Blood & Treasure (2019) - Action, Adventure

Hohum Score



An antiquities expert teams up with an art thief to catch a terrorist who funds his attacks using stolen artifacts.

IMDB: 6.4
Stars: Matt Barr, Sofia Pernas
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 22 out of 119 found boring (18.48%)

One-line Reviews (70)

I find it entertaining and that is all I want in a show without being overtly vulgar, extremely violent, heavy sexual overtones and ridiculous special effects.

I still wish there's more actions and stuff.. More people should watch this show and it deserves higher rating than Whiskey Cavalier though.. If you're bored you can just watch it for fun !

The writing was so boring.

Entertaining .

Yawn .

Its also BORING on every level.

Could it get more cliche.

At a time where we need an entertaining break from political manipulations this show fits the bill.

Fun easy to watch entertaining show .

It's horrible, boring, dull, unimaginative, slow, inaccurate, riddled with flaws and you get the feeling it's low budget.


fun exciting,indiana jones on crack .

You got a sassy super thief that steals everything and opens all kinds of doors in seconds, an ex-FBI agent that knows all kinds of people to help him out and a boss with unlimited money - which is somewhat cliche.

The pace of the show is well, ZZZZZZZ.

Predictable story lines.

In the end it is entertaining if you take out the government issues.

On the other hand: that kind of predictable fun is exactly what someone tuning in to a CBS procedural called "Blood & Treasure" probably wants.


Pretty boring.

Extremely boring knock off of the Relic Hunter.

This is the show to watch for, unlike the code which is boring boring boring and from what I have read from other after I watched it, it didn't do honor to the military by screwing up what they wore.

Very relaxing and entertaining to watch.

In one word, boring, describes this show.

Entertaining, Fun Summer Fare .

This show isn't great or even good, but entertaining enough .

Don't waste your time.

Boring boring boring .

It will be moderately entertaining for a few weeks.

Tiresome is a better word.

The dialog is just a spy movie cliche festival.

A lot of predictable tropes are in this.

Every cliche in the book thrown together in a mashmash of a story.

While the show is entertaining (it sure would've helped for more snarky humor-SHAW!

But this one turned out to be boring and with unlikable characters, stale script and unconvincing actors.

Entertaining fluff.

Perhaps it's the editing or the too-much-information thrown at you, that makes everything a bit confusing to follow, since you have to pay attention to all kinds of stories here and there.

A Fast paced and action packed adventure for the 2019 summer.

Excuse me I fell asleep writing this.

I was bored out of my mind, I tried to watch it twice and the second time about halfway through I just realized it's just bad.

A predictable plot with a slight twisty ending.

Very Enjoyable.


S;ow action, dull dialogue, etc. The writers are going to have to pick up the pace for this show to succeed.

Throw in some splashy mythology, handsomely shot setpieces on location in Rome and Morocco, and entertaining performances from Fehr, Paras, and a bumbling Michael James Shaw, and you've got yourself a solid distraction to turn to in the general desert that is TV's summer programming.

Entertaining fluff -- pass the popcorn .

It gets tiresome making that kind of shows all the time.

Now it is excruciatingly boring.

This is an entertaining throwback to the Indiana Jones type spoof of 40's adventure capers.

I hope it stays this exciting.

But, ignoring those issues there was plenty of action and was certainly entertaining.

I really enjoyed it and there are far worse things to do to pass the time.

Horrible & Boring .

Really enjoyable.

Fun, Entertaining, and not to complicated .

How can a show about international art thieves and a terrorist be so bloody boring?

So for people looking at the rating score look at the people who find it entertaining and not the people who try to think that it's not realistic.

I am glad it got renewed for another season and hope it stays on as it is worth watching.

Characters and dialogue are mostly bland.

Poor writing and mediocre acting is somewhat compensated by decent filming and editing , and a mildly intriguing story .

Enjoyable summer series .

It's too bad, because the filming/editing are really good and the locations are exciting.

The original was fun and quite entertaining and the actors were good, this one doesn't have any of that.

It is entertaining and well written.

Again - in my humble opinion - its entertaining, relaxed and does not take it self to serious :)

That is still entertaining the last time I checked.

I enjoyed it.

This is a very fun and entertaining tv show.

It's quite entertaining show with average performances.

The plot is rifled with cliché after cliché.

No treasure, mind numbing and BORING .