Bulbbul (2020) - Drama, Horror, Mystery

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A man returns home after years to find his brother's child bride now grown up and abandoned, and his ancestral village plagued by mysterious deaths.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Anvita Dutt
Stars: Tripti Dimri, Avinash Tiwary
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 86 out of 363 found boring (23.69%)

One-line Reviews (191)

And the lead Tripti Dimri is stunning in the movie.


Predictable .

The story is engaging and aptly shows the beautiful bengali culture and the story of zamindars, their ondormohol, child marriage and many such things prevalent in Bengal during late 18th century.


I wasn't a horror film at all but Plot, acting and visuals was fascinating.

Boring Pathetoc and disappointment .

Though the story is predictable but it was enjoyable.

Don't waste your time

The slow pase makes you more curious.

She looks stunning in the Bengali getup.

Predictable cliched story, no horror in it.

Tripti Dimri acting was brilliant but the story was lack of details and the screenplay was a bit slow.

Good story, but the story of the movie is predictable from the beginning, who he is or why.

It's like some artistically creative people got together to make a classy yet boring movie.

Though the message is real but the movie itself is completely predictable and the ending, a slapdash.

Anushka once again producing bad horror movie.. story is too slow n leads to unwanted assumptions as audience is bored to death

It's a marvelous movie with a stunning script and perfect performance from the ensemble casts.

The movie supposedly is a suspense but its quite predictable and obvious.

If I could ask a question to the Director, Producer or Writer of the story I'd love to know if the story was written the same way or did they decide to jumble it up to make it more engaging.

dark, suspenseful and horror.

Really enjoyed it.

Too Slow and boring.

Shld have been a 45 min episode of a good series, way too long.. art cannot sustain if there is is less content.

There was no any scary movement anywhere, yes there was subtle amount of suspense, but due to poor and over artistic direction, only fancy colors, set, color schemes, vivid red colorization, and a slowest drama was seen.

Great attention to detail and stunning outfits with variety of visual effects.

But even then, while most of our bollywood movies often drag the storyline unnecessarily, this 90 minute watch keeps you interested till the end and may become bearable to those who might otherwise find this movie slow.

Waste of time, no potential like producers .

The premise is the age old fable and pretty predictable even when presented with mysticism.

Engaging folktale, visualising indian old mythical demon- chudail.

I really don't understand why people have rated it so good, according to me its just a waste of time and money both.

And at some point it was clear, what this story about the demonwoman was and after that i lost interest and skipped much of the scenes.. So the second part of the film was really predictable.

Waste of time .

Story telling is way more slow and it's not scary at all and not even thriller.

Its a waste of time 😪 .

Easily one of the great movies told in a compelling manner.

Don't waste your time on this.

Boring stuff.

Not only is it an absolutely slow paced torture, but it is also extremely predictable filled with drawn out disturbing scenes.

Captivating, Thought provoking horror genre, suspenseful, strong acting, great music, wonderful cinematography, chilling, on the edge of the seat experience, mind-blowing narration.

The metaphors are thick in this movie, which makes you look through the eyes of its protagonist and see horror so mundane you'll wonder how you've been ignoring it until now.

Boring and Slow .

Though the story is predictable, I won't spoil it.

Waste of time, internet and a hefty Netflix subscription.

I can see people trashing this movie on various aspects but I loved this and it's not at all a bad movie and I loved maybe because I love the asynchronous screenplays and slow paced dramas.

The photography is the main pillar of the film.. thanks to the wonderful photography by Siddharth Diwan who have captured some stunning visuals.. the film is painted red most of the time adding to subtle horror.

I personally loved the idea and will highly highly recommend it.

Produced by Anusha Sharma and Karnesh Sharma under the production of Clean Slate Films, Bulbbul opens on a slow note as the story builds upon you.

Though, it becomes predictable at instances, it is a enjoyable watch.

👎 Bads : Undercooked and Predictable story, Tacky Screenplay and use of stereotypical myths.

It was way too predictable.

Too slow, and ultra predictable, neither a horror film nor an art film, it was just a hallucinating crime patrol episode with bengali ambiance.

Still a missed chance but completely engrossing.

Literally a slow BURN .

My suggestion to people don't waste your time to watch this film.

Talking about not giving two stars, the first reason is that the pace of the story is very slow & little things were predictable.

However, even with the apparent loopholes and basic story telling where a girl loses her innocence in her process of turning into a woman- Bulbbul stands out as a rather stunning movie due to the phenomenal visuals and literary symbolism.

It also tell the tale of a young girl coming of age , her yearning for her childhood companion (Avinash Tiwary) ,the heartbreak she suffers when he leaves her and finally her rebirth as a strong woman.

Visually stunning...

Too predictable and boring .

I enjoyed it.

This was predictable and amateurish.

It's one of the worst movies I've seen in recent times.

A dark riveting tale of a woman wronged!.

Waste of time .

The first half of the movie is as calm as a beach on a windless morning and moves at a slow pace.

a bit predictable yet gripping till the end, full marks to the entire cast for making a horror movie with a purpose and message, that too without cheap scares and gory faces.. absolutely loved it ..

What it lacks in the storyline is made up by the stunning visuals and acting.

Predictable plot and not so good dialogues .

If you want to watch something unusual , something thrilling this movie is perfect for you.

Female atrocities being the focus of the movie, with intelligent & slow transition of the time lines & emotions is breathtaking.

As the trailer shows it as a horror movie, but the movie is something like mystery crime, but its predictable, main drawback of the movie.

Another Netflix waste of money and time movie .

Very slow and boring.

The cast, the crew, the music, the locations everything is so meticulously designed that one must have got immersed very deep inside this fictitious world of Bulbbul.

It's based on bengali folklore, a predictable movie decorated in a beautiful editing and performance.

Had it been a story told in a linear fashion from start to finish, it wouldn't have been as engaging.

A predictable storyline covered up by outstanding acting fromTripti..

One is transported to that era and its actually quite engrossing.

And it was so predictable.

Too slow, and ultra predictable, neither a horror film nor an art film, it was just a hallucinating crime patrol episode with bengali ambiance.

but again a dull screenplay and direction ..no suspence.....

I absolutely loved this movie which was entertaining thrilling and enjoyable with some crinkum- crankum.

Too Slow and Boring .

Don't waste your Time by watching this.

This movie is thoroughly engaging from the start.

Waste of time, better sleep it off and yes neverind I don't want to waste my words for me rating should be 2.

Personally I felt like it was too predictable from the very first scene.

The screenplay initially seems dull.

A gripping tale of mystery, cruelty on women of our country and revenge of the protagonist makes Bulbbul a good watch.

Waste of time...

It's a fantasy-thriller, which is spooky, beautifully shot and though the final outcome might be predictable for some viewers, the set of events that lead to it, do take you by surprise.

Too many characters, confusing at times.

Very predictable story, basically its like a superhero plot, the ghost (chudail) gets its reverse feet because her husband abused her by hitting on her feet (dare he hit her anywhere else) and then after this traumatic event she goes full Batman on the husbands who abuses their wives.

Boring and bogus story ...

And the delivery is further enhanced by intriguing cinematography and powerful performances.

While most Netflix original movies are badly made, Bulbbul even with many of its flaws and predictability, is worth watching.

The film disappointing you because of boring fiction but it's worth watching in terms of excellent cinematography, background scores, and good camera visuals.

Boring and too boring .

Acting is good, theme is nice but plot is predictable and sometimes it dips too low...

waste of time

Story is predictable form the first 5 minutes.

But shows the pitiable state of women at that time.. The film is spooky, with thrill elements and engaging even though the plot can be guessed midway.

Must Watch A movie worth watching Now what are you waiting for Go watch this movie A man returns home after years to find his brother's child bride now grown up and abandoned, and his ancestral village plagued by mysterious deaths.

Too slow, and ultra predictable, neither a horror film nor an art film, it was just a hallucinating crime patrol episode with bengali ambiance.

Brilliant concept and imaginative use of the chudail/witch folklore puts together a n absorbing story.

Predictable Story .

Please don't waste your time guys, like why you make this kind of movie.

Slow-Burning Supernatural Brilliance / 8 Stars .

The screenplay is slow in the first hour and picks up towards the end and as a result comes across jumpy.

The narrative is engaging enough with three different timeline running intermixed with each other.

This has to be the most predictable horror movie ever .

Bad making, very bad and predictable story, weak dialogues, altogether a very average experience from the movie.

Predictable from the beginning, no horror.

Story is damn slow, and everything is red and yellow in color.

Portraying the cruelty bore by the Indian women in the late 1800s.

Awesome actors with absolutely stunning visual and sound.

No surprise element, it was predictable from the start.

Watch it for stunning visuals and unique fairy tell type storytelling.

Story is too slow

Watching Paint Dry Is More Entertaining Than This .

Very boring movie.. there is no horror no thriller..

The screenplay is awesome and it will keep you engaging till the end.

The main problem with this motion picture is its extremely dreary speed.

There are very few horror stories truly this engaging and Bulbull ticks the boxes of horror, mystery and psychological thriller elements.

movie becomes slow at some places.

Worth watching movie.

Bulbbul is a bore...

Waste of time.

Movie worth watching every minute.

Acting was amazing, cinematography was excellent and the story itself is worth watching.

Movie is beautifully captured, but story is completely predictable !!

Was worth the watch :)

Kind of predictable but still quite enjoyable.

The story is predictable since you will predict everything in the beginning, rest of the movie goes boring.

D time.. So the characters Bengali costume designs were really rich to watch,the portrayal of Bengali cultures were stunning to watch and the costumes appearances of the characters really justified those times.

But the overall story is quite predictable.

The story is predictable and very average.

Very highly predictable.

Please don't waste your time by watching this.

However the lackluster storyline is made up by the stunning visuals and outstanding acting.

It is just too too slow and too much red .

Stunning .

The storytelling of this movie just mind blowing.

Despite being slow on track it has maintained the grip.

Her acting seemed dull and disappointing.

Boring movie .


Everything in this film is praiseworthy apart from the climax portion which is very predictable.

Story is predictable and the screenplay of the movie plays spoilsport.

At first I'm gonna tell you all it's having a predictable storyline with having no mystery!

Boring and predictable.

Kudos to producers Anushka and Karnesh Sharma for presenting a taut, glitzy, compact and riveting tale that takes on and challenges misogyny, abuse, patriarchy and authoritarian attitudes with a vengeance.

The name it self is confusing Bulb-bul .

One of the worst movies I've seen in a long time .

Typical boring plot.

Very slow and predictable story with loose screen play.

Its intense, gripping and has a sense of purpose.

Poor editing and direction ruined entire plot and everything became confusing and the thrill got lost.

The plotline is on female trauma and predictable throughout.

Very Slow 2.

The story was slow, the big reveal was totally messed up.

Experimental, But Fascinating.

She has been successful in weaving an entertaining story, which makes the audience aware of the story unfolding on screen.

"BULBBUL"is a very slow and dull film with a very weak plot.

The movie is not a typical horror film, where all they have is intense bgm and sudden appearance of ghosts on screen.

Worth watching, original story and great acting with a strong idea .

The storyline and the message of the movie are something which we have seen time and again and is trite.

The movie seemed slow at times.


Engaging and Layered Story.

Totally baseless and predictable.

The last part were she really appears as the witch could have been done better in my opinion, it was too cliche.

Predictable watch .

First the cinematography is mind blowing.

Let me start by Praising Anushka Sharma for Producing another experimental yet fascinating film.

Yes it might be a bit predictable story.

At First, I am gonna tell you all This Movie is Visually Mesmerizing to watch.. I mean the Cinematography, Colour combinations while editing with some Beautiful suspenseful background scores makes this film great to watch .

Felt bored.

Predictable plot and not so good dialogues makes it just one time watch, no where the dialect and accent matches 1890-1920 time...

Predictable story line.

Waste of time and talent .

The most unexpected movie, really fell in love with characters...

Made use of extra ordinary beauty of Indian culture and costumes for filling the gap between a predictable story line.

How can they call it bulb-BUL BULBUL one of the worst movies ever watched the witch is eldest sister in law FYI

Conclusion its just any normal predictable amd boring movie which have been over hyped.

It is worth watching.

Stunning performance by Tripti.

Worth watching

The story is simple, rather predictable.

20 years later, she's a respected Thakurayan but what follows after is a well written but predictable mystery.