Black Christmas (2019) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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A group of female students are stalked by a stranger during their Christmas break. That is until the young sorority pledges discover that the killer is part of an underground college conspiracy.

IMDB: 3.1
Director: Sophia Takal
Stars: Imogen Poots, Aleyse Shannon
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 88 out of 264 found boring (33.33%)

One-line Reviews (163)

This movie was garbage what a waste of time and money

One dimensional, predictable, suspense less and goreless.

Don't waste your time or money !!!

Save your money and don't watch this piece of trash.

I love Scream, this movie was just boring.

Waste of time .

The direction and cinematography is dull and uninspired, and the film feels completely lifeless as a result, lacking in any mood and suspense almost entirely, and substituting with way too many cheap jump scares.

The plot was predictable.

Propaganda .

Annoying ads all over the place but the movie is boring af.

It's fast paced, never boring, has balls, and doesn't shove technology down your throat.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen!

If you want to waste 90 minutes of you're life, this is the movie for you.

Still the ending was intense and overall that's an easy B- (7 out of 10) from me.

This is one of the worst films I have ever seen please don't waste your money go see terminator dark fate or spies in disguise not this horrible lazy attempt at a horror movie just watch something else

Black Christmas is a boring, bloodless thriller that is radical in its beliefs and incapable of accepting a bit of a different opinion, shot for the fun of snowflakes and all kinds of warriors for the rights of all disenfranchised.

This may have been the worst movie I've ever seen.

This new take is much more political and has sacrificed so much to cram the beliefs of the production heads of this movie in that it was more infuriating than enjoyable.

Waste of time and money .

The biggest disappointments about the film: poor pacing and lame kills - the first half of the film was particularly slow.

Maybe it was lowered expectations or maybe it's my love for all holiday horror movies, but I'm one of the few that found this new version fairly entertaining and not quite deserving of the hate it's been getting.

But it's clever in the way it plays off certain elements from the first one - kills, corpse staging, etc. It's far from perfect, but it's fun and entertaining.

Save your money and watch the 2006 remake.

Complete waste of time.

Bland Christmas .

Although the ending wasn't satisfying, many moments in the movie are pretty thrilling, and some even tantalizing.

Even with all the talky dramatic scenes, if there was just more action and suspense i'd definitely have rated it higher and wouldn't have seemed a waste of money.

I found it bland, unimaginative if you want Xmas horror watch the 1974 version

The rest of the time it's just bland boring and doesn't know what it wants to be.

Dont waste your time with this movie if you want to have someone tell at you about being scared of men when really it's even between men and women.

Dull, awkward, and predictable.

So, do yourself a favor and save your money.

Yes it was heavy on feminism, could have been a lil more toned down, but it was still very entertaining.

It's just so boring and bad!

I've watched the movie and I thought "What a waste of money and time".

6 Underground (which I watched yesterday) was bad, but in an entertaining way, and I had fun with iy!!

The first part of the movie is the most stupid and boring thing ever!!.

It is bad enough we have to deal with it on normal programing, why they feel the need to ram it down in movies is getting quite tiresome.

I advise you to save your money and watch the original or the remake (yes, that one looks a masterpiece if compared with this new version...

It's not perfect, but it's worth watching.

What a waste of time.

So, then, it's a breath of fresh air to see the suspenseful, sly, and sharp 'Black Christmas' use the slasher genre as an opportunity to call this out and even preemptively lampshade some of its most vocal critics.

The 2 dimensional characters make the ending even worse with the cliche "let's explain the whole plot and Not kill the lead" (as if we didn't know the whole plot from the trailer).

Don't waste your money or time seeing this.

1970s horror films are only boring, if you're dumb and can't pay attention to stuff for long.

They took every liberal feminist cliche/meme and made this horrible movie.

Acting is bland especially the Helena Actress is just plain bad.

waste of money....

It's the Most entertaining time I've ever had in the movie theater everybody was screaming and laughing and enjoying themselves yes this movie was not perfect when it came to the remake of the original material.

Save your money and time.

Honestly, the audience participation in my theater was entertaining.

Overall, I thought it was suspenseful enough and did have some surprising and fun kills.

But for what this movie was it was very entertaining and I enjoyed it I do not get on the hate live a little people!

One Of The Worst Movies I Have Seen This Year .

Don't waste your time.

Whereas that 2006 remake felt like a candy-colored, studio re-tooled fever dream of nothing but gore scenes and poorly drawn characters, this new stab at the story feels disjointed and in the middle of an identity crisis.

Worst movie I have seen in many years.

Feminist propaganda .

Waste of my time and money.

Don't waste your money and your time!!.

I fully enjoyed it and so did everyone else in that cinema.

The ending to this flick is legit one of the most mundane, comically cheesy "resolutions" I've ever seen put on film.

It is being so dull.

It follows typical slasher bits and yet is somehow hard to follow.

This was probably the worst movie I've seen all year.

This is so bad it is in my top 10 worst movies of the year!!

Keep it simple, keep it fun, keep it rolling, and just keep it entertaining.

This is by far Blumhouse's worst produced title yet, as well as one of the worst movies of 2019.

Wow what a terrible film i actually walked out of the cinema after 35 mins i just did not want to sit thru another hour of this rubbish .......

So boring.....

This movie just doesn't make sense, probably the worst movie I have seen this year.

An intense and moody 70's slasher film and one of the best Christmas horror films.

Don't waste your time on this one.

The 2006 remake was crap but at least I found it more entertaining and a better remake this garbage.

Feminist propaganda disguised as a horror movie......

Other than this was the worst movie I've seen since I found my parents tape when I was 11 years old.

Even the remake, which I re-watched a few years back was mildly entertaining.

Kris' passion for equality in the film is engrossingly fascinating.

Predictable Story, Mostly Talking, Minimal Action .

Entertaining Christmas horror .

The scares were cliché and very unoriginal.

In a nutshell it is terribly written, badly acted and directed, boring, and lacks any form of horror entertainment that results in a kick in the ding-dongs for Blumhouse who should have double checked the credentials of director Sophia Takal.

The film is also very predictable, makes absolutely no sense and is very far fetched.

The scares are so predictable, there's no interest in who the killer is because I was so far removed from interested.

Don't waste your time on this, watch the Original or failing that the remake isn't to bad either, better than this movie.

It is a fast paced little flick with a little bit of subverted tropes to keep it feeling a little fresh.

Of the film itself, Black Christmas (2019) is decidedly dull.

The acting was flat and wasnt believable, everything was so predictable, just a bad movie made worse with social justice warrior nonsense.. thiabseems to be the trend now, ruin every decent movie by making it a "statement" piece trying to push some sort of nonsense narrative.

This new version of Black Christmas has a lot of big ideas and many of them are pretty exciting.

Super slow & bad storyline.

Simply put, the movie is boring, uninspired, and was better suited as a teen drama TV movie.

boring as hell..My first review btw...

When the cause of all this revisits campus for the annual Christmas talent show, it's up to Riley to face her fears and stand up for what's right and call out the issues this school has been facing for far too long.

Should have left the theater .

The film is pure nonsense, forcing you into its unfounded, contrived narrative while preaching at you every other minute.

Don't waste your time.

Ignore the fact that the whole movie is basically wrapped in feminist propaganda.

No plot give away there.

Save your money.

Film story line is a joke what did i watch for 90 minutes was a total waste of time and energy.

Enjoyable Black Christmas...

It's just too silly and predictable to be properly scary or entertaining

It's cheap with the scares, and for all its attempted subversions, it's really bland and basic.

A formulaic and way below average horror film.

Don't waste your time and money on this film.

Dont waste your money in theaters on this flop.

This film is so boring and all around terrible that is very much so the worst movie I've seen in 2019.

Don't waste your time.

Laughably predictable.

What a waste of time.

The pacing is completely off (the action in the final act comes out of nowhere with no build up), it's a boring watch and dry as hell, all of the female characters are just political mouthpieces for Takal and Wolfe ("Kris" is one of the most insufferable characters I've had the displeasure to watch in any movie), there's virtually no suspense at all, Cary Elwes phones it in with an incredibly hammy performance, the Christmas atmosphere is sorely lacking, Caleb Eberhardt is a horrible actor, and the new "twist" on the story is laughable.

It may not be a bad film, but it's an incredibly boring one.

Honestly, anyone who's been waiting months to see this movie like me, don't waste your time going to the theatre to watch this movie.

This is bland, not scary not suspenseful, nor well written, garbage using a classic horror name to push an agenda.

I struggled to stay awake and contemplated leaving many times.

Put your energy into delivering us an entertaining movie with interesting characters and leave politics at the door unless it is crucial to the story you are telling - it's hardly rocket science.

I enjoyed it even though I know it's a less than stellar retelling of a classic.

Predictable and Unrealistically Stereotypical .

The original 1974 film is a pretty good classic scary movie, and the 2006 version was much more violent and lively, the trailer for the 2019 remake looked like it could be entertaining, I wrongly decided to leave reading the reviews until after I watched it.

The films plot plays out like any typical R rated slasher movie, but for some reason they decided to tone down the violence a lot, making it even more boring than it already was.

I would hate even if they wrote an opposite story about good men killing bad women because both ways are so generic, boring and wrong.

Dont waste your time or money, spend it on christmas presents for your kids and tell them you love them

An Unexpected Gift for Audiences Who Need a Fighter .

The man hating saturates from start to finish, and I left the theater feeling they were counter productive.

Its lucky its 3.2/10. I lasted 40mins then walked out disgusted.

Worst movie of the year .

It has a more fast paced style and a completely different story it's trying to tell.

Boring and predictable .

Don't waste your time.

It is one of the worst movies I've seen but does have its few enjoyable moments.

Campus abuse and rapes were described in the great "The Hunting Ground", and the pointless gory gender violence was shown in epic "Assassination Nation".

However the acting was decent, Riley (the main character) is likeable and fleshed out, the plot is fine (if a little predictable) and the hint of romance isn't too cringy or overbearing.

I've never seen the older versions of Black Christmas, but I think this is the worst movie I've ever seen.

Anyways, the movie is the 4th worst movie I've ever seen.

The worst movie in 2019.

Worst movie I've ever seen.

This is easily one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

It was probably the worst movie of 2019.

On the downside: it's a predictable slasher film where people make dumb choices from the perspective of the audience (although things like being concerned about your cat and running for help all seem pretty logical in the real world).

Don't waste any time on this movie.

100% would not recommend this film, it is an hour and a half of downers and negativity followed by a way too long, slow motion and unrealistic fight scene at the end.

Waste your money on something else .

Film is so predictable and twist is so silly and no one can act to save this filth.

All of the kills are off screen and so much time is spent with long and drawn out conversations between the female leads that even the short running time seems to drag on, and on and on.

Worst movie ever...

It's pretty cathartic and entertaining if you aren't a bigoted misogynist.

The kills are reasonably violent, but come too slowly, the attempts to create tension and jump scares do not work, and the addition of a fraternity cult killing the young women is really stupid, I definitely preferred the 2006 version to this rubbish, a boring and uninteresting slasher horror.

The scares are YAWN.

Very predictable.

This film was very fun and enjoyable.

By my teens, My Grandmother was a Stephen King fan from the start, and i got all her used books, so i guess rollercoaster fear & adrenaline entertainment are in my blood.

It's not often that you find a film in the thriller/horror genre that has something "new" to say, so it's even more exciting to find that one of the original films in the "slasher" genre is actually still one of the freshest, most unique and utterly entertaining of them all.

Save your money and mind because once you see it, you can't unsee it!

It's so preachy it actually annoyed me, if my eldest son was not with me, pissing himself laughing at how bad it was, I would have walked out!!

In fact, it's obvious that telling an interesting, suspenseful, and scary story is the last thing on the creators' minds, which is a shame, because there are some good ideas that could have been explored involving sexual assault, rape culture, and men vs.

Absolutely the worst movie I've seen in theaters for the year 2019.

This is probably one of the worst movies that I have ever had to sit through, and it is a complete waste of time and money, don't watch it.

My friend said it best as, "A Twitter Post turned into a movie", this horror/thriller will not offer scares, thrills, or even a semi-engaging story for those who are fans of the genre.

Predictable and lacking in suspense .

I think people's issue with this movie is the "message"--that white men are evil--and that's why it's getting called the worst movie of the year.

This was one of the worst movies I've seen this year.

Lindsay leaves early as her grandmother is expecting her.

see it if your fighting the good fight and men are evil (or incompetent for plot reasons, but then, so we're the girls till they needed to be strong) otherwise save your money.