Bridget Jones's Baby (2016) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Bridget's focus on single life and her career is interrupted when she finds herself pregnant, but with one hitch ... she can only be fifty percent sure of the identity of her baby's father.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Sharon Maguire
Stars: Renée Zellweger, Gemma Jones
Length: 123 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 22 out of 128 found boring (17.18%)

One-line Reviews (66)

Sharon Maguire - the director of the original "Diary" - has delivered here a fun, absorbing and enormously entertaining piece of fluff that deserves to do well.

Offensively boring: quit while you're behind .

This movie was cute, entertaining AND predictable.

The first was good, thoroughly enjoyable, even with her dreadful English accent!

Colin Firth wheels out the same boring very 'proper' English character.

I seriously have to adore the guy if I'm willing to spend two hours of excruciating viewing torture just so I can be in his filmic company while he wanders around with a bored look on his face, undoubtedly pondering his poor career choices.

I'm probably going to be berated on this, but Bridget Jones still follows the formulaic, love ritual that the genre has become.

I smiled once, but that was in relief that this boring garbage finally ended.

The soundtrack is godawful, Ed Sheeran seems to be forced into this mess, the jokes are predictable and the script itself is so awful, even Colin Firth can't save this one.

While the relationships are shamefully careless, the cast is engaging.

'Bridget Jones's Diary' was an immensely enjoyable film.

Skip the predictable opening scene with Bridget in her pyjamas and we soon see our intrepid heroine whisked away to a festival by her pal at work Miranda (Sarah Solemani).

Dempsey believes in mathematical formulas as indicators of probable compatibility, only to find out that there is no stronger indicator than a look, a reaction, an unexpected move.

It's funny and engaging and the lead character, it feels current because they've allowed it to grow.

The story line is quite original in that it didn't feature the cliché, predictable plot of a good guy vs.

As with previous Bridget Jones movies i have stoped watching it somewhere in the middle because it always seems to be so Long,and ,honestly kinda repetitive - Bridget seems to be real mess this time,getting pregnant because she used old condoms and didn't believe in expiry date - like this woman is like 40-50 ,the better option for the plot would have been if she began to think that she is in menopause and that she cant have children anymore or something like that - i don't want to bash it as much as it seems as i am doing because it is not THAT bad,its actually quite ---- OK continuation of the story ,with actors and actresses not looking out of place in their characters despite the time that has passed from the last movie,and also Renes face actually looked like her old face,i was afraid i wont be able to recognize her as lovely chubby,red faced Bridget because i saw some of her recent red carpet pictures .

I went to see the movie with very low expectations as I've read reviews saying this is a bad sequel full of cliché etc. Well, first of all you are going to see a rom- com movie of a chick-lit book so I guess you already know where this is going.

For all those good things, the story is even more contrived and predictable than 'Edge of Reason', and, apart from a few good moments, too much of the writing and gags are tired, recycled and even more stale, freshness was sorely lacking here.

I want the old Bridget Jones back, not this fancy, skinny, popular, upper middle class, cliche, boring woman.

Its Laugh-out-load funny, emotionally engaging and a rare perfect ending to a perfectly likable trilogy.

In addition, the whole you can do it, as a single mom was kind of pointless in this movie as she continued to pine over her two suitors without much hesitation.

)There's lots of cliché scenes and jokes, some recycled from previous films, the film is very predictable, and I found boring.


Colin Firth is the quintessential Mr.Darcy, but this is also the problem, because by now his Mark is boring to death.

It's exactly what fans might expect but it becomes predictable where it tries not to be and I find this one the least funny and romantically emotional out of the three.

As such I will just say that the script was extremely cliched, misogynistic, predictable, and dated.

Bridget is dragged to a music festival by best friend Miranda (Sarah Solemani).

), this tired extension of the otherwise charming (if ultimately predictable) Bridget Jones series is an exercise in dumbing down and cashing in.

Also, I think BJB story line misses Hugh Grant's character and the way the writers made his convenient death at the beginning of the movie is a little silly and contrived.

There's nothing really wrong with it - the cast is good and so is the acting, the script is engaging, the dialogue is fine (except for the constant cursing, of course).

The main clue was the presence of Colin Firth playing Bridget's will-they-won't-they love interest Mark Darcy, as in the books Firth (at the time fresh from that non-skinny-dipping scene as Mr Darcy (confusing!

The Type who would wet themselves laughing when, in Last of the Summer Wine, Compo falls into the canal for the umpteenth time, but most people would see it coming and yawn, 'oh no.

But as a) I enjoyed it very much and b) a packed audience of women can't be wrong, it got a firm 8*'s.

Dislikes: • Very Formulaic at times • Sometimes a bit too preachy and silly.

Now that we've got the positive out the way, let's stick to the horrible script and plod on.

In addition, the jokes sometimes do get predictable and lost their punch for me (not the case for a lot of the audience).

How banal.


Not the case for this film, as our crew was able to cram so much romance into a short running time and keep the plot moving that it was entertaining to watch.

Because it was actually entertaining from the beginning to the end.

I enjoyed it.

The story is uninteresting.

Even though she has so much work done in her face (her smile is more like a grin) once you decide not to be distracted by that, it's an entertaining story.

This chick-flick, ROM COM revolves around a group of characters, without any real depth, who move sluggishly through a predictable and boring plot, this time taking place several years after the 2nd instalment.

I kept asking myself all these questions, until finally the last 30 minutes of the film showed me answers in a very elegant, unexpected, and sweet way.

The Verdict:Overall, I'm happy to say that Bridge Jones' Baby was one of the more enjoyable romantic comedies I have seen in a while.

The first one was good because it was relatable and funny but a bit boring and slow in some parts.

Bridgette Jones Baby was:-Twee; predictable; safe; lack-lustre and tired; unimaginative; uninspired; badly written; poorly directed; ( And poorly photographed for that matter-not the best cinematography I've ever seen)- cont.. Gauche and just absolutely, embarrassingly and bewilderingly bad.

Nothing to enjoy about this movie, boring, predictable and cliche.

The giving birth scene is very dragged out and almost too painful to watch -- (does any guy really wanna watch his baby get born?

Waste of Time .

To sum up: it's a very entertaining and enjoyable film.

Mark Darcy,Jade, etc.) I would highly recommend it to any "true" Bridget fan.

Much of the story is predictable, with our cast of characters falling into the typical pitfalls and romantic gestures that audiences continue to eat up.

Gemma Jones and Jim Broadbent seem incapable of giving bad performances, though they did deserve more to do, while Sarah Solemani brings an enjoyable amount of sauciness.

I hate myself for paying to see this and supporting not only a reboot, but something so boring unfunny and unoriginal.

The first half of Bridget Jones's Baby conciliates the main character's new situation with the unexpected double romance leading to her big biological disjunctive.

Finally, the movie is too long.

All in all, an enjoyable movie!

On the other hand the movie was a little too predictable for me to get fully invested in.

The film was all around very entertaining.

But again it is formulaic and overly preachy at times, much of which is geared toward the intended audience that was often eye -rolling to me.

There were comments on the level of banality of the story like "Middle Class Lady has Middle Class Baby (who cares?!

With two male protagonists, it gets kind of boring.

Certainly the packed cinema - filled with probably 90% (well oiled) women - certainly thought so, in what was a raucous and entertaining showing!

the film is about as boring and unfunny as it can possibly get.