Bull Durham (1988) - Comedy, Romance, Sport

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A fan who has an affair with one minor-league baseball player each season meets an up-and-coming pitcher and the experienced catcher assigned to him.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Ron Shelton
Stars: Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 14 out of 125 found boring (11.2%)

One-line Reviews (64)

Good, easy and enjoyable movie .

It's a coming of age story, a romance, and the end of a chapter in life.

The movie is very slow, and pretty boring.

And really what makes parts of the film extraordinary is its oblique answer to philosophy, media coverage (intentionally being boring as the highest art of public relations), and movie plot lines.

At running time 1 h 40 min this movie barely drags and it's an entertaining easy ride.

Even the wardrobes were pretty boring.

We never get these global, grande feeling that baseball means more than just hitting balls and boredom.

Like I said, maybe not an Oscar-worthy pick, but definitely thoroughly entertaining and one of my all-time favorites.

Bull Durham celebrates the exciting possibilities of Spring, as it laments the knowing stillness of Winter.

With this you should watch it with a little warm heart going into it and it will be hugely enjoyable, If it doesn't make you laugh then look to the romance part as it really can be fun and hugely entertaining.

This can be placed in the baseball genre as well as a coming of age drama.

Tim Robbins for me is truly a star turn as Nuke the young pitcher as although Costner leads the film, Robbins is very good in his young testosterone filled role, he is fun and enjoyable.

Susan Sarandon is particularly memorable as a temptress, her desperate exclamation after her failure to seduce Tim Robbins is intense and also comical at the same time.


The relationship between the two men is stronger though and makes for an more enjoyable dynamic around the baseball diamond.

And baseball is perhaps the most boring sport to watch.

But baseball is bigger, the most boring of the popular sports.

Her Annie Savoy is mature and worldly and fascinating enough to entice a man like Crash.

I especially liked watching Crash interact with Nuke because they had some pretty entertaining dialogue (like when Crash makes Nuke hit the mascot).

This is, all round, a very solid, and entertaining comedy/drama which is not by-the-numbers and which achieves its aims quite well.

Any scene with Coster and Robbins together is exciting to watch because their friendship takes interesting turns as it develops.

that the novels of Susan Sontag are self-indulgent, overrated crap"-- Crash calls the majors "the show"-- The only real teaching Crash gives Nuke is about the TeeVee cliches-- We have three kinds of actors.

It is a safe bet for an enjoyable evening.

I found it boring, and suggest that you see it on regular TV where it is edited for content and time aloud.


"Bull Durham" is only fairly engaging, which is a surprise as it is a sports movie.

It has a certain charm, but very low in key, rather like some unexpected and interesting rock formation you stumbled across on the Appalachian trail.

"Bull Durham" is one of those engaging sports films that can be enjoyed no matter if one isn't a fan of the sport in question - in this case, baseball.

My memory has faded quite a bit since 1988, but the sheer boredom remains embedded.

'Bull Durham' is humorous, energetic & most of all, entertaining.

Probably helps a lot, watching this film, if you're American and of course, a baseball lover, neither of which I am, so maybe I'm a bit out of line marking down this sometimes entertaining sports/sex-farce.

A very pleasant , charming and enjoyable comedy.

This is a very comedic movie that ties sports and love together in a very interesting and entertaining way.

The only movie I have ever walked out on!.

Still, it was good and very entertaining.

but the movie is worth watching.

Anyway, this film is hugely enjoyable escapism, just like baseball.

which is stupid and a waste of money and time.

In the movie was made in 1988 ably 487 minder shut started to call it was really not nice to see all those skinny people gamble in the 80s it's alright it's terrible terrible all those skinny people just terrible like a horror movie on the baseball field it was terrible to see them so terribly skinny nowadays in real life you don't see people so skinny and if you would see them so skinny or skinny as in the movie you would say Hitman go see a doctor you know and that's kind of a personal people they give the head leads in the rules of the movie it is just plain terrible they are too skinny and lizard people of cuz you hear the theories of lizard people controlling all of all the woods and the Jews and everything in the world but what can you do about it so I can you say it's the way life is it's where the money rolls and of course but anyway let us forget about it let us focus on the movie here which is what I'm talkin about the movie is great move was great yes yes yes I will not see it again maybe in 10 years from now or something that I might see it again or if it's on TV in 8 years from now because it's a very quiet simple movie If I want to fall asleep I will put this movie on and I will be very happy to do so yes the movie Bull Durham was great inshallah

A fairly engaging story .

), and Robert Wuhl, are worth watching.

Story is very simple, and the approach to it is also easy and enjoyable.

oh did I mention it was boring.

It is warm, funny, loving, and oh so entertaining.

And I certainly grant you: it's a fun movie, and an enjoyable one.

If insomnia is your problem, then take a dose of Bull Durham.

" I also found the music was pretty boring.

A Great, Entertaining Film .

) The characters are just fascinating and full of life, and not just the three leads.

As was said previously, the attraction comes from watching three intriguing characters and three fine performances.

Pointless, boring, inane.

this is such a waste of time and effort it's unbileveable.

I wanted to turn it off after half an hour.

It's as romantic as it is thrilling and hilarious.

As previously stated, this is the only movie I have ever walked out on.

How is that entertaining as the cornerstone of a film?

The supporting cast is completely boring.

the story was bland, unoriginal, and pretty much boring.

After all, look at the erotic scenes, nothing extreme or shocking, but they are very exciting.

The story itself isn't much we haven't seen before, but the characters are anything but formulaic.

Susan Sarandon met her love Tim Robbins on this film-set, and their chemistry is entertaining and funny.

Other boring sports include tennis, curling, and NASCAR.

Overall, "Bull Durham" is a very enjoyable romantic sports movie.

) but on the whole, this seemed like a long, pointless exercise in...