Boo 2! A Madea Halloween (2017) - Comedy, Drama, Horror

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Madea, Bam, and Hattie venture to a haunted campground and the group must run for their lives when monsters, goblins, and the boogeyman are unleashed.

IMDB: 3.8
Director: Tyler Perry
Stars: Tyler Perry, Cassi Davis
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 16 out of 39 found boring (41.02%)

One-line Reviews (32)

This has to be the worst movie Tyler Perry has made so far.

Overall, this movie is just a dull unfunny sequel that could've been funny if they would've tried.

Every decision has been made contrary to logic, and the result is a film that is brutally contrived and anti- humorous.

A very typical sequel, but enjoyable laughs.

Lazy and Repetitive (Spoiler Alert) .

There are also times where, instead of having an editor chop down this needlessly long and repetitive dialog containing curse words, they blatantly censor and dub over random cursing.

This was not his best, even earlier ones, Father's straying to profanity and vulgar, adults left early and families with kids met us in the lobby.

It just seemed to go on forever with how pointless and unfunny everything was.

The teenager with her friend, were very boring.

His character is dull and obnoxious making Jonathan probably the worst character in the entire movie.

There was no horror, I was hoping something scary was going to happen when the supposed murderer came out of the water, when Hattie's in the outhouse, but nothing happened.

" is enjoyable enough.

Some of the worst jokes, most boring scenes and just plain bad movie structure ive seen.

Even with all of them being stranded in the house was boring.

In fact, I once again fought sleep part of the time as I do for many movies I find boring.

" She leads much of the banter, and her insults are more than enough to keep things engaging alongside her older colleagues.

I fast forwarded it the first 38 minutes because it was so boring.

One of the worst movies Ive ever watched.

So I fell asleep first 5 minutes all I heard as I would wake up throughout this pos was sum old pervert that wasn't funny talking about old hos or something.

While his sexually harsh jokes, lack of respect for others, and intense focus on drugs are not my main source of humor, this character has some of the best comedic moments of the movie.

Yet, I found this movie to be the weakest of the installments, particularly due to the unbalanced characters and lack of story to guide the mischief better.

Pointless for me to even watch .

I couldn't laugh hard because the material here is just bland.

I'd say it's lazy but given how absurdly repetitive this all is, I was half expecting Sacha Baron Cohen to come popping out of that dress saying, "gotcha!

It's simple fun, fast paced humor will keep fans howling in delight, while also welcoming a new age in with its simplicity.

It's crazy and filled with laughs and no matter where it fails compare to the first one, we are there to laugh and that's what makes this sequel enjoyable.

No story: Boo 2's other major dislike for me is that lack of a story.

Some of the camera angles are kinda sketchy sometimes, and that's confusing since Perry has done so many films by now.

Don't waste your time on this crap.

The worst movie .

Just plain bad acting, boring, distasteful jokes, not the slightest bit funny.

This leads to an entertaining environment that is simply fun on many levels, that's right no complicated thinking in this film.