BlacKkKlansman (2018) - Biography, Crime, Drama

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Ron Stallworth, an African American police officer from Colorado Springs, CO, successfully manages to infiltrate the local Ku Klux Klan branch with the help of a Jewish surrogate who eventually becomes its leader. Based on actual events.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Spike Lee
Stars: John David Washington, Adam Driver
Length: 135 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 100 out of 775 found boring (12.9%)

One-line Reviews (435)

The film's script includes a lot of current political commentary, which generally feels well-placed but can sometimes feel too on-the-nose or predictable.

Spike Lee gets his shots in at the Klan in this lumbering repetitive tale of a black detective infiltrating the organization in BlacKkKlansman.

This is the kind of dangerous call to arms propaganda that we don't need right now.

Worth the watch .

With slow pace, forgettable villains and just a bunch of nonsense that makes it imposible to believe that this is how the true story happen.

A very boring movie .

But this is a big boring waste of my time.

The story was interesting, entertaining and fascinating.

Thoroughly enjoyed the flick,highly recommend it!

By itself it is a very well paced, humorous and thrilling movie.

An engrossing, subtly beautiful film .

Great movie until the race bating propaganda at the end .

Really tried to get in to this but found myself really bored by it and tuning out completely..waste of time.

OMG I was falling asleep.

The gripping screenplay, debates hidden under ideology and conversations and Washington and Driver's on screen chemistry are the high points of the feature.

The cross-cutting of the Klan watching BIRTH OF A NATION with a talk by Harry Belafonte (grand) is powerful if far too long.

I'm very grateful to have seen this film and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Just like last year's breakout hit "Get Out", "BlacKkKlansman" is one of the rare occurrences where a film is both entertaining and able to send a powerful message about racism in America.

If you like mood of seventies you can go but the story itself is boring.

This film delivers a compelling story that will no doubt challenge you as well as entertain.

Don't Waste Your Money and Time.

There really was a young, ambitious (if overconfident) African American cop who on a lark, out of boredom responded to a classified ad from the KKK which lead to an undercover investigation with his white colleague being his face for the Clan.

Upon first viewing, the ending to the film with wrapping up every loose end felt kind of cheesy and really dragged on.

It's fundamentally fascinating.

There are plenty of entertaining and well-made films loosely based on real events (like The Nice Guys).

Slow moving in some parts.

Unfortunately, this movie was a really disappointing film that buried a really engaging story into a piece of propaganda with the intention of turning blacks against whites.

This movie takes a seriously dark subject and puts a comedic spin on it making for an intense and fun movie experience.

Boring , not funny and totally misses everything a good movie should have.

It has a great cast, an amazing score, and above all the cinemetography for the film was stunning.

Waste of money and talent.

This film is worth watching.

The ensuing mutual romantic interest is also predictable.

Powerful, entertaining movie and should win an Oscar .

A funny, gripping and upsetting movie.

It was boring and I turned it off after 25 minutes

Spike Lee put a lot of propaganda in this movie and it is so obvious and obtrusive you cannot miss it.

Therefore, the basic texture of the film is very similar to a more entertaining "Malcolm X", of course, the latter focused on the individual, and the film focuses on the group.

Zzzzzzz and politics .

These are themes which undoubtedly have the potential to be divisive; however, BlacKkKlansman's comic approach to the issues make it an enjoyable experience, rather than a harrowing one.

Boring as all hell.

It's a thriller that becomes more and more intense and literally ends with a bang.

Besides that, the acting was mostly great (besides Felix and his wife), the cinematography was excellent, the soundtrack was interesting, but the whole thing was really slow.

a complete waste of time, don't bother....

Tremendous, brutal, funny, gripping .

Very slow moving almost fell asleep.

Slow, Didactic, Inaccurate Film About a Minor Episode .

) and address today's racial tension with current news footage perhaps attempt to elevate this banal film's gravitas.

As a result, I enjoyed a riveting ride through 1970s Colorado Springs.

Alec Baldwin brings strong support playing against type in a role that forms a fascinating paradox with his common persona.

It's immersive, powerfull, very straight-forward with its intentions, it's beautiful to watch and although it's not too partial (politically, I mean) it makes some breathtaking parallels, it's filled with smart simbolism, and it's definitely one must-watch tape of the 2018

Such a powerful and evocative movie.

It's very compelling and moving because Ron Stallworth falls in love with Patrice.

At first, he is given office file duty and gets really bored really quick.

I've found all of his films worth watching.

Perhaps what we need is a more positive voice to rally behind but as a political piece it feels simple and bland.

So yes I think that this film is compelling, convincing, realistic, startling and funny, don't miss it!!

Adam Driver brings a presence that is nothing short of compelling, The final real life images are devastating, I highly recommend it.

I found it immensely entertaining, as well as really emotionally powerful (I even teared up a little in the end) and insightful.

I was impressed with the performances, and Spike Lee captured the period quite well, but it's Ron Stallworth's true story that made the movie entertaining.

The very end was the most gripping though for how eye opening it is

Boring and silly.

Way too long takes, with way too boring dialogue.

It all starts with the wild premise - a black police detective infiltrating the Ku Klux Klan - the mechanics of such an operation are massively entertaining, and the sheer audacity of it is a constant eye-brow raiser.

The movie's focus on his struggle between inequality and maintaining the image of the police is fascinating.

Very Entertaining.

This powerful, action packed police drama made me totally rethink the limits of Spike Lee's talent.

Boring .

Blackkklansman has a very relevant message with twists and turns which keep you on the edge of your seat.

Some just seemed like empty space.

It is entertaining though, so still watch it!

Starts off slow .

An absolutely fascinating case that metaphorically represents a variety of multi-dimensional themes.

Save your money and wait until it becomes available on Netflix.

However, the fact that Stallworth could dupe Grand Wizard David Duke and make asses out of the Klan distinguishes this routine, but entertaining yarn.

Jarringly constructed but-often as a result-always compelling: Great soundtrack and creative cinematography in tow, both director and protagonist "infiltrate hate," at times with deathly seriousness and scathing condemnation and at others simply laughing in its face.

Even at times when the scenes were intense it could be funny.

Nevertheless it was an important and effectly entertaining ride that gives us some of the best performances of the years at this stage.

While I think Spike Lee's walkout of the Oscars when Green Book was announced as the best picture winner was childish, like a tantrum over not winning what he felt he was due, and as much as I enjoyed Green Book as an entertaining movie, BlacKkKlansman probably deserved the recognition more.

For all its criticisms of heavy-handedness, this is a topic that should be handled with extremity and no ambiguity, so Lee's demonstration of racism within the context of an exciting movie that's also a crazy true story is a testament to his success as a director.

This is an incredible story, that is entertaining and has as many humorous moments as it does powerful moments.

The entire movie is entertaining and the story is incredible and the comedic moments kept the movie fun even with such serious and horrifying subject matter.

His work is involving, absorbing, compulsively watchable, and messy.

Entertaining with a powerful ending .

The first half of the movie is fast paced and has a lot going on.

Exciting mash-up of dangerous lies and important truth about racism .

A new rating is in order: This exciting entertainment for anti-racists should be viewed through class-reality lenses.

Entertaining with a message; just like Do The Right Thing, smile...

DISLIKES: Aggressive dialogue Too Dry at Times Slow Pace The Ending.

However it was soooo cliché that it became cartoonish.

Very Slow moving .

The screenplay is engaging with tension and humor in right doses and the performances are top-notch.

This is a film that is fascinating entertainment and also entertainment that will make you think about what you have just seen and may even change the way you look at current events and American history itself.

The post was just left empty?

I'd see it in theaters a third time because it's such a fun and enjoyable movie with some issues.

Anyway it's great to report that Blackkklansman is both an entertaining and powerful film.

This movie is not for everyone due to the amount of grotesque language, but is highly educational and entertaining.

Sure there are plot holes, all movies have them, but it was intense, it was funny, it was enlightening.

Take away the racial politics element, however, "Blackkklansman" is very much an entertaining police undercover yarn, with more accent on the comic than on the thriller flavor.

Another self indulgent trip by Spike .

This film has substance yet was hilarious as well, it understands that a serious subject matter can also be entertaining at the same time.

Interesting story but the pacing was a little slow and the ending seemed rushed, maybe poor editing.

Whilst there is arguably room for a little bit of trimming, this remains highly engaging throughout with a great script and fine performances.

Entertaining, slightly odd pastiche of comedy, drama, politics, history .

This film had so much potential to be entertaining, funny or thoughtful commentary on race issues and how to bridge the country.

Jasper Pääkkönen's role as Felix is intense and gripping, feeling even more ruthless and evil then the Grand Wizard himself.

The script is exciting and the actor's game is excellent.

It was hilarious and intense, just like Get Out.

Riveting .

Waste of time...

White supremacists here are just ridiculous, cliche and non dangereous.

Captivating and entertaining.

Had the production values been better, at least it might have been enjoyable as a stand alone, without the pretence of being based on the book, but I kept falling asleep, idiot conversations droned on endlessly and completely took me out of the film.

The part at the end showing real footage and tension really was juxtaposed to the film, too heavy, intense, sad and no one in the theatre made a sound.

an engaging biographical story from director Spike Lee .

It felt tacked on, unnecessary, and repetitive.

Boring,unrealistic,unwanted .

Dont waste your money.

The performances from the entire cast were engaging and stirring.

What I found tiresome what the continued use of all the racial sterotypes you would expect.

Eventually the movie just got boring since it all moved to an inevitable and very easy to see end.

In reality, it a bad movie because it shows real things at that time, it's very thought-provoking but in the same time it funny and entertaining.

Cliched, boring, false, poorly made, self aware, you are constantly aware/reminded you are watching a movie.

All minor points, though, as the film is enjoyable and is relatively successful with its message.

Much of the same, can be said, with the drawn out love subplot party scene.

This, BlackkKlansman, was one of the most entertaining Spike Lee movies of all time !

I feel the Charlottesville footage at the end would have been sufficient enough to get the point across, and would have felt all the stronger and unexpected.

So many boring movies with cookie cutter characters out now, and Spike Lee just nails it.

Save your money.

It is funny and exciting and insightful, especially as an examination of self identity.

This was a great and enjoyable film.

Both important and entertaining, Spike Lee is back on top form, and he has something to say.

This movie is entertaining and smart, well acted and shot, at times funny and at times very serious.

However, in any event, the fact that this story has remained relatively unknown till the making of this film makes the movie intriguing and keeps the viewer interested.

KUDOS TO MR. SPIKE LEE for a thoroughly entertaining and educational movie...!

If you're someone who likes a Little slower paced movie with good acting a nice soundtrack and gives you an outstanding representation of that time.

I was big fan of when the movie pulled very sneaky messages were they make parallel to today in a very clever way, the way that you have to catch the messages yourself makes the movie far more engaging.

I thought the story was compelling and the casting was good.

Boring .

That's been trite and made fun of in comedies for 30 years.

Interesting & Entertaining .

It's a gripping drama with credible characters.

Set within a true story, the guts of it is engaging in its focus on character and place.

This movie was so great extremely entertaining.

While entertaining, it jettisons historical accuracy to score contemporary political points.

The lead actor was so boring and wooden and when he added some energy he sounded just like his dad, Denzel.

That's entertaining.

But at that point the shots were just so bland and uninteresting it just felt forced.

What makes the movie so engaging is the dynamic between the two cops and the concept of acting as someone else.


There are some pacing issues due to some overlong, pretentious sequences, and I wasn't a fan of the ending, which leaps ahead in time to showcase fairly recent events of social unrest that have minimal connection to the story that was dramatized.

The script is well written and the storyline is more and more exciting as the movie keeps going.

The film was very entertaining and informative although it would have been nice to get some action movie type action; it wasn't that type of movie.

Lee, who inherited this project from Jordan Peele, keeps the action moving, as if it were a top cop show in the '70's with low-key humor and slow revelations accompanied by crisp performances and an air of professionalism.

The most boring two hours in my life .

Now it just looks trite

BlacKkKlansman, Lee's biographical drama about a most fascinating episode in the life of police officer Ron Stallworth, is a confident return to form for the 61-year-old stalwart of politically and racially charged cinema.

Very entertaining and gives everybody something to think about.

Never one to shy away from making a political statement or two, Mr. Lee uses intense documentary imagery in his film's climax to hold our president personally responsible for the hatred and polarized climate in our splintered nation.

Nice change for Topher Grace in an unexpected role.

Just watched Destroyer and this one is boring as hell.

I can't believe such an intense, fascination story felt so boring and uninspired.

The movie was also incredibly bland as far as the cinematography goes, as most shots were just shot reverse shot.

Entertaining if you just ignore the obvious plot holes and ridiculousness.

The movie itself was entertaining, funny and moving.

Sure, they said it was loosely based on real events, but if that were the case, why not make it more interesting instead of the overlong, pointless snoozefest this really was.

The scenes that ensue between Adam Driver's character, who poses as Ron's white persona in order to meet face to face with the members, are massively intense as we fear they could be caught at any moment.

Then again this is also about an undercover operation with real perils, where the 'bonhomie' (with the racists) is contrived and false of course, and should have had me gripping my seat.

enjoyable .

compelling story .

Clearly, the mundane details didn't engage Lee's filmmaking juices.

Very enjoyable film, carried by those three performances in particular.

Cliché Upon Cliché Upon Cliché .

Enjoyable film .

Very good movie; quite entertaining.

Towards the climax of the movie, it finally goes from being mildly interesting to a tense, thrilling film.

On one hand, the opening sequence is rather good at connecting all of the threads, with clips from the aforementioned 1915 and 1939 films being projected during the making of Klan propaganda-- the hate speech being delivered by none other than "Saturday Night Live" Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin.

The movie perfectly blends a serious drama with elements of dark humor to make a poignant and entertaining journey.

Ron is then reassigned to the slower paced intelligence department.

Movie goes so slow , some scenes are boring they could easily cut it and story would not be affected.

He soon gets bored with duties at the record library which is customarily assigned to rookies, irrespective of ethnic background.

Boring .. .

But Tarantino movies are a lot more entertaining, and certainly does not pretend to be « true ».

Very good story but sloppy TRITE film making .

That's such a waste of time.

Despite this questionable fictionalization, it actually succeeds in making the film an intense pins-and-needles thriller throughout.

To me, he seems like an angry director, bent on making sure everyone knows how angry he is, and after a while, that gets tiresome.

Thank you for this thought provoking, intense film Kuddos.

The movie could have been funny, based on the interesting premise, but it's nothing more than the typical kind of preachy, hate-filled propaganda that we've all come to expect from Hollywood.

The film is really enjoyable, I didn't stop watching it neither for a second.

Despite how far-fetched it may seem, this is actually inspired by true events (though some obvious artistic liberties are taken) and naturally Lee uses this as a platform to inject some of his own political propaganda, but it's a fascinating story with fine performances, invigorating dialogue, and much more humor than you'd expect from a film with this type of subject matter.

To me, this fascinating film is very good way to send a message about racism in the USA.

An intriguing story buried under political propaganda .

Thoroughly enjoyable, a bit of a must-see .

I found some scenes very funny and some scenes quite intense.

Alas, Spike Lee put too much focus on the on-the-nose social commentary that it came at the expense of a compelling storytelling.

Read the real story which explains why it a boring mess .

BlackkKlansman is intense and stomach-churning at times .

A very enjoyable film

The propaganda movie shown, the last videos...

I hate the total propaganda it was co-opted into.

I have to say, this was a really funny and entertaining movie.

Know this, if you want to tell a story about overcoming differences, do not polarize the audience again as soon as they are about to leave the theatre.

Very slow and boring.

I was sooo excited for this movie, but left the theater disappointed.

Some critics call it propaganda, I call it passion and a voice to be heard.

Action really slow, nothing is literally happening.

It was fascinating and disturbing at the same time, because it's just striking.

I won't say I strongly recommend it, or that it is an incredible movie, but this is moving, and enjoyable.

And it helps to nullify the dynamic between a white and black person working together; in other words it explains why the first two thirds of the film seems a little boring and almost like filler.

A fascinating true story that I never knew about, we follow Ron Stallworth, played brilliantly by John David Washington, as he joins the police force and poses as a white man over the telephone in order to make connections with the KKK, with the intentions of investigating their actions.

It manages to contain both humorous and sickening scenes, but thanks to the great acting and cast of characters, stays entertaining throughout.

Waste of time and money!

Great movie: funny, gripping and thought-provoking .

Powerful, Entertaining, Inspiring .

Clearly Mr. Lee's focus is on the story (a compelling one, producer Jordan Peele has said that he successfully it to Mr. Lee in a mere six words) and the parallels found between the story and the world of today.

It has stunning and well acted performances from both John David Washington (Monsters And Men, The Old Man & The Gun) and Adam Driver (Logan Lucky, Star Wars: The Last Jedi) The movie manages to balance drama and comedy very well.

What an intriguing, surreal, funny comedy, this movie was.

An outrageous yet interesting, funny and thrilling masterpiece that brings Spike Lee a glorious back to form .

Boring way too long film.

Entertaining .

A film that brilliantly tackles social and political issues in such a fun and exciting way that's equal parts hilarious, sickening and sombre.


The script which Lee had a hand in writing is often smart, funny, intriguing and like any of Lee's best films, it also hits home and gets a point across that will certainly leave you shaken and stunned by the time you have walked out of the theatre.

A fairly enjoyable movie.

The amazing trick here is how Lee seems to very cleverly shift from laugh out loud comedy to troubling sometimes fairly intense scene and back without missing a beat.

The film proceeding the controversial short documentary is actually one of the most entertaining films I have seen all year and certainly isnt shy about tackling political and social issues head on.

Hilariously entertaining, tensed at times n pretty relevant.

It's just boring.

For much of its runtime Blackkklansmen is an engaging, frequently tense police procedural in which careful police work and a knack for thinking on their feet allows the protagonists to worm their way into the Klan.

A compelling, interesting and hilarious story we see deep characters who grow and change along with the story.

I dont know how I managed to see 1h of this boring action.

Then, parodying a supremacy propaganda video with a minor character.

Oh sorry Little Lee your movies are unbearable to watch.

The story is captivating and engaging.

Don't waste your time.

Spike Lee's "BlackkKlansman" is by far one of the most entertaining movies in the last decade.

Yawn .

It's quite boring and added too much Hollywood elements to drag out what really happened.

It's enjoyable to watch, improbable and probable at the same time, while also somehow touching our humanity deep down.

One moment might be very intense, over moments might be outright hilarious.

It just became bland.

Contrived ending.

No plot was foiled.

Intense and consistently entertaining.

The only half-entertaining movie he ever made was Inside Man, and I wish he'd go back to the drawing board and learn how to make something like that again.

This leads to some fewer entertaining choices, and with it a slower, dragged out piece.

Lee is a master of entertaining film and racial realism.

Solid film, very enjoyable.

My only gropes with this film is that it tends to drag scenes longer than it should making it a little bit long and at times kind of boring, and it also has a theme that was pretty nice the first few times it played until you realize it keeps playing throughout the entire thing, it got really annoying.

Way too slow and boring movie.

BlacKkKlansman is a fascinating story with an average execution at best.

This layered film has a wide range of storytelling techniques that generate a fresh and gripping true story and refuses to let go.

Slow and boring .

Especially Adam Driver, but overall this film was just a boring, poorly written mess.

A bit predictable but enjoyable nonetheless.

I wish Tarantino had adopted this book, at least it would have used his humor and ability to tell an intense story to create a movie that had depth, humor and not over the top preachiness.

Fortunately for Lee and moviegoers, his new film, "BlacKkKlansman", is a return to form as he delivers a thrilling crowd-pleaser that also isn't afraid to attack race in American society.

I loved the story of BlackKKlansman it was well worth the watch and would defiantly watch it again in the future.

With its intense epilogue that offers a clear statement after the main part of the movie was mostly neutral, BlacKkKlansman invites to speak and stand up for civil rights.

This is by far the worst movie I've ever seen in the last two years, and I say that non-jokingly.

The storyline is intriguing and lives up to its story with most accuracy.

The only minutes worth watching were the last ones, those clips were hard to watch and actually made me feel something.

I kept thinking, "and there were executives that worried that 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' would slow down 'The Wizard of Oz.

Otherwise it was very entertaining, intelligent, and funny.

One moment of this is at the beginning when we are shown a fictional Klan propaganda film that serves no real purpose other than to make you hear endless racial expletives.

The story of the film focuses on Ron Stallworth (a most entertaining John David Washington), a rookie African-American cop on Colorado Springs who decides to open an investigation on the KKK.

Apart from Spike Lee's masterful direction, this film is also defined by a shocking, compelling and riveting performances from John David Washington, Adam Driver and Topher Grace.

The film is actually a failure as a film, with a messy editing and a confusing storytelling.

John David Washington and Adam Driver deliver stellar and riveting performances to each of their characters, the chemistry between these two is truly a spectacle to watch.

At various times it's funny, dramatic, suspenseful, provocative.

How does this only have a 7 rating, maybe because there are some ppl who continuously say this is "boring" or it didn't stick close enough to the book.

Lee tackles head-on the contemporary hot topics of racism, the police killing black Americans, and white supremacy to create an overwhelming pamphlet about the American identity - which has been hurled into a state of great confusion after the last presidential election.

Surprisingly dull, predictable and full of the stereotypes it should be dispelling.

The end so toutching and alarming, worth the watch for sure and I loved the soundtrack!

As a cop-drama it is very interesting too, with an intriguing crime angle and some gripping developments.

The ending was stunning.

One more light shaded on one of America's biggest problems, but this time it's worth watching if you're not an American and the universe doesn't revolve around you.

Still, Lee is able to knit an absorbing story out of all the parts.

The racist cop was too cliche for me, too.

Thoroughly Enjoyable .

The social satire conveyed is Lee's usual but crisp indeed, including the horrifying and unexpected epilogue which kind of puts the central message in new, stronger perspective.

Blackkklansman - Entertaining, original, and funny, "Blackkklansman", showcases an incredible true story, and shows what it was like for minorities to live in the sixties.

But I found this film very enjoyable and entertaining and gave a unique history on our country and what negative things that went on during that time and how it wasn't just a one sided story like what they portray in school or even on documentaries.

An entertaining watch with a powerful and immediate message.

Awful propaganda .

If you want to watch a KKK recruitment video movie or listen to racist propaganda for 2 1/2 hours and this is the movie for you.

It was a predictable, same ole cliches - all people from the south are backward, anyone who is racist is of subpar intelligence (I wish that was true, would be easier to farret them out and deal with them), and on and on...

The dual of inside vs outside is one of the most riveting 'double' concepts in film as it brings about several dueling perspectives, which is why we go to the theater.

It's vert entertaining and thought-provoking movie!

Quite entertaining, cruel story with tearjerker bits, very important morals that need to be known.

BlacKkKlansman walks a fine line between the hilarious and the horrifying - with some unbearable tension thrown in as the KKK's plot comes to a head.

Enjoyable .

The film's ending is confusing, and finally cute, and isn't very smooth.

About the movie, I thought is was brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

All in all, Blackkklansman is a highly compelling drama with excellently delivered comedic moments, and a truly powerful message that I believe everyone should experience at least once in the near future.

)Also, while the first 2/3 of the movie was enjoyable, the last 1/3 becomes a bit...

Occasionally heavy handed but still well worth watching .

This movie was compelling, shocking and truthful in a raw and heart-wrenching way.

Boring movie.

An overtly political movie that is in equal parts thrilling and thought-provoking .

Maybe this confusion was exactly his intent.

The arc of the movie was very well done - what's a small phone call at first spirals deeper and deeper into thrilling, high-drama situations.

I was quite impressed with the editing parts, whereas the plot was parallel to the editing scenes from The Birth of a Nation (an infamous white supremacy propaganda film in the 1910s).

Driver has been solid in pictures like PATERSON and WHILE WE'RE YOUNG, but, as in the Star Wars films he can fall into a dull monotone.

This movie was all racial anger and no story.

For example, some scenes have a laugh in the film, but in most scenes the film remains serious and exciting where the two agents try to keep their work secret.

Finding out it was a inspired by a real life story made it more enjoyable.

The story is entertaining and you can gain perspective on race relations in the seventies.

an uncomfortable movie worth watching .

But sometimes, especially with Laura Harrier as Patrice, I found the film boring and also not at all realistic.

Not a second is wasted on what it's trying to say, while its engrossing storyline is told with sweeping energy, creative freedom and emotion.

The sad thing about the present spate of Hollywood social commentary-infested movies is just how utterly predictable all of them are: once you know the subject matter you know the message, and once you know the message you know the movie you're going to see.

Its enthralling, watchable, has some nice directorial flourishes and a fascinating context.

An entertaining Spike Lee movie .

The plot and pace were fine, but sometimes feel boring.

The cast was fantastic, but the movie was so drawn out to tie together a political agenda rather than a hero's story.

The ending was very unexpected as well.

Still worth watching.

A great and gripping movie .

The story is a little overlong but riveting, you are going to get all sucked in the movie.


Really hard to stay awake on this one.

The film is daring, bold, features phenomenal performances all around, including a very unexpected turn by Topher Grace as founder David Duke, and is also, strangely enough, quite fun, it was never afraid to play with its premise and I found myself laughing quite a bit.

Boring because there was no violence, no KKK attacks just blabbering endless N word chatter.

I understand the marketing as specially a black comedy, which dragged more people into the cinema to see it expecting another Get Out or something like Black Dynamite, leaving a few people confused on here (funny that so many of the bad reviews are littered with spelling mistakes...


But the hatred is there even when clothed by banality.

Overall, I'm impressed at how entertaining this film turned out to be and I'll definitely watch it again.

Secondly, the characters are authentic, diversified and intriguing.

Topher Grace and another actress managed to give a compelling performance in this poorly written, poorly directed, poorly acted movie full of empty charactures.

Boring as hell .

From the earliest days of cinema, you had blatantly racist propaganda films such as 'Birth Of A Nation' - footage of which is shown in this film.

Compelling and original .


Slow, Forced, Good Ending .

Im from europe and this was boring and slow.

It certainly portrays an intriguing if horrifying part of the history of the United States of America.

The two main leads also deliver amazing performances, primarily Adam Driver who plays the undercover racist amazingly well and brings a compelling presence to every scene he is in.

A truly exceptional film, intense and very provocative.

I was going to give this movie a 9, until the race bating, Orangeman bad propaganda at the end.

Lee adds a witty style and composes this outrageous true story into something truly special and engaging.

I'll start by saying the actual film itself is very watchable and enjoyable.

Worst movie in the last 10 years possibly worst movie ever!!

Only the soundtrack was a bit weird, it was good at some points and repetitive and weak at others.

The casting, the direction, the story itself all works and as I said before I enjoyed it for the most part.

The story is compelling, and it does what great movies do- they linger with you long after they're over and make you think and rethink what you saw.

Not an easy watch at times, which is of course the point, but a very well put together movie that is hugely entertaining whilst being very relevant even today, sadly.

While many have show profundity and intense pasions in the plot others were made for the sole purpose of entertainment.

The movie was entertaining and at times funny.

Yet Another Long Drawn Out Boring Spike Lee Movie .

Having said that, there were a few bits which seemed just a little contrived.

But in truth (seeing it a second time), it's very well made and compelling.

His struggles was compelling.

Taking the true story of Ron Stallworth, the sole African-American cop in the Colorado Springs PD in the early 1970s who through a clever ruse infiltrated the KKK, we are treated to an engaging character-driven film and the memorable dialogue we expect from Mr. Lee's body of work.

It had some unexpected treasures, like Harry Belafonte as Jerome Turner who mesmerized us with his testimony of brutality.

There were some hilarious moments, however overall it was a snooze-fest and another of Spike's soap box, hateful, propaganda political tirades.

After about 80 minutes, I was quite bored and I'd stopped caring for all the characters.

The film's narrative is so utterly fascinating as a crime story that the elements of race could be removed and the movie would still work.

The film felt pointless & too comical for such a serious topic.

mostly boring...

I found it a little slow to begin with but once it got going I really enjoyed it.

Good movie, slow on action .

I found the first half of this film to be tediously slow and almost gave up watching it.

And Finally, the soundtrack is compelling and corresponds to the film.

Gripping, eye-opening but quite tedious and ridiculous .

The long speeches greatly slow down the pacing of the film (and I'm NOT a person with a short cinematic attention span - I love "2001: A Space Odyssey" and the wedding scene in "The Deer Hunter").

The movie is somewhat entertaining and follows a story that doesn't seem too contrived.

Bored to death.

The scene was saved when the police mistook Ron for a rapist, but again, the scene was too slow and there was no atmosphere.

The movie was very entertaining, and the story was decent.

The storytelling of this movie was excellent buth sometimes the pace Was a little to slow wich made it sometimes boring but also Exciting to watch ...

Regardless, I did enjoy the film, and even found Driver's performance acceptable (I usually find him rather boring in his acting style).

Great film if you want to watch something informative and entertaining.

On a scale of 0 to 10, i give this film a six because even if there is a good cast and a good script, sometimes it's long and slow.

Who was bored working in the records room in the department and his chief transferred him to being a detective.

Gripping story, from the beginning to the end...

Just as "Adolph Hitler's" personal cinematographer--"Leni Riefenstahl"--won an Oscar and started World War Two with her riveting flick TRIUMPH OF THE WILL, the BLACKKKLANSMAN filmmakers are guilty of using the same sort of mean-spirited, highly-selective Tunnel Vision to cherry pick a few incendiary generalizations and events from the distant past with the apparent goal of riling up Hate, and promoting the biggest possible Ruckus.

Whilst I did feel the story was predictable and knew what direction the film was taking towards the 3rd act, I didn't lose interest due to the subject matter and interactions between each character.

BlackkKlansman is a rambling bore.

The plot is exciting.

(Another story for another time) Any way, I finally got to watch it tonight on HBO and while I say I really enjoyed it, I mean it made me feel like I wanna do something to help after watching.

The plot is boring, too long, relationships between characters are non existant.

Whatever status of it is, the movie, is so damn long, Lots of repetitive scenes, dialogue.

From the beginning of the film, the movie keeps up a vivacious and infectious energy, with an enjoyable soundtrack and, in my opinion, killer theme song (which admittedly gets played a bit too much) that keeps your attention focused solely on the screen.

The plot is very well constructed and that's why it's so gripping.

Worst movie ever in my book .

I would describe it as an excellent, funny, truth-buster ; it reveals a lot of dark secrets of its time, but it does so in a very entertaining, funny, witty, and clever manner.

Wickedly original, madly entertaining, and ever-so fun.

super boring, could barely get through it.

My friend literally fell asleep in the theater and i almost did too

The story of Blackkklansman is engrossing.

It's sad, funny, raw, intriguing at the same Time.

It is simultaneously entertaining and powerful, of its time and contemporary, moving and very, very relevant.

Waste of money.

No missing Spike Lee's slightly off centre treatment of the topic and story, that added to an honest view on a part of American history makes this an interesting 137 minutes, really enjoyable viewing, a combo of thoughtfulness and entertainment.

In a sort of prologue, Alec Baldwin in the form of a character called Dr. Kennebrew Beauregard, a white supremist, delivers an infuriating propaganda speech that make you feel completely disgusted.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, the bias of the producers, OR the writers, OR the director, OR someone, caused the film to become a blatant activist propaganda flick.

Pretty boring to be honest .

Flip's infiltration into the local KKK is compelling.

Boring because the 9 month investigation ended with ZERO arrests.

It's propaganda.

really boring and i think i watched this movie almost half a day with pause , doing other stuff while movie was playing.

Felt like a normal movie, i would give it a 6/10, but when i saw in the end that it turned into another Trump hater propaganda, i could not give it less than 1.

It takes skill and good film making to take an issue and show it in an enjoyable, humorous and almost relatable manner.

Spike Lee is a genius at creating entertaining message films - Spike is the Master!

Corey Hawkins gets an extended rousing speech and a brief police pullover scene as the Trinidadian Civil Rights and Pan-African activist Kwame Ture.

Many of the scenes go on way too long, or don't have much purpose, and there is too much dialogue.

This movie was a big disappointment, predictable ,poorly made and acted.

Beautifully shot from start to finish I'd have to say one of his better films, all round really good and actually surprisingly entertaining for such a dark story.

Enjoyable .

This story is unfolding as the camera cuts back and forth to the Klan's initiation meeting which makes for a powerful scene of intense juxtaposition (Lee explained in the post-film Q&A that, ironically, this cross cutting technique was invented by the director of Birth of a Nation, an intensely racist pro-KKK 1915 film).

It is a stunning piece with a powerful tension to it and it will make you see that the America we have today is the America we always had.

The film's story is engaging and entertaining, but does contain some cliches and relatively formulaic elements.

It's so boring.

It was so entertaining and kept the audience's attention the whole time.

An entertaining ride through some harrowing material .

While his better half on screen, Driver recieves a bit more intense role (he still gets few laughs now and then with his partners) as he plays more on the field than behind the desk.


For those (probably very few) who noticed, the movie actually started on a quiet, pensive note - a few bars from Stephen Foster's languid Negro folk song Swanee River (Old Folks at Home).

Watching the police infiltration of the Ku Klux Klan and Ron Stallworth ascending the ranks is exciting.

Extremely entertaining.

It makes him very entertaining to watch, especially when he's playing "White Ron" over the phone.

On the negative side, the movie's running time is way, way too long (by a good 20-30 min.

Then , the soundtracte is compelling .

) One thing leads to another, and the KKK thugs in Colorado Springs are broken apart--but his work is shredded and the police department decide to pretend nothing happened at all.

Both thrilling and comedic, this film keeps you locked in for every ironic phone call and meeting.

It is a true story which is powerful and inspiring and yet highly entertaining.

Adam Driver also performs good acting and comes out especially well in the exciting scenes where he is an undercover agent between members of the Klu Klux Klan.

A waste of time and money.

While it is a very entertaining film, it packs a real punch to the guts at the same time.

However, the feature somehow manages to be entertaining, harrowing, moving, frightening, funny, vexing, ironic and sobering all at once.

Even his outright bad films contain so much cinematic flair and so many flat out ballsy choices, that they are worth watching.

The shot were John David Washington's character is in a room were a speech is being given and the camera zooms in on the people's faces and creates a really compelling shot.

It was compelling and convincing about the Ku Klux Klan ideas.