Black Summer (2019) - Action, Drama, Horror

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In the dark, early days of a zombie apocalypse, complete strangers band together to find the strength they need to survive and get back to loved ones.

IMDB: 6.3
Stars: Jaime King, Justin Chu Cary
Length: 40 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 213 out of 1000 found boring (21.3%)

One-line Reviews (551)

Don't waste your time, it's not even funny-bad.

I was on the edge of my seat the entire season!!!

Just amazing, gripping and intense!!!

If you watch the extras for Walking Dead, you will see the writers talk about how they wanted to "explore Rick's character" in new situations, new, unrealistic and profoundly stupid contrived situations which no experienced survivor would be in.

Z Nation was a pretty funny low budget zombie show that was enjoyable for a few seasons.

But it's worth at least a 7.7. I thought it was entertaining enough to watch.

IMO, George Romero's "Night of the Living Dead" had a larger budget then "Black Summer", and Romero's film was so much better then this boring recycled piece of junk.

The zombies are fast and vicious, and that matters a lot because the slow ones just aren't that scary.

---This is an intense thrill ride unlike anything I've seen in years.

It was boring and by the end of the absolutely ludicrous third episode I was done.

Simple and enjoyable.

Stylish, suspenseful, and fast-motion .

What I like most is how the episodes are short and action packed.

The chaos, panic, confusion and *really* bad and stupid decisions are what would very probably happen to everyone in a zombie apocalypse type situation, and this series has all of that and then some.

Boring, poor characters and writing...

Cons: there are some blank spaces between the three last episodes; although it seems proposital, it's a little confusing.

And I get that it doesn't have to be an over the top fight and gore fest (lookin at you walking dead), but it so boring.

Apart from that it's a really good intense zombie adventure series.

The premise of the show is great, the setting fantastic, the plot decent, but the irrational behavior and stunning unbelievability that these characters would survive makes this practically unwatchable.

What a non-stop exciting surprise.

This was an all around waste of time.

Cliche zombie movie with bad script .

Good, With Some Caveats - Worth the Watch .

Such a waste of time.

It's intense, character involved, and I'm truly keeping my fingers crossed for a second season.

If you need an adrenaline rush before you go to bed or just that feeling of apocalypse and fast running zombies, this is a great show!

I agree that episode 4 is pointless PERIOD.

I liked the set up from the beginning, captured my attention with all the adrenaline running.

It's also very poorly edited to the point that it's unwatchable.

It starts to build up and improve then they hit you with a final episode that is half the length of the rest with practically no story or dialogue.

Disappointing waste of time.

Fun and Intense .

If you're bored and want a terrible ending watch this.

Entertaining with plenty of suspense .

Boring .

Real crappy show and really just a waste of your time.

No story, no cast, crappy talent-less actors.

Walking Dead has dragged on for so long that we stop fearing for the safety of the protagonists.


Tense, exciting, brutal and gripping entertainment.

Black summer is really gritty and suspenseful, and the low tech camera angles just enhance the suspense for me.

Had potential but a lot of stupid cliche scenes.

Unless we're thinking on terms of "smart zombies" BUT in MY opinion, if you're dead/undead, then you're starting to rot, immediately, and your brain would be rotting as well as your muscles, and all other body parts, which is why I always agreed with the whole "slow zombie" theory.

Demographically, I guess, it is easy to appeal to a majority of viewers with this sort of platitudinous parenthood pandering, but it has been done so many times that feels forced and contrived.

This was a waste of time for me and a waste of time and money for everyone involved in its production and there is no way it get a Season 2.

Fast paced?

It's very predictable and cliche.

I have an intense disgust with low IQ shows/ movies, a term I use when there is zero creativity or substance in storyline and everything is geared towards explosions or mindless action sequences.

Waste of time!

Black Summer is pure adrenaline, loved.

This show is an intense.


Waste of time.

Just a pastiche of cliches, very dull, and dumb...

Too many plot lines but no real plot (characters are annoying and unbelievable) .

Though it has many problems, like many times you think no one is that stupid and although is supposed to take place summer time we hardly see any sun, somehow it is really entertaining.

People are saying there is no plot, or character development are just being petty.

That's a waste of a time....

Major let down incredibly slow and boring with hardly any zombies

But it's intense and cheap entertainment.

Its suspenseful and a little gory.

Don't waste your time on this pos.

Don't waste your time.

Fast paced and human error and stupidity are very well demonstrated.

The rest are intense and funny.

Quite realistic, haunting and you will be sitting on the edge of the seat!

The use of the title cards over and over again splitting up the scenes becomes repetitive fast.

Honestly a bit slow .

I'm on the edge of my seat every episode!

no plot points of any interest and stupid move after stupid move.

The plot is centered around the most embarrassing cliche of all - the unbreakable bond between mother and child, and a mom who will do whatever it takes.

We see what they do when backed into a corner by horrific circumstances, but we have almost no idea who they were before this, (besides generic roles like job, parent, etc.), and we are given zero information to make them appear as real people rather than conveniently empty plot devices.

Recommended especially for genre fans, solid and entertaining

This show is unwatchable!

long slow paced drawn out story telling and that's great, this is the complete opposite, just straight into it no monologues or deep character studies.

Stunning camera work makes you fear what is always just out of sight.

Don't waste your time!

Now where it's at it's best is with it's take on zombies, they're god damn FAST, they turn QUICK, they have a lower level of intelligence and stalk their prey, it's absolutely thrilling.

Go for it everyone, very enjoyable!

So stupid, waste of time, terrible acting .

Black Summer is Netflix contribution to the Zombie genre, and the result is a cloudy, often confused, but exciting and compelling mess.

The car chase saga in episode three was pointless.

Complete waste of time.

I really enjoyed it.

Its poor written and the characters are as bland as a boil in the bag rice.

Action packed, not cringey or overly emotional.

I'd rather watch a weird movie that is unpredictable than a cookie cutter Hollywood weekly forgettable nothing.

I thoroughly enjoyed it though despite the minor complaints.

Boring .

Only one thing annoyed me about it, why they had such an aversion to using back packs, but apart from that it was excellent, dramatic, tense and full of the unexpected.

Don't waste your time unless you're confined to your bed,couch or chair and you've watched everything else and read all your books twice!

But the characters and events were simply too scripted, unrealistic, and uninteresting.

Thrilling .

The other problem with the series is how empty it is from other zombies.

In the first couple episodes, this transformation is slow.

The character are stereotypes, and the character decision matrix is always a cliche of the decisions characters make in teen horror movies.

What a frustrating waste of time.

Suck, no character development, uninteresting story (too simple too).

Flawed, but very entertaining.

Stupid, Moronic, a Total Waste of time .

The only thing thay makes this watchable is the good camera quality, the story is really bad, the surroundings of the first 8 episodes look exactly the same, very few zombies, guessing low budget, the main characters are annoying, you cant connect with them so you don't care when someons dies, repetitive plot and scenes which I found extremely boring.

And yes, there will be moments of silence, sadness, chaos and confusion.

-It's too slow.

Worth watching .

This was a solid suspenseful well paced zombie odyssey done with great acting, stylish cinematography and some prett refreshing sequencing.


TWD started out okay, but resorted to the old cliches about good and evil, it became predictable and boring.

So far, tense and exciting .

People do stupid things when you are terrified with the body full of adrenaline.

clumsy writing, irritating characters, and contrived plot points.

The acting was awful, the situations presented were cliche and generic and half of the show was so boring I caught myself dozing off a few times while watching it.

Please make season 1-2-3-4-5 etc. And keep it as exciting so I can sit on the couch crying out how foolish people are under an outbreak.

Other reviewers have noted the unrealistic reactions/choices made by people under intense pressure.

This show is unforgiving and intense.

Horrible acting.. kust don't waste your time.

Use headphones to watch this show for best thrilling experience .

With a genre that seems to have been beaten to death over the last decade, the makers of this show somehow find a clever way to bring it back from the grave (pun intended) with a very healthy dose of refreshing direction/cinematography, great acting, and strings of thrilling scenes that are sure to leave you binging your way through the first season.

It's realistic, gritty and intensive.

Black Summer started rather interestingly and the 'cuts' from scenario to scenario made it look snappy / fresh.

This has a lot of potential and I hope it turns into something more exciting than FTWD did in the long run.

Every character is dull and forgettable.

Had me on the edge on my seat.

Don't waste your time like I did.

On the edge of my seat the whole time .

This show is so bad it caused me to write a review to try to save at least one other poor soul the complete and utter waste of time I spent on this garbage.

There was way too much drawn out scenes where nothing was happening!

Definitely worth the watch and the bad reviews don't mean anything if they bring up TWD cus clearly they are ignorant af.

It seems like the characters deliberately tried to get into troubles so there's a story or to make intense scenes, and that's kind of movie/series that got a thumb down from me.

It's jumpy and scary and keeps you on the edge of your seat shouting at the screen.

I love zombie shows even bad ones can be entertaining.

if you a bored, and doesn't have anything Better to do, om not sure i'll watch the second season too be honest.

I enjoyed it.

It's really brutal, thrilling and entertaining.

Please don't waste your time.

Everyone else is a waste of time as the show becomes super tedious and the characters make absolutely stupid decisions.

So incredibly slow and just plain silly.

Tis show is tedious and the characters are too stupid for the viewer to want them to live.

Dont waste your time.

Best series for those with insomnia.

It was entertaining and IMO involved scenarios in Zombie apocalypse which were linked by a cast of main characters.

I guess there's some confusion about whether this show and 'Z Nation' exist in the same universe.

Add that to the very poor acting, annoying characters, obviously self sabotaging decisions and this show is pretty much unwatchable.

It would have to be a REALLY black and dull summer to give this show my time!

Too many cliches in this programme and predictable outcomes, as for the high school episode the kids were more suited to a horror movie or something like the crazies rather then this, Where I believe it's meant to be set 6ish weeks after the outbreak very unlikey that they would resort to terrorising strangers without plausible cause or purpose.

missing what made z nation so enjoyable .


Way more terrifying than the slow shuffling kind (which makes you wonder how anyone gets caught with the slow kind after watching these people trying to evade these zombies.

Episode by episode, it raised the tension, and final episode was quite exciting.

Forced and contrived pretty much sums it up.

And in my opinion the first few episodes of black summer is better than the whole first season of the bore fest that is Fear the Walking Dead.

Don't waste your TIME.

Good acting, very suspenseful and shocking scenes.

Chasing scenes are entertaining and suspensefulCons: Biggest con: the entire thing feels cliché which is dramaless, cheap and mediocreFilled with baaad production elements: same prop cars in different scenes, recurring sterile locations, fake weapon muzzles etc.The whole script is stupid and lots of unreal scenariosCharacter decisions and what follows...

Full Adrenaline Rush .

The whole first season kept me glued to the screen, because of unbelievably suspenseful and thrilling action scenes and an amazing cinematography.

But if a situation escalates, it get's way more intense than in similar zombie-stories, because the developers made sure, that the viewer doesn't get desensitized to action scenes until very, very late into the plot.

Gripping zombie drama .

But what Black Summer did well was keep me engaged and on the edge of my seat.

If you have a choice between watching paint dry or this, take the paint.

The pacing is really stretched to make it longer but boring.

Suburban soccer mom and her "find my kid" plot is tired and boring.

I really could only watch until the 4th before falling asleep.

Like I used to love watching TWD in the first 5 seasons when it was still tense , suspenseful and gritty, and before it became a boring dialogue days of our lives clone.

Slow and boring zombie movie .

So confusing, very sloppy writing

Sure, it is no "The Walking Dead", but it still makes for some very enjoyable entertainment.

It had me on the edge of my seat for pretty much the whole episode.

Watching Black Summer is like watching Z Nation which gets boring season after season.

The characters are engaging and entertaining, and come and go with a suddenness which effectively raises the tension level with each episode.

I was on the edge of my seat with my girfriend squeezing my hand...

It was a complete waste of time!

The living dead are an actual threat and not some weak, slow, slithering ragdoll where you're wondering how they could have possibly taken over the world.

It's viciously fast paced from start to finish.

or maybe cliche'.

Unlike the Walking dead which is a slow burner this is high tempo, action packed survival roller coaster.

The characters barely talk and it is just boring to watch them interact with eachother.

Enjoyable to watch...

Cleverly shot with a real time feel, the characters are fascinating and acting to match.

However, one cannot help but feel there was that one person involved in the creation process who brought it all down with their over-attachment to bland, cheap, and lazy entertainment concepts.

The first four episodes were promising and were tense, kept you on the edge of your seat.

One continuous adrenaline rush .

In the end, on the sky bridge into the stadium, Spears/Julius was overrun a couple of times - only saved by the director, telling the zombies "slower - hold for a sec - wait - now go again!

I particularly liked the way completely different stories and characters cross each other paths and come together in an completely unexpected way.

This is from a classic slow zombie fan who saw Night of the Living Dead when it was originally released!

Not trying to save someone to the point of risking your own death, if they slow you down, boom, you're dead.

Some scenes trying to build up suspense (highschool with the kids, the chubby guy & zombie hunt) are just plain boring.

Black Summer can be categorized as a survival horror series that keeps the audience immersed at every turn.

The title of each scene change became annoying after a while, simply because they were often pointless.

This is a pretentious TWD knockoff.

No continuity, no investment in characters, no storyline.. frankly, no nothing.

I'm a fan of slow moving and running zombies.

I think a lot of the characters are hard to follow and don't make any sense.

It's very intense and well acted!!!

Considering its flaws, I find it strangely compelling.

This show was pretty refreshing, and I really enjoyed it at first, just like I enjoyed The Walking Dead when it came out.

I'd personally rather carry around a lamp and try to use it to beat the things off me than walk around empty handed.

Throughly enjoyed it and it's a definitely worth watching!

I really enjoyed it!

Ok, cutting it to short, it is watchable with constant stress characters are in and we can ignore poor acting and lame situations and cliche dialogs...

Starts interesting, gets boring and frustrating by episode 4 .

I'd rather dual wield Mozambique's then watch these uninspiring losers fail at life.

Gritty atmosphere but ultimately bland execution .

A show were every character knows what they are doing is just going to be boring!

Far more fast paced that the walking dead.

No plot .

With each episode divided into chapters, Black Summer sets itself up to be a compelling low budget short form web series.

Finally, it's just straight-up boring.

No, it wasn't TWD, but it was action packed and probably a more realistic depiction of how an outbreak would go, especially with fast zombies and especially in the beginning when the useless people were being weeded out.

Black Summer is minimalistic and really suspenseful.

dont waste tour time this is total garbage

For the most part, the series is entertaining and great suspense throughout.

I hope the series maintains its intense pace.

-Fake acting which is boring...

TWD has a slower pace and more dramatic storyline.

And last, what's with the character speaking fluent fast paced korean when everyone around her doesn't understanding Korean.

The episode with the school was quite terrible as others have pointed out and I won't defend it, but overall I found the show far more enjoyable than the last season of "The Walking Dead".

Brilliantly compelling.

MAN is this show SLOW.

long drawn out rubbish.

Had potential and then it was super boring and stupid.

The episode at the school started to get tedious.

Fast zombies for a change is great Im bored with zombies that can barley move.

So predictable and with ridiculous situations makes it just stupid.

I'll keep it short and simple, this show is made for falling asleep on your couch and letting it glisten in the background.

It was a waste of my time, and it'll be a waste of yours.

I watched all 8 episodes and then read the reviews here just to see if anyone else enjoyed it as much as I did.

Gripping, Intense, not safe for people with heart conditions .

Very boring!.

Which is a shame because there are long spells of expertly shot visceral and highly suspenseful action sequences.

Mediocre but enjoyable .

Not your standard Hollywood glam series, really enjoyed it.

No plot .

Which will get you first, boredom or zombies .

Struggled through 3 episodes; what a waste of time!

Gullable and Dull.

It is boring and very very badly made, in one episode a guy gets chased about by the same zombie for the entire episode, in that episode the protagonist injures his hand, so badly, that he cannot change gears or open doors, his hand is mangled.

It's mostly painful to watch, and overall pretty dull.

If you want fast paced zombie action you'll like it...

Makes for very exciting viewing.

in conclusion its an awkward start but well worth watching and i hope they continue to season 2 with longer episodes and more episodes per season.

Episode 7 was getting a tad repetitive, and episode 8 was too much random shooting and running and shooting and running.

Not great by any stretch, but still good enough to be worth watching especially if you're into the genre.

Action packed pacing from start to finish .

A little slow, but entertaining .

I only watched two episodes and decided that too much cliche in there and characters are morons.

No, what they do is start to panic and run away, shooting like imbeciles into one another, thus creating more zombies and bigger panic and confusion.

And lord have mercy, has any show ever developed this slow.

Really enjoyed it.

We find it rather entertaining actually.

Completely pointless and predictable.

--- Camera angles and shaking can make some scenes exciting.

I was excited to see it, but found it dry and boring.

A gritty on the edge of your seat zombie treat .

Cringeworthy melodrama, stiff circular dialogue, empty content, and not enough zombies.

The reason why Alien is so riveting is because despite the crew of the Nostromo being every day working people, they were also intelligent and resourceful.

And, while often I could ignore that, I was bored so I was noticing the little things a lot more and I wish I hadn't.

Don't waste your time, this is the type of garbage that makes me wonder if I should cancel Netflix altogether.

Really enjoyed it.

Really enjoyed it.

Honestly every episode my heart was racing at one point or another from the fast paced nature of the show, and the brilliant close up almost POV camera angel.

Because they do something so stupid, but it's still entertaining.

Fast Infected fast paced with no soap opera like drama.

Thrilling - Exciting - Realistic!!.

But lets face it, walking dead zombies walk at a slow pace for the most part.

This series is unpredictable and exciting at a whole new level!

Definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat!

It's painfully slow with piss-poor structure.

how boring.

Astonished by the profound lack of storyline .

This whole show seems contrived in the worse way.


Other times is so slow that you want to sleep.

Overall, though, I found this show very fun and intense to watch.

So boring.

It's slow and there doesn't appear to be much of a storyline at present.

However, Kyungsun is a far more compelling and diverse character for me to personally want to see on screen.

its enjoyable

I ended up binging this with my girlfriend and we both enjoyed it quite a lot.

Some people are saying there is not much of a story line there is and there isn't its one series that gives most zombie fanatics what they want the beginning of an apocalypse and stays there rather than skip forward in time, it makes you feel part of the intense journey, one of the more realistic zombie series out there.

Sometimes it was just downright confusing when mixed with the action taking place.

Don't waste your time watching it.

Kind of a let down considering the fast paced, no mercy tone of the rest of the series.

Apart the one episode that was a bit stupid, all the rest was riveting.

Great show, worth watching .

The lack of any semblance of reality in the characters behavior is mind boggling.

However, once the characters were done being introduced, the chaptering system seemed very pointless and unnecessary.

Only one little con: turning into Zombie could be much slower, this could be more scarily then, and Zombies should focus more on the person they have just cought, not just knock them down and run after more victims.

Each episode is action packed with a load of tension and drama to keep you hooked.

And in my opinion the first few episodes of black summer is better than the whole first season of the bore fest that is Fear the Walking Dead.

Definitely on the edge of your seat nail biting that we need.

It's very fast paced with no filler at all.

This show is fun, in a minimalist, quiet but intense kind of way.

It's cheap, poorly written and oh so boring, actors are okay though

That isn't to say a large budget is needed to make a great story, but what is needed is a compelling drama with characters the audience cares about.


Since the undead in this show are-- fast zombies-- instead of slow ones, its a totally different atmosphere from 'The Walking Dead'.

I also get that people do dumb stuff when their bodies are pumped full of adrenaline.

Our main man ends of being dragged and shot.

Was really looking forward to this series, but their poor filming technique made it unwatchable.

Tbh I thought it was okay, just really slow.

Dont waste any of your life watching this.

It was so boring and dark that i finally turned it off.

It's boring It's stupid It's wasting time It's like old lady's socks too long and too sticky No deeper meaning no deeper thinking, it's no brainer a only-dumbs-will-love drama

So once again don't waste your time.

My adrenaline is pumping like it did at start of twd and I am only half way through episode 1.

If you like all things infantile, unbroken camera shots, zero plot movement, zero original ideas, bad acting, no script and the same boring zombies you've seen eighty-six thousand times, you're in for a real treat.

It was honestly some of the most suspenseful television I've ever watched.

Watched up to the third episode, first off there is no plot, secondly, if they were even trying to make this realistic, at least let the characters have some sort of weapon to defend themself, after a few weeks you would think they would figure out a weapon helps rather than running every second.

The first of the series two big deficits has some real and lasting (unexpected) benefit to it: due to the low budget, there are stretches of time, where not a whole lot happens.

I love the survival genre with zombies but when you do it poorly or write it this poorly you create instant boredom, the zombies look shit they more like humans faking it and then the dialog and scenes are so boring.

If you can get past the shaky cam and the fact that the character development is weak and you dont really get attached to any of the players it is still mildly entertaining.

TWD has bored the shit out of me for years now (I honestly don't know how it's still going) as have alot of other zombie genre nonsense that gets churned out constantly.

If you're bored, learn to knit!

Fast paced and entertaining from start to finish.

However, the characters' questionable intelligence, inconsistencies, and attention to any detail are what makes this series unwatchable.

Besides all the flaws it has, which I won't bother mention, what made me really angry was these pointless, BORING dialogues..Just stay away please

It has it's slow moments, moments when you want to scream at the character for being so stupid, but then are some moments that are unexpected and makes you want to cover half your face in your pillow.

Take note, the streets are mostly empty.

No story development or character development.

I would really like a decent Zombie series, so I tried this one, and found the first chapter to be quite boring (you must need skill to make a Zombie apocalypse boring).

Slow and boring had no real direction.

This show is a waste of your time.

The makers of this have captured the panic and chaos of the breakdown of society really well with fast paced editing and clever camerawork.

More than predictable...

Fast paced, fear.

Overall, I feel like this is why people find zombie stuff boring.

One guy finds an empty fully stocked supermarket and decides to leave the door open and goes shopping - with a trolley - and through the checkout !

I liked the acting, the cinematography and the way they turned this low budget production into a minimalistic highly entertaining show.

If you're looking for a different sort of fast paced story telling with least amount of fillers or dialogues, just watch this.

Worth watching...

But, the characters seem cliche and not able to think/reason.

Pacing, camera and drama are superb and keep you on the edge of the seat during the whole show.

Im only 5 episodes in and have found it very entertaining, suspenseful, creepy at times and occasionally funny.

The most intense zombie show I've ever watched...

kind of boring and meaningless .

This has to be one of the most ridiculous,boring and disjointed scripts I have ever seen.

I used to be a TWD- fan before the show got boring, I used to be a Z-Nation- fan before to show got crazy and this show, this one doesn't even try.

That being said Black Summer is worth the watch after it all said and done.

It's all just very, very bland.

Strong first 3 episodes, but after that it's pretty boring!

Scene sequence was interesting, and show had some engaging pace with them.

It's really worth watching.

For starters, each episode gets more and more gripping, plus made me jump quite a few times as well.

The plot itself is a mixture of the cheapest thrill elements a movie can have and the boring stupidity of TWD.

Aside from that, the show is exciting to watch and ticked all the boxes for a great zombie apocalypse movie.

The serious lack of firearms in a country reported to have in excess of 300 million, was slightly confusing and unrealistic.

Amazing: fresh, realistic, unobvious adrenaline rush .

It won't be in my top favourite series, but it's a very enjoyable one.


The show actually bores me.

No story to be followed..

The initial episode is confusing and you are left unsure as to what the premise is and how far along the apocalypse we are.

Slow progress, nothing to look forward, no real goal.

A bland zombie show not worth watching .

All in all, "Black Summer" is well worth watching.

" in an empty street minutes after escaping a zombie.

But for the few episodes it's intense and well done as scenes and acting.

I wouldn't waste my time if I were you.

The sudden deaths, quick hops with short chapters, high adrenaline rush and especially the camera work that show the people's suffer and lead roles' reactions to something they haven't seen before in their life are the best.

Every cliche you have seen in previous zombie productions is there.

The way that the series is told, in a set of brutal short chapters, with intense action, delivers to me the type of entertainment I look for.

Fast Paced action!!!!!!.

If you in theory believe that slow moving zombies as can be found in The Walking Dead or Fear is enough for humanity to succumb, this series isn't for you.

Fast paced and honest .

TWD zombies are slow and useless and shouldn't be able to kill anyone, which makes TWD action sequences so LAME!

It's intense, and I feel like the show kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Don't waste your time .

It's poorly shot, with too many oners, and looks like it was made on a budget of about $700 by a group of bored suburbanites with a camcorder.

It allows you to be with them in their moment to moments, you have to think about what you would do in their positions, it makes it so much more intense.

That being said the fleeing can be drawn out and so can continuous bad decision making.

Def enjoyable .

And while this may not be the greatest Zombie story ever written, it is told in a very original and compelling way.

Even though some moments in the show were flawed I really enjoyed it and watched it all through one sitting.

Really Enjoyable .

Boring personality-lacking characters and no clear goal other than generic caucasian housewife.

Worst & Boring Zombie movie I've ever seen .

No story, no characters, no meaning

like watching paint dry.

A show going nowhere.. .

Dystopian, gritty, adrenaline-fuelled and intelligently made.

Very gripping within the 1st 10mins.

If I wanna see people running around and do predictable and rather boring things I'd better check out the nearest downtown.

This is a strategically slow paced show at times.

Don't waste your time.

Zombies would eventually waste away into nothing through time.


Plagiarised and boring .

>> character development is very slow (some criticize there is bad or no character development) due to pressure from zombies, unlike TWD where zombies walk a meter a year and people have time to have a therapy session every 5 minutes.

It's just poor writing and directing that makes the show unwatchable.

Unlike The Walking Dead, which is like a boring soap opera with zombies walking around in the background, this one actually has a lot of action!

Mostly rubbish but strangely enjoyed it.

I found this to be a more intense TV horror making the rounds with great audio and visuals.

Enjoyable zombies .


That, combined with the general air of confusion and panic and the rapid conversion of survivors into undead, paints a believable picture in scenes depicting the breakdown on the show.

I might come back to it if I get really bored.

If I were Mom, fighting to get to the stadium where my Daughter might be and I find it empty, I would fall to my knees and scream!

Hope they keep this "north" for season 2 and explore the beaten up zombie theme in a way that other series failed to explore: The right balance of drama, action, smartness and purpose, leaving behind old clichés like dumb characters, too much drama, etc.Think now it's worth watching.

And the end is so predictable my partner watched it all before me I guessed the end and he confirmed i was right YAWN.

If you're looking for a slow soap opera like TWD, it's definitely not for you.

Waste of my time and it is all crap.

Lazy and confusing .

This is one of many exhausting and confusing errors .

The plot overall is also cliche.

One scene in particular is really well choreographed, depicting how a group of heavily armed and wary survivors are quickly thrown into chaos by overlapping fields of fire, people running in random directions, multiple people shouting orders, and how confusing it becomes to tell where threats are coming from.

Terrible waste of time!

It avoids the slow drawn out locations of TWD and keeps things moving along at a faster pace.

Not everything is perfect of course, but some but main ingredients are blended in a way that give you enjoyable time.

This is the most entertaining show I've watched for a long time (maybe, ever).

If you really the zombies show, why not, it brings a lot of stress and tension, but if you can't watch stupid writings, just don't waste your time.

A gritty, exciting, confused, often perplexing experience.

Intense with surprises around every corner.

Faster scenes, rapid violence and gore and intense motions, satisfying cinematic experience!

I at least made it up to date on that snore fest.

Very intense with lots of action.

Currently I'm in episode 5 and the low budget, slow pace and camera angles make it hard for me to continue watching it.

The characters are bland and incredibly dumb.

I really enjoyed it, every episode is thrilling.

Sure - there are a couple of moments early on when people seem to be pretty clueless but as it progresses, it becomes more and more suspenseful.

It jumped around a bit as well which could lead to some confusion.

It embraces that old "the people are the real monsters" cliche.

And 2 minutes into this scene I realise why this show keeps you on the edge of your seat; long camera takes.

Don't waste your time.

Yes, fresh ones are fast, but dead bodies decay fast, so within a few hours of turning they should've been significantly slower.

There was way too much nonsense going on here, some episodes were stupid and borderline unwatchable.

If you like watching people run and get shot, then the most pointless ending ever, then give it a go.

Total waste of time.

All in all, very enjoyable!

It's more entertaining than not, and better than Zombie Nation.

This a fun, fast, and very intense show.

The only thing that held me back from 10/10 was one episode which dragged slightly.

I still find slow moving zombies more frightening for a number of reasons.

But, I do remember that feeling of watching the show for the first time and how much I enjoyed it.

The only thing that actually keeps you watching, are the intense zombies and the occasional jump-scare.

Remember how the streets were empty with lack of life?

While this isnt a groundbreaking new series I enjoyed it the entire way through.

The characters are so Hollywood cliche and probably why I didn't find this series all that interesting.

Worth watching!

with boring black screen with white text, like in the 20's!

No plot, jumps around like it has severe ADHD,, no character development and generally abysmal.

Get ready for an intense series!

Every time a zombie would charge, the humans would empty an entire clip of ammo into the body of the zombie and then get eaten.

Tedious & Derivative .


I got so frustrated and bored.

Flat out the most intense thing I've ever watched, next to the opening of Saving Private Ryan.

Overally its quite slow series, I mean stuff happens but at the same time I feel bored.

The world is threatening, empty, depressing.

Some parts of this terrible show are stunning to watch - like the 1-shot opening sequence.

So boring .

Don't waste your time.

Was it suspenseful?

I also want to say that the zombies are scary and prefer fast moving aggressive zombies to the slow moving and "weak" zombies of "The Walking Dead"

Don't waste your time on this.

Some reviewers claim it has no plot which isn't really true.

Note that this review is for all of season 1 (which is a nice self-contained little series worth watching), and thankfully season 2 is on the way (and hopefully more beyond that).

Fast moving, very suspenseful, refreshing take on the genre.

Unlike TWD's slow moving zombies, the dead turn into zombies very quickly, they are fast and more intelligent and can catch up with you very quickly.

Very edge-of-your-seat thrilling!

When The Boring Dead decided to get really lame, I thought zombie shows that followed would be equally lame.

Is there a zombie film or series that can be so dull that you'd rather watch Venus Flytraps growing?

By episode four I was bored.

It's neither intimate, taught, and suspenseful, nor grand, epic, and action-packed.


It's really hard to predict what's going to happen - it keeps you on the edge.

Boring and pointless .

As I was writing my review the show stuck with me so Black Summer is entertaining, exciting and tense.

Waste of time.

A little bit confusing it was almost as if everyone was prepared for the end of the world and was armed to the back teeth and ready to rampage at the drop of a hat.

This show is worth more than 6.5Good acting Great atmosphere Thrilling actionYes, it has its shortcomings.

Very Thrilling, Full of Suspense and Probably the Best Zombie Show after TWD .

Most of the characters in this show were remarkably dull.

Slow and ponderous .

Waste of time.

This is really great, because there are too many cliche shows, that replays the same, obvious patterns.

There's plenty to enjoy here, including some brilliant extended length shots, story pacing to keep you hooked, and exciting action sequences.

I guess the only achievement is that they managed to make a zombie series that was boring - something I would have thought was impossible.

This show is very intense, and will have you on the edge of your seat because there is literally no safe place.

With how many million zombie shows and movies there are, I barley ever watch a new show and am quite bored with the whole genre.

Nonstop Adrenaline.

The blonde chick that goes like "oh, don't shoot the kid aiming a gun at you", in perfect TWD style, just to find herself chased by the corpse of his friend just killed by that same kid she left to live; the guy hitting a drum in an empty room just to draw unwanted attention; the other guy that goes "hey, we can't leave a kid behind!

Black Summer does a good job of being entertaining and if you leave your preconceived notions at the door, it delivers decent genre television, honest characters, and a dose of cultural mockery, like turning children into the most successful villains so far (because that's what we are afraid of, aren't we - our own children).

Enjoyed it more then what I thought I would .

Intense .

Boring and not interesting, totally different from z-nation

I wouldn't waste my time on this.

I think people are so used to cliché movie formulas they reject anything different.

But I would have enjoyed it more if it wasnt utterly stupid.

I found myself unable to sympathise or even care about any of the characters, with the few redeeming moments being drowned in a sea of mediocrity, stupidity and just general boredom.

This show started off great, then it had a lull for one episode, then was good again.

Exhilarating, fast paced ride .

With so much better zombie fare available don't waste your time.

, so bad movie and boring storyline, i thought it will gonna be a good movie;!!

Far too much dialog in the first episode, 80% of it pointless.

That actually sums up the show very well, lots of potential to an ultimately unsatisfying and confusing conclusion.

All In All, Worth Watching .

Very long drawn out scenes, where fast forwarding helps the title go along, episode 4, lance cant put the car in gear cause injured hand so goes grocery shopping with out being injured.. Very mashed up put together tv show, hopefully they'll hit their mark the next time, its a show I don't mind walking away from and coming back to fast forward and feel like I haven't missed anything...

"Dog" "Alone" "Plan" "New Plan" Not only is this not necessary, but it breaks up the flow of the show and it's so simple and pointless I can't take it seriously.

No story, just a series of events some of which are interlinked, some not.

The characters are so static and unevolving it's unbearable.

I could go on and on about everything wrong they did about the military customs and standards, but that'll drag this review way too long.

Some plotholes but still very entertaining to watch.

Fast paced with decent story, it should be more enjoyable if the subtitles were decent.

There is very little character development but based upon the characters actions you realize that most are empty headed zombie fodder.

There was no story at all.

I honestly loved it, and think you guys should watch episode 4 and 5, then tell me it's boring.

Original and unpredictable, well worth your time.

Overall a very interesting action packed show that is not afraid to kill off main characters.

This started so well and I initially enjoyed the way the short stories intertwined with each other but, after a whole, this method gets very boring.

The first episode should grip you and leave you wanting to know more, that is pretty much the basics when it comes to getting people to watch the rest of the series but this series managed to make one of the most boring pilot episodes to a series I have ever watched its unbelievable , this is just awful.

I dont know what to tell you other than it is Truly Unwatchable.

It's brutal, well paced, realistic, suspenseful and each episode is a tense watch from start to finish!

I love fast paced zombie films with running zombies.

The emphasis is on zombies chasing citizens, often in thrilling one-on-one, cat-and-mouse chases.

The streets of an American City are practically empty and nobody seems to own a gun????????????

Intense, full of suspense, zombies hard to beat.

The effect on the viewer is irritating and makes you apathetic to the bland characters' plight, basically.

Not bad, but little details made the movie unbearable.

Watching him try to get off that bus was gut wrenching and anything but "slow" and boring.

Fast paced, short chapters, zombies, killing, survival all at break neck pace and high tension.

Totally unwatchable show: fullstop.

The tension remains high throughout and, even though it isn't without it's flaws and falls into cliche territory at times, it still remains entertaining and scary enough to keep you on board.

I just finished binge-watching it and I'm still shaking from the adrenaline.

Plus the unrealistic single zombie attacking them at once as if there are no other casualties, specially when the zombies are smart and fast is confusing.

It's a decent, action packed zombie show.

Riveting start...

Its intense, scary, and corky all put together.

I see ten movies a year that are boring cookie cutters and whenever I watch an M Night Shamalin movie I never know what's going to happen next.

Definitely worth watching for any zombie fan.

If you enjoy unlikeable characters running round being chased by zombies with absolutely no story line then this is for you.

This was one of the most enjoyable zombie series or films I've watched in a long time.

Boring characters.

If your that bored.

This show is VERY engaging and realistic if there were a zombie apocalypse.

The show should been retitled "Black Bore," "Black Bummer" or "Been There, Saw That".

This is a show that is as predictable as the day is long.

Very intense from the beginning to the end.

Quite disjointed and nonsensical.

Someone on the team had obviously put some thought into some of it only to erase all that good effort with cliche and stupidity.

Intense and Suspenseful .

What a waste of time and resources.

It's gritty, it's suspenseful and it's authentic.

Slow zombies that eventually fall apart, and slowly decay, and eventually don't move ever again, and are dumber and dumber as they go.

The first two episodes are gripping and the circular story line works well.

A bit boring .

All in all, it is fairly entertaining and OK if you happen to have a few hours to waste.

It's just the beginning of a zombie apocalypse, there are a lot of confusion and questions.

It's also riddled with really bad dialogue, boring and badly written dialogue that no actual person in real life would ever say.

Not sappy, gripping, no frills zombie story .

Kind of boring and feel quite annoy when the SUN is talking korean.

Full of dull and illogical scenes .