Blacula (1972) - Fantasy, Horror, Romance

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An ancient African prince, turned into a vampire by Dracula himself, finds himself in modern Los Angeles.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: William Crain
Stars: William Marshall, Vonetta McGee
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 5 out of 94 found boring (5.31%)

One-line Reviews (28)

An entertaining product of its times .

But what makes Blacula at least somewhat enjoyable are the Blaxplotation and other camp elements.

The movie starts with a cliché thunderclap and castle, where we are introduced to the infamous count Dracula himself and the soon to be blacula.

Whenever his thirst for blood becomes unbearable, not only does Blacula's teeth grow pointy and longer, also his sideburns and eyebrows grow to enormous proportions!

I didn't see Blacula until 2006, 34 years after it was made, and I found it very entertaining.

While "Blacula" of 1970 is certainly no highlight of 70s blaxploitation cinema, this is about as entertaining as it gets for lovers of cult-cinema, and an absolute must-see for all the blaxploitation enthusiast's out there.

Overall, an enjoyable story with a suitably rousing conclusion.

Blacula is a breathtaking, adventurous story that draws the viewer in like no other movie is capable of.

Lively and entertaining shocker with Marshall starring as the evil vampire who sets his sights on modern day Los Angeles to quench his thrust for female blood.

"Blacula" is a campy and enjoyable horror flick.

says something about busting drug dealers, but the movie really has no plot.

'Blacula' has it's moments of exploitation for exploitation's sake but at it's heart this is an interesting take on the vampire myth with a compelling lead character played by the exceptionally charismatic William Marshall.

The initial sequence that turns him into a vampire is great fun with the initial brawl following the double-cross and his eventual entrapment, the later resurrection is quite thrilling and the vampire attack in the graveyard is a rather enjoyable sequence.

The film does have plenty of good points, however; it's fun to watch and largely manages to be entertaining throughout.

This is a ridiculous attempt to meld blaxploitation and horror, which doesn't succeed very well at being either, though I found it completely charming and entertaining.

He gives a very commanding performance, giving this particular vampire character an intelligence and dignity that's rarely found in vampire movies, and his appearances make it worth your while to sit through the movie's occasional lulls.

Just rewatched this campy but also dramatically compelling mostly black-cast horror movie on YouTube.

Campy and entertaining, Blacula is a clever modernization of the Dracula story with events and characters that largely parallel the classic film adaptations somewhat more closely than Stoker's original novel.

Meanwhile, Blacula spies an attractive woman who is the spitting image of his lost love(she looks so similar because she is played by the same actress - the very engaging Vonetta McGee).

Pointless, racist junk that should be locked away with the dark ages - The film piles on stereotype after stereotype and you begin to wonder how anyone connected with this can still look people in the eye.

Blacula is an enjoyable horror flick, with a twist.

This can seem like a cheap cash-in effort to yank excess funds out of black audiences looking for something to identify with in the 70's, and perhaps this is true, but when imbued with enough zeal on the part of the cast and crew, the product can become a truly entertaining pulp riff.

Personally, I find "Blacula" to be quite enjoyable for a rather clichéd film.

I actually found it quite entertaining.

The finale; where Blacula beats up a lot of cops in an underground facility is very entertaining and the film wraps up in a very satisfying way.

In any case, I found it an enjoyable film.

This film is pure style and coolness, which is delivered in a highly entertaining manner.

It is still a classic, however, and the funky soundtrack and super-cool 70s style make it even more enjoyable.