Body of Evidence (1992) - Drama, Thriller

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A lawyer defends a woman accused of killing her older lover by having sex with him.

IMDB: 4.5
Director: Uli Edel
Stars: Madonna, Willem Dafoe
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 22 out of 83 found boring (26.5%)

One-line Reviews (64)

Basic Instinct was an entertaining thriller built upon the misogyny and homophobia of the average American male, salvaged from a misogynistic, homophobic script.

However sitting through about one hour and forty-some minutes of horrible dialogue, bad acting, completely lifeless sex scenes and a bland clichéd ending is not worth the time.

Grubby nonsense with a cliché-ridden script, B-movie characters, and a silly finish.

The film reads like a trashy porn parody of the far superior Basic Instinct, (released three weeks into Body of Evidence's production), featuring awful dialogue, choppy editing, nonexistent direction, poor lighting, boring cinematography, and a god-killing performance from Madonna.

The courtroom scenes are moderately entertaining (never mind the fact that this must be the most underlit courtroom in the history of movies), and the sadomasochistic sex scenes....

The plot itself is a rather lame, 'Basic Instinct' knockoff, which was practically a sub-genre at that time but it was engaging enough.

The storyline is tight and engaging, Madonna much better than usual, the sex scenes good, even if Willem Defoe appears more comfortable in the courtroom scenes, and the ending brilliant.

It's just stupid and pointless.

A boring bodice-ripper .

and the movie wouldn't be as enjoyable if it weren't way over the top

Might appeal to some, but I found it rather dull.

The story is much too dumb to be at all compelling.

My favorite part is def the end of the film, its one of those scenes that is completely unexpected!

Waste of Life .

Director Uli Edel does little to ease the situation with his pretentious handling of the already mindless material.

Third, boring dialogs in the court half spoil the movie (they constitute half of it).

The post-"Basic Instinct" craze for steamy, erotic dramas collided with Madonna's peak of self-exploitation in this inept and alternately dull/hilarious film.

While the "Material Girl" singer did turn in a lauded performance in "Desperately Seeking Susan" a few years prior, the singer turned actress is blander than watching paint dry in this film.

There were three or four sex scenes that were long and drawn out and, I suppose, intended to be shocking.

Wow, that sex scene is so intense.

Despite some of its bad press because of the subject matter, "Body of Evidence" is a relatively compelling movie.

A thoroughly enjoyable movie .

and the relationship between William DeFoe's character and Madonna's character seems somehow very contrived.

(sad face emoji)I can see how people of a more puritanical and/or snooty mindset could hate this movie but for it's unblinking and unapologetic trashiness, good performances and serviceable plot I found it entertaining.

The passion between Dafoe and Madonna is the only thing worth watching.

Too terrible to be boring.

Or together for some ideas to improve a dull relationship.

The end result is silly, but more annoyingly, it feels dull.

I can say that, whilst this movie is not Oscar-material, it was enjoyable, sexy and intriguing.

Before the storyline begins, we understand that she has been in an intense sexually-charged relationship with an older man involving sexual play that incorporates female dominance.

So Bad That It's Actually Entertaining .

Otherwise, don't waste your time.

It's about as crazy, dumb, and pointless as one movie can get.

Don't waste your money.

" For an "erotic thriller," the film somehow managed to be entirely devoid of any erotic quality, and its agonizingly predictable story line was about as thrilling as something not at all thrilling.

This movie contains hardcore sex scenes and was nominated at the Razzies as Worst Movie.

Madonna shows us what she's got in three or four scenes of intense Dafoe lovemaking.

Now courtroom scenes can work in thrillers (see 1990's Presumed Innocent), but they should be to the point and thrilling.

Wow, leave it to Madonna to make sex boring.

A perfunctory plot and some truly boring courtroom scenes grind one's interest to a nub.

Mediocre court room nonsense with ludicrous sex scenes and predictable twist .

Willem Dafoe and Joe Mantegna are good enough as the rival lawyers to make the courtroom scenes very effective, and as a courtroom drama alone (paying as little mind as possible to Madonna's scenes) it's well written, well acted and quite entertaining.

Excellent Movie very Intense .

Madonna looks washed out and awful during the bulk of the film, but somehow Moore benefits from the lighting approach and it's inconceivable that Dafoe would turn from her to the dull and faux austere Madonna.

) The movie as a whole is boring and often bad acted.

In the case there is mention of other possible relationships Marsh may have had before his death, including a sexual relationship with his private secretary Joanne Braslow (Fatal Attraction's Razzie nominated Anne Archer), but also Garrett finds Jeffrey Roston (Frank Langella) who admits to an intense relationship with her as well, so it is not clear what the conclusion will be.

Legend has it that German director Uri Edel spoke only in his native tongue during production, saying the confusion in understanding his direction would lend to the bizarre atmosphere he was seeking to create.

if you like 80/90s sex films then this is a definitely worth watching.

Now that I have, I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

We're BORED!

The scenes here are pointless with half a dozen side characters introduced and then forgotten.

On the positive side, she looks stunning.

I thought this movie was very good and exciting...

Films like this, (Basic Instinct, Fatal Attraction, both versions of the Postman Always Rings Twice, Gone Girl), can be great, cinematic and entertaining.

well, if you're into watching this kind of stuff, they may prove to be fairly entertaining as well.

and Enjoyable .

So forgetting that this is "the dream movie " for Madonna fans, the movie is entertaining and unless you spot the obvious, it keeps you guessing.

) Madonna's performance was REALLY bad in this one, delivering lines in a monotone voice, no facial expressions and literally looking like she has to "think" about the line before she delivers it.

All this confusing story about old men having arrhythmia and women who can manipulate their desease into death is nothing compared to Madonna's ass.

It is both as bad as you remember it but somehow endlessly entertaining.

I regularly suggest renting this to friends with the challenge that I bet it will be the worst movie they have even seen.

If we believed in her magnetic powers of domination, there might be a certain compulsion to the picture, instead she unwittingly reveals herself as a banal person who has succeeded in conveying many false selves to millions of other punters around the world.

Madonna is simply stunning in it and as an enormous fan of hers [practically in anything she endeavours], I cannot believe it took me until 2001 to watch this movie.

The court room scenes are boring and the characters are ultimately uninteresting.