Burlesque (2010) - Drama, Music, Musical

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A small-town girl ventures to Los Angeles and finds her place in a neo-burlesque club run by a former dancer.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Steve Antin
Stars: Cher, Christina Aguilera
Length: 119 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 44 out of 235 found boring (18.72%)

One-line Reviews (224)

The story is trite.

Despite a not great script, and boring characters, at least we can get some great songs and stylistic direction, right?

Even though musicals don't have to have amazing story lines, it at least has to try and make the one it has as enjoyable as possible.

Just came along to the empty club, where the most probably loyal sound guy was waiting for her to rehearse something.

Visually, the film is stunning; Steven Antin worked closely with legendary director of photography, Bojan Bozelli, to achieve a chiaroscuro effect, which created for mesmerizing color and imagery.

Christina Aguilera was stunning, and her acting skills were pretty good for a first timer…though there were scenes where you could tell she was not sure what to do.

Cue the predictable challenge to overcome (she gets robbed and loses all her money), romantic stress (he has a fiancée), sudden break for fame (bitchy sabotage goes wrong when Ali proves she can really sing), quandary over who to trust (moneyed potential investor who may or may not have evil motives), and simple solution to resolve all the challenges her employer faces (spoiler: air rights).

A Well Preserved Cher Keeps This Predictable Pile of Showbiz Clichés Afloat .

The songs were adequately entertaining, and there were some clever bits of dialogue amid the mostly clichéd script.

This is a tour de force film with incredible characterization; Cher, Christina Aguilera, Stanley Tucci, Kristen Bell, and Cam Gigandet delivered convincing, compelling performances.

I actually think the 'lets save the nightclub' storyline is a wink to other cliché musicals and knows it.

I thought this movie was very entertaining.

Clichéd, predictable and very enjoyable .

As the movie begins, the audience can't help but inwardly groan to themselves, as Burlesque seems to be just another cliché about an aspiring young woman trying to make it in Hollywood as a performer.

Lofty, dramatic and musically ambitious, but also obvious, lame, and mildly entertaining .

Although both films have the familiar formula plot, "Burlesque" has a more compelling story with a more dynamic cast and superior song & dance.

The problem with this film is there is nothing new, or entertaining, about the story line.

I like Cher, but her role as the older successful dancer trying to "mother" the up and comer while saving her club was dull.

The aforementioned depictions, making up the first part of the film, are most definitely a lush and exciting piece of work, densely endowed with engaging and involving occurrences, finely crafted scenes of dialogue and sprinklings of tuneful glamour and romantic decadence.

"Burlesque" is probably the most compelling contemporary movie musical that I have ever seen; the score, acting, costumes, and cinematography were executed, impeccably.

It has a largely drama free plot, with boring one dimensional characters, and a script full of lame one liners.

I love all the music in it there fun enjoyable songs to listen to .

helping more than just herself along the way using mildly unexpected methods.

A tedious film experience .

Also, the supposedly-romantic scenes could've been better -- they were predictable, unexciting, and forced.

It is visually stunning and visually interesting.

The lack of creativity in the songs can probably be attributed to a non-existent plot.

Good dance routines and pleasant music which became repetitive toward the end.

The dance numbers are thoroughly enjoyable albeit badly edited and filmed too close, like most of the film.

"Burlesque" is very enjoyable on many levels.

And the music's great, the humor, though obvious, is still nice and the set/costumes, while unrealistic, are still entertaining.

A strong, powerful, over the top stunning beauty.

Basically Iowa waitress Alice Marilyn 'Ali' Rose (Christina Aguilera) quits her job and take the money she needs from the till to travel to Los Angeles for a new and more exciting career in singing and dancing.

Annoying characters, terrible comedy, cliché and poorly executed story.

It was so cliché and predictable and boring.

If there is anything the movie is really worth watching for, it is Cher.

Every cliché imaginable occurs here.

The songs are fun, the choreography tight and exciting and the cinematography is so visually enticing from the a flashing light spectacle to the soft hues of a dark stage reflected off of Cher's facade during a powerful ballad.

She stumbles upon a burlesque club run by Tess (Cher), starts working her way up, and eventually becomes the main attraction, with her intense vocal range and elaborate interpretations of dance numbers, which turns out to be a godsend for Tess, who is about to lose her club.

Every second that Christina Aguilera is on screen she is absolutely riveting.

We were all fairly excited, after seeing the previews and hearing of what reception it did get from audiences was generally well perceived, and, directly after it was over, were pleased to admit that all three of us really enjoyed it and were not disappointed.

If you wait out the first 7 minutes of cliché small town girl heads for the big city, you will experience a glorious musical with Cher and Christina Aguilera.

Yes, escape from your dreary existence to see (almost) family-friendly risqué dancing from Christina Aguilera and Cher (or, holy-god-that's-Cher?

This movie is a predictable and clichéd tale with mediocre acting from some, and superb acting from others.

She's given a series of snappy lines that she sleepwalks through, and a really forgettable power ballad to warble.

Burlesque is just that, entertaining.

Entertaining .

After this it then proceeds in a less fulsome, but still entertaining fashion, focusing mainly on the love life of the girl, named Ali, and the dramas involved in the club's financial problems.

The story line is very engaging, amazing choreography, costumes,and sets.

There she encounters the club's owner and creative force (bravura role for Cher, doing her best work in two decades) and a whole array of fascinating characters (namely love interest/bartender Cam Gigandet and the scene-stealing Stanley Tucci).

This movie was so bad it was funny, one giant cliché after another It reminded me of PG-rated version of Showgirls-small town girl who slaves in a diner gets stiffed by her boss-so she take a bus to LA to fulfill her dreamsworks as bartender at a glitzy, non-porno Burlesque club, moves in with one of the bartender, they have a crush on each otherher roommate is an aspiring songwriter, who works on this little 2 octave keyboard and notates everything outshe gets an audition, the boss ( Cher) who is a has-been performer, gives her a break after our starlet begs and begs.

Other than the two main actresses, there are two actors who really kept the film moving and enjoyable with a fair share of the laughs: Stanley Tucci and Alan Cumming.

The musical "Borelesque" I mean "Burlesque" was grotesque with its formulaic tune.

I give this movie a 10 as it was entertaining, a little comedy (which was good to break up the singing and dancing) and the romance was just enough.

A little more scope and storyline could have made this film a whole lot more enjoyable.

"Burlesque" is a perfectly enjoyable musical comedy that - unlike many other recent blockbusters - does not take itself too seriously, and in all fairness it's as unpretentious as it gets.

Set mostly in the club, the director may have watched films like Moulin Rouge, Cabaret, Dreamgirls or Chicago before walking on set, but there is a great visual style to it with well staged musical numbers which are quite catchy, with only the slow ballads being a bit cheesy.

For example: The songs, while not all are memorable, make the movie ultimately more enjoyable, and have some nice choreography to the dances that were made for them.

All so predictable!

The only reservation I had with the film was the derivative, trite on-screen romance sub-plot between Ali and Jack; it detracts from the amazing performances in the film.

The songs in the film though enjoyable were a little uninspired, and with Christina Agulera singing virtually every number they all start to sound a little too similar.

I love Cher and Christina, but the movie kind of dragged on and so many musical numbers.

A stew of noise, disconnected visual garbage, sentimental rubbish, political correctness and boring characters.

Accompanying this plot line is a predictable love affair involving Ali and a love interest, Tess's (Cher) valiant efforts to raise enough money to pay off the mortgage so that the bank does not foreclose on the club (a plot recycled from dozens of other films), the jealous dancer who feels threatened by Ali (saw that before many times), and an evil developer who wants to tear down the club so that he can build a big sky scraper with nice views of the ocean.

Altogether an entertaining movie worth numerous viewings of the DVD and much more positive attention than the so-called critics could ever muster!

Well, inside the burlesque club, we get an atmospheric set with some alright songs and boringly shot dance numbers.

This movie left me bored and wanting so much more.

We both enjoyed it - not because the writing was so smart or the plot so deep - it was just great fun.

When Aguilera's boy-friend near the end finally presents her with the big song he's been holding back for her, it's just a formulaic sub-disco effort.

This movie is so bland, with boring characters and a plot that actually seems to give up on itself.

"Burlesque" follows this routine cliché to the T!

During the stress of the Holiday Season, BURLESQUE is a Great Escape from the Exciting Holiday Madness!

Great Movie, Unexpected Surprise!.

However the movie is truly entertaining, fun, interesting.

She mets Tess (Cher) owner of a burlesque lounge club, who needs a new, exciting show to keep the place from going down.

Entertaining and fun .

I would have preferred a more unpredictable plot, more emphasis on Cher's character, a different actor for the Ali character, and stage numbers that didn't sound like they came from the portfolio of Justin Bieber.

A cliché script dressed up in glitter and revealing outfits .

It set out to be a fun romp with some sexy outfits and entertaining song numbers and it delivered.

Pushup bras and skimpy costumes that could easily be mistaken for lingerie are omnipresent throughout the movie, but with the expertly choreographed dances and Christina Aguilera's unbelievable voice (especially a breathtaking a cappella solo), the movie manages to keep the movie tasteful as much as possible.

Yes, i was dragged to this movie, kicking and screaming, by my wife.

FINAL VERDICT: Don't waste your time.

Overall, an enjoyable two hours well spent.

To sum it all up, if you want to laugh and really indulge yourself in the exciting, mesmerezing world of burlesqe and listen to Christina Aguilera's fantastic voice, then watch this!

Alan Cumming, who can be entertaining, is wasted in a nothing role.

Relative film-making newcomer Steve Antin (who directed the film and wrote the screenplay) shows kind of an intense MTV-styled 1980s consciousness which likely comes from his hay-day acting career during that decade (being in films such as "The Goonies" and "The Accused").

Worst movie of all time.

Burlesque is certainly not a good movie, but I enjoyed it enough to give it ** out of ****

Every clichéd, unrealistically happy, relatively predictable minute of it.

Released in 2010, "Burlesque" is a drama/musical about a bored small town girl (Christina Aguilera) who moves to the big city to better her life and, hopefully, do something with her great talents.

Obviously the director/writer wanted to homage Bob Fosse girls, but this movie is pointless.

Christina Aguillera's sluttish dancing is always appreciated and a welcome distraction from the film's boring plot.

Burlesque is visually stunning (costumes, makeup, sets, views of LA are all wows), has great music, showcases talented dancers, and has a promising cast.

I'd rather have Hollywood spending 1 billion dollars on making a movie, that's gonna make me shed a tear, get on the edge of my seat or make me shiver.

This movie has no point, and could have easily been condensed into a bland 30 minute short film.

But, they made something enjoyable for a laid back, mid-Saturday feature to watch.

Nevertheless, the energy, and entertainment value has bravado and power and compelling attraction.

I really enjoyed it .

My reasons for worrying that this movie would do the same are not exactly unjustified, however I found myself actually enjoying this film and (dare I say) became immersed in Aguilera's character.

High octane, fast paced musical is super fun, even if it's not a masterpiece .

Along the way, various characters and incidents intersperse the club's stage numbers to keep the contrived plot moving along.

), Burlesque really killed me with its pretentious and snooty "I'm-so-classy" attitude.

The supporting cast especially the Burlesque girls are utterly wasted and pointless.

A movie both dazzling and entertaining .

Stylish But Predictable .

Ali (Aguilera) is a bored, small town Iowa girl who heads off to find the bright lights of L.

You name it, almost every stock character and situation you can think of in this context is worked in and to death, the young, talented wannabe singer, her backstage, bitchy rival, the older Teflon-tough mother-hen club-owner with a heart of gold, her gay, sympathetic, through-thick-and-thin assistant manager, the grasping, super-rich property magnate out to buy out the failing club and the handsome, sympathetic barman who wouldn't you know it, is a gifted songwriter with a long-time, long-distance fiancé who puts up the young singer with predictable results.

But any set other than the club, is completely boring, and everything not featured there feels like a bad romantic comedy.

no originality, even the song and dance get repetitive .

The stunning beauty but utterly boring in this film Julianne Hough plays one of the dancers, Georgia.

Together with a host of scarcely clad beauties on high-heels, in cabarets and a lot of wiggle, the dance sequences are irrefutably engaging and well-done, even if they tend to be a bit repetitive by the fifth on-stage dance.

There's no real plot, no twists or turns, no excitement.

Started badly when the heroine gave her buddy at the bar money to buy a bike for the buddy's kid, then ran down one cliché to another till it ended 4 or 5 hours later.

Entertaining Through and Through .

Not as bad as Showgirls, but without as much style or drama of Moulin Rouge or Cabaret, this is still an enjoyable romp that's a lot of fun.

So there it is, some power music pieces, thrilling vocal fireworks, and a reworking of the R and B "lady on fire" legacy that goes back to the first blues shouters, moves through greats like Aretha and Sharon Jones, and becomes oh so real in this bit of very musical celluloid.

Despite the predictable premise, the cliché overall storyline and it's sometimes painfully stiff out of place dialogue, this movie is a absolute JOY to watch!

Everyone involved here seems to have gone into hiding, except for perky Stanley Tucci, who's now embarked on a career path of playing snappy gay characters, and Cher, who went back to Vegas for the 1,000,000 time.

It's a bright, shiny, loud film that attempts to distract you with bright lights, gaudy costumes, and bouncy numbers to compensate for how truly empty it is.

Burlesque is a little cheesy, yup, filled with clichés, uh huh, predictable, you betcha!

The problem is that the talent deserves a fitting forum, but the plot is so full of holes that it ranges from being merely tedious to being ludicrous.

Her acting was spot on, her dancing was very sexy and exciting!

Unfortunately, the rest of the film was very boring, due to the fact that it simply recycles what we have seen in like 100 similar movies.

It is entertaining in the way of old fashioned entertainment.

The songs are kind of bland throughout and because the girls' job at the Burlesque Lounge is literally lip sink to all of the classic songs no one is able to shine.

As Ali, the personification of the small- town girl dreaming big cliché, Aguilera is sickly and stiff.

And so I would highly recommend it as decent acting, good taste, great female dancing, even though the title "Burlesque" would seem not quite right.

What do the critics who panned BURLESQUE know about a vastly entertaining movie that's a good love story with some incredible choreography?

Ho-hum film .

I saw many couples in the theater so I think it was all guys whose wives dragged them to see it, and some younger "Glee" type fans and fans of Christina.

I also love its costumes and luxurious settings which made me feel exciting.

The only redeeming value of the film, from a guy's perspective, was that there was plenty of hot women doing hot things to keep us from falling asleep.

Over all a good time, very entertaining.

The movie has no lulls, is entertaining, has a simple storyline and likable characters.

This movie actually =did= make "Showgirls" look intriguing by contrast.

The story is thin, fluff, and predictable.

I don't think this was written to be a real deep movie, just fun and entertaining, which it definitely accomplished.

Essentially an Aguilera video with a cliché of a story line to join the music it was competently done.

Enjoyable Film that, I think, has Something For Everyone.

Therefore, "Burlesque" is not the must see musical of the season, however, it is the only musical and its more entertaining than last year's NINE.

Still, the presence of Cher elevates "Burlesque" to borderline entertaining.

The story is predictable and the conflict is cliché.

It truly embraced its lack of originality—small town girl with tons of talent escapes banal existence in Iowa and heads to LA to seek fame, fortune, and love.

The musical numbers show some variety and are all entertaining (though no wonder the club is having financial difficulty given the amount it must be spending on staging its shows) The biggest problem is that there is no real jeopardy here - everybody is actually quite nice, and all problems get resolved with the minimum of trouble, so the level of dramatic tension is never very high.

The song and dance acts are stylish, however the plot of the story is tediously predictable.

My expectation was that this was going to be trashy (and, in truth, it features its fair share of cliché situations and stock characters), and I don't care for Aguilera's over-ornamented style of singing.

My first thought: this is a cliché, trying to escape her small town, move to Hollywood, become a star, girl drama.

The musical numbers fill the screen, the music is loud, snappy and upbeat.

The musical numbers and choreography were spellbinding and entertaining, essentially similar to performances in the movies "Chicago," "Moulin Rouge," and "Chicago.

In short, this film is well worth watching just for Aguilara's screen time.

But "Burlesque" is also what it claims to be—entertaining.

The music selections and choreography were quite enjoyable.

I found Burlesque to be very entertaining.

All in all, this is a wonderful film - light weight, low-key and totally enjoyable.

While it's the cliché "showing people your true talent" scheme it's shown to us in a very musical style which is something I don't see too often.

Our most beloved and successful musicals started on Broadway, some made over and over again like Chicago, the others had much time to be adapted, to take out the slow periods, add more character to a character, rewrite parts, and take out bland numbers, jazz up other numbers like, to perfect them by the time they went to film like, Phantom of the Opera, Cats, A Chorus Line, My Fair Lady, Grease, All That Jazz and Chicago which ran three times on Broadway, once with Bob Fosse as the choreographer; this is why they are icons in our memory.

where she lands a job waitressing in a nightclub and quickly works her way up the ranks and falls in love along the way… snore.

But despite all this the film rolls along very merrily and is really quite entertaining.

Her scenes can really cheesy and predictable.

One of the more enjoyable musical movies of the past few years.

Eric Dane seemed bored in his portrayal of Marcus, the wealthy magnate who is trying to buy Tess' club.

Overall, I think this was thoroughly enjoyable, and not just for all the dance scenes.

All I heard was that the acting was horrible and the story was bland and so on.

The production numbers too lack the snap and imagination of "Chicago", never mind anything Bob Fosse ever created, leaving the film a rather empty construct, filled with paper-thin characters and a happy ending constructed, literally out of thin air.

The set up was nearly flawless, the love story well thought out (though not perfect) and paced, early musical numbers were very entertaining, but the final act left the audience feeling cheated with an impotent conclusion to the dominant love story and a confusing focus switch to Tess's business troubles.

But his role was way to small, perhaps 10 minutes of screen time in total, but totally worth watching!

Made "Showgirls" Seem Relatively Intriguing .

Completely entertaining from beginning to end!!

In summary, a waste of time.

This is one of the worst movies of all time.

All in all, it's a good, entertaining movie.

These scenes failed to capture a unique cinematic vision, instead the views were dark and dull.

Like I have said, it is not going to be held in cinema history as the next Casablanca, or Godfather, few movies are nowadays, but this was an enjoyable experience for many reasons and I encourage anyone who thinks they can handle it for what it is to see it.

To be fair, if you don't have a decent audio system, I can see where you may not have enjoyed it to its fullest, but the movie is entertaining, has a very good story, good acting, WOW dancing, and WOW singing.

They get repetitive and boring.

Anyone who has seen Strictly Ballroom, Cabaret or the Blue Angel would wonder how they could make a cabaret flick so boring, so silly and so sexless with so much nudity!

As well, I've always found her performances physically static, while vocally unimaginably executed, so when the trailer put her in a line of chorus girls in a burlesque house (which is showing a rivival of sorts in San Francisco), I did have a question about whether she could be compelling.

The whole film was just soo entertaining and enjoyable!

"Burlesque" is also incredibly cliché.

In spite of the negatives it's still entertaining.

Thoroughly Entertaining .

The costumes were fabulous, the sets amazing, the music out of this world, and plot enjoyable enough.

NO CLASS,,,, BURLESQUE is one of the most enjoyable movies i have EVER watched.

She wore skimpy cultured pearls, juicy bareback couture glittering with diamonds, and holding ostrich feathers only, as she paraded the stage singing slow songs, old songs and hip hop songs.

Annoyingly unoriginal story about an ambitious, small town Iowa girl named Ali (Christina Aguilera), who leaves the slow lane for the fast lights and glitter of L.

And those numbers, from Express to Show Me How You Burlesque, are bang for the buck and that's what musicals are made of, with performances, song and music that stand out from the competition, entertaining as hell, without trying to hard to stick a sultry image on Aguilera with the slower numbers in cheesy, cheeky cabaret routines.

However even then the slower numbers turned out to be quite a drag, with the film actually coming alive with the more upbeat, electrifying numbers with Aguilera and the ensemble of supporting dancers and stage performers.

As for the script, yes, it's as formulaic and paint-by-numbers as the critics make it out to be.

On the other hand, the humour is refreshingly effective, and compared to "Coyote" this flick may actually be much more romantic, appealing and gripping.

Well, mildly entertaining.

Burlesque's backstage, backstabbing story was so continually marred by clichés, predictability, dumb dialogue and trite personal dramas that this, in turn, quickly reduced its elaborately staged musical numbers to being nothing more than half-ass fizzle rather than full-throttle sizzle.

Save your money and revisit "Cabaret".

one of the most entertaining bad movies of the year .

As I've said, "Burlesque" is a hugely enjoyable show, performed on a stage full of likable style and remarkable glitz (whatever that means).

I am more attracted to slow artsy fartsy movies that try make grand points about society or existence.

Entertaining .

This man seems to pop up in the most unexpected of roles and in films where they need him the most.

They might as well have named her Strawberry Serenity Symphony Nightshade or something equally pretentious because she NEVER loses.

Cher gets first billing, for her status in the industry, but the story is built around Aguilera's character, Ali (short for Alice), a small town Iowa girl working in a greasy spoon and getting bored very fast.

The standard, boring storyline.

Predictable and I'm amazed it took $55mil to make.

Of course everything is improbable, predictable, neat and pretty ( pretty lame).

While the plot is very clichéd and predictable, it's still moderately entertaining.

But I really enjoyed it for what it was the first time.

Worth watching!

If you want something light and enjoyable for relaxation, this is a great choice!

The romance is lighthearted and predictable in a good way.

Aguilera and Cher being two experienced singers worked and the songs were enjoyable with all the song scenes looking like music videos rather than part of a film.

Even though it's enjoyable and funny and cute, it's not exactly new - somewhere someone watched something already that resembles this.

The cast was wonderful, the songs were great, and the choreography was so enjoyable.

I think I would have enjoyed it even more at the theater!

Strong actors, promising predictable story...

In a name that cliché style a small-town orphaned Iowa girl Ali (Christina Aguilera) decides to skip her aimless diner existence and hop onto the fast lane of opportunities awaiting in Los Angeles (where else?

Cher needs no praise, we all know she is crazy talented and though her character in this movie was kind of flat and predictable, just having Cher in the movie was enough

The plot revolves entirely around Christina's character, Ali, leaving behind her boring life in Iowa and taking a bus to L.

One huge giant cliché .

Christina Aguilera is the undisputed star of the entire cast and her vocals were flawless, in fact her singing carried the entire film which was otherwise boring and seemed to drag on after a while.

Unfortunately, they are so insipid and tedious that they are among the worst elements from this movie.

Enjoyable - a real treat .

Good thing for the film, the music is frequent and enjoyable.

The only pitfall for the entire movie was its very predictable and very sugary story line.

The script is a huge cliché and it has all been done before, and you're gonna guess what happens very quickly.

Centrally we have a little cliché, Ali (Aguilera) is a small town girl from Iowa who decides she wants to leave behind everything to pursue the dreams and promise of Los Angeles.

It's just that the role is such a predictable set of clichés when she's offstage.