Brimstone (2016) - Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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From the moment the new reverend climbs the pulpit, Liz knows she and her family are in great danger.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Martin Koolhoven
Stars: Guy Pearce, Dakota Fanning
Length: 148 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 63 out of 246 found boring (25.6%)

One-line Reviews (150)

And lets say for a moment even if this film would not nonchalantly offend alt-right and religiously delusional hypocrites a like, purely from a cinematic standpoint BrimStone is a stunning piece of work.

Enjoyable don't listen to the bad reviews .

Worth watching .

From a dreadful script, wooden acting, preposterous contrived story line and almost impressively bad cinematography considering the setting, there was simply no redeeming feature of this film.

When the film finished, it felt as though it was a mere distraction from the boring central plot.

Sometimes, it was a little difficult to follow the time line of this film.

It's completely pointless, doesn't help any one and doesn't really shine a light into another era's social relations or anything.

The plot is thoroughly intriguing, suspenseful and well paced, neither painfully slow nor hurriedly fast.

It doesn't really matter if it is sad or happy, the important thing is that for a couple of hours, your mind is completely immersed in the story, because in the end, that is the reason why we watch movies, to get entertained and distracted from our routines.

The story is slow, unerving.

But in the end there's no story.

The quality of the acting, production, and cinematography (which is frequently stunning) is absolutely fantastic.

The intense religious aspects are sometimes sadistic and the interaction between Liz and the Reverend are enough to give you chills watching this.

Those who give it a chance though are rewarded with a very well made film with a gripping storyline that, despite the truly miserable tone, is definitely worth your time.

In summary Brimstone is a good movie with plenty of potential for greatness but unfortunately it squanders that potential with excessive violence/sadism, and a drawn out story with too long a run time.

Even though it is quite long (almost three hours long), I was never worried about how much time was left.

This movie is a absolute waste of time, sanity and life.

Pros: Intriguing, brutal, and shocking story, great acting, an outstanding performance by Emilia Jones, perfect pacing, gritty and consistent tone, and a perfect use of violence and nudity that furthers the storyCons: A poor performance by Jack Hollington and the dislocating shoulders scene which didn't make much sense (I didn't put this in the review because it would be a spoiler)Overall Rating: 9.4P.S. This film has been added to my favorite films of all time list.

Waste of my time .

Within the first few minutes of watching the artistic, way too long, camera shots - with a high dependency on drones, I realised that this was most likely a written and directed by the same person movie.

Waste of time.

In general the movie is a waste of time, I have not found a reason why it was worth it see it.

It is too pretentious and lacks reality.

It's a mere poorly told, long, and predictable movie that lacks any substance or common sense.

Notably named stars in cast for a lower budget project that seemingly comes from more indie centric studio/writers/BTS that historically are hit and miss in terms of producing something enjoyable.

That way BrimStone is the most enjoyable experience.

The intense religious aspects are sadistic and the interaction between Liz and the Reverend are enough to give you chills .

Dark, gripping, violent, sick & i loved every minute of it.

The movie could seem confusing because it's made of several stories intertwined though inter-generational time-line.

By contrast this pretentious Michael Cimono effort, uses length as a cudgel to convince the unsure that it surely must have some merit being as long as it is.

It has some pretty big flaws that are impossible to ignore, but a kind of surreal, slow-burning plot with biblical touches which get in your head.

I can honestly say that every minute of the film is worth watching, and every minute of the film affected me right to the core.

Did I mention confusing??

The cinematography, editing and sound were all perfect with the small, and I do mean small exception of the slow pacing.

One of the worst movies .

don't waste your precious time !!


It is engrossing, intelligent, disturbing, moving, exiting and a great way to pass some time.

All chapters have their own tension that is being build up, and is later being released at the end of each episode which keeps the viewer sitting on the edge of the chair.

Even though the movie is a bit slow this is not disturbing.

Despite obvious care in the making, the narrative is absurd, utterly boring and frankly enraging by its portrayal of men.

From beginning to end predictable, it's not surprising, the Director is lacking originality.

Why wasting such great talents and money for such a boring, horrifying story?

The worst movie ever created.

And the unexpected turns made the movie more interesting to me.

On the other hand, if you fancy being dragged through seven shades of hell before emerging to blink on the other side feeling every emotion possible...

How about entertaining?

One thing I didn't like was the non-linear structure; this is told in four chapters but they don't take place chronologically, making it confusing at times.

The issue of it being entertaining is almost superfluous: this film is too meaningful - at least to its makers - such that the question of entertainment is unnecessary.

Way too long.

Most of the shots are in it for shock value and just waste 80% of the movies screen time.

It just becomes too tiresome.

The story begins very well and I really enjoyed it.

I also thought the film was slow and dull after the first hour.

I just thought the movie was completely pointless and if you enjoyed seeing it maybe you should ask yourself why ?

Gripping storyline makes this truly miserable film worthwhile .

The list is quite long.

a lot of jumping back and forth - sometimes a little confusing.

Not because it was bursting with over done explosions and action but because the story and acting is so compelling that you just have to keep watching to find out how it all ends.

It does get a little gory but the ending was unexpected which is good to find in a film as so many these days are predictable.

It's one of the most boring, (and again) WAY TOO LONG movie i've seen in years.

Dacota's performance is exquisite, real and confusing...

It's broken up into four chapters, and each one of them is as strong and intriguing as the last.

Visually stunning and absolutely compelling!

It is waste of time.

Too long, too slow ...

What makes 'Brimstone' worth watching is its gripping storyline, first rate cinematography and fascinating bunch of character.

Still though, after all I said, I'd definitely watch a new Koolhoven movie because he there were enough promising and enjoyable things in this one.

Yet, after viewing the movie I could not shake the feeling of being let down, empty and unmoved.

Easily worth the watch.

Most of the other Redbox viewers said that this was one of the worst movies they had ever seen - unless you like movies about incest, violence against women and child abuse!

It's a slow burn, so for those with a lack of patience, this movie might seem tedious, but for myself , the performances, the unexpected brutality and the strength and tenaciousness of our heroine Liz, makes Brimstone a must see.

The acting is generally good and the first act of the movie is really suspenseful before it all falls apart.

This one is much more disguised propaganda than movie making.

If you're looking to feel sad at the end of a gripping drama with a feminist message and star cast, go see Million Dollar Baby.

The film is basically an account of the many different ways in which he punishes her; beatings, rape, psychological abuse, murder of her loved ones etc. The film takes rather a long time to reach it's very predictable conclusion; she eventually kills him.

If you are are like me you will know in the first half hour it is worth watching.

Ensuring EVERY SINGLE COMPONENT of your film is top drawer is pointless without a well written script, and some semblance of humanity.

Emilia Jones as the youngster is every bit as absorbing as all.

Absolutely a total waste of time.

Guy Pearce in his best role since Momentum is compelling in a role that you cannot turn away from, in fact like a car crash, you cannot avert your eyes to his evil deeds and Dakota Fanning clearly demonstrates her ability to transform from a child actor to female lead in her own right.

The story of the main character (Liz), is so intense, that I could not take my eyes off the screen.

Might as well call this a movie for the Satanic Liberals and leave it at that, what a WASTE of time.

At two and a half hours the film is also way too long and feeling padded at times, so some judicious cutting would have helped a treat.

A perfect Waste of Time .

The slow pace in the edit and the horrifying violence betray that Koolhoven wanted to make an epic film in which he wouldn't avoid anything.

Smart writing and directing but ITS just kinda boring...

It's just a boring, predictable, pretentious film that has no point and is absolutely empty in every way.

And more importantly, I believe that the movie delivers on its promise made in the trailer, the viewer will not feel hoodwinked that they were mislead; a la an action movie that is actually slow, or a comedy that turns out to be a boring, coming-of- age drama.

Liz (Fanning) is also uninteresting.

A viscous polemic against Christianity, contrived to put Christians in the worst possible light.

don't waste you'r time for this movie.

Depressing, victimizing and disjointed .

I find the characters over the top, the story line boring, motives and background story lacking and no real sense of purpose with the time-line mix-up and unnecessary scenes.

It's over-long and self-indulgent.

At that point you wonder if the secret message of the movie is how pointless being resilient and rebellious is, which is exactly (!

So if you are not of the faint of heart and can handle a very dark, ruthless, depressing story that is still entertaining from start to finish see this movie, you won't regret it.

It's a long and boring feature...

One of the worst movies I ever seen , such a waste of time , the movie is about a pervert father who keep chasing his own daughter to have sex with her , enough said , I don't know how this movie got a rating of 7.1 !?

Waste of time .

Unless you're an art-faced, pretentious sycophant.

Like wise, don't waste your time, and watch something a lot more interesting, like the grass growing outside your house or apartment.

Unfortunately this is soon dragged down by Pearce's flagitious villain.


Thank you to 60% of the people who liked my review but that's because the film was worth watching, nothing I did.

this movie had no plot, no story, no dialogue, NOTHING!!!

Short and Simple Review by WubsTheFadgerFirst off the story is one of the most intriguing, dark, depressing, and outright sadistic story's I have ever seen.

The grittiness and brutal tone make the film extremely entertaining.

Chapter 3 again has a lot of exposition and feels repetitive.

Felt like I needed a shower after struggling through this one - relentlessly brutal and pointless, made more so by the strong production values and acting.

I enjoyed it, there were some great scenes and great acting.

Worst movie of the year by this admitted cinephile.

Exhausting, and tedious.

A passion project for the Dutch director and one that he fought hard to have final say over, Brimstone's non-formulaic telling of Dakota Fanning's mute Liz's battle with Guy Pearce's demented, sadistic and purely evil reverend is told in chapters that take us continually back in time too offer an insight into what set up this seemingly endless fight between the two characters, is a narrative that will have many turning off the film before it even threatens to culminate into its long coming conclusion.

The movie is very very slowly paced.

This was an uninteresting, boring movie with an unattractive story- line.

Such predictable cruelty is dull after a short while and also, humorous, because to maintain the level of horror, the filmmaker must raise the degree of violence to greater heights which become less engaging.

Pretentious movie with hardly any content.

An excellently made film , a gripping tale expertly told, incredibly acted out by a great cast.

I have liked all kinds of westerns over the years but this type of hate filled, violence for the sake of violence involving women and children,is a waste of time and some very good actors.

Even the child actors showed maturity beyond their years to make this a faultless, absorbing story.

But the film is very unimaginative and predictable.

An introduction life around Liz, but full of suspense after every unexpected turn in the story.

One of the worst movies of the year.

And predictable.

This is deep and intense movie.

It is way too long.

The characters are memorable and wonderfully acted by every single actor in the movie; Guy Pearce shines at making us quiver and Dakota Fanning is breathtaking.

And while slow, it still packs quite a lot of punches (violence wise, sometimes of the mind, sometimes literally).

The story was well- constructed, the themes were relevant and compelling and the acting was extraordinary, especially the reverent and Dakota Fanning (saw her in American pastoral too the other day, she is a force to be reckoned with in the acting world).

However this nature of a traditionally stunning narrative is short lived as he spends most of the film's punishing 148 minute runtime inflicting humiliation and trauma upon his female characters.

Worth watching.

Such an intense, deep and emotional movie!


The direction tried to set a good western thriller but left behind with a boring script and an overlong movie.

This a slow thriller.

It's a wannabe thriller with no point, no message and, worst of all, the director is trying to make you believe it has the depth of a Tarkovsky film.

Agonizingly Intense and Dramatic .

It had a haunting quality to it, a chilling, mind boggling effect.

Rape, incest , violence against woman through the whole movie , you started to think what kind of sick person has written this crap , it was no message in the movie , just all around depressive.

Let's try drawn-out, needlessly-confusing, over-inflated, trying (far, far) too hard and, again, self-indulgent - let's indulge this writer/director's whims and fancies.

It's oppressive, depressing and on the edge the whole way through.

I will say that the pacing, though slow, was steady and I never got bored.

Worst Movie I have ever seen.

And eventually adding up to a ruthlessly, arrogantly empty film that seems to pride on not even trying to give any hope of drama.

There were way too many reality discrepancies in the plot, and it was long and drawn out unnecessarily.

The movie is VERY slow paced, the first 2 chapters really take they'r time and only from about half of chapter 3 the movie increases its pace.

And the worst movie of all times goes to...

For being two and half hours, it really dragged on for a while.

Don't waste your time or your integrity.