Black Eagle (1988) - Action, Drama

Hohum Score



CIA agent must outrace KGB agent in searching of super weapon lost in Mediterranean.

IMDB: 3.8
Director: Eric Karson
Stars: Shô Kosugi, Jean-Claude Van Damme
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 13 out of 33 found boring (39.39%)

One-line Reviews (32)

Topfighter plus action superstar equals unbearable flick.

To be quite honest most of this movie is actually rather dull frankly, all we see for the most part is Kosugi pussy footing around like a beige coloured ninja or swimming in crystal clear blue waters.

This not only was Van Damms' worst movie, it might have been one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

But I nevertheless find it to be an entertaining and refreshing movie because:a) It is slow-paced compared to movies churned out by Hollywood nowadays.

Very boring, not much action, and nothing to it.

Bond-type boredom with the added curio of a Van Damme villain .

The plot was a little confusing - if an American plane sunk in the waters off Malta, why doesn't the U.

After lots of rather mundane dialog and hints of JCVD's grandness, we finally get a showdown between him and Kosugi.

There's a fair amount of pointless running around Maltese locations & plenty of near misses as the Jackie Chan wannabe stays one step ahead of those Russians.

Don't waste your time on this stinker, it is not worth of your time, just skipped.

This one has some nice foreign locations to look at, but the muddled plot is both boring and headache inducing, involving a James Bond-like agent who must retrieve some technical stuff from the bottom of the sea.

It's pretty forgettable stuff all the way, the action scenes are few & far between, the dialogue is poor, the character's are poor & it's pretty slow going as well.

Anyway the action is boring and really awful bad, this film isn't even an action movie!

*SPOILERS* Black Eagle (1988) oh boy, where should, I start with this poor boring lame action movie?

I was so bored by this film, that not only did I fall asleep during the film, I couldn't even finish the thing.

But of course this is one-man operation and boring it is...

possibly the worst movie ever made .

Cheaply filmed,cheaply shot,an incomprehensible,incoherent plot,a leading man in the form of the bland,charisma free Sho Kusugi,like a totally ineffective South East Asian James Bond,added to which drab dialogue and drab action,which,for a film of such a genre,there is an abundant lack of,which,on account of the lack of any oscar winning acting or screenplay,makes it quite a boring spectacle to boot.

Save your time, save your money, save your eye avoid Black Eagle!

don't waste your time i wont even go into details why.

Its a very odd movie really, Kosugi isn't much of a leading man or fighter judging by this, plus his accent is very heavy and hard to follow at times.

This was the rage back in the day when it came out, and although this movie has lost this rage today in 2006, it's still worth watching day in and day out!

The acting is typically bland for a film like this, just guys with stony faces barking out orders.

Van Damme features very little in the movie and when he does, its in such a banal villain stereotype that one just has to chuckle.

A pretty much average thriller, like a lot of the supposed exciting rubbish which was churned out in the '80s.

i switched of the TV after 30 minutes just because it had no story.

To ensure Tani does his job, his two children, Denny and Brian (Shane and Kane Kosugi) have been flown to Malta and put under the care of Patricia Parker (Clark), a woman who brings them to museum after museum with a bunch of tourists in order to bore them out of their minds.

The whole operation takes place in Malta, a very beautiful place, and there's going to be lots of action and many boring and unimportant dramatic moments.

all the other miserable unknown actors make the movie boring.

The extras on the disc are enjoyable as well starting with the option of watching the theatrical cut or an extended version with over 11 minutes' worth of extra footage.

take some advice and don't waste your time or you will regret it.

Set against the background off Malta only one men can take on a ship full of evil Russians while entertaining his kids on vacation (and I'm not making that up).