Brannigan (1975) - Action, Comedy, Crime

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Chicago Police Lieutenant Jim Brannigan is sent to the U.K. to escort organized crime boss Ben Larkin back to the U.S., but Larkin's hitmen prepare an ambush for Brannigan.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Douglas Hickox
Stars: John Wayne, Richard Attenborough
Length: 111 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 7 out of 60 found boring (11.66%)

One-line Reviews (41)

The location and the sight of Wayne in such unexpected surroundings is easily the strongest element of the film.

All in all it's only made watchable by the cast and director Douglas Hickox's assured ability to enliven a lot of scenes that would otherwise have dragged far worse.

The uninspired script and story (about pursuing gangster John Vernon) is somewhat compensated with some well handled action,some decent light relief,and the sheer spectacle of Wayne sharing scenes with familiar British character actors,a highly unusual and rather fascinating occurrence.

Stirring film in which there are nail-biting action scenes , intrigue , blasts , suspenseful set pieces and a big star as well as an excellent plethora of secondaries such as : Judy Geeson , Richard Attenborough , Mel Ferrer , Ralph Meeker , Daniel Pilon , James Booth , Bruce Glover and brief acting by Lesley Anne Down as a prostitute .

The narrative is a bit tortuous and I won't go into the difficulty Wayne has in recapuring the now-at-large fugitive except to say that none of the expected action scenes are missing and that, in the course of being executed, they take us on a grand tour -- the changing of the guards, a high speed pursuit across Tower Bridge, a barroom brawl, and a suspenseful episode on Picadilly Circus.

There's nothing very original about it, but it's an entertaining and diverting flick.

However they do have an undeniable appeal and are generally enjoyable movies they are certainly not cinematic masterpieces and many are living on the reputation of 'Dirty Harry'.

With that in mind this is a reasonably entertaining caper and ideal TV fodder.

The way he walks to avoid the sudden jarring,the collar of his jacket folding up,the moments of reflection,the slow pacing of his part in the bar fight,his avuncular attitude towards D.

The photography and music made it all the more enjoyable.

It was the fact that this was John Wayne's third-to-last movie, with the dull Rooster Cogburn following it and Don Siegel's magnificent The Shootist as Wayne's career finale.

BRANNIGAN is an engaging fish-out-of-water cop thriller clearly modelled on DIRTY HARRY.

The film ends with a somewhat predictable twist; indeed, much of the film is predictable, as it trots out all the standard situations of the police genre.

For most of the way, it's an entertaining - if never truly excellent - star vehicle, and a genuinely "different" role for The Duke.

Routine but Enjoyable Crime Thriller .

Why waste the Duke's small amount of time remaining on junk like this?

Exciting, fast-paced and slickly directed by Douglas Hickox who directed Oliver Reed in "Sitting Target" (1972 - see my review), and in common with that film, his direction has the right feel for tough guy thrillers employing the right actors and staging some fantastic action scenes such as a marvelous pub brawl in a London bar.

" And while "Brannigan" will probably be regarded as one of the lesser efforts of his legendary career, it was, and remains, an amusing and entertaining two hours, and a rare chance to see Wayne in a contemporary setting.

Action packed,comedy filled fun.

Douglas made all kinds of genres and playing them known actors , such as Drama : ¨Sins¨ with Joan Collins , ¨Mistral's daughter¨ with Stacy Keach ; Black comedy : ¨Entertaining Mr Sloane¨ with Harry Andrews ; Monster movie : ¨Behemoth , the sea monster¨ co-directed by Eugene Lorie with Gene Evans ; Action : ¨Sky riders¨ with James Coburn ; Thriller : ¨blackout¨ with Richard Widmark , ¨Sitting Target¨ with Oliver Reed ; Warlike : ¨Zulu dawn¨ with Peter O'Toole ; a Sherlock movie : ¨The Hound of Baskervilles¨ with Ian Richardson and his best film was ¨Theatre of blood¨ an ironical terror/comedy with Vincent Price .

Entertaining John Wayne film in the "Dirty Harry" scheme of things...

The final act is action packed and has a really exciting climax (I will not spoil it for you.

The car chase through south London streets and across the half - open Tower Bridge is quite exciting and the way Mr Wayne gets out of his wrecked Capri,clambers out of the builders' skip and dusts himself off ruefully down put me in mind of Buster Keaton.

Finally, the film's thriller side really succeeds it's intriguing and mind boggling.

However, the central story is kind of a bore.

As a glimpse into the past of British life, the thing has a definite charm, but as a cop-drama; any episode of 'The Sweeney' was more entertaining and believable.

Meanwhile, the Chicago mobster, played by John Vernon, is really a peripheral McGuffin our man's chasing while being chased around in this entertaining-enough cop venture that would have worked much better at a sparse 90-minutes.

BUT, on that level, it is a very good and enjoyable film.

This thrilling movie is a genuine ripping yarn with intrigue , mystery , tension , shotguns , car crashes , and outstanding plot twists .

Nicely directed by Douglas Hickox, and complemented by lots of good supporting performances, it is also entertaining in patches.

Another big problem is the story, as others have noted it tries to follow in the footsteps of (the much better) Dirty Harry, but it comes across as convoluted and dull.

Otherwise a bit ho hum, though Tony Booth has a decent role and Sir Dickie is good as Brannigan's superior.

"Exciting, fast-paced and slickly directed.

However,this is still quite an entertaining escape.

The storyline in both movies was quite intriguing.

An enjoyable all action seventies nostalgia trip , being fast paced and rightly developed .

Besides, a moving as well as exciting musical score by Dominic Frontiere .

Even more old-fashioned that Wayne's former police drama ¨McQ¨(here playing a Chigago Police cop) , ¨Brannigan is also more amusing and entertaining .

"Brannigan" has slow pacing, not much in the action category, and it's quite clear that it's trying desperately to top off with the classic action cop movies like "Dirty Harry" (1971) even down to the music score, which resembles Lalo Schifrin's score from the mentioned Clint Eastwood film.

Rogue cop who is "out of control" (in a now-cliché'd Dirty Harry sort of way) John Wayne goes to England to retrieve the Sheriff from KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE.

The film has intense Wayne action!