Cake (2014) - Drama

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Claire becomes fascinated by the suicide of a woman in her chronic pain support group while grappling with her own, very raw personal tragedy.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Daniel Barnz
Stars: Jennifer Aniston, Adriana Barraza
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 30 out of 160 found boring (18.75%)

One-line Reviews (91)

Tedious .

Cake is slow and sad yet gripping and shocking.

In conclusion, Cake isn't a very commercial film, and it doesn't offer false optimism or easy solutions to the impossible disjunctives which torture Claire, and as a consequence, it occasionally feels a bit dull...

The story itself was dull and again...

However, for anybody who might be interested, Cake is worth watching on Netflix!

The story is gritty and compelling.

It was the most tedious 102 minutes of my life.

Maybe if she bore some of the blame for the accident it would have added umami - life is like that.

" Stringing together simultaneously random and clichéd scenes and character dynamics meant to be "edgy" - a bore through and through - and slapping the "chronic pain" label on this vapid concoction to make it more "marketable" to the cinema snob crowd is...

I feel however, that this movie was let down by the slow moving script, the lack of story telling, and bizarre parts of the movie that I didn't feel were completely necessary...

In fact I enjoyed it.

Jennifer Aniston is, for the most part, fantastic in Cake - unflattering, grouchy and depressed and delivers the film's formulaic story with passion.

There are plenty of average movies of which the actors' brilliant performances have won many awards, but This was quite predictable of the Academy which robbed Sean Penn of his Oscar in 1995 for "Dead Man Walking".

It is a slow paced but extremely engaging film with a haunting score and a very realistic cinematography.

But i think it does a great job illustrating a downward spiral real intense ongoing pain can be, and how that changes a person.

Clare's physical pain is immediately apparent, as is her short temper and seemingly life-long attitude problem, but the slow unravelling of why she hates her husband, why her long-suffering housekeeper refuses to quit and her obsession with the suicide case is surprisingly devastating.

2 empty bottles of pills out of 5

There is no plot, just the quest for keeping herself numb via drugs and keeping her distance from any meaningful relationships.

Overall the movie was ok, but I felt it lacks the intriguing and engaging moments with the audience.

Therefore, such unremarkable content took its toll and by the end of the film succeeded in engendering lacklustre feelings verging on boredom, i.

It is a slow starter.

This was a deeply irresponsible product of a writer who wanted to pimp the "chronic pain" label and slap it on this trite melodrama in a pathetically transparent bid at an Oscar nod or some other form of praise from an equally uninformed source of "cinema prestige.

This minor change in a character trait would have yielded further analysis into the connection between emotional and physical pain in a really smart but engaging manner.

And then there's also the unbearable pain caused by the loss of her son.

She is simply stunning in a well-written movie with interesting plot that keeps you stuck to the screen and you can not believe that she is she.

She's barely a character here, but few others could still make such an empty soul so interesting, if on a surface level.

I really enjoyed it.

It is she who does this good, trustworthy and engaging.

She understands Claire's loss and confusion enough to retrieve the boxes of toys Claire gives the handyman.

despite not being very memorable due to its trite subjects and simplistic manufacture.

Surprisingly brilliant - gripping and moving.

Her character isn't developed too much, but we know she has a family of her own, and she dedicates a lot of her time to a women who she obviously cares so much for, even though Aniston can be rather snappy with her over trivial things.

Worth watching this only for her performance, not for the story.

An excellent film with an intriguing plot, delivered with a refreshingly down-to-earth storytelling.

-The film is slow, so that's a downside.

I wish it actually told us more details of the accident or the aftermath at the beginning in the movie which would definitively make the movie a bit more intriguing.

Long and boring .

Strangely empty .

While people argue that it's pointless, even though I'm not a fan, I can see what question its driving at.

A dreary wallowing in depression film that could have been OK if they had kept it more about her relationship with her maid and not bothered with the outside relationship (which I won't mention so as not to spoil anything).

Even if you don't like this film's subject matter, it is worth watching simply to see the far reaching capability of Jennifer Aniston's acting range with her character Claire.

I guess the dream character personified the compulsion to commit suicide in response to seemingly unbearable pain in life.

A main character constantly grunting and wheezing in pain could easily have quickly become tedious, but JA's performance is so compelling and realistic that these details didn't annoy me at all.

You can see the pain in that tired look and those languid eyes.

I found myself waiting for this movie to become a gripping movie and it almost got there.

Too cliche on a serious subject and I really wanted her to be great in this movie.

For this reviewer the first response after watching this mesmerizingly fascinating film was 'how could Jennifer Aniston not have been nominated at least and won at best the Oscar for best performance by an actress for her impossibly difficult role in this film?

Good low budget film with A-list actors, definitely worth the watch.

Review: Although this movie is quite an emotional drama, I did get bored after a while and it doesn't really seem to go anywhere.

Tedious and one dimensional.

Cronic physical and emotional pain is a hard topic, but the both intense and delicate way it was dealt with made the picture sustainable although emotionally gripping.

If you are bored a Saturday night and can't find anything else to watch, id still recommend you check it out!

So, without giving away any of the plot, I have to admit the pace of this film is slower than molasses on a hot summer's day.

I highly recommend it.

Something else was lost in that accident that the movie is slow to reveal, and one of the pleasures of Cake is that the particulars of Claire's situation are doled out slowly so we have time to get to know her before we get a complete picture of her circumstances.

I was also impressed by Adriana Barraza, who gives a stunning tirade in Spanish after Jennifer Aniston's ordeal on the train tracks.

It was intense, funny, sad, and uplifting.

I totally understand why she is depressed but from an entertainment point of view, it does get a bit boring after a while.

Waste of time .

The slower pace serves to draw our interest more deeply into the characters' circumstances.

Many of these comedic parts come at a very unpredictable moments at the movie's earlier parts, and they become more predictable as viewers begin to have a picture of how Claire's character work.

"Cake" is an utterly heartbreaking yet breathtaking look at the pain of loss, both physical and emotional, and the seemingly impossible task of finding the strength to go on.

Cake gets dramatic but without becoming heavy-handed, so I'd say it's most definitely worth the watch.

By the end of Cake's 1hr and 43 minutes, I was begging from relief from the tedious pain.

Its worth a watch if your into your deep dramas about dealing with the lose of a loved one but the pace is quite slow and nothing major happens throughout the movie.

The trailer hyped it up too much, setting the expectation of a very intense drama.

It's tough to make a good one (movie or cake), but when you get it right, people can find it pretty enjoyable.

Until the actual cakes are mentioned or seen, the title is an emblem of her self-indulgent pain.

On the whole this was not a masterpiece, but to me it was one of Aniston's best and a movie worth watching.

Instead, you will likely leave the theater still thinking about these characters.

Tobin completely bisects this compelling potential subplot by creating a character who has a discernible cause to her pain – scars and pins from a life-saving emergency surgery.

The story is simultaneously boring and frustrating.

It truly took me on a journey and I highly recommend it!

But to be fair, the movie's very engaging nonetheless.

It makes the movie incredibly realistic, because life can feel a little slow a times, especially if you have a mental health condition like depression or PTSD.

The film has very little plot as it shows us Claire coping with pain.

Overall Cake was just a bland and quite dull with nothing really interesting to show us.

The plot is formulaic and standard, but the first hour, though slow, is relatively good cinema.

My perspective is that she does a fine job in a role that is stunning in its variance from her typical fluffy rom-com roles.

In terms of pace and movement, this film was slow.

Although this was a novel role for Ms Aniston and to her credit, she did manage to capture some degree of authenticity, many of the scenes were just too repetitive and did not contain enough emotional depth to draw the viewer in.

I found the plot rather disjointed, and because of that I became disinterested in the story, the people, and their interactions.

Many reviews and critics are calling this movie grim or depressing, but for those of us who suffer with chronic pain, wow, it is refreshing to see a movie that rings true to the intense struggle that occurs when chronic pain sets in.

A decent movie with a decent story and even though the story was predictable still they made it so beautiful and enjoyable to watch.

Finally she meets Roy (Sam Worthington), which is the start of a slow recovery.

Not only did she show herself to be capable of a deep, compelling and very real performance, the movie itself was thought provoking and moving.

I was ready to declare Cake as another self-indulgent chapter in the saga of "pretty people's problems", which has become quite common in independent cinema.


It's not the most unique premise, but screenwriter Patrick Tobin takes the story in unexpected directions, avoiding clichés and handling the subject matter with surprising grace.

Confusing .

I thought the movie was entertaining enough to watch once.