Breathe (2018) - Drama, Thriller

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This series just asks one question - how far will you go to protect the one you love. Two desperate and driven men must engage in the ultimate cat and mouse game to save the one they love.

IMDB: 8.4
Stars: Madhavan, Amit Sadh
Length: 45 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 9 out of 146 found boring (6.16%)

One-line Reviews (55)

Just the 1st episode is bit slow...

I am absolutely speechless to his effortless & breathtaking acting in the show so far, one of the best works that Indian Cinema has seen.

Acting of all star done the Wonders , Amit sadh was Superb but the Climax should have been better , Totally Predictable from the Staring Point , anyways A good Start to The What's Coming Next

No doubt, Breathe manages to keep you hooked, and even if you ignore the ethical issues that surrounds the central characters' actions, it earns brownie points for its great production value and a compelling score.

This thrilling show starts from a story of R.

The series was so thrilling at every episodes.

One marks cut only for the little slow speed of first two episode except this series was amazing and you feel very emotional and sympathetic at the end in a nice way.

Brilliant, gripping & most importantly satisfying watch .

The retired police head who is now replaced by someone more intense and focused.

Breathe is a confusing one to review.

There are no dull moments in this series, it's definitley worth watching.

Simple Plot, gripping screenplay, excellent climax.

First of all the character are too predictable who speak equally predictable dialogues.

What makes 'Breathe' so exciting are the devious methods he concocts to knock off his victims...

Season 1 worth watching .

Madhavan's personal journey takes a predictable dark turn and he manages it well.

Feels lame, bland & boring.

Herein lies the confusion: Should you compare it with the great drama shows of today's time - Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, the Wire, etc. that such audiences primarily indulge in?

After Laakhon Mein Ek Amamzon came up with gripping web series .

Thrilling plot, Great acting, Excellent background score.

Just now finished S01E08 Get Ready to Expect the Unexpected The ending of season one is somewhat shell-shocking, and I am sure that i haven't anticipated this.

It's a such gripping story with well cinematography.

Great, engaging plot.

Thrilling TV Series .

Even though there are enough movies out their which talk about family and what one can do for them (yes fast and the furious franchise I am talking to you) still it is unique enough to stand out of the crowd and provide an entertaining experience .

The trailer of this show spoils a lot of scenes which is very disappointing as it makes the show a lot more predictable.

After a success story of thrilling Inside-edge!

He pretty much carries it on his shoulders, and does it effortlessly, in a way that is enjoyable to watch.

It is stunningly thrilling and just sweeps you in the emotions; it makes you think from everyone's perspective and not just assume what the hero/ main character does is right.

While watching this you will have a thought that the day you all are praying that in India we will have a series as compelling as american series like true detective, Fargo and many more.

Thrilling with an unexpected finale.

To be honest after watching lots of American, Singaporean TV series the series is too slow to be qualified as thriller.

Later the story becomes very predictable.

Breathtaking .

Thrilling .

Thrilling but predictable .

Madhavan is natural into it and keeps the thriller engaging.

Its mind blowing Wow it is the bestest series i have ever seen

Brilliant and gripping .

The series was so interesting and thrilling.

#Breathe is gripping & always puts you on the edge of your seat.

Overall Breathe is a must watch, for all looking for a thrilling web series!

Plot is so intense that it'll make you glued to it.

This is a very fresh adaptation for Indian Television with a gripping theme.

There is a classic good cop/bad cop element to their relationship that is entertaining and quite sweet to watch, providing some light-hearted smiles in some of the heavier scenes.

Loved it about how intense medical research was done before putting every murder in as a scene.

Predictable, average direction, carries simple and basic flaws.

Obviously, because of its timid, holes-ridden plot and a predictable storyline, it breaks down midway.

This web series is outstanding, riveting, emotional and a very well made story.

The plot itself, while managing to pull of a minor suspense here and there through the show, is filled with predictable holes and unbelievable story arcs (such as the mannequin 'reciting' the story to the blind children, the conveniently cooperative police cover-up in the end, and several others).

His portrayal of police officer Kabir Sawant is intense and so real that in every scene you can feel his brokenness and the emotional turmoil he's going through.

Intense and Gripping .

Even though the story is predictable and has some pacing issues, it is the type of heart wrenching thriller that the audience needs

An unpredictable and unforgettable one!

Very gripping story line, awesome cinematorgraphy and amazing acting by Madhavan.