Brigham City (2001) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

Hohum Score



The sheriff of a small Utah community searches for a serial killer.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Richard Dutcher
Stars: Richard Dutcher, Wilford Brimley
Length: 119 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 6 out of 61 found boring (9.83%)

One-line Reviews (41)

Wow, Richard Dutcher really had his hands full in this drama, his story was unpredictable, I had no idea who the killer was, the twists kept me guessing, and wondering right up until the very end.

Also Carrie Morgan is cast the female supporting actress as the Sheriff Office Clerk and actress Tayva Patch as the cliché' "trench coat" out of town FBI agent.

It doesn't take a lot of brain cells to watch this film and it isn't paced out rapidly, so you could fall asleep to it.

One of the most intriguing films ever made .

For me, the last scene was quite disturbing - in an evocative way.

) I'm giving this one a 6/10, for just being, well, kinda boring...

Yes, there is some religion and yes much of the cast in unknown, but I found this film to be fascinating.

The plot suspenseful unfolds as the town sheriff who happens to be a bishop deals with these events on a professional level as well as a personal one.

compelling religious-themed murder mystery .

A tad obvious, somewhat sanitized, and not without its plotholes, "BC" should be an entertaining and worthwhile watch for most mature adults into serious-minded drama irrespective of faith.

Good story, a little too predictable .

My wife and I saw it at an 11:00 showing and we were freaked out when we left the theater.

Thank you, Mr. Dutcher, for making a VERY entertaining film and a beautiful meditation upon the nature of faith.

In the Sunday school scene the teacher drones on and cannot get even the simplest comment from anyone in the class.

I think that preconceptions about Mormonism aside it is a very enjoyable movie.

The characters are well acted, with just the right amount of humor amid a mostly serious and intense move.

All in all it was quite intense and slightly uncomfortable.

Services can get boring and lifeless and Sunday school can feel like regular school.

I love a good movie where you are on the edge of your seat the entire time, rarely such films achieve this through a mass audience.

How that plays out during the course of the murders makes for a new and excellently entertaining approach to the old mystery formula.

An exciting movie with twists and turns that keep you glued to the screen.

It was truly creepy, intense and most importantly, complex.

Unfortunately we have experienced something terrible and unexpected in our community, too, and it takes in fact some time until you are able to admit the truth - you just think you are in the wrong movie.

The pace of the film is a bit slow and labored as well, especially compared to the feel of God's Army.

The other engaging aspect of the movie is that it also wisely utilizes both the setting (a small Utah town) and the cultural and religious traditions of the mormon church.

The ending seemed to be leading up to a crisis,but was solved by the cliche of having everyone in the town backup the lead character.

Not sayinggive us a propaganda film, but something for us to chew on, likeWilliam Peter Blatty did with The Ninth Configuration or Bill Paxtondid with Frailty (granted they're both Christian films, but I'm surethe Mormon religion can be fascinating also).

It is informative as showing what Mormon life is really like in a small rural town but it is also highly entertaining as it draws you into it's characters and spins a web of wondering around you.

If you are afraid that going to this movie is going to subject you to Mormon propaganda or Mormon preaching or spirituality, you can put your fears to rest.

Suspenseful, thrilling, nerve-wracking, humorous, touching, and very emotional.

Boring and predictable.

Though Dutcher and the film's production company, Zion Films, may be saying that they are making movies that are by Mormons and for Mormons, to a large extent, it's fairly evident that they've also been trying to market and reach a secular or non-Mormon audience, and rightfully so, as there is an understanding and glimpse into LDS life in these films that can be appreciated by non-members, and they are also entertaining in and of themselves, regardless of the Mormon aspects.

An intriguing little thriller.

Really a waste of time.

Is God's Army a "Mormon Propaganda" Film as has been claimed by the few harboring anti-Mormon sentiment?

powerful, absorbing and...

Always a huge fan of the independents, this one is spectacular, not only taking you into the intimate lives of these characters, but twisting and turning you through a suspenseful mystery.

Unexpected emotional powerhouse .

Richard Dutcher has really done something unexpected here...

"Brigham City" is a tight, intense, and above all, thought provoking murder mystery.

It's difficult to watch Richard Dutcher's very capable and entertaining, `Brigham City,' without choking on the intended Mormon zeitgeist that permeates the story.