Brightburn (2019) - Horror, Sci-Fi

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What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister?

IMDB: 6.4
Director: David Yarovesky
Stars: Elizabeth Banks, David Denman
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 87 out of 410 found boring (21.21%)

One-line Reviews (228)

The idea of having an evil Superman type of character, leaves open for an intriguing take on the superhero genre.

Its a bit cliche when it comes to the mother always defending the son who doesn't always believe that something is truly wrong until the end.

Fast paced climax, inventive destruction and kills, and a mix of horror/slow burn really make for a hell of a ride.

Yet, the movie has some areas that while entertaining are not the most ground breaking in terms of storytelling.

The story is slow and probably could've been over in a hour at the most.

Anyway, I really enjoyed it.

"Take the World" gave me chills as did the self portraits of the world conquered under his dominion..Whoa!The violence is unrestrained and brutal..The cgi is awe inspiring and very very well done..This movie is a keeper for me and off the charts when it comes to rating it ..This is setup to have a sequel and I want to see that done...

Actually i didnt finish whole movie, i was bored as hell and get out of the cinema.

i'm not overly impressed by the acting, and the plot speed are a little slow and the story have some holes here and there.

Don't waste your money on this.

Opposite of a hero but as thrilling as one.

I'm a pretty nice guy and tend to do the right thing, but much like Ben Parker, with great power, comes great responsibility, despite how cliché that is.

Super fascinating!

This 'what if' Superman story is a tense, intriguing descent into hell.

it was very predictable.

But no, they instead make it a straight faced horror movie with the worn out cliche of characters dying one after another from the menace.

Save your money and just go watch something name-brand, I promise literally any iteration of Superman is better than this.

But it was boring AF.

So many plot holes and trite goings on.

There was an opportunity to take a lot of chances with this story, but it decides to settle for being a mildly entertaining flick.

it's really boring.

Exciting Thriller .

Please don't waste any of your precious time.

The cinematography, the score, acting & characters were pretty much definitely above average & enjoyable to watch.

I was really bored most of the time.

I either expected it to be slow, dark and just terrifying, or a brutal, gory, fun movie.

Just infuriating that the direction the story took was too dull for its own good.

Quite thrilling, nice movie .

fell asleep and then woke up to finish the end of the story.

This film is a slow burn at first until the final third part becomes a fiery chaos.

Predictible but entertaining .

Yes, it's a horror, but I would count this as a coming of age story.

Dull and Generic .

It had a few entertaining moments.

Very Entertaining, Don't Listen To Critics .

The film features some quite grisly scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

This movie's stupid, boring, and what else was I thinking?

I feel it would've benefited if it had about 15 more minutes to slow down and possibly add a few more interesting scenes.


' But the potential of the premise was hijacked by bland character development and hackneyed jump scares.

It was predictable .

There was practically no story in this pointless sequence of events around an adopted boy who appears to be some kind of powerful demonic alien.

Lame, predictable and no end .

The story was pretty predictable and not at all surprising.

But instead it was much more exciting than any Superhero/ Supervillain Film I've ever seen!

In these boring days of anabolized, messianic films where more than going to the movies it looks like you go to church, this is seriously needed.

I found I noticed how long the film took, rather than being immersed and given previous movies by the same director I felt a bit let down.

Boring and stupid .

Very entertaining and very interesting.

Plot was also a little predictable but enjoyable.

You have to review horror movies a bit differently because most people go there for the antagonist, the kills, and for being overall entertaining.

Additionally, "Brightburn" suffers from most of the same pitfalls of being formulaic and generic as any other modern day horror film.

Just a predictable light horror movie.

Slow start with a strong finish.

Many things made this movie really enjoyable and entertaining.

And that's not necessarily a bad thing because it does kind of subvert our expectations when it comes to what we should expect in a superhero origin story, but if this movie was slower paced and more of a dramatic character study than a horror film, it would've worked so much better.

Unusual horror story, but it quite thrilling to watch.

Too slow, plot holes all over the place.

Certain moments in this film will definitely have you on the edge of your seat and cringeful stomach churning Gorey moment's.

to get to the moments to see those shine, we have to sit and watch the most bland and unforgivably BORING "everything else"!

I actually added it to my Spotify I enjoyed it that much.

The movie its self unintentionally feels like a masculine answer to De Palma's original Carrie, there is a bit about coming of age and awakening a power rooted in darkness for a young outcast along with a foreboding feeling of unease and tension through out the first half of the film, which comes in at svelte hour and thirty minutes.

Enjoyable horror .

If I had any qualms with it, then I wished it would have taken a few more unpredictable turns for the child rather then going dark too quickly.

Foremost & firstly, this is an intriguing spin upon the mythos that Superman spearheaded into mainstream.

What makes them fascinating that in another timeline, they could have gone bad and have become a threat to humanity.

We all left the theatre, compared notes, and we all emphatically agreed that we should have walked out after the first five minutes.

Really enjoyed it love the fact he didnt turn good at the end he just got darker and darker.

The ending to me is just mind blowing!

The deaths are intense and I loved how creative they were.

Now since we've seen the whole Superman thing it's kind of predictable what going to happen to Brandon, and I wish it just wasn't Superman powers and something a little more.

And it's pretty good to be honest I really loved how the tension was in the movie in general this is a really dark take on the superhero movie and it is really fascinating to actually see or to actually witness seeing a superhero getting powers like Superman and turning it to an evil Superman version, its actually very terrifying and this film did a phenomenal job at showing us what could happen if brightburn really does exist I love the tension I love the characters especially to the evil Superman I think that this is a a new Revolution in cinema history.

If you ever got bored of watching superhero movies then you should go and catch this movie.

No suspense, only a complete waste of your time and money.

Bad characters, badly timed gore, predictable choices.

The jumpscares were a little dull and predicting as well when Brandon does super speed to kill anyone.

The story was quite refreshing for what they were going for, the cinematography is downright stunning, the effects and violence was pretty great the acting was pretty stellar.

The story was dragged out and it was the vibe of 'Superman meets the Omen'

Each scene is something intriguing taking place, thankfully!

Surprisingly entertaining.

Highly Intense .

Neither fully encapsulating me with its proposed entertaining concept or boring me with its outlandish horror.

However, it is also bland and dull.

And completely dull.

Too bad everything is just dumb and bland.

Don't waste your money, I wanted to walk out after only thirty minutes because everything was so poorly written and performed.

Worst movie i've ever seen .

We're introduced to this black fat kid who bullies the main charecter and you expect they would do something with him, but they forgot he existed in the second half so his inclusion in the movie was pointless.

The first 40 or so minutes were nice, going up and up, exciting and all, definitely an 8/10 at that point, but then it started using too much cliche horror tropes, not enough action for the climax & Bad Guy by Billie Eilish as the credits song.

Pls dont waste your time watching this...

Get away from Shazam and the Avengers and see a proper film that is a masterpiece and will genuinely have you sitting on the edge of your seat and squirming.

The movie so closely mimics Superman that it runs into the exact same set of writing hurdles that very few writers who've tackled the character of Superman have been able to overcome, like how do you keep a character compelling if he is invulnerable to physical harm, has super speed, flies and shoots lasers out of his eyes at will?

Enjoyable and Intriguing Despite Some Issues .

Anyway the film was so dark and intense, especially with those killing scenes and how they've been portrayed in conclusion I would say that this is the DARKEST.

Make no mistake and go see this movie, it's short , brutal and enjoyable.

I personally love watching horror films and there was one part so intense where I couldn't even look.

Happily, this movie embraces the fact that the story it's telling is stale and ends up being a really enjoyable movie.

The adult acting is meh, and the kids are ok, but the overall idea of this movie is what makes it worth watching.

A character of the boy real disgusting and no storyline

the pace of the movie is on the faster side, but i thoroughly enjoyed it.

This movie is incredibly boring and for a 7 million dollar budget, it really should not be this way.

However, it becomes clear what he's capable of and the remainder of his rampages are relatively predictable once the evil surfaces.

The visual effects are stunning!

There's some effectively suspenseful scenes and considering the small budget, the cg is surprisingly good.

Exceeded expectations, provided intense scenes that were new and creative.

Boring and really easy to guess whats happening all thrue the movie.

This film was beautifully disturbing and for the most part, unpredictable.

It could do with exploring Brandon's powers a little more and maybe show a little bit more F**cked up scenes of messy brutality in a slow and rising way.

So, I have completely enjoyed it.

The story is so predictable if u ever superman movie.. you will see the same momentthe story is not ended well

I must say I really enjoyed it.

The few devices the film has as predictable or really badly written and the film instils no feeling of interest or love for any of the characters, to the extent that other than the main characters name and his mothers name, you hardly remember anyone's name, if it was given at all.

Yes there are some plot holes and unanswered questions but overall this is well worth watching and at least 85% better than some other crap out there.

Now Sony, the official propaganda arms of the Sore Losers' so-called government, launches another all-out insidious assault against our U.

The story is also predictable with nothing to sympathizes with.

It's incredibly basic to the point where it can feel dull at times.

The movie is outrageously predictable....

I guess the fact that they only annoyed me after means I enjoyed it whilst watching.

There are several moments when I thought, yes, this is interesting,but please slow down so I can marinate in it.

Brightburn does not take long to begin getting into the creepy aspects, quickly evolving the plot into this dark, comic book like adventure that tries to be thrilling and suspenseful.

And this flix plods on a pace to notice it's hollowness.

Save your money and your time....

I want to left the theater soon before the end credit.

this is one of enjoyable horror superhero film then topet sematary (2019) or film Jordan Peele US, he wishes this was his movie well thank god he doesn't own this movie.

Bloody, interesting and unpredictable at some points with few great killing scenes!!

It's definitely worth watching.

Really its probably a 6.8 kinda movie but it was overall enjoyable to get this nice middleground in the grunge scene.

This movie is worth watching.

Brothers Gunn as screenplayers showed that even most boring story in the world could be great and interesting with right tool.

I'm a bit morbid and I hate the good guys always winning - it's predictable, it's boring and it's old.

It's just falls flat, full of cliche's and undeveloped charachters.

It rarely happens that I am pleased with a slasher-type horror: pacing can be off, characters can be unlikable, and the kills are off-screen or boring.

I wouldent waste my time.

The concept, while fascinating, is never fully explored.

Predictable, but very entertaining nonetheless.

Waste of time .

Predictable, pretty, unoriginal, sub par effects and generally just an annyoing "What If" story.

It seems that once the spaceship calls out to him, it causes a switch to be flipped in his brain, simultaneously granting him his powers while compelling him to be evil.

Also that's another thing, the horror aspect was so cliche that I rolled my eyes everytime the camera looked at something and when the characters looked away and back again he was already near them.

Even though it's a great film and I've totally enjoyed it, there's something I don't like.

I mean, I wasn't absolutely horrified, but the tone was chilling and suspenseful, which is absolutely fine.

There are no romantic interests, no friendships, no plot twists, no charm, no inspiration, and no point.

It is a tiresome, ill-tempered film, and one too lazy even to earn its dismal outlook.

IN a genre overfilled with gimmicks and cliché approaches though, the saturation level these films have taken.

It is shocking, though what preceded it was a slow build to a tactic that proved futile against his preteen self.

It's bland unoriginal uninspired even it has hollow characters predictable plot bad "villain" design in my opinion.

A very entertaining slasher film.

It's a nice concept and I sincerely hope it spawns a better film than this at a later point, but this is predictable, lazy and frankly quite dull given the subject matter.

An enjoyable, well-crafted thriller .

Very entertaining look at what we so seldom get to think through.

The characters, though some were decently acted, were boring and I was unattached to whether they lived or died.

Generally, very nice horror story, with unexpected jump-scare scenes.

Enjoyable twist on the classic superhero genre .

Intense .

When you watch the concept play out, you'll experience a predictable movie.

Brightburn was thrilling, scary, and very dramatic at times.

There were scenes that worked well for me (the climax in the Breyer house is appropriately creepy and has some real emotional moments or even Kyle's nightmare in the middle) but there were other scenes that fell flat (the diner scene goes on too long and is too predictable).

Every character has no depth, like a painting that is made with no message.

Dallatore's cinematography was often stunning, particularly when surrounded by red strobing lights.

They feel like two real people caught in this fantastical story and despite Tori being just a little slow on the uptake (if you're asking who I identified with more, it was Kyle), I appreciated the screenwriters not making them so naive that it was unbelievable.

Brightburn is a good, entertaining turn on superhero movies.

The movie is sooo predictable and the characters are written very dumb, although Elizabeth Banks carries the movie with her amazing performance.

nurture, but that conclusion only adds to the confusion.

The plot is predictable and unpleasant, as are the majority of the characters, and even Elizabeth Banks doing her darndest to save it isn't enough.

If "Brightburn" was even 30 minutes longer, us as an audience would've had more time to connect with the characters, making Brandon's descent into madness that much more engaging.

And don't expect any twist, it's as predictable as it gets.

wonderfully entertaining

Intense, suspenseful and gory.

Complete waste of my time.

Evil superman can happen but story is very slow lame felt like documentary movie.

The story of a kid with extraordinary powers and decides to use said powers for his own gain is truly suspenseful and will definitely keep your eyes glued to the screen in anticipation for what will happen next.

Worth the watch!

It felt too contrived and so basic.

Predictable and boring.

I enjoyed it a lot.

I thought the ending was predictable....

I just found it boring at times and not that interesting.

With some solid jump scares and a well-shot environment, Brightburn is a very effective horror film, an even more effective thriller, and a slightly entertaining action film at times as well.

the worst movie of 2019 .

Too much of predictable superheroes movie have spoilt the cinema for me; Brightburn definitely breaks the pattern.

Brightburn is an unforgettable origin story unlike any ever seen before, it can be categorized as both superhero and horror genres, and in each of these categories, it is unique and exciting!

What's more exciting is the teaser at the end where others like Brandon show up on the scene.

As I mentioned, the concept is endlessly intriguing.

Waste of money.

The movie is pretty predictable the second he finds out he's from outer space you already know what he's going to do.

This movie os waste of time, stay away if you don't want to laugh in a horror movie.

Overall an enjoyable experience & a bit irritating, because there's parts of it that could've been a lot better.

Most of the tension and suspense is pretty cliche but overall it's a pretty entertaining horror film that deserves a sequal

I thought this was a fascinating, horrifying look at the Superman with a twist.

Giant yawn.

This movie was quirky, inventive unpredictable and within its genre came up with the goods.

Strong first hour, then quickly dissolved into a cliche-ridden slasher movie .

This could've been an amazing film but I found myself checking how long was left as it started to get a bit boring.

It's that comic component that sort of sells this film, providing the entertaining, destructive force of the dark instead of developing the story.

What a pointless mess .

dull burn .

But enjoyable & highly recommended.

Overall, I love how superhero and horror intersect in "Brightburn", it is definitely a perfectly entertaining film for fans of both genres!

But, sadly, instead of being anything meaningful, Brightburn opts to be a surprisingly unoriginal horror flick that barely explores its potentially engrossing concept.

The movie does a very bad job at "scaring" people it only has a couple of jumps scares that are very cheap and predictable.

Save your money .

this movie was great watch it ,,,its enjoyable

Brightburn offers amazing action, compelling acting, but basically no story to engage you.

There were so many throw in unnecessary details that made the movie muddled and confusing.

The acting is great and the power depiction is accurate, but the story is extremely simple and predictable.

Dont waste your time on this one.

The execution is poor and average and such concept gets wasted, this movie plays like an average horror movie and frankly it's quite boring

Something about children killers is entertaining.

highly intense...

Movie is so poorly written & directed that it's confusing.

It's just bad and so very boring.


I highly recommend it!

Rage fueled pointless snuff film .

The story is predictable sure; if you saw the trailer then you know the premise.

The story is new and refreshing but it had many many plot holes and I felt like something is missing the whole time, but I can say that it's worth watching.

Mean-spirited violence with no story .

Everybody knows the beginning of this story and then it starts doing wreckage here and there (Jason Vorhees meets Superman/Man of Steel) but the movie is really bad and predictable, like a low budget horror movie.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen.

Are this guys being paid to give star to this waste of time.

In the end it leaves you feeling empty, as if you had just read a few pages of a pitch, and not a true script.

Unfortunately they took an awful approach on the writing of the movie which completely left it as a massive boiling pot of confusion.

Although there were some good jump scares, overall it was just depressing and kind of boring.

For my problems I guess I would say it felt really rushed, somewhat predictable, and there was just something that felt off to me.

So it makes for an incredibly boring movie.

The film is entertaining from start to finish and gets more intense as it progresses.

While it certainly has its entertaining qualities, it fails to capture the horror of the third act because you never really grow to love Brandon as a normal kid anyway.

Worst Movie EVER.