Bulletproof Monk (2003) - Action, Comedy, Fantasy

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Based on the very underground comic book, a Tibetan monk becomes a mentor to a young street kid whom he can teach to protect a scroll.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: Paul Hunter
Stars: Yun-Fat Chow, Seann William Scott
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 55 out of 183 found boring (30.05%)

One-line Reviews (149)

It's a plodding change from nobody to somebody though for the character, and it comes across as quite credible.


I kept imagining him as "The Joker" playing the role of Kar, giving slow twisted lines.

The wire work had not yet reached its saturation point, at least in American Theatres, and is fun, but the hand to hand styling that is Photographed here has and is Ho-Hum.

Whilst the scenes in BPM are not as polished or well done as those in the Matrix, they are entertaining enough and the choreography and use of props showed much more promise and imagination than those in the Wachowski Bros.

Absolutely funny and entertaining to watch .

It's entertaining and in some places rather funny.

Very fast paced with a perfect mix of action and comedy.

Finally I left the cinema unbelievingly shaking my head, after 40 unbearable minutes.

Pretty ho-hum, eh?

How could kung-fu fighting seem so disjointed and confusing?

Save your money.

The movie is slow, the dialogue sounds like it was put through a paper shredder, and director Paul Hunter even makes a cat-fight boring!

Waste of time...

Enjoyable easy viewing .

Dumb, but Entertaining .

Even the most preposterous ones (Sahara, The Transporter) can be enormously entertaining.

With `Bulletproof Monk,' the reaction was interesting-the film looked silly, maybe entertaining, and then the title hit the screen.

Then the movie goes on and on, and it is so predictable, that it is embarrassing to sit and watch, the makers could have tried just a little bit harder, to create some kind of element of surprise in the movie, but not even that they have managed, and therefor it is just one long boring piece of a sorry movie, which it is not worth wasting your money on.

Then theres a scene with a helicopter that Chow jumped out of and a wire catches around Kar's leg and he gets dragged across the roof.

No plot.

I find this hilarious seeing as how most of the people that are doing the blasting are big fans of the Matrix, a plotline about as silly and contrived as they get.

Indeed in the role of Seann William Scott, a true martial artist should've been cast so that he wouldn't look so ridiculous in the action sequences and because of the lame action sequences and the poorly told story, Bulletproof Monk comes off as one of CYF's worst movies.

With all it's action and predictability, cheap acting but yet decent entertaining story, `Bulletproof Monk' is simply a nice little movie for the fans of the Martial arts page and worth a peek for those daring enough to watch, enjoy and forget.

Fun and entertaining.

I certainly had my doubts, but Bulletproof Monk is actually a pretty entertaining picture -- it's better than the much-ballyhooed Rush Hour movies, at least.

It is relentlessly formulaic (and for Indiana Jones fans: there ARE Nazis here too!

What I actually got was a somewhat interesting plot-line, decent action, though the sequences are incomparable to that which Jackie Chan produces/directs, and some fun humor that makes for an enjoyable movie.

' Having discussed the film with a trusted comic fan, he brought to my attention what I failed to see-that the film chose to be simple and covered the conventional ground that is to be expected from this kind of picture, when it had the opportunity to do something creative and intriguing as Tim Burton did with the first two `Batman' movies.

That said, I still enjoyed it enough to give it 6 out of 10 stars.

As far as i was aware there was no plot at all worth mentioning.

The chemistry between the two very different actors made the film an enjoyable 100 odd minutes.

Paul Hunter does a great job here, with some excellent camera work, some really neat angles, great slow mo shots, and some other cool ones as well, plus he kept the film at a very fast pace!.

Highly entertaining movie.

Does anyone know just how much was chopped out of it..? It was monkishly hole-y.. Did they lose a few weeks of the shoot..? Did someone lose a few hundred feet of film..? Or did the writer have a stroke.?It was enjoyable silly dumbass nonsense...

Well, this movie has some good fight scenes and some good laughs, but it also has multiple boring interludes where the poor thing just plods along.

Predictable, disappointment .

The plot is OK, but it just barely keeps your attention, and every attempt it does at doing anything else come off as pretentious.

Not bad, very entertaining movie.

An entertaining film with action and downplay of two generations.

I was yawning all the way through.

pretty enjoyable ....

Overall the movie is pretty good if you like martial arts action movies, good character development, nice action sequences and fast paced movie.

Moreover, they weren´t a very entertaining duo, except in one scene where Scott is trying to master climbing a window.

Scott is usually likable as the cocky guy, and Yun Fat is just as likable as he was in Crouching Tiger, it is just a shame that the similar fight sequences and special effects look very cheap, the story suffers from being too boring, well, the whole film suffers from this.

A quite conventional story made into a somewhat entertaining, but uneventful movie.

The bottom line is this is an enjoyable movie, and well worth the ticket price.

So all in all, it is a very enjoyable movie if you let be by not comparing it to far superior movies.

While abit thin with the comedy in the second half, Bulletproof Monk provides plenty of entertaining fun humor at the beginning and then throws in a few tidbits later on with good dramatic/comedy balance.

This film followed this in such a cliché way that it looked as though no effort was made into directing let alone the idea of the film.

"Bulletproof Monk" is a dull, unoriginal and cliché-ridden film which reveals a depressing lack of imagination on the part of the film-makers.

It is wickedly bad, and very predictable.

It's fast paced sans frills and you just have to overlook sensibilities, which is easy to do because there aren't any.

The trailer made it look like a Matrix rip-off, but as long as it is entertaining then who cares?

The movie was no epic, but it was fun and was an enjoyable Kung-Fu movie.

however, i must admit that this movie is entertaining.

The Matrix has the right idea: Slow the film, angle the camera in a creative way.

The plot is just one standard action-movie cliché after another.

While this film does almost near the line of being too much, it's B-movie style is broken with a rather entertaining swing of the occasional comic relief which succeeds in reminding us all that it's all just good fun and that we shouldn't take it all to seriously.

The actors are really speaking English, and most of it is derivative or cliche.

It's very similar to THE MEDALLION, with Jackie Chan, which came out in the same year, and I enjoyed it equally as much as that movie.

It's perhaps one of the worst movies with big name stars I've ever layed my hands on.

Problem is, it's just tiresome like a whole swath of mediocre action movies out there.

People have blasted the plot as being silly and contrived.

The film is ugly to look at, filled with drab, muted color schemes and dreary production design.

This would be acceptable if the film was entertaining, but it's a boring piece of trash.

Both Scott and Chow are funny (especially Chow), the wire-fu is entertaining, Jaime King is hot, and the whole movie works.

He plays a Tibetan monk who gives up his name to become the protector of some 'sacred scroll' thingy that can save or destroy the world etc. etc.What with sneering nazi villains pretending to be Gary Oldman, 'streetwise' thieves with hearts of gold that learn their kung-fu from watching movies, cheesy dialogue, amateurish direction and drab setpieces, both credulity and patience are stretched to breaking point.

Despite that, the film is actually fun and entertaining.

A dull, unoriginal and cliché-ridden film which reveals a depressing lack of imagination .

He meets up with Kar (a bored Sean William Scott) and Jade, a bad girl, and they involve themselves in 104 minutes of utterly incomprehensible trash.

I'm not going to even go into detail how awesomely bad this film is, I'm just gonna point out the many things that it fails at: Character development, incoherent plot, no thought or ideas put into it's completely vague and banal script, very poor and uninspiring marital art choreography, horrendous acting, and pretty much everything else that makes films of this type.

I thought "Oh, the guy who played Stifler in American pie, this should be funny" but no, he was too boring and Chow Yun-Fat got more laughs than him.

I found it enjoyable to watch as did most of the others in the same theater.

A waste of time even were it free.

The film has a predictable juvenile plot with simple dialogue, plain acting, and silly CG fighting.


All the stupid plot changes and unexpected twists (which didnt fit a bit) made me even more restless.

It especially looks bad since some of it is far more aggressive and intense, which just makes the ballet-like fighting seem even more ridiculous.

It has to be contender for worst movie of the year.

Cliché-ridden junk...

I enjoyed it a great deal.

Since most of the characters are new to martial arts the fights are a little slow but entertaining and lighthearted none the less.

It means if you're over the age of twelve, you'll probably find yourself bored by the film.

Save your money, or better, watch the incredible "Crouching tiger, hidden dragon" instead.

Directing is mostly watchable, but the martial arts fights tend to get a bit too hectic and hard to follow.

It was fun, exciting, and funny.

Jamie King's purpose to the film is confusing.

That's pretty much it really, the two characters obviously poles apart, but coming together as one in a series of action scenes that are both laughable and enjoyable because of the former.

Just going through all the fuss to search for a scroll is utterly pointless and doesn't have that magnetic appeal as the Holy Grail or the Crystal Skull.

If you go into the film expecting little from it you will enjoy the ride and may find it quite entertaining due to it being THAT bad.

However, Bulletproof Monk, though entertaining at times, never really grabbed me.

This is safely one of the worst movies i've ever seen do as well as it did in the box office.

Mildly entertaining hodge-podge of martial arts and commercialized Buddhism .


I have just witnessed quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen in my life.

It was boring throughout.

A must-see for anybody who likes to make fun of cornball, cliche'd action films.

I fell asleep about halfway through the thing, and was awakened by the theater cleaner after everyone else had left.

Bulletproof Monk is a great movie, if you don't mind a lousy script, a disjointed story line, poor acting, and bad directing.

-The fight scenes were so obviously performed with the aid of wires that suspension of disbelief was made completely impossible; -The fight scenes were also so ridiculously quickly edited, that you never actually see a character perform any punch, kick or grab in its entirety: this makes them even more pointless; -Massive plot hole no.

All in all, a fun enjoyable movie with entertaining and engaging characters that are all likeable.

It is mystic, witty, fun, and action packed!

Granted, it is one dimensional, trite, and over-the-top.

That, and the ludicrous torture machine are the lighter negative aspects in an otherwise entertaining movie, and even they somehow just add to the fun.

Lifeless, and often times plotless, this film encompassed so many bad cliches and editing techniques, one has to wonder whether this is some elaborate student film or a home movie.

Nazis have been a popular choice for villains ever since the war but they have been a cliché for much of that time and here it feels as though somebody watched 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' and decided they wanted those villains!

""Bulletproof Monk" could compete with "Beowulf" for worst movie of the new century.

The movie is cliché laden and no innovated special effects.

With crappy (for lack of a better word) acting, a childish story that teeters between unoriginality and boredom, and finally cheap special effects that continually prove that this director would have been better off staying with music videos instead of dabbling in the motion picture industry.

The Hidden Dragon special effects are abit distracting and out of sync with the rest of the movie, but overall, the martial arts action is compelling, the storyline decent, and the few twists that fit well into the movie.

totally awful and mind numbingly boring.

So, based on the already available knowledge that exists concerning the inherent power of words and speech in any language I choose to recommend the BULLETPROOF MONK as very entertaining, decent, and, good for the whole family.

Chow Yun Fat is great however and is engaging and fun as the lead here as a monk from Tibet that contains the ultimate power and must protect it from Nazi's that want to utilize the scroll for their own means.

But I enjoyed it very much and I think whole families could see this.

The storyline not complicated and is easy to follow, allowing you to just sit back and enjoy this film for it's good points, it's quirky comedy and the entertaining fight sequences.

Funny and fast-moving .

Nazi's & cliche's abound, save your money for next weeks movies.

Sean Patrick Harris didn't add much comic relief (as I expected based on his other roles), and the storyline/characters were just way too cliché.

As a semi-brainless action film with some good special effects it was entertaining.

My first though when I saw this was that it was the type of movie Jackie Chan would make; sidekick that provides comic relief, hero with great martial arts capabilities and an equally strong enemy, corny, at times crude, humor, etc. Then again, I haven't really seen any other movies with Chow Yun-Fat, so I have no idea how his movies usually are; but I think that given that this movie has so many similarities to a typical Chan movie, it should have been at least a little better; Chan's movies always seem to have good comedy, entertaining martial arts fights, and a story that allows for plenty of both, without keeping the audiences attention at the plot for any minute over the complete run time of the film.

I really shouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I did .

It is worth watching if you can scab a free ticket, cause you won't feel so insulted about having to watch it.

but hey, if you can look past that kind of stuff, it's a funny and fairly entertaining hour and half.

Smugness aside, he's practically the only thing worth watching in this movie.

uninspired and uninspiring .

Every moment in the film was predictable and this was frustrating.

I think the beautiful and breathtaking fighting sequences we saw in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon should hardly ever be mimicked, especially by a movie like this.

There isn't much humor in the movie, the action scenes are somewhat cliched, the villains aren't that menacing, and the plot is a bit ponderous.

This is a dumb but very entertaining movie.

Save your money on this one.

Cliché .

After half the movie was over the remainder of the story was predictable.

with the promise of an international career and big pay checks only to wind up playing second fiddle to Stifler in a trite adventure dependent on sub-par CGI and lousy wire-work.

Just don't waste your time.

The film is smattered with scenes that are at once confusing and entirely unneeded for the plot of the film.

It's just entertaining and fun.

With a rather unpleasant team of men after the scroll hoping to use it to re-shape the world in there own image, our characters are on the run fighting there way through fun to watch situations and more than entertaining fight scenes.

A couple of the action sequences are okay, but most of it collapses in a mess of unconvincing martial arts, awful blue-screens, and confusing editing.

Trite stock-Nazi-officer routine aside, he bore a sense of humor and intensity with shades of Gary Oldman and, unlike for the other actors, my dislike of him was not ironic.

All I wanted to do was to be entertained for a couple hours because I was having a really boring day.

Good movie -- in a word, enjoyable.

The story line is awful, and slow in the build-up to what the movie is really about, the monks search for a person who is fit to succeed him in the live long quest to protect an ancient scroll which contains great powers for the person, who get his hands on it, and read the content of the scroll.

It is a standard run-of-the-mill action movie which is predictable and contrived.

Jamie King, as the token female, is quite good, but her character is confusing and her motives unclear.

The only positive aspect of this film was the action scenes and the female lead (Jaime King)Pros Decent Action flick, female leadCons predictable, poorly acted, unoriginal, overally boring

Impressive performance Victoria, you elevate an ordinary formula movie-your scenes alone make it worth watching.

So if you like the combination, this movie will be quite enjoyable.

Chow-Yun Fat has always been an interesting actor to watch, but his somewhat bored experiment of enlightenment proved to be fruitless.