Black Panther (2018) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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T'Challa, heir to the hidden but advanced kingdom of Wakanda, must step forward to lead his people into a new future and must confront a challenger from his country's past.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Ryan Coogler
Stars: Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan
Length: 134 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 257 out of 1000 found boring (25.7%)

One-line Reviews (634)

I think I never watched such a bad, stupid and boring movie.

I was initially really looking forward to this movie since Black Panther looked awesome in Civil War but now he's just a boring character that makes me sigh whenever he appears in other Marvel films.

Entertaining .

Predictable and More Bland Than Expected .

Very enjoyable and entertaining movie, well made.

I wake up every time somewhere(always the same)then fall back asleep.

CGI in movie is good, the scenery is nice, the superpowers of main character is disappointing (scratching like a cat and using force field in unwisely chosen times), acting is meh and couldn't wait to finish watching because it was so boring.

It is not horrible bad per se, it is just so darn boring.

Such an exciting, fun and enjoyable film.

Interesting and absorbing.

His characerization was so boring, dull and uninspired in comparison to his character in Civil War.

The social aspects are important, but not while you're watching it - which is fine because it is enjoyable and slick enough to hold the attention and be worth a look.


It took care to be generally enjoyable for everyone no matter which characters you found most interesting and nice.

Overall the movie was nice to look at but completely uninteresting.

In addition to its technical faults, the film had no message, was rife with identity politics, and was generally bland.

The sound was of really good quality and the video was enjoyable for the eye.

Just boring.

Ignore the reviewer propaganda, the film is excellent.

Very average and quite boring.

This is where Black Panther fails, none of the characters resonated to me very well, the villain's story is much more compelling then hero's story.

Accents and languages and a few characters deserve some fleshing out, but a lot of the confusion about the plot comes from lack of knowledge.

Very predictable and not very entertaining.

Kinda boring.

It's an empty feeling film lacking anything to keep an audience interested beyond mediocre special effects.

It was boring and slow.

So, so boring movie.

It is witty, clever, character driven, exciting in every scene, emotional, and packed with social commentary.

I'm a big fan of the Marvel movies but this movie was a big disappointment, some of the cast are great and some are just plain awful lol, the story was a boring, think it gets rave reviews for all the wrong reasons, it could of been so much more.

Story was predictable and boring.

It was a cliche superhero movie you could predict what is going to happen next.

My biggest problem with 'Black Panther' is that it's far far FAR too long and very very VERY boring.

simply stunning!

The movie was packed with mind blowing and clean cut CGI effects that helped drive the futuristic and luxury aspects of Wakanda.

That film's named "Black Panther", but it could have been about anyone and anything, so safe, cliched and predictable it is.

The parts in Wakanda are "boring" and "don't have any action," because it's a peaceful country.

Dull Rambling Film .

It's an incredibly boring character.

Bland, Forgettable Slop.

Other than that slight criticism however I rate this as a really enjoyable watch and another great addition to the MCU.

Not Perfect, But Entertaining With a Message .

so bland and meh .

It was entertaining, that's about it.

Very slow.

The costumes and set pieces are a whirl of colorfs, the camera work excellent, and the natural scenery is breathtaking.

This movie is formulaic and uninspired.

I got bored watching this movie and that has never happened with any Marvel movie.

Script is very boring and Villain is so simple.

It almost looks like the actors and choreographers just did not have enough time to go through the fight scenes as they should've, and decided to make the moves slower and easier to perform.

The story was unimaginative, illogical and plain boring.

The acting is great, the costumes are gorgeous, the protagonists have depth, and the scenery is at times breathtaking.

The hero was bland and the villain was equally so.

Waste of time.

Worst movie.

In the end, I find this a confusing slog of a film.

i was bored watching whole movie.

Worst movie of the Marvel series.

I could tell by the early reviews and trailers that this was not going to be one of my favorite MCU movies, but I expected it to at least be a fun, enjoyable movie.

The dialogue was laughably corny and predictable, and the execution of said dialogue was equally corny and rough.

And all of the supporting cast, the sets are amazingly stunning , costumes are just beautiful!

The plot is predictable.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

A banal and predictable story to pain.

The script is fine but everything is executed in a boring and unexciting way.

As a plotless visual artpiece, it had its moments.

I thought the acting was good and cinematography impressive but I believe the storyline was slow, predictable and lacked depth.

And, Unfortunately people of color get the short end of the stick with terrible predictable films.

From the start of the movie you could tell it was going to be predictable.

The story is so boring that it was excruciating to endure the running time (I am not even sure if it had a story).

Even with a similar plotline to the rest of the MCU, the Black Panther brings forth a interesting change that makes the movie worth watching.

All in all, waste of time and need not to be watched in order to understand the whole series

For instance, even the actors involved were an all-star lineup, but it seems like most of the characters they portrayed had bland dialogue and one dimensional personalities that had little depth to them.

)Black Panther is a fully realized world with vibrant characters and an engrossing tale and serves as a new standard for filmmaking.

It was visually stunning.

The beginning fight scene and the car chase were pretty much the only entertaining parts for me.

Not bad, just bland, boring, predictable, extremely generic, and did I mention boring?

It's so boring.

The movie is boring, slow and way too emotional.

initially the plot seems to be equal to other movies (It means fight against villains and superheros), but in the middle of the Story, the plot completely changes due to an unexpected truth.

The Action in that movie is insanely entertaining!

The choreography is simply stunning.

Overrated and predictable.

I don't often take the time to write reviews, but after reading some of the 1 stars I had to take a moment to say it's entertaining, and frankly no different than all the other Marvrel movies.


zZZZ .

Why do people find these entertaining?

It was so boring in fact that I had a hard time understanding why most people like this movie more than Age of Ultron!

Waste of time.

This movie is so boring and the cgi is like something off a ps3 game.

It's an average super hero origin with a great villain (also a bit boring).

Boring, dumb, propaganding hell knows what and very OVERRATED

This was just ho hum.

He chooses to stay and fight but somehow gets out in the nick of time anyways; just a complete waste of time to even present the illusion of risk.

) brings "Creed" director Ryan Coogler and his teammates into the Marvel universe with this highly entertaining goody of high-profile 'Hollywood' science-fiction-action.

With a strong yet predictable plot, good acting, and thunderous action this movie checks all of the boxes that you want from an action movie and adds a few extra on top.

The plot isn't quite as refreshing or unique as originally thought, and at times was somewhat boring.

Unfortunate piece of cheap propaganda .

Boring .

But after enduring this simple formulaic story I am wondering, am I taking crazy pills?

The introduction was really confusing and dumb since it wouldn't be explained until a good hour into the movie.

instead of seeming like an angry yet innocent person, looking to fix what he feels the wakandans (i dont know what you call them) caused, he comes off as just a forced, weak, and just bland villain.

"Aimless, pointless movie has CGI and pretty much nothing else.

Quite the opposite, I feel bored to death.

Anyway the movie was entertaining and that's mostly all I expect from the Marvel movies.

A Thoroughly Enjoyable Title .

Its only probably the most boring one in the entire MCU (not the worst).

This movie was fairly entertaining, it had very good visual effects and fun action scenes.

This is probably one of the worst movies in the Marvel univers.

The fights are intense and beautifully choreographed.


It's fresh, it's fun, it's entertaining, it's emotional the list goes on and on.

) The rest of the actors were pretty flat and predictable.

It could have done better with a bigger embrace of the outlandish, though the waterfalls and costumes do provide some visual flair in an otherwise bland soup.

so predictable .

This white woman from the US South, now in her seventies says "About time we were given a fascinating and uplifting story featuring our darker skinned sisters and brothers.

I have netflix and literally put this movie on to help me fall asleep...

I expected Black Panther to be a face paced action packed film with a countless amount of physical actions shots but ended up having a surprisingly slow to start to the film.

Overall, it held my interest and I enjoyed it, and I don't often say that about a Marvel movie.

One of the many, many positives I read about this was as followed:Black Panther elevates superhero cinema to thrilling new heights while telling one of the MCU's most absorbing stories-and introducing some of its most fully realized characters.

Black Panther is an SJW leftist propaganda and that's reflected in the Best Picture nomination awarded at the Oscars.

Many months later, your subconscious tells you this movie was completely overrated and a complete and utter waste of time.

I'm the type of person who HATES modern movies, but I was bored and curious to find a new move to watch and low and behold, I started watching Black Panther.

Please, don't waste your time watching this.

In terms of this movie itself, it's fairly bland.

I really enjoyed it and definately recommend it!

They're really fun and lighten the mood what could be a painfully boring movie.

It's really all the characters surrounding T'Challa that make this movie so entertaining.

Black Panther elevates superhero cinema to thrilling new heights while telling one of the MCU's most absorbing stories -- and introducing some of its most fully realized characters.

I couldn't take the accents, they were just too weird at timesBad acting, really bad sometimesPlot makes no sense, just chaos and copy and paste from other action moviespredictable and just plain boring

Racist, boring, bad CGI, bad acting.

Movie was produced well, but it was too slow and putting too much tribal drama in it.

Even by MCU standards, most of the characters are pretty much cut-out dolls (especially T'Challa's trite Q-like sister) with the exception of Micheal B.

The characters push it along well, however, and still make eh viewing very enjoyable.

It's entertaining, thrilling and original.

After the first thirty minutes, the movie jumped the shark for me, and I was so bored.

Don't waste your money - see on TV or Netflix when available.

Long, drawn out, and boring.

Entertaining .

A worth watching for the MCU .

The second reason this movie is so boring is because there is no excitment - the movie is so predictable that after 10min I could tell you exactly what would happen.

the CGI was very inconsistent sometimes it was good sometimes it was bad but my main 2 problems with this movie is that the storyline was so slow it was boring and 2nd the main character black panther himself was so boring he had 0 personality yet he was surrounded by entertaining characters with bold personalities that out shined black panther like shuri and okoye they were such strong badass characters and the villain killmonger was really good some positives is that the soundtrack in the movie was great and the costume design was great the characters looked amazing Overall I found this movie slow paced with a boring main

Apart from that, it is a reasonably entertaining, if forgettable, film in the same vein as most other recent superhero offerings.

The back story was just absurd and the characters dull and boring.

There are two especially good fight scenes at the beginning with practical effects but then the last 30-40 minutes are an all out orgy of CG with absolutely no story whatsoever.

Even the action I found it dull, nothing that could raise an eyebrow.

He behaves like an offender and a hysterical person, and at the end he becomes, trite, pathetic.

I personally didn't like the movie because I thought it was boring as hell!

Absolutely predictable plot, dull actions and poorly developed characters.

There is no plot.


Honestly, I can't believe the amount of hype surrounding this movie.. I absolutely hated every second watching this with its headache-inducing CGI, awful story, terrible acting and uninteresting characters.. the only reason I continued watching it to the end was because the events are usually connected across other MCU movies, it was like a pill I had to swallow..

So much better than all the cliche superhero films that get rave reviews!

I was bored out of my mind and don't understand the praise this movie got.. .

Abysmally boring and cliched .

Boy was this Movie a Huge Letdown, now I really wanted to Like this Movie Black Panther was one of the best parts of Civil War an i was looking forward to where they'd take his character and they did Nothing with his Character he already had a Great Arc in Civil War as a Side Character yet somehow in his own Movie he feels Bland and That's the worst thing a Marvel Character can be cause they make Great Choices with the Actors that can Elevate the Material there Given, Chadwick Boseman who is a Great Actor was not good in this an I hate to say that cause his Scene in Civil War was some of the Best Acting I'd seen in a Marvel Movie, so for his First Solo Movie to be so Plain and feels empty which Sucks cause each Marvel Movie has a Distinct Tone an Vision the Director Brings, but Ryan Coogler who made Creed which is so Much Better than its Deserves to be, has made a Movie that feels like it has No Personality, its up there with Dr Strange or Ant-Man in terms of Style an even those Movies had Creative Action Scenes which all the Marvel Movies have done a pretty Great Job delivering, the Action in this besides a pretty Cool Car Chase which is elevated by the Music, any other action scene was Very Poorly handled from Terrible CGI and its not like the Movie doesn't have the Budget they just half-assed it when it came to the Action, Each Marvel Movie before has done a Good job with being Fun Popcorn that'll entertain, but this is one of the least Entertaining Movies they've put out in a while it was Boring in parts an that's the worst thing these Movies can be is Boring cause if the Action Sucks than the only thing you can Enjoy is the Story an Character's, Before seeing this I'd heard comparisons to Game of Thrones, and James Bond, besides the Normal Outsider comes to Dethrone the King that reminded me of The Lion King, it brings nothing New or Fresh to the Table besides a pretty Good Soudtrack, but other than that the Story was Generic you can predict where the stories can go, there was a Twist in the Movie that somewhat surprised me but that's pretty much it.

It's too long and dragged in some spots?

I can't fully accept all the negativity over this movie, nor the abundance of one star reviews that all pretty much state the same cliched reasons, no story, poor special effects.

Very entertaining .

Right from the start it was boring,horribly acted and just a downright awful movie that I stopped watching it about a half hour into it.

He is however genuinely entertaining and I love most of the things that come out of mouth.

This movie is worth the watch.

The story was slow and predictable and the action scenes of no great luster.

The biggest problem with this film isn't that it's too long, no, just that it's exciting sequences (primarily the action scenes) are spread throughout the runtime very poorly which leads to the film coming off as slow and boring.

He watched his father's death, bore the heavy history of black Americans, imagined the advanced wealth of his father's hometown, hated their inaction, and grew into an extremist.

This movie is also like most comic book movies where the story is pretty predictable with only a few twists.

Boring to death movie , cliche and overrated .

This movie was really enjoyable first and foremost.

It was a very predictable classic super hero movie imo.


This is a very common issue within many films, however it is usually fixed by making the plot and characters engaging to watch.

It makes for a fascinating vision of a society that's progressed farther than practically any on earth while staying deeply attuned to its roots.

Bottom line is story is absurd in so many ways, but it is also not helped by poor CGI, predictable cliche quotes and bad acting.


Jordan fared much better, but the character motivations for him were a bit confusing.

Very nice effects and clothes but it is too slow.

Both Killmonger and Klaw were interesting and engaging villains in their own way.

This movie was awesome and had my 8 year old bouncing on the edge of his seat with excitement and had thrills for my husband and myself as well.. so it was definitely worth seeing

Yes it was overrated, but still highly entertaining.

This movie was very hyped and intense!

The final act is certainly where the film is at its most disappointing, descending into an increasingly loud and banal CGI-fest, which, whilst not uncommon in a Marvel flick, is certainly beneath the calibre of Black Panther.

A compelling story, unique settings, cool visuals and interesting characters .

Because it may very well be one of the worst movies of all time.

One of the most boring movies I've ever watched.

Bland slop, don't believe the hype.

Very enjoyable .

It was just so boring.

Boring, Forced, and Mediocre .

Visuals were stunning.

While these sequences were present and exciting in Black Panther, often they seemed to be jittery and confusing to watch.

A dull origin story that merely set a location for the final fight in Infinity War.

The story was entertaining, the characters were great, and in my opinion, Ultron was great!

The movie, just like a decent amount of other marvel movies, is predictable, boring, and bland.

Andy Serkis plays the character for the second time after first playing him in Age of Ultron, and is able to add a sense of humor and grittiness to the character which makes him one of the most enjoyable to watch, even if his tenure is short lived.

"Black Panther" (2018) is a superbly entertaining and superbly crafted movie.

Much of the movie was so pointless .

What a mess and totally boring.

Full characters, a vibrant world, and an engrossing tale.

The visuals are lackluster and the action is sub par for a Marvel movie but the biggest letdown is the boring story.

The acting was fine but the story line was boring a predictable.

Bad CGI, No real plot.

Every single time, I fall asleep in the same spots.

All in all its way too long and very dull.

No direction, no story and overrated beyond belief

Too bad they did, because of the reviews I thought I was in for a treat and all I got was a bore.

No character development, plot, etc. Predictable in every way.

I fell asleep after the second major fight .

*yawn* .


Veak actors, boring hero and villain.

That mind was quickly bored beyond belief and frustrated at the predictable politically correct plot.

Bad and boring .

I suppose the movies main redeeming quality is just how fun and action packed it is.

It is by far the most important part of the film, all the amazing fighting scenes, whether speaking of 1v1 or large scale, contribute decisively to the outcome of the film, especially entertaining-wise.


I've watched every MCU film ten times over maybe even more, but this one will not watch again after viewing once, totally boring.

I've always hated marvel movies, because of how predictable and boring the stories are.

it's slow and dull with poor dialogue and wooden acting.

Las time I was this bored during a movie was Titanic, but I even stuck through that snooze fest.

fell asleep all three times

Fell asleep .

Despite Black Panther being a favorite Marvel movie among Superhero fans, I think it's biggest impact besides being highly entertaining is that it forces the viewer to think about gender and race in a new way.

This is a pathetic waste of time that I did this to help others as a public service.

Not much to comment on the cinematography of the film, it's so basic, and uncreative, but what can I expect from some a bland looking movie.

It has a compelling story, unique settings, cool visuals and interesting characters-Michael B.

People who think it's dull are probably just watching the wrong film.

This movie was so boring and drawn out I couldn't get through half of it.

The movie does not use any kind of clichés to be predictable, but it surprises with unexpected plot twists to be unpredictable.

I liked the African elements but overall it was so boring and predictable

Unfortunately where this movie loses it's steam is in the script, it consistentaly put the characters into positions which lead to a predictable story, there were so many things that I knew were gonna happen before they did, not too many twists and turns to keep things interesting.

There is no story & whole movie is predictable.

Waisted part of my life watching this horrible, pretentious, unrealistic, silly and overrated African narm.

If my expectations were lower I might have enjoyed it for what it is, a decent superhero movie, nothing more nothing less.

Had troubles staying awake a lot of it...

That aside, Chadwick Boseman is just so bland.

The more familiar, the more authentic and the more engaging the material is.

Just sit back & enter the Amazing world of the Black Panther & Wakanda for a blast of exciting action packed adventure & a big visual treat.

and it was boring.

Lots of cheap sounds and much of the film felt empty in terms of audio.

The plot is so predictable and some of the scenes are so terrible acted that I started laughing.

The villain had cool arm-gun and it should have used it way better to make more suspenseful action scenes.

And boring ?

Just when you think this might be an intriguing movie there is a deus ex machina moment, plot convenience, or a really over-long CGI fight scene to remind you that this is simply another Marvel movie sliding off the conveyor belt.

If you are looking for something fun and entertaining, watch Black Panther.

It's so weak, and bland.

Semi-Enjoyable Action Flick .

Most boring Marvel movie ever .

The pacing was terrible and the things that were supposed to be exciting were predictable and lame.

Its a visually breathtaking movie, and since it does directly tie into the Infinity War saga, it needs to be seen.

The CGI was pretty, the world crafted with it compelling and nice, the characters all had depth and somewhat of an arc.

Instead he was just bland.

This has to be one of the best marvel film's ever as an introduction film goes this was mind blowing

This is seen through the intense and fast pace feeling brought out in the car chase scene that takes place in the neon-lit streets of South Korea.

The movie itself is longer than it needed to be, and it was god awful boring.

It was simply boring.

It is definitely not a stand out MCU film, There are far better and far more engaging.

Try and imagine a John Wayne western fight being dragged out for as long as the last fight in this movie was which takes place between cousins T'Challa / Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) and the super buff and shirtless Erik Killmonger (Michael B.

This movie could be really good if you have insomnia.

The side characters are bland as well and they lack depth.

Black Panther is a wildly entertaining and often thoughtful blockbuster that brings one of Marvel's more obscure heroes mainstream.

A visually stunning and culturally aware Marvel Movie .

The action scenes are all well done, but the final fight left me a bit bored as two faceless CGI characters slugged it outOverall I liked it, I just do not get why it was so over praised.

Where other marvel movies have had fast pace, action packed and well written action scenes, Black Panther did not have those at all.

This is definitely one of the greatest Marvel films by far with an engaging plot, a compelling villain and an important message.

At the core, it is a movie debating the best way to fix the discrimination that so many people face today, infused with action packed scenes, humor, and drama.

It's entertaining and the acting is pretty good.

Total waste of time.

Films work, I contend, by directly engaging the audiences sense of empathy.

After all the stunning reviews I had to give the movie a shot, i regret my decision, the movie was just average, story was bland, characters bland, and special effects were sub standard at best, if your the target demographic you might enjoy this title but as a grown adult with thousands of movies under his belt, I know a decent movie when I see one, and this isn't one of them, unless you'r a child/teenager, or someone who watches and enjoys every over saturated hero movie that makes it to market, then you most likely wont enjoy this movie much, so unless you want to spend a mediocre night watching this with your loved one, then stay away, unless you want your partner to ask to watch something else 3 quarters of the way through the movie, then spend you time and money elsewhere.

The effects and acting were OK but it was way too long, very boring, and had a stupid story that seemed like it was written by a child.

It's just boring and a hour too long.

The movie was way too slow and did not have enough action.

The pacing issues cannot be overlooked however and the fight scenes were a little disappointing given Coogler's previous work on "Creed" A very enjoyable film overall and a welcome addition to the MCU.

Black panther was an very good movie worth the watch

Advanced science and technology, double enjoyable of sight and hearing,young sister very cool,she is my favorite character, it's represented woman smart, man can do, also woman can!

The climatic fight between Erik and Black Panther was also so painfully cliched and predictable - and then suddenly emotional (????!!!

The protagonist however is simply a dull character who you simply aren't invested in, simply because of the high benchmark set forth by the MCU pertaining to protagonists.

It is just that this movie was boring, bland, and very long.

the token white guy's storyline was pointless.

It was cheesy and predictable.

I enjoyed it for the most part and if you like the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe than you would probably enjoy this film as well.

the movie is dragged too much the plot is so simple and I have watched many movies with same story line vfx is the only thing that made me engaging for so much time only few scenes are likable fight scenes are not that good that's it

No story other than wakanda is with equipped technology.

I probably felt it was one of the least enjoyable Marvel movies I had seen.

The reason it is so boring is partly because it is super generic - bad guy wants hero´s stuff/title, bad guy fights good guy and "wins", good guy comes back reinforced/trained/equipped or with allies and wins in the end.

I found it boring, action was mediocre, acting was good, similar story to many other movies (Lion King), and terrible CGi.

It was inevitably predictable due to its Hamlet heart.

One off the worst movie I've seen in 10 years, don't like most of the black actors because of the racist overtones that flow through the film.

Ten minutes in and I was bored.

The generally anticipated saturation of CGI (Computer Graphics Interface) technology was actually bearable, but the fight scenes were dragged out far too long.

The story is average and predictable.

That being said, I found the story itself to be formulaic.


While the movie looks breathtaking, it is nothing short of a mashed up pile of disgraceful failed attempts at a superhero movie.

That's all I can say on the positive side after yawning through this dreadful Marvel story.

Unfortunately, the green screen effects don't always work, and that is a big disappointment, especially when some of the scenes are breathtaking.

Was bored out of my mind and switched over to the watch paint dry channel.

100% predictable .

Boring .

Knowing that I still say that the overall image quality was bland, impressive only when presenting some great visions such as Wakanda city.

The CGI was predictable and not impressive.

The entire story is somewhat boring and unconnected where you are not in charm to watch the next twist as it seems so predictable.

Striking visuals, beautiful design, pretty good acting, and generally unintrusive music help to make this an entertaining movie.

I was bored to tears 35 mins in and decided to call it quits.

If you come for fun action sequences, some nicely done drama, and an enjoyable cinematic experience, Black Panther certainly delivers.

Some Unique CGI, Ridiculous Formulaic Screenplay .

But the final battle was horrendous and bland as hell it had no creativity into it just a bland fist fight.

I was bored for most of the movie.

I am a black woman and this movie was boring as hell to watch.

Had a lot of fun watching this film, action packed and Wakanda's culture is very interesting for a made up country.

I had strong hopes throughout the movie, waiting for it to depict how Wakanda fits into the rest of the world, only for it (after half-finished attempts) to ultimately give up on trying to chase this potentially interesting idea, and instead fall back to a very generic, overused, and predictable ending.

Also, just taking spears and other primitive weapons and making them advanced also smacked of racism (they'd be far more likely to just adopt and advance guns) but these little quibbles aside I enjoyed it.

Soon after beginning proves to be the most boring and predictable MCU movie so far .

Wonderful movie, really entertaining sfdasd asdf asd asdfas d

I almost walked out of the theater.

Soooooooooooo boring and not even good 7.1 surround!!.

My 12 year old son was PUMPED to watch this at home, but ended up riding his rip-stick 40 min into the movie 🤣 YAWN!

During the film, it was very prevalent that a decent amount of the action sequences was set during the nighttime or indoors with dark and shadowy backgrounds and the slower paced shots were filmed in a bright and colorful setting.

While entertaining at times, the entire film feels like a mockery of African culture, using stereotypic attributes of Africa to reimagine Wakanda.

I literally fell asleep after half the movie.. The worse marvel movie ive seen..

Many of the sets (especially CGI sets) felt incredibly bland and uninteresting to look at.

The motivation of the villain is clear, he's not just a bad guy who wants to take over the world or that kind of typical, bland villain.

Boring as .

I am a HUGE MCU fan, and this is by far the worst movie in the MCU and the worst movie I have seen at a cinema.

The storyline was lame, the acting was terrible, and just plain boring.

I fell asleep twice trying to get through it.

There's a great villain with a compelling storyline.

I guess all you have to do is make some incredibly boring movie about fictional black history, and call it a Super Hero movie and woke Hollywood will call it the greatest movie of all time.

First for all the people comparing the plot to the other empty MCU plots...

There's just a bunch of scenes of boring characters giving out exposition.

Jordan character is just a complete rip off of other movie characters and so over acted..Story line was drawn out and just dumb, as i said i like good sound effects for my home theater and it was missing that even!!

It is a cliche, shallow super hero movie at best.

The movie is just overrated, bland, and way too long for its own good.

It's too long, boring at times.

This combined with comments that bore serious racist underpinnings ruined a lot of the movie.

With its hard-hitting action scenes, superb-pacing, moments of comedy and drama, stunning visuals, and a soundtrack to match, Coogler puts his best foot forward with Black Panther .

Boring .

His motivations are very compelling and his background is tragic which makes you care for him more than any other character in the movie.

Absolutely awful, totally cringefest, what a waste of time

So many reviews here with 1 star, and the majority of them specify it's dull, dry and only rated highly because of the political reasons.

" This is just another super hero movie, and it follows all of the safe, bland super hero movie conventions.

If the goal was to make a film relegated to the pile of forgotten and unwatchable movies in under a decade, it was a success.

The cinematography is stunning, featuring soaring landscapes, waterfall canyons, and city markets.

Don't waste your time.

Boring, cheesy and predictable.

In this movie, Background music is stunning.

It's supposed to be laid back, but because of that, it's actually kinda boring.

It took me a few takes to finish watching the movie, felt like a waste of time.

It's entertaining and well made.

Sure the movie was predictable.

Did someone said cliche.

It stands aside from the movies that are churned out every year that focus on the intense action scenes that completely overshadow the entire plot, if there is one.

" It's intricate, filled with such a world, and remains entertaining all the same.

Enjoyable addition to the franchise .

Which it does, AND while being entertaining.

Really entertaining superhero movie, I was definetly not bored.

And then my excitement turned to boredom.

Slick and entertaining even if interesting elements are impacted by the superficial sheen of the bigger franchise .

There is no other way to put it, but Marvel went Spike Lee on this one and that made it so hard to follow in some scenes and easy to predict in others.

It is worth mentioning though that the action sequences were by far the most entertaining sections of the film specifically the one set in South-Korea which was the peak of the film in my opinion.

The dialogue is so predictable and bland.

Overall, this is yet again another enjoyable Marvel film.

I actually walk out of the theater.

This film is visually stunning, with great direction, and overall acting.

Poor quality in directing , acting and accent is terrible, no story , such a waste of time

It's okay not bad it not great, I really wanted to enjoy this movie instead I found myself bored and uninterested.

Everything about this movie was recycled plotlines filled with cliché scenes.

But unlike any other hyped movie , It has phasing issues , but the last act makes up for all the slow scenes.

To many overused/heard situations in this movie, very predictable, just seemed like a broken record.

What a tedious misguided waste of a great opportunity.

Just bland.

What a boring waste of time (except the last scene, which should've been the only one there).

The fact that so many people saw this film, had their senses assaulted by appalling CGI, a bland story and a one-dimensional villain masquerading as some sort of incredibly complex character and then walked out and thought they'd bared witness to the second coming of Christ is beyond me.

It is a deeper more engaging film because of it.

Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther is dull and incompetent.

The characters, outside Killmonger, are pretty forgettable and uninteresting.

Totally ridiculous PC nonsense, don't waste your time .

'Black Panther' is a cultural manifesto, unafraid to talk about racial and sexist issues in the US, past and present, while making an exciting and universal superhero blockbuster with a director and a mostly black cast , with themes of the black people and with several women as key pieces of history.

The film opens with quite a stunning credits sequence, stylised and detailed it gives you the sparknotes version of Wakanda and the Black Panther's history.

Its very boring.

I don't know why many people love this movie, but as per my view it is worst movie of marvel.

Overrated and confusing .

I found the fight scenes dull and listless due to poorly constructed sequencing.

Belongs imo in the category of one of the worst Marvel movies along with Daredevil, Fantastic Four and possibly the Ant-man series which were quite boring as well.

The special effects were specifically elaborated by making the action scenes, spectacular and visceral in every single details to be breathtaking.

A Refreshingly Diverse, if Formulaic, Superhero Odyssey .

God, this film is boring.

Very predictable.

The movie itself is dull, the storyline is ridiculous, non-stop CGI.....

The predictable story line and dialog was incredibly thin, was so disappointing.

The plot deals with very strong and compelling themes including the role of women in the world, self-determination, and being African vs.

Way too predictable .

He is just boring.

The narrative is nothing new or extraordinary, it's recycled and boring.

Overrated, dull and boring.

Waste of time.

The plot is predictable, unoriginal and doesn't start until halfway through the movie.

This was a bolt out of the blue and an exciting one at that!

It's every cliché from all the other superhero movies from the last ten years buuuuuut it's based in Africa.

The Prince has to face to ultimate test putting his fate of the country and the entire world at risk But the prince's cousins with Is greedy friend goes to Korea for to sell vibranium only for the young king to give chase finding them in a casino only to escape to follow them in a thrilling car chase and cgi special effects are stunning .

Nearly everyone I know who saw this movie thought it was boring.

Amazing, stunning, magnificent!

*Spoiler End*Overall, just another cliche marvel movie with a different skin.

Mediocre among the ever-increasing pile of banal superhero films.

The main character is just way too boring and bland in this movie.

This cracked my Top 10 worst movies all time.

The beautiful and colorful production design is ruined by terrible CGI and bland cinematography.

It's a boring movie .

The film itself is visually stunning, with long drawn out scenes of sunsets, and skylines.

Easily Marvel's best and most compelling antagonist he is at once a righteous zealot, a fallen idealist and a twisted version of the hero.

Predictably formulaic, bloated and tiresome.

The action sequences in the movie are also riveting; "I never freeze" pronounces T'Challa coolly in an early scene...

How can rotten tomatoes write so positively about this lousy waste of time ?

It's sprinkled into the witty dialogue, Killmonger's backstory and characterisation, the relationships between the characters, gorgeous cinematography, wonderful acting, and exciting action.

Black panther is an awful film, it just won some oscars because of its political propaganda

Really boring and pointless .

The effects were great and the cast were good just a shame that they had to give the villain such a bland story, make him out to be the next biggest hip-hop star (ruining the flow of an otherwise great score) and have him portrayed as a spoilt playground bully rather than a villain of credible threat.

Black Panther is action packed with a very powerful message.

Somewhat boring and no really powerful or intelligent messaging.

but one viewing is enough (way too long...


Overall, I would 100% recommend this film to anyone who loves a fast paced storyline with relatable characters.


This movie is what I'd call a formulaic inoffensive MCU movie.

Jordan's more interesting villain, "Black Panther" is a dreadfully formulaic, predictable and borderline boring superhero movie.

My wife and I fell asleep the first time we tried to watch it, and the second time we struggled to get through the whole thing.

Instead Black Panther explored the theme good and evil in the complex way, to see how some decisions bring heavy consequences which makes the movie intriguing and original.

There are far too many reviews that rather agonizingly run too long - So let this one be brief but very on point: This movie is contrived, derivative and formulaic, period.

Sometimes you enjoy even the worst movie in theater.

No intensity, no presence, it's like they jus read their lines in the most cliche way possible.

A big cliché .

it is the most predictable movie ive seen over the past few years.

This movie was epic and so enjoyable from beginning to end.

Cinematography: While Marvel is known for their pretty bland use of camera, this is clearly the best shot movie thus far.

As with most marvel movies of late, much of the fight choreography is exciting and different, and the movie in general is...

Failed to deliver anything entertaining .

Our minds ability to take flight, or get immersed within this simulation of life depends a great deal on its authenticity.

Bored .

This was the first time I fell asleep in a movie in 10 years.

Overall, this movie was really entertaining and I give it a full 10 to balance out the many negative reviews here.

As a non-US reviewer with no racial prejudice, I could enjoy the film for what it is, an extremely deep and highly enjoyable action flick.

The Bad: It's boring, there are so few action scenes, this one feels so slow.

Afterwards it turned into a snoozefest due to proving out to be as predictable as possible.

This is an action packed movie that doesn't take itself too seriously (and you shouldn't either).

The plot was so trite and had zero sense of jeapordy.

This is garbage I was so bored that I wanted to leave the theatre

Marvel really crafted an interesting world in Black Panther full of fascinating characters.

It's boring and there is no character development.

No story , cliche .

The acting is done well, but the fake accents are anoying, the story is bland, the action even blander and the CGI ending is well, terrible.

don't waste your time by watching this.

What a waste of my time..

Super overrated empty shiny cover trying to be something more than just a stupid action movie.

A promising film ruined by formulaic box-ticking .

Hyped and overrated as hell, boring and banal.

Andy Serkis was also entertaining beyond no ends as Klawe which is not surprising for him.

Plot is so boring i nearly fall asleep twice watching it.

The worst movie Marvel has put out.

**Update 45 minutes later**Ok, I think I figured out why this movie is so slap dash boring to me...

I saw this in theaters and I wanted to scream at the screen at times because of how contrived this entire film was.

.. We all know that political correctness has made these two movies what they are right now .. But if your not a blind leftist , i know you will agree with me .. The movie is just OK , just that .. Entertaining and thats all ..

He's smart, brave, frequently intense, by turns easygoing and dead serious, and always imbued with a deep sense of duty and honor.

totally boring .

Pace never lags in relentless and sharp action sequences, gripping the audiences to their seats and, at some points, providing a strong emotional pay-off.

The idea behind the movie is great, environment design is spectacular, unique, and very well made, characters are occasionally interesting but not particularly developed, the plot is completely generic and predictable.

The costumes and technology used was exciting and kept me interested throughout.

Yes the spoiler show because many fans are a little bit disappointments , I love very entire main casts; Chadwick Boseman, Danae Guira, Winston Duke, Michael B jordan, Angela bassett, Lupita Nyong, Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis and Letitia Wright in movie; great fascinating actions including director.

Overall the visuals were stunning,the acting was top notch and the score was very good.

Waste of time.

The movie is just boring.

Please don't waste your time watching this.

Overall entertaining, even if it couldn't help being chockful of someone else's social, racial and political opinions.


I wasn't surprised, really; I expected this movie to be boring and unappealing to me.

Don't waste your time.

The plot is predictable, I was expecting to be more entertaining and less boring.

Overall I found this movie very entertaining it is packed with action and some moments of comedy and suspense.

But you know,is just bland and really not that interesting.

Boring .

Boring, boring, boring.

Superbly crafted and entertaining movie .

Yet another overrated, lacklustre, pandering snooze fest .

I'm assuming that these elements are disjointed with modern society and are insipid.

A bland, Marvel superhero flick that critics and audiences have escalated into something it's not, e.

The movie was disjointed, the script weak, the acting average and the characters were not likeable or well described.

The plot is fairly predictable and formulaic, the use of 'vibranium' to solve every issue that arises feels a little cheap, and the main villain is fairly cliche.

Black Panther is well-acted, well directed, action packed and gorgeously shot, it's a real treat for Marvel fans and anyone who likes action.

Again, entertaining, good storytelling, good visuals, good performances.

A major waste of time, material and effort to produce a chemical-free sleeping-aide,l i would decribe that move.

The movie was entertaining from beginning to end.

Worst movie I have seen in years.

I like black panther because it was entertaining and very interesting to watch.

It was full of plot twists and unexpected actions which were good.

T'Challa is so dull and boring in this after being the BEST part of Civil War.

This is one of those films they made solely to appease the diversity brigade, blacklivesmatter, feminista etc etc.This wasn't even what bothered me, it was the stupid accent by the main guy, and the tideous slow paced film progression.

Awful dull boring film.

Harlow had intense detail on the characters including attaching individual scars all over Michael B.

Visually Stunning, Creativity with No Bounds, and a Formulaic and Predictable Plot .

I've seen black panther twice now, and after seeing it the second time around it has Not held up well, in fact, I found it way worse the second time around and even more boring the second time around.

And it is Action packed from start to finish!.

The plot was predictable, father is killed or died and son takes the lead.

Was he bored or looking for something to do?

Really enjoyed this, it was very entertaining.

It was boring.

Chadwick Boseman is solid in his performance as Black Panther, but the character is so uninteresting.

Each scene from beginning to at least half way through the movie is scripted with predictable and borrowed events that fall flat in execution.

Everything in this movie is a feast for the eyes as the design of the Wakanda is absolutely beautiful & visually stunning to look at!!!

It's an action packed joy ride!

I really enjoyed it.


Let me start by asking why the Hell did this overrated piece of propaganda trash get nominated for an award?

It's just formulaic, by-the-numbers, plotless, shallow superhero-mainstream featuring an all black cast sporting a white sidekick, making it kind of an inverse Iron Man 2.

Besides being boring, this felt like a 70's Black-sploitation movie.

An enjoyable adventure .

Which of course made all the more thrilling for me

Other action sequence resulted in predictable outcomes even before the claws come out.

I can see the genuine efforts by many actors but I think the directing kinda mutes most of those peaks into rather bland outcomes.

Sorry but the whole family found this really boring.

Although Wakanda looks absolutely beautiful, the opening scene had very well-crafted CGI, and the action is really exciting, there are times where the CGI could look absolutely STUPID, like during the scene where T'Challa and Killmonger were fighting.

Black Panther had a huge budget like all the Marvel films so it's top notch in every single department from the stunning cinematography to the Awesome & exciting music score, this is an epic super hero movie with one of the most Awesome looking & interesting Marvel characters ever!!.

It was boring!!!

Another strong, entertaining addition to the ever-expanding Marvel Universe, "Black Panther" gets going from the first few scenes and doesn't ever let up.

It was boring.

But small quibbles aside, Black Panther is a remarkable achievement in cinema, it made a cultural statement and was entertaining at the same time which is no easy feat.

He is compelling, his morals are in check, and the hero even turns over to his side in the end.

What I got instead was a painfully boring, unoriginal and uninspired movie that shouldn't be anywhere near a Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards.

I was worried that people were only saying Black Panther was good because they were afraid to say it was bad, but it's actually a well-made & entertaining film.

The visuals are stunning and the music score is on another level.

weak action, little semblance of story, poor dialogue, cliche moments.

awful american cliché .

So boring and foreseeable story mixed with non existing acting and wrapped into kitsch music and purple sky's.

No story at all , just non sense action, boring plot and characters.

Worst movie I've ever seen.

For others, the script will have been entertaining, and not everyone will notice the dreadful inconsistencies with the CGI.

I kept checking my watch to see how much time was left, and I also fell asleep numerous times!

He seems to be good at being a king and a warrior, and seems to be unbeatable, making the movie very predictable.

This movie is really bad not because it's the worst movie ever no not even close it's just people say it's the best movie ever and it's not at all it's not even the best movie with black panther in it.

I usually love Martin Freeman but he was so bland in this.

This was such a confusing film.

I love this movie because I like to absorb different cultures that I'm unfamiliar with because they're exciting.

Overestimated boredom .

The visual effects are so breathtaking !

The overall plot is relatively boring.

SJW Leftist propaganda.

T'Challa is very bland character with no charisma at all and he has no depth when it comes to him.

Above all it's an entertaining story which is both dramatic and as with most Marvel movies plenty of humor.

The movie is a boring cliche superhero tale, and I understand it was over-hyped for pushing its politically correct agenda.

But the plot and 'twists' were basically predictable from the few few minutes and the movie had so many cliches it was hard to watch with a straight face.

The plot is just moronic, the dialog is boring, the CGI is bad, and the action is weak and sparse.

Unique, refreshing, funny, exciting, and very moving.

The Blaxploitation movies at least had a black authenticity to them - this is just empty weightless pixels.

But it's really exciting to know that it does.

The casino brawl and car chase are fast paced and adrenaline pumping, and the final battle atop the mountain is particularly magnificent, like Lord of the Rings meets Star Wars.

Well all of the other Characters are pretty Boring to watch not just the Character's but the scenes there in feel Pointless all they do is walk around and talk about unnecessary Stuff, the only interactions that where entertaining was Black Panther an his Sister who was a good Character until she became the "Comedic Relief" her Jokes didn't get a single laugh from me an besides making Cool Gear for the Hero she doesn't really have much of a Character, the Script feels rather Dry almost Like it was Written an Directed by a Machine it cause besides one Cool Shot nothing about this Movie felt Unique like everyone is Praising it to be, Before this Movie I had seen Thor Ragnarok an that Movie captures everything you'd Want from a Marvel Movies its Funny, its Creative, you can Feel the Director's Vision an Style it felt Different.

Loved every action packed moment.

This ia one of the most boring movies I've ever seen.

Black panther is a very entertaining movie.

Aside from lacking character development, the plot just seemed slow and predictable.

Boring .

Dull .

Stupid plot, unbelievable acting and a giant bore.

Felt really boring and not very creative.

For the most part, Black Panther is a stunning movie to witness, embracing its Afro-futurism with a colourful and vibrant design.

Dont waste your time .

I found it watchable, but I wouldnt say entertaining, cause I couldnt stand the ridiculous acting.

I fell asleep during the first 30 minutes and fast forwarded through the next 30 stopping only when something looked action packed.

An exciting and refreshing superhero movie .

The score is a rush of adrenaline and has a lot of goosebumps along.

Boring as Hell .

Dont waste your time on this trash movie

Ponderous, pointless, and slow.

However was enjoyable (like most marvel movies) and would recommend people to watch

Boring, predictable, over hyped and poor acting are the main ingredients of this useless drivel.

I fell asleep because of how boring it was.

It has the stunning visuals, amazing CGI, near-perfect soundtrack, and a well put together cast.

The movie was so predictable, CGI was pretty awful.

Yes it is an entertaining movie...

Don't bother to watch this movie, it's a waste of your time.

Don't waste your time

Boring and meaningless .

However, the visual effects in the film are pretty cool, but they are still repetitive products of the film industry.

It was completely non-existent, nonsense and boring.

Awful visuals, the dialogue is awfully cringe, the story is cliché and fails to build up and doesn't lead to anywhere.

Overall an enjoyable experience.

There are better movies that touch on the african culture (Tsotsi, Hotel Rwanda), better action movies (most MCU movies, the recent Mission Impossible ones) and more compelling portrayals of heroism that touch on the minority aspect of society (Boyz n the Hood, Dope) that don't require fantasy elements.

I'm sorry but black panther is a boring movie that had a very uninteresting plot, and this is coming from me who is a mixed raced man.

Another Marvel movie with pro-CIA propaganda .

The graphics were gorgeous but the dialog was very banal.

But as a benchmark, I thought Justice League was more entertaining.

He feels very dull in this movie along with most of the tone.

black panthére is very moving and entertaining.

Action packed and visually appealing with Wakanda as a sort of African Atlantis on earth.

The characters were all quite enjoyable and fit there roles especially the titular character, Chadwick Boseman felt so natural and comefortable in T'Challa.

The movie really went above and beyond shaping a unique and engaging culture for their world scape.

The story is soooooo boring.

The main thing that really saves this movie is Killmonger played by Michael B Jordan, he was once the Human Torch in Fan4stic but that movie failed miserably in 2015, now he has redeemed himself as one of the best Marvel movie villains, so compelling and so wonderfully performed.

Judging it as a piece of entertainment, it is wickedly underwhelming, predictable and disappointing.

This one is up there with my favorites from the MCU, worth the watch.

I want to start with the positives: I love the world-building of Wakanda it's fascinating for me to see an African nation unfettered by European Imperialism.

It was well made but little boring and too political.

I would recommend this for anyone who likes Marvel or DC movies, such as "Wonder Woman" or "Spider-man", and is looking for a new movie to satisfy their action packed tastes.

The plot is moving and yet still action packed and the characters are wonderfully portrayed especially that of T'Challa and his sister Shuri the sibling relationship is one of the best portrayals of siblings I've seen !

Great Action packed Movie .

Gorgeously shot but self-obsessed and boring .

I am so bored of CGI and such weak stories, and am shocked that so many people seem to rate this movie highly.

His slow reading of the lines alone made any resonance on the comical register impossible.

Complete waste of time.


I'd call it the most boring of Marvel movies.

I'd say that Black Panther's best quality is that it's more of a science fiction type movie remarking on real compelling global issues than a regular safe good heroes saving the world from selfish villains narrative.

Objectively, this is a really entertaining watch!

Complete waste of time!

Story is so boring, horrible acting, and action scenes are mediocre.

The pacing is terrible and the story is uninteresting.

While the story may be a little undeveloped, the characters are great, the acting is very good, and the visuals are simply stunning.

Rubbish CGI, wooden performances, dull story.

Boring story with no logic or intelligence, nice visuals

Legit watching paint dry or grass grow would probably result you in having a batter time then watching this garbage.

I would have walked out.

And that, along with the actual beauty of which there was so much, made it well worth watching.

The scenes of fighting for the throne and the clashes of the last fifteen minutes are excellent and exciting.

Top 5 worst movie of all time.

It's just unwatchable.

Deep themes and exciting action.

Shallow, boring and patronising.

I walked into this movie thinking I was gonna get a great MCU movie origin story about this character that was thoughtfully introduced in a previous film, I walked out angry thinking this was one of the most disappointing MCU movies since Iron Man 3, The Incredible Hulk, and Thor: The Dark World.

It's a huge shame because this movie was labelled as "historic" but it was just very boring with poor action scenes and bad chemistry between most of the actors.

The "movie" is an overall dull and boring experience from beginning to end.

It is predictable.

The plot was thoroughly engaging and the main characters developed in wholesome ways.


I was so excited to watch a great Marvels movie and the storyline was just so dull.

I literally fell asleep watching this .

It also looks rather bland.

Easily one of Marvels worst movies to date.