Borderland (2007) - Crime, Horror, Thriller

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On a trip to a Mexican border town, three college friends stumble upon a human-sacrifice cult.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Zev Berman
Stars: Brian Presley, Jake Muxworthy
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 13 out of 67 found boring (19.4%)

One-line Reviews (71)

The Mexico setting is very creepy & the cinematography is stunning & the music score is excellent,this is a brilliantly made film on a low budget but it's so compelling & scary you have to keep watching.

Even the finale, with it's overblown action-movie cliché of storming the hideout with machine guns and such is a lot of fun as well, just not as good as the preceding motel chase.

The kills were enjoyable and the pace of Borderland did not lag, it kept me engaged from beginning to end.

There's also a fairly fun escape attempt at the compound that is quite good, with the different landscape around the area offering some really fun times and a rather well-executed series of tactics to get away being quite thrilling, the predictable finish notwithstanding.

Constanzo's cult practiced sorcery in the form of Palo Mayombe, engaging in torture and human sacrifice for supernatural power, e.

In the end, what you have is a very intense, well acted movie that hearkens back to the classic midnight movies of the 1970s.

Throughout, the slow buildup to the movie's climactic and hugely terrifying denouement is perfectly paced.

It's a dark, dreary story premise transferred to screen through irritatingly revved-up action and lots of gore.

Due to the state of distress that is clearly visible when they go about going for help, the fact that there's the usual line about waiting before doing anything coming up again, while true, just makes it feel like the going-to-the-authorities angle here is just used to waste time, and since the film is a little long to begin with, wasting time going for an obvious route here to waste time seems a little suspect.

Another good feature is the film's rather great encounters with the cult, which are quite frequent and manage to make the film feel brutal and exciting.

While the movie's sometimes unpleasant for obvious reasons, it's gritty, engaging and well-acted, particularly the first half.

The acting is really likable, if not wonderful acting it is tolerable, and the characters are manageable, and the story, while caught up in itself at times, is fun and thrilling.

When things do finally kick off towards the end they do so in the most predictable way imaginable and it's hardly been worth the wait.

Director Berman also got fantastic cinematography used for his movie as it's drenched in a gritty, grimy texture that covers the whole movie in well like some sort of grime lol, it's really creative & visually stunning, the look is so hyper intense & raw as hell.

On an average, all of these actors and actresses did an amazing job giving life to such cliché-ridden teenagers.

It had everything that would eventually make a riveting movie: crime, drug-dealer cartels, black magic (a hotchpotch of Christianity, Voodoo and Palo Mayombe), human sacrifice and more sadism then the average mind would feel comfortable with.

The movie is worth watching if, like me, you're a gore hound.

I must admit Borderland annoyed me, as well as being boring & not that gory the whole twitchy camera got on my nerves.

Entertaining AND informative at the same time-excellent job.

There's always an uneasy tone going on, like a sense of danger in it's atmosphere & it becomes more & more intense as things start to happen to our 3 friends.

This is a modern instant Horror Cult Classic in my opinion, from the incredibly intense & shocking opening scenes right upto the final blood soaked showdown, this is an expertly crafted gory Horror that feels like it was ripped right out of the 70's where it belongs!!.

I highly recommend it to those with strong stomachs.

Creating a thrilling experience rather than a flat torture fest.

Overall, from a torture film standpoint it's mediocre.

After awhile, after the movie spends enough time creating it's setting and theme that is, it picks up pace and by now you have gotten the concept and are beginning to become interested in how exciting and well done it is becoming.

The film looks bland with bleached out colours, Borderland is just a unremarkable & colourless film.

Disgusting set pieces is what is delivered from the unwatchable cop torture that begins the movie to the fate of Phil's character.

It is a little slow paced, considering that the first half is basically made up of showing how the three friends are wanting to have a good time by getting wasted until one of them is kidnapped to, later discovered, be used for a human sacrifice, so that might throw some people off.

Very well written story, very believable acting including one VERY intense role by Jake Muxworthy.

The majority of the film is actually very mundane, simplistic and even on the verge of being really boring!

While this may be boring to some, I felt it really allowed me to get know and care about them, making everything that followed that much more upsetting.

Instead of becoming more involving or thrilling as the action unwinds, it becomes increasingly distant, chilly and mechanical.

It keeps you intrigued and leaves you gripping till the end.

The tale provides a really delightfully horrifying mix of quasi-religious/satanist cultishness, sadistic gore, fun-loving college students plunged into terror, and nightmarish cross-cultural confusion.

This film starts fairly formulaic and had me rolling my eyes when they introduce the hero, who was, of course, off on his own thinking his profound and pure thoughts.

Luckily, nothing happened and mercifully, we never saw her again after that.

Though I'm ten years late in seeing this, it felt a tad cliché and predictable at times, even for back then.

It gets quite intense toward the end.

The movie just manages to entertain so well, that I could watch it again many times to come for how entertaining it is.

While I can't say the movie offered up too many moments in which I actually felt scared, it was very engrossing, and frequently horrifying.

It's got pretty much everything required for one of these scenes, with a logical reason for a chase, thrilling stalking moments, close encounters, a lot of blood and gore, a great setting and a perfect conclusion, stays interesting the whole way through with lots of last-minute saves and it pretty much remains great the whole way through.

The group decides to take enjoy a local amusement park that night where, thanks to Henry, drugs are consumed in order to help make the night more enjoyable.

Still gotta mention: Jake Muxworthy as Henry, gives an intense & really good performance as does Brian Presley as Ed, who turns from timid nice guy into a savage killer by the end, it's another great performance from it's three friends leads who are all so believable in their roles.

I highly recommend it to those with strong stomachs.

It was an intense experience.

But that's what makes it so gripping.

Fairly predictable thriller, with director Zev Berman pulling most of his punches.

Well, somehow after that real promising start, and after the abduction, it just get's a bit boring.

There is the out-of-nowhere character who has a past and information on the villain(s) (in the case the cult), and rallies with our protagonists, which is pretty cliché.

One of the problems is the fact that the film manages to feature the usual tired cliché when featuring this kind of film, with the local authorities being unable to find someone due to a series of logistics that wouldn't happen in real life.

"Borderland" starts promising, suspenseful and very brutal.

Boring horror thriller.

Along the way they hook up with a stunning and resourcefully independent Mexican barmaid played by Martha Higareda (soon to be seen alongside Keanu Reeves and Hugh Laurie in The Night Watchmen) and, as fate would have it, cross paths with members of the gang.

This sub genre became tiresome very quickly, and this horrible mess is devoid of plot, sympathetic characters, or any urgency.

Three guys go on an exciting trip away to experience some of the delights Mexico has to offer, only to fall foul of a crazy religious cult practising human sacrifice.

far exceeded my expectations;thrilling and surprisingly well made .

The opening scene of this movie deceives, situating it firmly in Hostel territory, with grotesque violence and intense claustrophobic action.

With the cramped corridors not offering much in the form of hiding spaces and the cult members being armed with machetes not helping matters, the fact that it goes on for several floors, into one of the rooms, up the side of the building and onto the roof, which culminates in a rather exciting encounter is all part of the fun.

Boredom land would be a better title....

It has gore, violence, nudity, good(i mean great background score) which keeps you tensed and gripping, great plot(based on a true story), good acting , strong performances especially by Brian Presely and Martha Higareda and overall good direction.

Refreshing gripping and tasteful torture film .

This pretentious sh*t is just that.

I really like the basic strategy: starting with a really nasty, brutal, scary torture scene, introducing the horrifyingly sadistic and creepy Gustavo; then for a fairly lengthy time we have this wonderful story full of indirection and feints and suggestiveness, including all kinds of cultural misdirection and confusion, during which I kept looking for a new horror along the lines of the initial scene of horror; and finally after this long fear-inducing build-up, we get an even more horrifying torture scene and a bloodbath to go along with it.

It will leave you on the edge of your seat and straining to look at the screen.

Borderland is simply a really engaging thriller with some visceral and bloody moments.

The intense scenes in this movie made me get antsy and I love the feeling of thrill and excitement in a movie and this had a lot of it.

But Borderland is more "entertaining," if that makes sense, because there is at least a genre that it falls into neatly.

The film has some points of really high interest however, and even though it is slow paced after a disheartening opening, it is nonetheless extremely entertaining throughout the remainder.

It all amasses in a tight, thrilling story that gets your blood pumping.

"Borderland" is a rather enjoyable film if only plagued by a few small problems.

Borderland was absolutely stunning to me and I really loved it.