Burning (2018) - Drama, Mystery

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Jong-su bumps into a girl who used to live in the same neighborhood, who asks him to look after her cat while she's on a trip to Africa. When back, she introduces Ben, a mysterious guy she met there, who confesses his secret hobby.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Chang-dong Lee
Stars: Ah-in Yoo, Steven Yeun
Length: 148 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 101 out of 232 found boring (43.53%)

One-line Reviews (278)

The pace is extremely slow, and there are very few dialogues.

If I could give 0 I would, it was boring AF and the ending is bad.

I still ultimately believe that Ben was killing the girls, toying with them for his amusement and killing them when he got bored with them, because we saw how he loved power and controlled everything in his life.

To slow Good camera work

This movie is awfully boring.

The independent film seems to be divided into 2 parts: the first tells the story of a love triangle, and the second goes to a fascinating detective thriller.

This fascinating film leaves us with many unanswered mysteries, such as: how many murders are there?

A pointless movies.

Slow and pointless .

The worst of the worst movies.

I wanted to like something - anything - about this movie but it was an astounding waste of time and poorly made in every way.

boring .

Slow burner .

Burning is a slow burn, especially during development scenes.

At two and a half hours, the film is perhaps too long especially as the first half begins to get dull at a certain point.

Endless scenes of nothingness with the long dull stares.

The most thrilling film of 2018 .

Please, don't waste your time.

Don't waste your precious time...

Lot better than blood, guts, and predictable cheap thrillers.

Proof positive that the final seven minutes of a boring, boring, boring movie just can't save it from being boring.

His charm and seeming boredom at Hae-mi - the nature of their relationship unclear, as it is with his subsequent love interest - make Jong-su question what his exact motives are, fuelled by his story of burning greenhouses.

But this story in 2018 is pure boredom, unless you are completely in love with this particular actor playing a limp dummy, or perhaps with the decorations, that are beautifully shot, I must say.

Personally like this kind of portrait for class struggle than 'The Parasite' because of the confusing bahaviour of the characters and symbolism inside the scenes.

The narration is slow, during this time you can fully enjoy the visual component, excellent camera work.

This movie is overrated, pretentious, and nonsensical.

While Jong su is hypnotized by her graceful movements and her beautiful breasts he sees Ben yawning in a bored fashion.

Many scenes are purely self-indulgent--conversations that go on and on and say nothing worth hearing.

Too slow, unfinished, too long, all things that didn't satisfy me at all.

The production is meticulously artful - ponder over how Jong-su's home is a stone's throw from the border of both Koreas and how propaganda is blaring every other hour, and ravel in the beautiful light of the sunset as Ben shares his unusual hobby.

I think that the movie is worth watching more times in order to catch all the small details that you maybe missed when you watched first time.

She was so good, so mesmerizing and stunning that it was almost impossible for me not to fall in love with her.

Skillfully shooting the empty and anxious youth who are swaying between pride and inferiority in the desire to export.

Boring and gets nowhere .

This is a movie that for the first hour, you have no clue where it's going, and then suddenly hits a turning point that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Dragged out, so many pointless moments, mute star, a film trying to be cool!

Complete waste of time, do not watch this movie,2hours and 28 minute of nothingness, no answers!!!!

The worst movie I have ever seen in my life...

This South Korean film is a stand out of the year and leaves you bewildered and wanting more, even though the film itself is quite long.

Worst movie I've ever seen .

Really tired of the 1- and 2- star reviews from people who claim this movie is "boring" or "doesn't have a plot" - They're wrong.

As an unexpected guy (Ben) interrupts between Jong-su and Hae-mi, and starts to approach Hae-mi with his wealth, Jong-su's hidden wrath toward outside world become more confused, desperately tries to find out what he can get existentialistic understandings.

A complete waste of my time!

Pointless , Boring and Depressing Movie .

Slowly paced & engrossing.

Here's what I thinkThe main character was autisticThe guy with the Porsche was who he wanted to be (Tyler Durden esq)The girl was a metaphor for his loneliness and inability to connectThe ending only happened in his headThe greenhouse was also a metaphor for lost opportunitiesIt was so slow and boring.

An unexpected commentary on social stratification in South Korea.

The film is an intentional slow build and is beautiful to look at and presents with a profound nature.

Jung-Su is very bland.

What's the significance of North Korea being within sight of the main setting and their propaganda being in earshot?

Nothing happens at all.

Its a slow burn, mystery that heightens and leaves a burning impression when the credits role.

Burning's unique aspect is that it embodies the mundane life of its characters and uses it as means of conveying metaphors, a defining term for Burning's formula is, as I would describe it, "surrealistic romanticism".

It is a beautiful character study of a lonely young woman craving meaning and purpose in life, a cinematically unconventional young man who feels inadequate to fight against class distinction and social prejudice, and an enigmatic, bored, Gatsby-like yuppie.

Then, there is Hae-mi, another constituent of 99%, but burdened with a disadvantage of her sex, a girl who dwells on "small hunger"and "big hunger", hopelessly tries to compensate her material poverty with a lofty spiritual richness, her own misery emerges as a poignant criticism of a misogynous society (Jong-su's biting remark about her nude dance is a thrilling dagger into her heart) that only takes girls on the skin-deep value (Jong-su once remarked that she is ugly, according to Hae-mi, who owns up that her prettiness is totally artificial during their first encounter), which, if anything, is a tacit accomplice of pushing girls like her to the hands of the ilks like Ben, to have their personhood be obliterated without a trace.

This film is more of a character and society study than anything else, and a fascinating one at that.

This lack of true drive to the film made it a slow burn (pun absolutely intended), and even then one of the slowest slow burns I've seen in a while.

But the protagonist seems to be as slow as the movie to not understand it right away.

Jung-Su says he would have known and nothing happened.

early in the film, the director shows us how boring sex really is.

Soon after that even dialogue becomes predictable.

Or the ending that is as shocking as unexpected really and makes a nice reference to the title as well as the aforementioned greenhouse reference.

Nice, but slow and long, so bring some coffee with you.

The script, based on a short story (that appeared in The New Yorker) by Haruki Murakami (equally boring), is beyond what I would call weak, and the only consolation when it was all said and done, for me, was that I didn't pay to see it!!!

It was just so slow and mundane with such little happening that despite the actors coming across relatively ok the film itself was just a tiresome drag.

It is long, slow and imaginary.

While I was watching the film, I thought it was long and tedious and at one point I even thought of stopping to watch it altogether.

Overall experience: bit boring, intriguing, weird, not much to please the eye or ear, interesting storyling.

It's actually more confusing than infuriating.

Don't waste your time unless you like wasting 2.5 hours of your time.

Intense mystery screenplay gives you Hitchcock experience.

The only thrilling thing about it was when the titles rolled.

There are people I heard saying that this film's first half is really boring, it should be cut half.

Though plot is predictable starting quite quick after few meetings with Ben.

It's slow as slow can be and gets nowhere at all.

The lead actress spends all her time in the movie falling asleep in restaurants.

A slow burner of a film noir.

The first act moves at a languid pace as we observe Jong-su's infectious reticence and Hae-mi's enthusiastic flamboyance.

Completely pointless plot At last please don't watch this film unless you have been given a literature project.

The movie director want the movie to be deep , suspense but it took wrong turn and fall into boring slow Rhythm .

Director Chang-dong Lee has a way of capturing the otherwise mundane and infusing it with substance and weight.

Hae-mi seems like an interesting character on paper but she feels kinda hollow and empty.

Overall, the first half is slow (perhaps too slow at times) and doesn't seem too threatening, outside of the phone calls Jong-su receives when looking after his incarcerated father's farmhouse with no-one speaking on the other end.

The only thing is I wish the film made his character more engaging in the first half.

Good - interesting - too unwound to be thrilling .

Boring; misleading .

I almost turned this film off just past the hour mark because it was pretty boring and, Hae-mi, the female lead, was annoying, not relatable in any way whatsoever and, frankly, she was driving me mad, dancing around semi-naked, stoned.

This character is soooo damn dull!

Luckily though, the pure sense of mystery that surrounds the three core players (our protagonist included) and the film's world as a whole keeps things intriguing throughout.

Fascinating and endlessly riveting .

Just because it's long, slow, and has an incoherent ending does not make genius filmmaking.

Weaves you in it's mystery with enchanting atmosphere and genuinely surprises with unexpected twists.

It's not boring as such, but with its extremely long runtime it does generally feel slow paced and often runs the risk of being quite dull.

i might have enjoyed it better if i watched it in a theater.

is the only explanation for the initial rave reviews for this dull wannabe-artsy gen-z film, with very little substance whatsoever.

Visually, intellectually & emotionally engaging.

The film introduces Lee Jong-Su who is sometimes compelling, sometimes wasted.


Slow, yet so intriguing.

Intriguing .

Then it becomes more and more intriguing, exciting to such an extent that you do not want the film to end anymore.

I love crime fiction and it's why I saw this film, but it turned out to be just a generic Korean drama - people lead a dull life and an uneventful, unfruitful romantic life.

The way director Lee Chang-Dong made me experience Jongsu's powerlessness is riveting.

I don't know why this ordinary movie has so good comments It's a slow very boring film without any point It's a 5/10 film and maybe 4/10 because I bored to death the first hour .

It is confusing for introvert Jongsu to deal with his lust for her and to figure out Ben's complex motives.

Having the opportunity to ordeal the point-of-view of a main character situated like Lee Jong-su, enables this allocation of an intensive urgency for answers.

It's a slow, frustrating burn with strange characters and an oddly poetic storyline.

The dude is a total redneck, mouth half opened, slow and stupid.

The settings are very modest and the people dress and look very plain, but at the same time the lighting is incredibly dynamic and some shots are so intense with color that it might make some people tear up.

where nothing happens and critics fall all over themselves to rave about nothing happening.

There is nary a moment wasted throughout its long and breathtaking two and a half hours, that elevate its surreal source material to a rare kind of arthouse thriller, whose slow burning quality finally explodes in a cathartic and ultimately unavoidable ending.

This movie was slow and extremely boring.

For the bulk of the film you're just watching one man follow another man which is so completely contrived because the follower is driving an obvious farm utility vehicle and therefore completely conspicuous.

This is rather a slow moving film with lots of metaphors and read-between-the-shots meanings.

So different and thrilling story.

A large portion of the film is going for symbolism that is for the most part silly and pretentious, and occasionally outright stupid.

Too slow, and way too little payoff .

So, for example, when Jong-su sees Ben yawning as Hae-mi is recreating a dance she learned in Kenya, the yawn becomes immensely sinister, because that's how Jong-su interprets it.

Waste of time .

But it's also very slow and languorous, almost too much so, and it ultimately feels like the pay off isn't quite worth the time invested.

Boring .

Anyway, 2 1/2 hours and my general conclusion was that this only works if you think life is basically a pointless enigma.

This is utterly tedious.

Oh look, Ben's yawning again!

The slowness of the first hour of the film, makes you wonder what is the goal?

My only small issue is that the movie is really slow...

Waste of time!

It just feels slow for the sake of slow.

Enchantingly engrossing .

This mesmerizing character study kicks off with an unexpected encounter between protagonist Lee Jong-su, a quiet, restrained young man who tends to his father's property - located near the border with North Korea, one of the many ways in which the narrative conveys its unique sense of unease - while he battles in court over his alarming anger issues, and Shin Hae-mi, a wide-eyed, lonely girl with an unsettling penchant for pantomime, who finds herself lost, in a perennial journey to find purpose - or the Great Hunger, as she tells an amused Jong-su.

A slow burner that drew me in.

In the middle of the film, there is a scene with the three leads that is used for the poster above, this scene is haunting but engrossing.

I found the characters endearing and admirable, and conforming -- faithfully -- to that Murakami prototype, of "boring male, straight guy vs.

This film should be called 'Boredom' instead of burning .

I have to be honest here, at first I was like totally bored and didn't bother to watch much of the movie...

It's fascinating to a point, and I enjoyed its refusal to easily hand over its secrets to its audience.

For him, the world around him is mysterious, confusing, depressing, and outraging.

Just like he did when he was growing bored of Hae-mi!

It is extremely slow to start, and the viewer has no idea what to be looking for.

no plot at all and in the end, after watching the film, you are (I was) left thinking...

For people who say his character is boring, you would probably think I am boring too.

We were all the more curious as to what Lee could distill from this intriguing short story.

Slow paced, understated, it's the kind of film that can create tension in simple moments like silence, watching, following.

The film isn't for a wide audience, lasts 2 and a half hours, it goes slowly and asks a lot of questions.

On a positive side the acting by the leads are very good specially Steven Yuen and the main story is intriguing.

The cinematography was reasonably good, but it was undermined by shots that lasted far far too long and an excessive focus on background nature over the characters in the story.

That's the problem with this film: nothing happens, it never seems to go anywhere...

It should be called Boring .


Chang-dong Lee along with cinematographer Kyung-pyo Hong paints a beautiful moving painting that is part drama, part mystery and totally engaging.

I was ready to go full neanderthal with a rage filled review saying it was a complete waste of time, too long, and nothing happens.

But this is damn slow.

Slow and boring.

On the other hand this is, without doubt, a beguiling, enchanting and entertaining tale that is intriguing from the start.

Most of the time the movie feels empty, without purpose, lacking even the most basic plot.

It's still slow, but a bit bitter and more exciting, and the movie does well in being subtle.

There is no suspense ,no story, no plot and nothing which will grab you to see the movie from my point of view...

Lee has a fascinating ability to create a film with very complex themes while doing so with a minimal use of words.

So slow so boring .

The acting, the score, the cinematography are all pretty great, but the slow pace and a lot of unnecessary scenes dragged this movie down to a 7/10 for me.

I don't see the purpose in all the moments in the movie, which always makes me feel the writer, director or both are a little pretentious.

They are absolutely stunning.

Slow pace, borring, no narrative at all.

The actors performances were amazing and essencial to this intriguing story!

'The Parasite' looks at class struggle as a third person but 'Burning' makes me more engaging (Yoo Ah-in is a perfect match for his character) don't know why

There is something uniquely intriguing about this movie that just draws you in.

Burning is an engrossing tale of the unravelling of a rational and innocent mind by sheer desire, rich with characterisations and themes.

Guess during the translation they must've mixed up Boring with Burning .

A slow burner that might be a bit too slow for some .

Apparently Korean filmmakers also have the "slow burn" disease.

Jong-seo Jun does this dance to the backdrop of an empty field at sunset.

This movie is seriously pointless with no shot at all .

After the first hour I was getting restless, and by the end I realised how tedious I was finding all this.

Very slow and nothing interesting.

In short, it's plain dull for a full 148 minutes.

Boring Pretentious Claptrap .

It being a slow movie did not affect my rating due to it being a personal preference.

Wish I had requested it from Netflix, so I could have stopped it after an hour of boredom.

For me watching this movie was both challenging and boring throughout the whole duration, in the first 90 min.

An amazingly graceful Korean story, exciting the viewer's attention and not letting go until the end.

Yawn .

At two-and-a-half hours with a slow pace, Lee allows a long of time for the suspense to rise, which he does well.

I found it boring and in fact fell asleep halfway through.

Characters are mask face, no plot, no story.

On the way we are treated with very entertaining and artistic 'distractions' and at the conclusion of this epic and ''phantasystic' journey.

Very dark, sinister and engrossing experience .

The guy is too slow in figuring out the conflict.

This was a torture.

Slow burner is an understatement.. .

All the real action here is in the context of broadcast propaganda; the MacGuffins are neglected glass houses in a context where houses matter, and may even (dimly) reference quantum realities.

ok and predictable .

Normally I really enjoy Korean movies as well as movies that are slow and leave questions unanswered.

A complete waste of time .

In all honesty, the film breathes an atmosphere simalar to the books of Murakami, which in my opinion also tend to be more poetic and slow - certainly no page turners and neither is Burning.

While the three of them drink a glass of wine and smoke aj joint, the propaganda from the North Korean speakers can be heard in the balmy evening.

Slow, pointless, boring .

The plot is uninteresting and resolves in the most predictable way.

It's pretty long and kind of boring.

As the narrative progresses, however, and the core mystery of the piece arrives, things get a lot more intriguing and this intrigue lasts long after the haunting finale.

Movie was so boring that i slept in between many times.

Quite predictable .

Definitely worth watching!

It's two and a half hours full of boredom.

Furthermore, the script is slow...

More realistic than expected from a Murakami adaptation, with intense scenes, good music and mysterious characters.

The second hour is just boring .

Nothing to see in 2/5 hour,i cant believe these reviews and ratings ,this is worthless and boring and slow, nothing more to say about wasting of my time

Here, where Jongsu maintains his father's livestock farm while his dad faces trial for a violent outburst against a state official, state propaganda can be heard through blaring loudspeakers.

Boring .

The dialogue is razor-sharp (at least what I got from the subtitles), the acting natural and authentic, the cinematography stunning and the score superbly minimalistic and fitting.

The ending may feel somewhat inevitable by the time it comes, but much like Jong-su's obsession, the longer you leave it and the more you mull it over, the more intriguing it gets.

i even had to fight against falling asleep, which in my opinion was caused by the movie itself and not by my own mental or physical condition.

But what is fascinating me the most is the plot and the characters that populate it.


So tired of the so called "Slow Burn" formula.

If your thing is slow burn, psychological Korean drama don't miss this one.

A slow, uneasy burn of a mysterious story .

For me the movie is just too slow, and has too little payoff.

Slow boring and pointless .

Definitely worth watching.

When she returns, she seems to have a new boyfriend, Ben (Steven Yeun), a man a few years older, rich, driving a Porsche and entertaining a few caprices, some odd, some of these that only rich people can afford.

Slow and Painful .

It's very long and slow and nothing really happens until the last 2 minutes or so.

The three characters in this are so well acted and feel as real as can be, along with stunning Cinematography and a landscape that turns just as cold as the story does.

Slow Burn Drama With A Lot To Think About .

The biggest problem with this film is that it's too slow and boring.

Its such a slow movie, and it is abstract.

The first time can be slow, so understand that this is commitment to a much larger picture.

And most importantly there is a slow burning mystery that really gets into your system.


If you're looking for an action filled, on the edge of your seat movie, Burning may not be the cinema you're looking for.

This direction adds a consistent layer of slow burning suspense to the film which characterizes the rest of it.

Jong-Su is just as much an abandoned greenhouse as Hae-Mi, and maybe when he said "I play", he really meant he is on an entirely different socioeconomic class than them and is a playboy who entertains himself with the emotions of others (like finding it fascinating when others cry).

So, whether the ending is enough to make someone award this snooze-a-thon 10/10 is debatable, but IMDb is full of stuoid idiots and pretentious idiots alike.

Just a dull, boring and slow korean movie.

The boring characters...

2.5 hours of total waste of life.

Too slow,,,,and Boring .

Over Hyped, slow and predictive.

One of the ways you can see that is that he yawns when other people are laughing.

It's a slow burn, that's for sure.

Waste of time.

For 132 of those minutes, it is glacially slow and boring.

It's a slow burn, intimately personal film investigating three characters, and all three give very strong performances.

Confusing to some ...

Anyway, I love slow burning movies and I enjoyed this one.

I found this to be perhaps the most suspenseful film of the year so far.

Just a plateau of a dull storytelling a d someone who stares at the camera for the most of the Film like he is on drugs.

Don't waste your time I gave 1 because many friends to actors writers giving 9-10

Let's all give it a good ratings because it makes us feel intelligent trying solve the puzzle of this downright boring movie.

Just wasted 3 hours of my life (extra 30 min to pause and ponder if I should continue).

but really slow .

What a bore .

The actors did a good believable job, but the story is just too slow, unfinished and unexplained.

While it is objectively true that Burning is a slow burn through and through, it is undeniable that the film never feels boring and it provides you with beautiful cinematography, a wonderful score, and a terrific build up that leads to a heartbreaking conclusion.

Slow Burn that Will Finally Ignite in the Final Act .

A boring film with crappy acting.

If you are expecting a fast paced Korean mystery film with lots of unexpected twists, then this is not your film.

There are better films that never won a banana, in which you can better waste your time.

So so boring movie.

A bit slow but intense, offering different emotions through good actors.

Very boring movie.

The director came up with a boring script and shot it in a boring style and pace.

Reading such comments, I decided to watch the movie and found it extremely slow, over hyped and totally predictive.

Slow burn.

Do you know how i recognize a boring or bad film for me.

Which means that this movie is VERY slow.

I also hate when the term slow burn is used in a negative way.


The director brings us some interesting real life tidbits (at Jong-su's family home in Paju, the North Korean propaganda speakers are clearly audible).

Or at least find the movie very confusing, vague, and dull.

The yes is all about mood-building with lots of landscape shots and slow, drawn-out dialogue scenes.

Many consider this movie to be a thriller which leaves me scratching my head, since the thrill I was experiencing whilst watching this movie was fairly minimal, I was however overwhelmed by the feeling of boredom.

He is ineffectual and uninteresting for the entire runtime.

For the first half of the film, I was bored.

the rich guy who forms one end of the love triangle is bored with his guests.

My Rating : 0/10The most boring movie you'll see this year!

But it was so dull that I just want to put it behind me and never think of it again.