Blockers (2018) - Comedy

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Three parents try to stop their daughters from losing their virginity on prom night.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Kay Cannon
Stars: Leslie Mann, John Cena
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 65 out of 316 found boring (20.56%)

One-line Reviews (135)

Based on that, I was expecting it to be a comedy that either tried too hard to be funny and had no story or would consist of LCD (lowest common denominator) jokes that have been overused in a bunch of comedies already.

It was funny cause it was unexpected and random.

Blockers had a few moments, but there are times where the banter is drawn out too long to remain entertaining.

The paranoid parents trying their best to stop their girls from getting laid, is pretty entertaining.

Wow what a boring movie .

However, there's a weird tension between the cliché premise of overbearing parents and a modern message about sex positivity and feminism that never feels resolved.

The gags where predictable at least 30 seconds before they happened.

Too much propaganda .

As you'd expect with a movie like this, there are gross-out moments, I did burst out with laughter in many moments, especially the "chugging" scene, and Mann's hysterical escape from the hotel room, but there is also good moments of sincerity and sweetness, all in all it is a fun and enjoyable sex comedy.

Barinholtz's character is unexpected coming from the trailer.

If you just want to laugh at great comedy actors putting themselves in ridiculous situations and going full bore on parental stereotypes this movie is for you.

Strongly political with no story.

Otherwise boring "American Pie" wannabe political LGBT push with no story.

The dialoge is terrible, the girls are boring and have none of the parents been to prom or heard about what is going on after.

Austin is a little bland and the two weird dudes can be too much.

The first 10 minutes of cheesy American female teen banality delivered by nauseatingly wholesome, saccarine-sweet accents really does my box in.

The film does play out in a very structured and predictable way and that is probably my biggest gripe with the film.

Don't waste your time .

They should starting flag "stereotyped cliche" as a movie genre so we can just skip those.

The young cast are very good and the first twenty minutes of the film is pretty enjoyable.

This film will entertain those bored on a tuesday night looking to kill time, and teenagers who havn't been exposed to the genre.

If you're going to watch this film to try to escape conversations about the topics of feminism or sexual preference, then turn off the tv or leave the theater.

There were a few funny scenes that were scattered in there like Easter eggs but it was largely dull.

If you're looking for a funny, entertaining and downright charming big-budget studio comedy, you could do much worse than this.

Boring from start to finish.

Other than that it was a light entertaining escape for an hour and a half.

We get those same parents dealing with the pending empty nest syndrome, while those three friends are immersed in drugs, alcohol and sex talk.

Even more so, some of the banter lacked that comedic magic the rest of the film had, resorting to mundane arguing that dragged on a little to long for me, adding unnecessary length.

Some points of the movie felt pretty slow including the start and parts in the middle.

Leslie Mann did a good job and Ike Barinholtz was crazy and a bit over the top, but enjoyable.

You wouldn't get bored by this movie.

Their sensibilities were vivid and intense, by the only true test of the finer sensibilities, or even of the five senses.

This film is a huge disappointment and waste of time.

The humor is dull and stupid.

A very enjoyable take on coming to terms with growing up.

Don't waste your time.

We need to insert -10 in this overrated IMDB where can families, neighbors and friend can stamp 10 to this terrible boring movie, first is not comedy is a terrible horrible solo act, seems like the jobless actors where out of the films or where looking for a job in any vhs video home, just layoff actors, well i dont see any actors, first half hour i can not smile, nothing no comedy, no laugh, nothing...

Blockers, judging by the trailers, was either going to be Neighbors 3 with a heaping helping of cringe, or a completely unexpected comedy slam dunk.

But the rest is so bland it barely generates a smile.

Well, true "Blockers" is indeed generic and predictable for what it turned out to be.

What Blocker's presents is a fascinating perspective that you don't usually see at the movies.

This was an unfunny and pointless movie.

This movie was very predictable and overall was a waste of time.

Watching paint dry would have been more exciting

To be fair, it did nail every single cliche available.

The direstion is flat, the lighting is boring, the editing is basic to put it mildly.

Blockers does this, it's both a story about 3 girls coming of age and that of the parents coming to terms with it.

Such a waste of time.

In my opinion, this is one of the worst movies of the year.

Don't waste your time or money.

The first thing off the top of my head isn't a negative, but it still felt like a waste of time.

-Dynamic Comedy: A comedy has to have pizazz, remain engaging, and often take a few turns to really remain entertaining to me.

Then you have the teens who want to leave the house and their parents to explore and experience life.

It was entertaining enough with some laugh out loud parts here and there.

The cliche of losing one's virginity on prom night was a little tiresome, but luckily that cheesy yuckiness was overshadowed by unpredictable laughs.

I wish I could have enjoyed myself more with it but it was just ridiculously boring and I found the parents and kids to be very annoying.

each daughter from partaking in the plot of almost every single 80's sex comedy, especially LITTLE DARLINGS since this particular "lose our virginity by the end of the movie" movie is about the girls, who all act in what's usually the cinematic "guy minded mode," wanting it more than their dull, reluctant dates and especially (and of course) their parents...

Overall it was entertaining and just gets a passing grade for me.

One of the better coming of age stories this year .

This is a comedy worth watching.

Once things get moving a little, the chemistry between the leads develop and become quite enjoyable, and the humour starts to actually provide some laughs.

Predictable humor .

The coming of age plot hidden behind our adult protagonists was charming.

Too much nakedness and gross comedy too much porn for my eye sigh waste of time

I enjoyed it .

As the girls fumble their way around male genitalia, their inept guardians find themselves immersed in uncomfortable situations.

Watch once it's out on DVD if you're bored and easily amused.

This really had to be the worst movie I've seen all In a long, long time.

I saw 30 minutes of it, and had not a single laugh, started to forward and in the end i just couldn´t bear it anymore and had to stop waste my time watching it.

Waste of time, it's not a comedy anyway...

A bit cliche and incredibly unrealistic.

This is compounded by really weak and banal "sweet" parent-daughter moments that tie things up a bit too quickly and neatly.

I enjoyed it enough that I would buy it on DVD.

Story is quite predictable and director has not paid much attention to the story either as he and the producer does not expect a mind blowing story inside this comedy.

Even if you're bored to death do yourself a favor and watch suicide squad.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Don't waste your money

It is bland and unfunny.

Other than that I really enjoyed it.

The adrenaline rush never wears off in this 102 minutes of journey whose real protagonist is the gripping and amusing screenplay by Brian and Jim Kehoe.

Boring .

I ended up fast forwarding the last 40 min just to see the (predictable) end.

The guys should be one star jock, one bland nice guy, and one wacky weirdo.

Yet, the movie still suffers from lazy writing at times, going down lackluster dialogue, overdone banter, predictable plot lines, and some incidents that cross way over the line.

I wanted to leave and I should have, I fortunately I paid for this.

A totally formulaic, lazy attempt at comedy.

but it's also much too tidy and ultimately predictable to be truly fantastic.

It's def worth watching.

I'm not gonna trash the movie for being predictable (but it's obviously not a good quality either), as it is difficult for a film in this genre not to be, but character actions (where most of the humour draws from) grew to be repetitive and annoying.

Blockers is a hilarious comedy, which is enjoyable to watch and I also enjoyed watching it.

Several scenes are also supposed to be more high level speech / morale, but this is quite boring and out of place.

This is probably one of the worst movies I've seen in years, hands down!

Yes, there were some parts that were predictable or ever caricatures, but overall it was entertaining and had some REALLY funny moments.

But yeah, boring movie and definitely nothing new here.

This was the most predictable, dumb, overrated movie in a decade.

Overall, this movie is fairly original and well-balanced and very entertaining.

It's one of those comedy movies that are actually really funny, everyone was laughing so hard at the theater including myself, definatly not for anyone under 17, usually comedy movies are a little cringy and just bland, like I said this one was really funny, definatly would recommend everyone +17 to watch it

Boring & Stupid .

One of the worst movies I've sat through.

Watch once it's out on DVD if you're bored and easily amused.

A really boring and terrible movie.

What a waste of time and money.

Other than that, the film is predictable in the end, with somewhat of a sequel type ending.

Frankly, the point of view that everyone lives like an Angeleno or a New Yorker is boring to see it over and over again, and lazy on the part of the creator, not to mention, unrealistic.

For anyone else this is a great and enjoyable, mature and immature look at real life issues that should keep you entertained throughout.

Sure, her struggle IS definitely a real thing among certain teens, but I just felt bored or clocked out whenever it came back as a plot point.

Overall, an enjoyable film, and I'll enjoy Cena in future movies.

Predictable and just not very good .

This was the same type of cliche low brow humor coming from Hollywood.

It felt contrived.

While this movie was funny at times, all the SJW propaganda crap just killed the whole movie

All of the characters were well developed and entertaining.

A disappointing waste of time .

Don't waste your time or money watching This bad movie

There some pretty funny moments, several unexpected funny moments that caught me by surprise, and a whole lot of heart that actually built character and moved the plot forward more than I expected.

The trailer gives off the impression that it will be an archaic, slapstick, dirty joke fest, but in its entirety the film has subtle touches that make it an enjoyable watch.

The film also is a nice, refreshing way to bring a coming of age film which focuses on parents just as much as the kids.

The writers threw every stupid gag and joke in the book at this stupid story and still came up empty.

Just not very good, kind of formulaic and the moments that were supposed to be funny weren't that funny.

Also, some of the jokes I saw a mile away, just more formulaic humour to pad out of the runtime.

After a bad start, it picks up a little and is actually rather enjoyable.

I see Cena appearing in more and more comedies, but he's freaking boring.

Another 2 hours of my life that I'll never get back, which I was forced to watch by my wife, who actually spend the entire movie texting on her phone because deep down even she knew the movie was stupid and unwatchable.

As for the young cast, an impetuous Kathryn Newton, a surprising Geraldine Viswanathan and a repressingly interesting Gideon Adlon lead and manipulate this #sexpact2018, the three women permeate her character with energy and veracity, they're properly related to reality, because of while one tries to fight to break her thread of innocence, the other seeks a way to decide her sexual preference, while one gets drunk madly, the other dreams of rose petals; each actress balances the loads and boosts their charm, giving it a double impulse keeping an unstoppable timing, entirely entertaining and openly moral.

John Cena brought another great experience as the overemotional and tough parent, and he has already begun his slow rise into every comedy for the next 5 years.

And the brief scenes of Hannibal Burress and the woman from Grace & Frankie were entertaining.

While it does speak to the uncertainty of an empty nest, the comedy portion of this R-rated romp is of the raunchy variety.

Don't waste your time .

A lot of jokes were quite predictable and just weren't funny.

Very much enjoyed it.

Boring, boring, boring....

Don't waste your money on this crap!

They are so close knit that they want to celebrate this coming of age at the same time.

Its one of the worst movies I have seen over the last two years.

Dave Batista and the Rock have shown wrestlers can make decent, enjoyable actors, and I wanted to give Cena another shot after he starred in Trainwreck.