Bloodshot (2020) - Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

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Ray Garrison, a slain soldier, is re-animated with superpowers.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Dave Wilson
Stars: Vin Diesel, Eiza González
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 128 out of 608 found boring (21.05%)

One-line Reviews (381)

And while parts of the movie was utterly predictable, it was still enjoyable to watch.

Action sequences predictable and stupid.

It was boring, it was predictable.

All the action scene in the film quite intense!

The acting felt monotone.

An absolute waste of time.

Nothing really spectacular to the story, characters, etc. Just your same predictable outcome.

Terrible predictable script, wooden soap opera acting.

Its (corniness) script is poorly written and that's why film after ~45 minutes becomes boring and repetitive with most of the characters being pretty much one-dimensional and bland.

Great fun, with some unexpected twists to the story .

Alone it was a decent action film and I enjoyed it.

I left the theater feeling that I had gotten my money's worth (though I went to a matinee, so...

I like to escape the grim reality and have fun watching good action packed movies.

Nice to see Vin Diesel but he can't save this movie from being bad because of its bad editing, cliche moments and boring characters.

Very Entertaining and creative ideas!!!

They have also chosen to use too many slow motion effects with this film, which actually only make the film more tedious rather than more entertaining.

a bit bland .

Surprisingly entertaining .

So unbelievably predictable.

The film is fast paced with action sequences.

The problem Bloodshot himself is a boring character to begin with.

Acting: I absolutely love vin diesel but his character was unbelievabley bland and lifeless even before they made him robotic.

Overall, Bloodshot has an appealing setup but the outcomes for the leading man are predictable ones.

Fast paced for such a boring destination ultimately.

Pretty boring first half although it was full of action

Its also got some inconsistent CG and action sequences that border on being incomprehensible but are relatively enjoyable.

Another bland comic book movie that is at least made well .

The movie itself was entertaining.

My only downer on this was the confusing story-line & of course the chemistry between the main protagonist & KT.

Not a big Vin Diesel fan, but the movie was enjoyable.

Worst movie i watched, they want to be like avengers

Part of me was thinking, "Don't waste your time.

As a plot, I was a little curious about Ray's world but the so-called twists and consequences which involve the leading character are far too predictable.

Rest were pretty boring and ordinary.

Very Ho Hum .

One of the worst movies I have ever seen and yep didn't even watch the whole lot.

Enjoyable but boring .

One of the worst movies i have seen in a long time.

Not much to say about this movie, same old action sequence and boring script.

It is only a pity that he has made the film difficult to follow.

it was very enjoyable!!

Very enjoyable.

I found this Movie to be really entertaining!!.

But after the big twist it kind of gets cliche revenge story.

This is by no means a Super Outstanding movie but it wasn't an average movie either, infact it was Great, I very much enjoyed it.

But, the first 70 minutes where boring, because you knew the plot twist and thus any suspense was gone.

Well acted thriller, which is worth watching again.

but entertaining.

Vin diesel is entertaining like always .

It is entertaining and some of the videography is very stylized and beautiful.

The acting is horrible, a lot of cliché-istic lines, stereotypical characters with stereotypical behavior.

Meantime, Wilson stages some stunning action sequences.

Being vaguely familiar with the source material, I found it entertaining in an 80s action movie kind of way.

Aside from that, the film was action packed enough.

Now yes this is a action film but a action film can still be boring if the action is overused.

If you like fast paced movies with some action then this the go for you.

However, Bloodshot is filled with some cool visuals and a few cool action scenes but still, it has too many boring parts.

Just a waste of everyone's time.

It was filmed in empty streets which is unrealistic and distractingPoor character development and unexplained motivesToo many plot holes

A very enjoyable film.

It just need take slow, more touching, with me, it enough.

Feast your eyes with cgi battles, loads of slow-mo', the ever amusing Vin Diesel and all the rest, worked out in a classically generic and predictable Hollywood fashion & throughout the movie daydream about how it at least could've been a bit better if they did it in R.

The movie is visually stunning.

It is very tedious.

Van DAMME do much better acting then diesel that time this is such a boring and assembling 90s movie

The pace is slow, and the whole film is just boring.

Definitely worth watching, especially if you like vin diesel.

Action is intense.

We get some explanation in the beginning of the film of what is going on, that was all cool to watch, but soon after that all goes & we get straight into the rather boring story line of, nanotech brings man back to life and still has the memories of the guy killing his wife & he gets revenge a few times because the good guys plant a different face on his killer everytime.

Watched bloodshot today and quite enjoyed it.

As for the film itself, I think that such a story can be written well for the screen and be emotionally engaging.

While at this point in time the technology shown in the movie is nowhere near ready, making what is carried out unrealistic, the premise of that could become is intriguing.

I also felt the repeated set up of the man he killed which was used with different people throughout could have been a bit more creative, I just personally thought it was slightly to bland and the stakes could have been much higher if it was going to be used repeatedly.

Explosive sound effects riddle the theater with wall shaking goodness, sound tracks of orchestra elevate the moods and adds that adrenaline rush, all while visuals are blended together beautifully.

Lamorne Morris was fun as an unexpected geek techie.

Vin Diesel looks like he enjoyed playing this larger-than-life hero in this outrageous but exciting fantasy.

Thrilling and fun .

A good concept, generic story, good actors, boring characters, mixed CGI quality.

Predictable yes, Some other aspects were less also.

Bloodshot is an average movie that's brought down by its extremely generic and predictable plot with nothing shocking, smart or original.

However, in this movie, it gets a little overused, showing off cool portrayals of skin damage and anatomical healing, but at the same time making for boring bouts of Vin Diesel walking.

Save your money .

There's no story here like new star wars, captin marvel, birds of prey, guys immortal start to finish.

Such a waste of money .

By no means is this is a bad movie, it was pretty entertaining popcorn blockbuster.

Same old action movie content and boring screen play .

Everything about this move is fourth rate: the script, the acting (utterly dismal with not ONE redeeming performance), a ridiculously cheap soundtrak..The leading lady is a particularly dull spot in amongst an amateur cast.

I am an avid Vin Diesel Fan, , but this movie, in my opinion, is the worst movie he has ever done.

Not going to contend with Groot by any means,, but entertaining enough.

When I watch a movie based on a comic, there's a good chance that it's going to be silly but entertaining.

Super soldier blasting in a action packed flick .

Bland, boring actors with no depth.

Vin Diesels acting is bland, the action is bland and Vin and his movie wife have zero chemistry.

Even tough i didn't saw the trailer or knew anything about the source material i knew where the story was heading being you'r typical super hero/anti hero origin story, but on the same note i actually enjoyed it more than i would have expected.

Wound up loving the whole cast, didn't see every twist coming, and enjoyed it a lot!

But dialogues , acting , script is extreme cliche.

This is EXACTLY the same: indestructible Vin Dieselbombast, stupid, dull, tiresome and pompous dialogsscript that can fit on a napkin, big letterslots of non-pertinent slow-motionThe only difference is here's no Dwayne Johnson and zero fun.

You could tell from the first minutes that it was a different kind of action movie and it was incredibly entertaining throughout.

It was action packed, loved the story line.

This was an incredibly generic and predictable snorefest with some incoherent and mildly entertaining action, featuring Vin Diesel because it just isn't a mediocre action flick without him, Dwayne Johnson or Jason Statham being involved.

The movie and bad Gus are laughably predictable.

If this had came out 15 years ago we would be hyped, but nowadays it's just too boring...

Vin Diesel gives such an amazing and riveting performance in film i liked this superhero character he play's then him playing Groot from Guardians of Galaxy this something different superhero he is playing.

We have big muscle man, pretty girl, hi tech, fast paced action.

Predictable and unexciting .

The female lead has some boring character development no thanks to Vin Diesel's very emotional acting.

Boring Fast & Furious .

So, to be honest i really enjoyed it.

If you like that sort of thing, it's entertaining.

It was a fun and entertaining story, nice origin setup, great action, and cool characters.

The Most Boring Action Movie I've Ever Watched .

Entertaining the whole time, great acting from guy.

This helps make this movie perfectly watchable and more to the point, it helps make this movie enjoyable.

Ha ha The musical sequence with Toby Kebbell's character was pretty entertaining.

Great movie, well put together, has it's moments but overall a movie worth watching.

Another entertaining film from Vin Diesel!

Overall a silly waste of time, let alone 5.99 on Amazon.

Today we review:Director: Dave Wilson Writers: Jeff Wadlow (screenplay by), Eric Heisserer (screenplay by) Stars: Vin Diesel, Eiza González, Sam HeughanLIKES:Fast Pace Explosive opening Cool Concepts with Semi Realism Decent Fight Scenes Comedic At Times The Editing For the Scenes The HackerDISLIKES:Predictable Bloated Dialogue At Times Some Of the Overkill use of Slow Motion Shaky Camera Syndrome Limited Use Of Other Characters for Much Of the Movie The CGI At TimesSummary:Let's get to the point at hand, you go to an action film you want the pace and effects to make your adrenaline pump right?

Waste of time .

The "final fight" is one of the worst CGI sequences of the century, and the action throughout the runtime is filled with an uncontrollable shaky-cam, an excess of slow-motion, and some poor editing, making most of these scenes incredibly hard to follow.

A bland, paint-by-the-numbers attempt at starting a cinematic universe for a lesser known comic book company .

The action scene surprisingly intense, and dope!

But nit overly exciting.

Cheesy, ridiculous, but still enjoyable .

PROS: > Amazing Visual Effects > Fascinating Concept > Comic relief moments are perfectly timed & executed.

Boring, predictable, bad writing, bad acting.

bad predictable story...

The CGI was great and overall story was enjoyable.

The entire movie was action packed, and it was fulfilling to get more of that than anticipated.

It's easly the worst movie I've seen.

Boring soundtrack pulled from a trailer library.

The trailer reveals a lot of plot points and made the movie predictable.

The slow-motion footage of the nano robot in the body scattered from various parties to the restoration, also makes the entire movie of "Blood Warrior" into an entertaining visual feast.

Predictable from the start .

I want to see more of Eiza being a badass and fighting and I want to see more of Lamorne's character as he was very enjoyable.

No plot, no rhythm, no acting just muscles and at the end no art.

Over done cgi, predictable story.

I had low expectations and was still disappointed at how boring and bad it felt.

There are quite an interesting set of scenes set in the UK featuring cars with European licence plates; and he and Sam Heughan feature in one of the longest, dullest fight scenes I've seen since "Parabellum".

The entire movie was action packed, and it was fulfilling to get more of that than anticipated.

Formulaic .

Boring and predictable .

Confusing, lacks creativity, raises tons of logical questions, and the real past of Ray Garrison is empty of any explanation.

Tthought the movie was interesting and actually provided so very intense action Scenery.

The worst movie I've seen, like most Vin Diesel movies lately

As such, today, another action flick hopes to rear its adrenaline-fueled head and unleash the bullet storm of box office bucks for the audience.

Bloodshot is action packed with awesome secenes and weak story, so leave your brain at the door and enjoy your popcorn.

And the action in this one is much more compelling.

While its no Iron Man, IT IS enjoyable with a fair amount of impressive action.

I honestly would have enjoyed it more if it was just the generic revenge flick it started out as before the twist.

Despite of the clichés, the viewer that is fan of Vin Diesel will certainly find the movie entertaining.

You can guess, predictable the end?

rushed and boring .

But overall, anyone familiar with Vin Diesel movies, will know what's coming and will find this movie entertaining.

Extremely enjoyable.

add some intense action with @vindiesel and @SamHeughan a little misdirection with @TheGuyPearce and you got one hell of a ride.

Story The story in the film is probably one of the most bland and generic in recent memory, what doesn't help is that the trailer spoils the majority of the twists and it hurts the enjoyment levels of the film.

What a waste of time .

I thought it was an enjoyable movie

Im still yawning....

It is enjoyable film.

I'm actually giving this a full 10 because I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It seemed really slow in development and didnt do anything with character development.

Vin's participation in the stunts made the experience more enjoyable as well because it didn't feel overwhelmingly augmented, and the shots felt like he was actually breaking those guy's bones.

Outside of the box, unpredictable and...

Conclusion, worth watching if you enjoy super hero movies

The movie wasn't bad, but it was very predictable.

this is more than enjoyable, not quite deep (as critics on this movie (or any movie at all) want it to be).

Enjoyable and worth a watch.

I just feel like if they take out the cool visuals it is very bland & predictable.

That is visually stunning.

No story.

bored out of my mind watching this.

Extremely cliché and predictable .


Vin Diesel gives such an amazing and riveting performance.

I really fought to stay awake.

Very predictable and as cliche' as you could possibly imagine.

Bland action.

Bloodshot is an action packed superhero kind of film.

Very enjoyable if you are in this kind of entertainment.

Enjoyed it from start to finish sometimes people who do reviews In my opinion dont know what they're talking about lol watch the feel don't mind the reviews it is a great action movie

Bloodshot is an entertaining movie that should hit the sweet spot for audiences of sci-fi/fantasy genre's because it is PG-13 and more suitable for more people of all ages than many R-rated movies.

The movie is not great, has a lot of plot holes, but is enjoyable.

The film, despite its many flaws, is really entertaining.

Worth watching .

" Mind you, "Bloodshot" amounts to absurd nonsense, but Diesel's steely presence makes it worth watching.

Its hard to care about a character and thus a story if they're dull.


Boring and typical .

Predictable, and so what.

First of all, I've loved Vin Diesel in the Riddick series and I consider Guy Pearce to be a genuinely good actor (see Lawless or The Rover) but this movie is a waste of time.

Additionally, there are just so many scenes of endless exposition that dragged and feel like info dumps just because they want to treat us, the audience, as if they are stupid or something.

The movie seamlessly moves from regurgitating wooden lines to choreographing anemic, uninspiring action sequences.

So, predictable.

Enjoyable mindless action .

Good enough for an entertaining evening at the movies.

And the whole hi tech futuristic technology was entertaining and interesting to watch as well so the world they built around these characters really boosted the movie.

First Wolverine.. BORING.

The film is a waste of time, money and energy as well.

Plot: Basic and predictable.

This was a fascinating film with a refreshing plot.

This film is so average, dull and generic.

Aside from Guy Pearce, every other actor was just there to either spout exposition or show up later on for a contrived action scene.

The films story structure is kind of predictable throughout.

The strenuous dialogue is spewed out even more bluntly by Diesel's monotone delivery.


Entertaining enough for the money.

It has solid an exciting action scenes which are very well choreographed and the shows off some of the best cgi sequence I've come across for a long time that put higher budget films to shame (looking at you black panther).

The direction was aweful, the journey confusing.

But if your in lockdown or self isolating then to pass the boredom you're probably intoxicated with alcohol.

He's in category of The Rock, Batista, Arnold, Bruce Willis, etc actors that only good physically but not able to look good at drama, compelling act, sad, and ofc superhero.

I thought the storyline was intriguing and there was a lot of action throughout, with bits of drama and comedy thrown in.

Bloodshot was a film that had a big problems in it,vin diesel honestly isnt very good actor we all know that before watching this film but in bloodshot he was completly boring and out of energy,at least in other films he has nice charisma and some nice deliveries but here we got none of that,guy pearce was completly wasted here which is big shame since he is actor of big calibre,action was filmed very messy and just to slow to put my interest in film,if bloodshot was supposed to be action sci fi film why was there so much talking and exposition,and not what it needs to have a quality lead and good action set pieces,bloodshot was waste of time for me

The movie itself was actually pretty enjoyable.

It's one of the worst movies of the year.

This movie was ho hum.

Beyond predictable and offensive in its weak plot.

Good entertaining movie Diesel!

But most importantly, I have to praise the stunning visual effects and usage of colors during the action sequences.

Style It cannot be denied that there are some exciting action scenes in this movie, it is entertaining to watch this super soldier go through a group of bad guys.

It is atrociously formulaic to the point you wonder if the writers and creator of this had one single original thought.

Sam Heughan is Outlander's romantic lead Jamie, and here he flexed his muscles but his character was a bit boring and didn't get the pulse running either.

the 2012 reboot comics of bloodshot sucks its not..the movie should have adopted from 1993 run wich features proteus at the end of the comics..where was he nowhere ,the final fight is bad vin diesel should be removed from this he is bald and looks nothing like him he could have but the reboot comics destroyed any chance, it was a pain to sit through this movie its so bad one of the worst movies ever made,this needs a reboot i am happy glad its a flop.

One scene in particular was absolutely stunning with its use of colors, focus, and transitions.

The visual effects are nice and rather sophisticated, but it all in the service of the most boring story.

Act 1 is very serious, but the humor kicks in about halfway through the movie and really changes the tone of the film from a drama to an entertaining superhero flick.

The "final battle" has some of the worst CGI of the century, and it goes on for way too long.

It's very cliche and cheesy, and it needs to take some notes from the movie "upgrade".

predictable twists.

In short, the acting was okay, the plot was solid -- albeit predictable, -- the effects were decent, and there was plenty of action.

Bloodshot is worth watching .

It's like a cheap generic computer game with all the moronic and cliché characters you would imagine, including the kickass 'empowered' chick (TM) and probably the most ridiculous one, an African-British rapper type in a beanie hat who is supposed to be a hacker and a "child genius".

I love that quirky, musically-entertaining action movie.

Great story and action packed.

Save your money,this is not wearth for going to the cinema👎

I got so lost in the confusion of the story I just didn't care anymore about the movie.

His chase against Bloodshot had me on the edge of my seat and it surpassed any of my expectations.

Nothing life changing, but worth watching.

In short, this movie has good CGI and good action sequences but has no story.

I actually enjoyed it .


This movie is mostly CGI and the effects are nice and all but after a while it becomes boring, sometimes even confusing.

The bad guys are obvious and the good guys are also obvious right from the get-go which makes any twist feel dull.

A total waste of money and talent...

Waste of money.

For example, it is difficult to follow what exactly happens or who fights against whom.

In the beginning, the film comes across as repetitive as in the films Goundhog Day and Edge of Tomorrow where the main characters do the same with a few minor variations in the story.

Best movie to fall asleep to .

Worst movie .

The premise is intriguing, but the plot ultimately falls into a run-of-the-mill action flick cliche.

Just like he embodies #JamieFraser in Outlander he embodies #JimmyDalton in #Bloodshot he is brilliant I enjoyed the Movie overall it was action packed & had some awesome scenes I highly recommend all to see #Bloodshot you will not be disappointed

Predictable script, and predictable plot.

I thought it was an action packed thrill despite having no clue about any books,earlier films or comics regarding Bloodshot.

Nominated for worst movie of 2020 for its bad acting, horrible plots and bad writing.

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Otherwise the supporting actors including Guy Pearce or Eiza Gonzalez are under-utilized and the film is entirely predictable.

The story was very predictable, but it looked really good and it was entertaining.

For me, It was kinda predictable that his relationship with Gina was smoke-and-mirrors.

The directing wasn't the best, and the ridiculous V/SFX needed tweaking, and there were some plot and technical issues, as well as some cheesy scenes, but still enjoyable.

Did I mention Predictable??

Totally predictable.

Enjoyable and clever storytelling .

Punches and gunshots have authority making for an entertaining surround sound experience.

The characters are extremely one-dimensional and the story is incredibly predictable and unoriginal.

Boring, Predictable and a mess .

A surprisingly twisty plot provides some stimulation for viewers, but ultimately fails to rescue an otherwise bland attempt at the once fertile genere of the action-thirller revenge fantasy.

The CGI and action scenes were great, but there were a few holes in the story that made it confusing.

-The action in this movie was plentiful and intense.

Another major bore from Vin Diesel.

Boring for an action movie .

Bloodshot he's really bland.

Just boring nothing special .

I enjoyed it .

It was so predictable.

but I'm sure you're bored soooooo.

If you have seen the 2011 movie "Source Code" with Jake Gyllenhaal and enjoyed it, then you ought to enjoy this one.

And I am not overly much of a fan of his, as his performances in movies tends to be very monotonous and tedious.

Feels pretty unoriginal and very disjointed .

As a matter a fact i really could have used more action but as a whole i enjoyed it very much.

Action packed movie, .. predictable .. but still enjoyable and action packed

His face is super boring !

A little unrealistic but entertaining .

This is your run of the mill action movie, even the action seems are uninspired, there is no redeeming quality about this movie, it was very generic and boring.

The plot is absolutely predictable and it is possible to the viewer to foresee the story.

A perfect waste of time, this movie will likely make you pray for a blood clot in your head.

But as far as concept, this was interesting and entertaining.

4 of us all different ages and we all really enjoyed it, I know I've enjoyed a movie when I feel it's gone off to early leaving me wanting to watch more.

Trailer made it Predictable.

A breathtaking, heart stopping, edge of your seat, mind blown action scene that I can't get out of my mind.

Arguably the worst movie Van Diesel has ever played in.

Nothing new here, but was entertaining .

Sadly, the stunning editing still needed some polishing with the CGI work itself, primarily during said action moments.

Firstly, the story is quite simple, couple of twisted moments are very predictable because they was showed in the trailer.

This is so predictable it amazing.

Some is somewhat cliched with this type of story but still I rather enjoyed it.

This embarrasing turkey is certainly Vin Deisel's worst and really in the top 50 of worst movies of all time (and that is quite a unique category).

The director made this a real Boring story with such lifeless acting and characterization with non stop action scene with CGI.

It has its moments, and probably it also helps, that I'm old enough to miss those brain-dead - but entertaining - actionmovies of the late 80's/early 90's.

Other than some twists, there are some predictable tropes.

Squandering an intriguing premise for a drab 108 minute runtime, the cliché-ridden screenplay is less self-aware and much dumber than it believes itself to be, resulting in little substance and an inconsistent tone that reeks of another box-office bomb, John McTiernan's 'Last Action Hero'.

It was quite boring and had not much of an interesting story behind it.

Regurgitated cliches, so and so special effects, no story to talk about.

Very Cliché .

The henchmen in the film are all boring characters and this film completley wastes a great character in Tobby Kebbell.

The script of the movie is very cliché.

It's a fast paced action movie with cool sci-fi elements.

Enjoyable .

The result is a schizophrenic mess of parading one tired cliché after another as Ray learns the truth about his reality and rebels against his creator/captor (The Matrix/Westworld/Blade Runner/Ex Machina/every science fiction movie ever).

The action scenes are really enthralling and thrilling to watch for the most part.

This was a good, smart action packed film for everyone with the right mix of humor and intrigue.

It is a very very formulaic superhero movie.

It was a decent action film and I enjoyed it.

Very predictable and lame plot.

Tough atmosphere it may establish, the overuse was boring at times and I would have loved a little more dynamic work.

It turned out to be a very action-packed and thrilling experience.

Predictably empty .

No plot details needed.

The film is a waste of time, money and energy as well.

A boring, predictable snorefest .


The action is bombastic but somehow bland.

Plot represents a cornerstone any movie, in this movie, plot is too weak, in spite of that, this movie deserves 6 stars at most, because it is a bit enjoyable, and not totally bad.

I enjoyed it.

Exciting, competent .

Yes, most of the movie is predictable.

So loss, betrayal, confusion all pass by without him so much as taking off a trademark Dom Toretto White vest.

A rather enjoyable action spectacular.

Audiences have been spoiled by the stunning CGI found in othe rmajor actions films, such as those produced by Marvel, and are likely to find the effects in this movie half-baked or clunky.

I've read user reviews saying plot predictable and if you've watched the trailer then you know the film which are both biast and untrue.

Extreme cliche .

This movie is very enjoyable!

Not the best movie but was good for some action, special effects and a few laughs.. I really enjoyed it ✔

Boring, predictable and total waste .

It's somewhat entertaining with some decent action films even if it's so generically done.

But I was pleasantly surprised that this was really entertaining and the negative reviews did not make any sense, they probably watched this movie wanting to be disappointed.

Mix wolverine with cyborg in something looks like source code movie but boring Oh and guy pearce is not there..

It's thin and predictable once you get the main idea (if you haven't already read the synopsis of it that is) ...

Enjoyable if predictable .

it is worth watching though....

In addition to repeatedly, the film is also quickly predictable thanks to the trailer and as a viewer you soon know more about the story than the characters themselves.

The film has a cliche plot and ending.

like Diesel's Riddick movies) and then there's unwatchable garbage like this.

CONS: > Predictable.

It comes off as a bland second tier comic book movie.

The most eye-rolling thing is the CGI heavy, long to the point of boring, battle between Ray, Dalton and Tibbs.

It's one action, sci-fi cliche after another.

Should've been R but still very enjoyable .

I fell asleep.

Worth the watch.

Clichés but Entertaining .

It's rated "PG-13" for intense sequences of violence, language and one scene with some partial nudity-no naughty bits are shown-and has a running time of 1 hour & 49 minutes.

Superb, stunning visual effects, beautiful color correction and overall color palette.

The concept, itself was intriguing enough.

Cinematography/special affects: After watching "extraction" this has very dull action scenes in comparison.

A bit too similar if you ask me but that doesnt matter since Wolverine himself is also boring and unoriginal in many ways.

Fabulous acting, cool CGI, great plot in this action packed film.

If you are bored, you can watch it if you are looking for action and excitement.

Give it a go, it's inoffensive enough and Diesel is always entertaining in his way, as is Pierce.

Gripping movie where the viewer is pulled into the story at the beginning, in What appears to be a typical plot, with a predictable outcome.

This was a great action movie and yes it was predictable...

Avoid, waste of time .

It kept me on the edge of my seat!!

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, my 25 year old son loved it, and it deserves a franchise.

Starring Vin Diesel in the title role, it is a bland, paint-by-the-numbers attempt at starting a cinematic universe for a lesser known comic book company.

After watching this film I immediately knew it was one of my top 10 films as I enjoyed it SO much and wish it went on for longer.

Its only downsides are how it checks the cliche boxes, and the CGI is poor at times.

His chase against Bloodshot had me on the edge of my seat and it surpassed any of my expectations.

I was on edge and fully immersed in the phenomenal action sequences.

Very predictable as in Robocop/Universal soldier meets desperate (or so it old seem) for a buck Diesel.

I felt I had watched it before, in other words, everything is very predictable.

Save for a few scenes near the end, Bloodshot is so poorly paced, repetitive, and surprisingly boring that it amazes me that the filmmakers legitimately thought that they could create a whole cinematic universe out of it.

The film's trailers promise high-octane, intense action sequences that might have at least provided a bit of spectacle for moviegoers looking for a beer-and-pretzels escape from current worries about Covid-19, and perhaps on this front the movie does deliver.

Supporting Characters Lamorne Morris plays the research Wiggins and I think for some people in this film he will be the most annoying part in this film, but I actually found him pretty entertaining to watch and he provided a bit of humour to this pretty drab film.

The concept for his strength and powers is cool (blood nanobots), but the rest of the movie is a little slow.

There is not a single memorable action sequence, the background music was dull and the plot wants to take it all too seriously.

Start to end enjoyable.

It's sometimes genuinely enjoyable in a camp kind of way, especially in its opening moments, and it's often rather entertaining even when it isn't, for all intents and purposes, all that great.

Sure, the film (as with pretty much any action flick ever) is pretty predictable.

It's a very very thin, underdeveloped, and interesting script in terms of compelling characters or engaging dialogue.

Movie is worth watching.