseudo edgy.

Trouble is, the four letter words get tiresome and the extreme posturing and the extreme demonstration of the power of money.

Every season is interesting and quite entertaining with great cinematography.

The first two series of this show was something completely different , you were brought into the exciting life of a billionaire playboy called Bobby Axlerod (played by Damien Lewis )that owns a hedge fund company.

The stunning genius of the writing of this show, and the production values, and the photography, and the world class actors have just made me realize that there are so many other shows that are such a complete waste of my time.

Cause it has the same effect like being electro-shocked - your head is empty and you feel brain dead.

But a word to all the male actors who're playing roles in this fascinating series:No matter how old you are, I'd like you guys to pay special attentions to your THE HAIRS OF YOUR EYE BROWS & THE HAIRS IN YOUR NOSTRILS, you've got to regularly trim them, thread them, cut them, even comb them.

Intriguing Intrigues .

The showdowns between Paul Giamanti and Damian Lewis are entertaining but predictable.

Into season three and it's becoming quite boring and really stupid no more so than the quote "how can we live on 320 million dollars ?

the outcome of the charity poker tourney was so easy to predict, it was boring.

It is compelling and fun as well as having the best dialogue between characters in any show.

and both men are riveting to watch.

Unappealing and boring.

Oh, and the sexual proclivities of an unattractive Paul Giamatti and his equally plain and boring wife with her deadpan line delivery is cringeworthy.

i highly recommend it.

Boring drivel.

Will be much more enjoyable when Paul Giamatti's throat infection gets better, the producers realise that Pail Giamatti and the lovely Maggie Sif are totally, absolutely incompatible and all other members of the cast stop felling so pleased with themselves.

'Billions' is a thinking man's thriller that only gets more exciting with each weekly episode!

Don't waste your time.

A Billion Yawns .

Good idea for a gripping series, and a cast of excellent actors.

Some entertaining characters and dialog repents the whole thing.

She's fascinating to watch.

Waste of Time .

Their conversations with each other and everyone else are boring!

I found some of the earlier episodes in Season 3 a bit more compelling and I enjoyed Taylor's romance subplot.

Next, it has all kinds of cliché 'FOR THE CHILDREN" scenes like the one where Axelrod chases down a neighbor and slugs him in the face for driving his kids after a couple of beers.

Billions is a very enjoyable high quality production and I really look forward to season four.

It brings formulas providing attention for its duration, offering credible acting, witty and engaging dialogue, presenting a thoughtfully constructed story in driving this show.

Intelligent and engaging .

Sadly, the wooden acting, unbelievable script and ludicrous plot lines make this a yawn-a-minute series, loved and loathed by many in equal measure.

The story lines became predictable.

The worst parts are the similes and analogies the characters frequently spew -- the writers think they are being clever but this actually comes across as cliché and unbelievable.

There is a slow building of the set-up.

The practice of using a slow zoom-in on the main characters' faces as they build up to a zinger reminds me of a graphic novel, obscene word balloons blossoming from the superheroes' mouths.

The second is the US Attorney, Chuck Rhoades played by an intense Paul Giamatti who is determined to take Axe down.

There is literally no one to identify with anymore, and that just makes it dull.

The married couple, Chuck and Wendy Rhoades, might be the most boring people on the planet.

Had me on the edge of my seat.

A program definitely worth watching.

It only dawned on me gradually as I watched this very enjoyable series (with a spectacular performance by Damian Lewis) that I was watching a remake of The Fountainhead, with the setting altered from architecture to high finance and with, of course, many plot alterations.

Unwatchable drivel .