Book Club (2018) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Four lifelong friends have their lives forever changed after reading 50 Shades of Grey in their monthly book club.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Bill Holderman
Stars: Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 49 out of 257 found boring (19.06%)

One-line Reviews (116)

I would see it right again that's how enjoyable it was.

it gets tiresome very very quick

Perhaps due to the low expectation, or the clever writing and balance the movie is certainly one of the more enjoyable chick flicks I've seen in a while.

If you've seen Jane Fonda in the brilliant "Grace and Frankie" -- her other examination of the life of a sexually active septenagarian -- then don't waste your time on this bland, ridiculous knock off.

The ending was a happy but very predictable.

Moments of true funny, and okay if you like predictable .

Things I liked: I thought Candice Bergan's character was the most enjoyable and realistic.

The main 4 in Book Club all stand strongly on their own as leading ladies but the "lifelong" friendship felt contrived, to me.

I along with many others went to the first show - only 12 empty seats - it was a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Utterly clichéd, predictable, idiotic, corny movie which is verson of 'Sex and the City' for 65-80 aged females .

I could never respect a film with a plot like that, plus it's just poorly made and dull as well.

She's really great in it and looks stunning.

The attempt to tackle so much human psychology and motivation in this 2 hour film ends up draggy and uninteresting.

The movie screams "Formulaic film for dumb audiences" from the very start .

This film is a waste of time, predictable, embarrassing, superficial and a moronic misuse of the talents of what I thought were good actresses.

Highly entertaining, it reminds me of another film Diane Keaton starred in about three women getting even with their exes 'The First Wives Club'.

Loved it, the movie doesn't pretend to be more that is should be, I enjoyed it very much, all the actors are great, I wish there would be more movies like that with such a strong cast :) A+ girls !!!

The pace was really slow at times, though, I felt very restless from the end of the first hour to maybe 15 minutes from the end.

It has bland characters, hard to believe and wastes the talent on screen.

Nelson, Andy Garcia and Richard Dreyfus-but it was just a little predictable.

Wow what a surprising waste of time .

Boring and unfunny .

Character building, yes, but in terms of keeping me hooked, these slower moments did not accomplish more than extending the run time.

Apart from jokes mentioned above, the film was thin on humor, slogging along at a slow pace with the uneventful pairing of the character with an impotent husband for Steenburgen's character; an old flame from the past for Fonda; a fussy and shy accountant for Bergen, and an airline pilot for Keaton's widow.

50 shades of boredom .

This movie is slow slow slow!

This has to be the worst movie I have ever seen!

The strongest emotion besides omnipotent boredom was a pity for Andy Garcia - what did he do in this show?

It's a sweet, funny, and entertaining story.

Many boring conversations....

It's a light weight Rom / Com for chronologically challenged women with a script you could phone in and a few funny moments with 4 talented women , who deserve better scripts as they're talent is wasted here.. I've seen this recipe before in much better movies like First Wives Club and this years Oceans 8 but this was tedious and predictable.

Funny, Entertaining, with many Laugh Out Loud Moments .

It was not very funny, slightly boring, too much talk among women.

Therefore, the boring pieces are fewer than anticipated and that means more amusement to keep me hooked into the film.

Or as Woody Allen said in Love and Death: an empty void.

I had zero expectations going into this, but walked out with a smile on my face from ear to ear.

It was funny, there were many great jokes all the time, it was not boring at all, always something happening, the actresses were just great and super enjoyable and it was so romantic!

This is a bland film, with few redeeming features despite a game cast.

It was like a typical chick flick with cliche old people references and jokes.

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It may be a movie for the older generation, and I'm in that category, so perhaps I enjoyed it more than many .

Very much a mediocore movie with a dull plot, the movie felt a Lot like and exploration og what goes though a housewifes mind while reading the booking 50 shades of Gray.

This is a lazily plotted and tedious film.

Totally predictable.

It is not funny, and the attempt at humor is banal and trite.

I would find it very mildly entertaining.

A young woman's confusion can be endearing.

It's predictable and I still laughed out loud.

I just adore Jane Fonda, and her show Grace & Frankie is one that I always find funny and unpredictable, and that I can hardly wait for the next episode of.

Enjoyable, simple movie .

Minor but enjoyable .

Entertaining, well done!!.

Fans of these legendary ladies, or a girls group looking for fun should totally check out this film in theaters, and have one of the more enjoyable girls night outs in a while.

The most entertaining part of the movie was the really old lady sitting in front of my wife and me at the theater...

A thoroughly entertaining movie


The 4 women are in top shape and have successfully made this movie very entertaining.

Enjoyable But Predictable .

So no script, just an outline of the scene.

Each of the ladies goes through their own struggles, mostly involving some aspect of life starting to dull, or practically fizzle out, as they age.

One of the most boring movies I've ever watched and not an ounce of funny at all.

Funny enjoyable romantic movie.

The combination of the four of them just made a movie that was simply entertaining

The dialog was superficial and boring and sometimes made no sense.

This movie is worth watching only because of its cast.

With such a stellar cast of favorites from my own generation, I expected this movie to be enjoyable.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Save your money!

BORINGGGGGG ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz .

Either way, this is enjoyable viewing for those who aren't expecting anything actually good or solid.

Horrible depressing phony predictable garbage.

Funny and entertaining .

With this concise time, comes a better pace and that leads to more entertaining maneuvers and jokes being brought in.

Bad ,Predictable Geriatric Comedy that's Sadder than it's Funny .

It was predictable, and generic.

" All 3 of us enjoyed it.

This is a very entertaining film, with perceptive writing and brilliant acting.

It made my friends and I very sad and find the movie boring.

Waste of talent and Time- .

However, it was made monotonous, and at times pitiful by the clumsy repetitive attempt at humour.

Diane has the most compelling plot.

This tiresome and ineffectual female friendly romantic comedy fails because the target audience that includes my wife was more busy looking at her Facebook notifications rather than watching the film.

Each woman however had a predictable arc in their relationship that it Rendered the movie, "splotchy.

As it was, it was good for nothing more than the stars' apparently thinning bank accounts, and massive "husband points" for anyone whose wife dragged him to see it.

It's crassness and cardboard formulaic characters made that impossible for me.

This was a tedious, trivial, light-weight dramedy from actresses who can do better (and have before.

Very mildly entertaining.

This is fine, undemanding, largely predictable stuff.

I enjoyed it.

Carol is the next compelling character.

You will get way too much of Jane Fonda showing off the results of her plastic surgery, more of the ditzy, anorexic Diane Keaton, and the other woman is so boring I can't even remember her name.

A once-upon-a-time great cast of truly, undeniably talented actors get together for a a nonsense, flatlined and boring parody of a movie.

The dialogue is juvenile and the situations are forced and oh predictable.

Not what i would of chose, but thought i might of enjoyed it.

I found it absolutely boring and predictable.

I found the question of why, given its cast, this movie was so very mildly entertaining to be part of the entertainment to be found in watching it.

While I agree with some that it was a bit predictable and contrite, as a woman in my mid 50's I could relate to some of what the characters were going through.

It's predictable, cheesy, causes eye-roll over eye-roll just to eventually cause fake-yawns to let your co-watchers know you no longer enjoy watching it.

But the script needed another rewrite as there was no PLOT.

This started out as a funny and timely comedy but quickly morphed into a very predictable and cliche'd statement on aging.

Wit abounds and the leads' predicaments can be intermittently engaging.

The most enjoyable parts of the film for me, were when it wasn't trying to be funny.

The film then becomes as interesting and exciting as old people having sex.

I have never left a movie in the middle, because they are too expensive, but I almost walked out halfway through.

While it may have been a bit (well a lot) formulaic and the end could be guessed from very early on it wasn't a bad way to spend an hour and 45 minutes.

Don't waste your time .

The rhythmnless editting not only lets some comedic beats fall flat, but made some scenes unbearable - notably, that awfully paced conversation between characters Vivian and Arthur in the hotel garden.

Enjoyable light and entertaining movie.

The movie works to be equally about the four leads: Vivian (Jane Fonda) who never settled down and reconnects with her old flame, Carol (Mary Steenburgen) the only one who's happily married but trying to reconnect with her husband after his retirement; Sharon (Candice Bergen) who's been single and divorced for twenty years, trying online dating; and Diane (Diane Keaton) in the wake of her husbands death, torn between her adult daughters trying to control her life and an exciting new stranger in her life.

Book Club at least has a story to tell, though it was kind of boring and it didn't have the element of surprise in any of it's twists.

You'll save time, and the trailer is much more vigorous and entertaining.

An old woman's confusion suggests that she should wear one of those "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up" alarm systems.

Total waste of time and money.

It's swathed in a cliché-indulgent score that smothers most attempts at exposition and character establishment.

I was looking for very mild entertainment to watch at home while I worked on some tedious chores, and I found this movie very mildly entertaining.

Glad Nelson got out of his tiresome funk.