Black Snake Moan (2006) - Drama, Music

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A God-fearing bluesman takes to a wild young woman who, as a victim of childhood sexual abuse, looks everywhere for love, never quite finding it.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Craig Brewer
Stars: Christina Ricci, Samuel L. Jackson
Length: 116 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 21 out of 218 found boring (9.63%)

One-line Reviews (84)

Sharp and entertaining with a total disregard to the rules, although it pulls it off for the best part.

The scene could have come across as contrived were it not for Timberlake's performance and Craig Brewer's excellent direction.

Entertaining with great performance from Ricci.

Given the right treatment, this could have been a delightfully trashy slice of exploitation, but with earnest direction from Craig Brewer that shows no hint of being tongue-in-cheek, a dreadful performance from Timberlake, and umpteen laughable Southern stereotypes played completely straight by the stars, Black Snake Moan is rather dull and ultimately disappointing (except for those who are only watching in order to check out Ms. Ricci's knockers).

The background characters are drab and flat while the ending is somewhat disappointing.

We care deeply about our characters and that is why it is an engaging drama.

Both the score by Scott Bomar and the songs performed by Lazarus and his band are enjoyable and powerful blues pieces that perfectly capture the spirit of the hardened people living in the world of Black Snake Moan.

But this movie is very slow and loses steam after Jackson unchains Ricci after what seems to be an over-long first hour.

Sitting about bored i decided to search Netflix for a film and whilst scrolling along the title "Black Snake Moan" caught my eye.

Had some drama in some parts, but their is long drawn out parts, that are pointless.

Some of the scenes w/o Sammy can drag, but the movie's themes balance it out and make for an enjoyable time for all.

The pacing is unnecessarily slow.

Jackson has become rather boring the last several years by just playing the cool and tough guy that I had forgotten how great he can be when he tries.

what a waste of time .

Sam Jackson is engaging as a soul-searching honest truck farmer who hung up his Gibson a few years before to marry and have a family, which didn't work out the way he'd hoped.

"My resume speaks for itself" Jackson turns in yet another finely nuanced performance (including, for this writer, some pleasantly unexpected musicianship), and Christina "Mine, too" Ricci shines equally brightly.

The direction and script were also very good, the camera work and naturalistic dialogue immersed the audience into the Deep South.

The acting is astonishing, the writing superb, and the editing style, as well as juxtaposed music, riveting the whole way.

I remembered the title of this film, which is derived from the 1927 Blind Lemon Jefferson song, mainly because of the leading actor in it, I also knew the story had something to do with music, I read more about it, it certainly sounded intriguing.

It starts out kinda slow you see this girl who at first you think is just the town trash because she is sleeping with every guy.

I enjoyed it and think you will too.

If you only want cliché blockbusters, this movie may not be right for you.

" The movie reminded me a little of 2000's forgettable indie, "The Gift," in where it was set in the South and it was interesting in spots, but ultimately it was a bore.

The story is riveting and what can be said about Samuel L Jackson and Christina Ricci?

Christina Ricci and Sam Jackson are both excellent, the story is well written and it's different from anything else I can remember, even if it does end up endorsing the boring old status quo.

" * * * Personally, I'm tired of racially formulaic movies, no matter how well-executed a piece of entertainment a particular movie might be.

The imagery is at times so evocative you can almost feel the sun and smell the soil and the hot summer air.

The movie just really seemed like it went nowhere.

And it's all wrapped up in a unique, entertaining, stylized and impeccable ribbon.

In "Black Snake Moan," writer-director Craig Brewer is so obsessed with heavy symbolism that part of me felt like dismissing the entire film as pretentious--a sweltering Southern parable with some oh-so-risky subject matter.

Gripping Blues-Fueled Tale of Salvation .

Jackson is legendary and he has the unique ability to turn even a strange movie like this, into something that is worth watching.

The story is bound to be judged by some as misogynistic and silly, but I found it riveting.

A fantastic elevation of his southern-fried cinema form, Craig Brewer proves that there's a lot more to the durty south then rappers and pimps with his exciting and unique third feature Black Snake Moan.

Jackson was very good as an old former blues musician and now truck driving farmer named Lazarus, whose wife leaves him for a more exciting life.

The plot is nicely engaging, and this is well-paced.

I gave it a 9, very good movie, great soundtrack (even if you don't like blues, you'll love it) but I couldn't give it a 10 because of the cliché about differences between black and white in America.

This movie is probably worth watching just once just for the connections and deep characters.

They were obviously intense characters...

An aging southerner's life collides with a young troubled girl's in an unexpected way .

Although this film does not live up to his earlier success, it is, nonetheless, a film worth watching and has a strong message of hope.

Instead, it's an intriguing enough character piece, juxtaposing two entirely different protagonists and exploring their relationship when they're forced together by circumstance.

The natural performances and directing mean that I can enjoy observing these fascinating people and all their well-established ways of livin', talking', walkin' 'n' whatnot as if I was actually there.

Pretentious and badly cast .

The musical score is steeped in blues played on an electric guitar, and I found it lugubrious and ultimately tiresome.

But the story itself is quite tedious and boring.

Fascinating to just watch and reflect on.

Well worth the ticket price, Black Snake Moan offers audiences a well-written, overall enjoyable movie.

Consequently, it almost felt like an 80's movie, but its story was just so interesting, albeit bizarre that it's certainly worth watching at least once.

Perhaps the worst movie I have ever seen .

Armed with his guitar, perhaps those segments are the most entertaining of the lot, when he goes into full swing and performs with cool, slick attitude to boot.

Ricci is simply stunning as the abused nymphomaniac all attitude and fire wrapped up in hot pants and a vest top.

Most of them are action packed this one is of a serious nature.

Epatha Merkerson, made this film more than enjoyable.

It left me craving for something more exciting.

Sledgehammer subtle, but compelling regardless .

For those of you who can do that, I highly recommend it.

The depicted journey is heartrending and intense as inner demons are faced by Rea, Laz, and eventually Ronnie.

Needless to say, he nails the character's rage perfectly, while also capturing Lazarus' damaged faith and empty heart to perfection.

With breathtaking performances by both Samuel L.

The movie takes a fascinating turn from there, with that ginormous chain having as big a role as any of the actors.

"Was it entertaining?

The character work as well, unpredictable, deep.

Their characterizations are so intense and so severe; it's even more of a challenge for the actors to keep their heads on and craft realistic characters.

" Offbeat, inspired and original, "Black Snake Moan" overall qualifies as an extremely moving, compelling and provocative winner.

Combining a sweltering Southern setting, blood and guts blues riffs, and a little unexpected Bible imagery, Brewer has definitely given this film a style of its own and an atmosphere that's as effective as the actors in telling this strange little tale of love and redemption.

I overall was expecting for this movie to be intense just after seeing the trailers and previews for it.

The plot is very simple and straightforward, and it unfolds in a predictable way.

Look for a final scene that is an unexpected evidence of a wounded person healing.

So far, so formulaic.

Audiences will find a movie worth watching here and worth thinking about well after it ends.

Now,the director of that film,Craig Brewer gives us another great movie called Black Snake Moan which tells an intense story without falling on cheap sentimentalism.

While heavy-handed, the scene where Lazarus sings Rae a song in the midst of a lightning storm/blackout is compelling, as is a scene inside a jumping blues club that makes you wish you were there.

Worth watching!

But finding Rae's intense sexual urgings literally chains her in his house, and showers immense amount of care and love to therapeutically cure Rae from seeking sexual gratification of her desires.

I wouldn't want to buy this film but it is worth watching if it is on television or perhaps renting if you are a fan of the two leading actors.

Another empty shell .

Trashy and Dreary .

Worth watching.

JACKSON, Christina RICCI, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE) DIRECTED BY: CRAIG BREWER ~ THE RUNDOWN: Brewer's 'Black Snake Moan' doesn't warrant much more than a whimper, ignoring the tale's great potential for dark humor and presenting the simplistic story in a tedious and sometimes laughably melodramatic fashion.

There was no plot and it was so predictable.

The monster truck takes an agonizingly long time to pass in the outer lane, sometimes appearing to slow down to the speed of Timberlake's own sluggish vehicle.

It was an intense film about redemption which also counted with excellent performances.

It's some crazy Christian propaganda.