Braceface (2001) - Animation, Comedy, Family

Hohum Score



An 8th grader with preteenage problems on her mind and magical braces in her mouth tries to survive 8th grade and later, high school.

IMDB: 6.4
Stars: Marnie McPhail, Alicia Silverstone
Length: 30 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-Y
Reviews: 4 out of 25 found boring (16%)

One-line Reviews (10)

Don't waste your time with this show.

'Braceface' is an enjoyable half hour episode, animated series.

I find this show intriguing.

It's an enjoyable show, and I like the vivid colors used for animation.

The themes are unimaginative and just plain boring.

Nothing special, but fairly enjoyable, and not a bad Alicia Silverstone effort ...

In fact, the show is fairly enjoyable, providing an uplifting message that being an ordinary teen is fine, and that all those little dramas that are deemed horrible at the time will generally work out okay.

other people who are 10 to 14 might still like it so dont take it off, it is just a waste of time listening to older people who complain about a show whats meant to be for younger kids like me

True it is very predictable at times, and may have some clichéd characters here and there and it is not the most original show ever admittedly.

Fairly Enjoyable Teen Fare .