Blinded by the Light (2019) - Comedy, Drama, Music

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In England in 1987, a teenager from an Asian family learns to live his life, understand his family and find his own voice through the music of American rock star Bruce Springsteen.

Director: Gurinder Chadha
Stars: Viveik Kalra, Kulvinder Ghir
Length: 118 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 38 out of 155 found boring (24.51%)

One-line Reviews (104)

Narrative is too formulaic .

Choppy, Obvious, but Enjoyable .

However, Chadha adds enough Springsteen lyrics, Bollywood musical elements, 80's coming-of-age moments, and political parallels to make all that formulaic sentimentality into something...

Springsteen is the inspired backbone of this heartwarming, if cliche, tale of growing pains, economic woes, and racial strife in small-town-80's England.

It's throughly enjoyable, the music is great, Bruce Springsteen and Eighties Classics.

It goes down as a severe waste of time.

The acting is fresh and charming, and direction is pacy and generally engaging.

Add to this the cliche about someone's life being changed by a single artist, make it too long and you get a snoozer.

Anyway, the music was good but a little repetitive at points.

It's sometimes funny, often charming and always enjoyable.

Moving, fun, original and altogether one of the most entertaining films of the year.

It was okay but very predictable I thought.

Ultimately, it's a coming of age story, about a boy resolving conflict with his father (and his culture) and using art as a medium to do so (in this case the music of Bruce Springsteen).

We all love movies that are inspiring and enjoyable.

Alongside its endearing coming-of-age story, the film attempts to introduce some more serious socio-political themes like life in Thatcher's Britain and modern day racism that, while certainly important and fascinating in a historical context, can feel rather jarring in the middle of such a pleasantly uplifting film.

And, it is simply a stirring story with some exceptionally-entertaining music!

Characters that I felt nothing for, stereotypes everywhere, predictable plot from the beginning and poorly executed dance scenes.

Take away the Springsteen soundtrack and its just another boring teen angst film.

Predictable and formulaic as this movie is, it overcomes these issues due chiefly to the emotional and heartfelt dedication of all involved.

It's engaging, even when it makes a couple of mistakes, and is often endearing.

When I got into his music a few years back, I instantly became enamored with his albums namely Darkness on the Edge of Town.

I went to see this with my 14 year old and found it engaging and shocking in equal measure.

I should probably have gone to see something more predictably enjoyable.

There was 4 or 5 people that I saw which walked out of the screening that I was in.

While "Yesterday" is original, funny, weird, and enjoyable, I found BBTL to be slow, predictable, and forced.

Blinded By The LightI enjoyed this movie very much once I got beyond being dragged back to the 80's with the dodgy hair and flares.

Once the movie started I completely got immersed since most of the things in the movie are relatable especially if you are a south Asian.

Wow, I mean, congrats for getting this made but it was diabolical, cliche, boring and missable.

I guess my biggest limitations come in the form of some of the story imbalances and cliché moments that start to take precedent the farther the movie goes in.

Director Gurinder Chadha burst into prominence with her 2002 hit Bend It Like Beckham, a zesty coming of age story that broke the mould for Asian representation in British cinema...

The Music is Fantastic the Story Cliche .

Let's get something out of the way: yes, this movie is sentimental and formulaic.

No chance, absolute boredom, I was in so much pain clinging on.

Many people, and I would agree, find this to be an enjoyable movie.

Whilst 2010's It's a Wonderful Afterlife was creaky and her latest period piece Viceroy's House rather uninspiring, Chadha appears to be back on surer ground with Blinded by the Light, an ode to Bruce Springsteen based on the memoir of real-life fanatic of the Boss and journalist Sarfraz Manzoor.

There were cheesy moments though, such as a long music montage where they danced across town - it lasted way too long, like can we get back to the story please ?

Pointless and silly, I cant believe Bruce let them use his music .

What lets the movie down is the well worn cliche of the Asian son and father having differences when it comes to growing up.

I logged in after years to say this movie is nowhere close to 6.8. I walked out and watched Dora it was that bad.

The disapproving father and the long-suffering son are two biggest clichés in television and film, but because Viveik Kalra and Kulvinder Ghir are strong actors, they are able to overcome the predictable nature of the story.

Overall found it to be a very enjoyable film, well acted and with an 80's soundtrack to die for.

Even for Springsteen fans this is a massive bore.

Kulvinder Ghir also has an excellent part as the father who, while coming across as somewhat cliche at times, still turns in a wonderful part.

From the vandal who spray paints: "***** ***" and follows Javed back to the family flat, to the hooligans who unseat Javed and Roops in a diner full of empty table.

A coming of age movie with no real emotion is somehow intertwined with the music of Bruce Springsteen in such an over the top invasive way it's pretty much unwatchable at points.

An appealing leading man and great music make watching Blinded by the Light an enjoyable experience.

The plot to me was an enjoyable watch.

This was a very niche movie, very claustrophobic and there was very little action but I enjoyed it immensely.

This movie skyrocketed to my lifetime, worst movie I've ever seen list.

Otherwise, this film is too often boring, desultory, predictable and too blandly acted to be remembered for anything.

Every possible cliché I can think of rolled into the space of one film.

Anyway the plot is predictable.

"Blinded By The Light" is one of the most entertaining films of the year.

Some scenes were fun and amusing but others were predictable, cheesy and depressing.

Filled with energy and a real personal passion for its story throughout, Blinded By The Light grabs you with its endearingly dull portrayal of Luton, as well as a likable lead in the form of Javed, played by Viveik Kalra, and although it may not quite hit the emotional beats it's going for with young Javed's dreams of making it out of Luton one day, the small-town, down-to-earth vibes of the film are actually what make the film most enjoyable.

The beginning starts off a little slow.

' At the very least they've all been entertaining, though a fair share of the credit must be given to the strength of the soundtracks they've utilized.

Another in the exciting musical stories inspired by a celebrated singer.

But thankfully Cineworlds Secret Screening was on (even though I and possibly all the people that walked out during this movie were hoping to see The Lion King early).

I highly recommend it.

An Enjoyable Feel-Good Movie .

and race relation issues of the time, he finds unexpected inspiration in the music and words of Bruce Springsteen.

Immediately a few people got up and walked out.

However this movie made his music fun and enjoyable to listen to.

Good story with a good message but soooooooo slow and boring!

This film for me has everything: humour, great music, great acting ,politics, romance, ambition, family conflict and resolution, and even though a tad predictable, I thoroughly recommend it.

Chadha, reimagining Margaret Atwood as a rock and roll historian, uses extra-diegetical foreshadowing, since the lead singer, a native Mancurian, to the utter confusion of the world, came out in support for the *** ******* ********, a far-right political organization.

This is a classic coming of age story, told from the point of view of a teenage British Pakistani boy against the backdrop of Thatcher's 1980s Britain.

I'm not a huge fan of the Boss, but having lived through the 80's I know his biggest hits, but this film takes his songs and puts them to an unexpected story in a brilliant way.

Doing so just made it a cliche coming of age film.

Massive bore.

Formulaic, sentimental...

A few too many Jewish Springsteen jokes are included, and some may find the film a bit too light-hearted, but it's crafted for mass appeal while blasting some classics from the theatre speakers: Promised Land, Badlands, Thunder Road, Darkness on the Edge of Town, Born to Run, Because the Night, Prove it All Night, and yes, even "Hungry Heart".

I very much enjoyed it.

Much like Almost Famous, Sing Street, and La La Land before it, this film is a moving, effortlessly fun & engaging story about the power of music and dreams.

Cringe,boring and some of the worst acting I've ever seen.....

don't waste your time.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and left the theater with a smile.

Very Enjoyable.

A mildly entertaining coming-of-age tale set to the music of Bruce Springsteen.

Worth watching with the people you love.

The film is too long and contrived, with every point being made repeatedly and without subtlety.

It's very didactic, full of cliché, you lose the story and hardly you can trust it.

The first time I heard about it was during Sundance and how people enjoyed it.

I do not really understand why this got a 6.5 because this movie did much more than expected and was very enjoyable from start to end to where I was singing "Born To Run" in my seat.

Sure, there are some silly moments, but mostly it's an entertaining and inspirational message movie wrapped in BRUUUUUCE!

Yes, it's preachy and cliché and some stories could have been tuned up and given greater preference to really maximize everything.

Such a fun coming of age movie set in the 1980's.

What follows is a coming of age tale that hits familiar beats (not least from Bend It) with shameless confidence.

It mixes a coming of age, love story, in a racially challenged time, blurring into Mamma Mia style scenes, with bad singing etc. It felt amateurish, with a couple of laughs.

It's a coming of age story to remind everyone that being true to yourself and becoming who you want to be doesn't mean leaving who you are and where you came from behind :)

Music fandom flick dissolves in an empty, mediocre screenplay .

Back to the point, this is an enjoyable movie and I would recommend it for a good time.

etc. paying extra for the dolby experience is a waste of money.

The movie was very entertaining with a message about family dynamics and being your own person that is timeless.

The acting was wooden, the storyline cheesy and all in all it was just plain dull.

Enjoyable first act, derailed into a predictable politically correct sermon.

Other than the Springsteen connection and in spite of the story and the ending being predictable everything about the movie has a strong and independent sensibility, the kind that often struggles to lure people out to the theater.

"Which is what makes them instantly enchanting but ultimately -- for me -- disappointing and even empty.

Yawn .

but first and foremost, like her 2002 breakout, it's a feel-good coming of age comedy, easily accessible and perhaps somewhat trite as a sacrifice.

its confusing.

Darkness on the edge of the world .

There are some really enjoyable moments ...