Call Me by Your Name (2017) - Drama, Romance

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In 1980s Italy, a romance blossoms between a seventeen-year-old student and the older man hired as his father's research assistant.

IMDB: 7.9
Director: Luca Guadagnino
Stars: Armie Hammer, Timothée Chalamet
Length: 132 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 181 out of 788 found boring (22.96%)

One-line Reviews (511)

Lastly this film was pretentious and boring.

Boring .

typical white romance - enjoyable though .

Wish I had walked out after 15 minutes so that I could get my money back .

Although the cast gives brave, strong performances and the film is beautifully shot, it does have a sense of pacing that that's a little languid for my taste.

Boring and extreme boring...

a liberal slow piece .

Despite being well-made in, essentially, every conceivable way, 'Call Me By Your Name (2017)' is undeniably slow and, frankly, dull.

So boring and too much monologue that didn't reveal any of the depth of the character.

Although the stars are memorable, it is the tone of the environment that sets the mood, often setting off emotions through careful cinematography and a series of engaging colors with the backdrop of an Italian landscape, mixed with the simplicity of a peach farm.

and the much-lauded scene near the end with his father was stunning and truly moving.

This movie wasted two hours of my life and though I usually waste whole days of my life this has ANGERED ME BEYOND LIMITS.

Stunning .

Call Me By Your Name is a romance as much about adolescent coming of age as it is about the vagaries of love in any form or any age.

Over all I cannot flaw this movie it was raw and intense especially with the love making and its movie like this that really set a landmark in cinema

Very touching and very very stunning!

First off, it was soo boring.

It all appeared contrived and obvious from beginning to end.

Without hesitation, the chemistry between these two actors is mind-boggling and really unexpected, absolutely neither one of the scenes in which they shares screen feels synthetic, ridiculous or unnatural, nor those in which eroticism takes precedence, each part is propelled by the commitment and talent of these passionate actors, who, without necessarily being homosexual, builds a beautiful and intimate portrait about what love means, getting above barriers or stigmas.

The opening phrase "somewhere in the north of Italy" is a prologue to the fascinating story of fairy-tale happiness, which is the meeting of a highly educated intellectual and a young creative personality, separated at the age of a couple of decades, and then suddenly converging, revealing a commonality of mutual feelings.

Maybe it captures this too well, as found the first half pretty slow.

A breathtaking experience that must be seen.

The setting: the italian countryside the characters: ridiculously enthusiastic professors, grad students, and a talented, bold adolescent who transcribes schoenberg and reads voraciously (+ various caricatures of italians) the dialogue: quotes from seventeenth century french drama, analysis of heraclitus and hegel, which fall entirely too short to add anything, but are thrown there to display how smart these people are how much more pretentious and grotesquely bourgeois can you get?

The film as a whole was a coming of age story dealing with love, acceptance, and loss.

Frankly, very little happens in the movie - it's all just seeing the development of their relationship, which was generic and boring in them becoming familiar with each other and falling in love for no discernible reason.

In case you haven't already seen this dog turd, here's the gist: For one solid hour we are bored stiff by watching a bunch of unpleasant and irrelevant people doing pretty much nothing at all in a dreary and run down little country place "Somewhere in Northern Italy", as the titles tell us.

A Truly Breathtaking Piece Of Cinema .

If you have ever stumbled upon an Insta story of a brunch table with a polo shirt lightly hanged on the brim of the chair, a visibly used Penguin edition of a Thomas Mann roman and a moleskin notebook full of pretentious calligraphy, all serving as props, welcome to Guadanino's world.

Perhaps I was just in the wrong frame of mind to watch this, but I had a hard time appreciating the positives because of the way the movie dragged.

And the first half is pretty boring.

I'd rather watch paint dry than watch this piece of garbage again.

The character development was lovingly drawn out in exquisite detail - Thomas' love of the mountains and his defensive loneliness, Damien's scholastic ambition and his growing feelings for Thomas.

I couldn't face it and four of us walked out.

The movie itself was too slow.

It's not a terrible film, it's just a bit creepy, unbelievable, and very slow without much payoff...

I thought it was 40 minutes too long and that James Ivory's screenplay was contrived and reminded me of a Gay or should I say Bi Sexual version of Room With A View.

All the pretentious dialogue, the foreign languages, the academic posturing, cannot change the fact that two people wanting to have sex with one another is interesting for about a hot minute.

James Ivory's brilliantly adapted script examines the nature of love and sex while simultaneously giving us a deeply moving coming of age tale surrounding a tortured soul.

Pointless, long, meandering scenes early on.

Slow, Pretentious and Emotionally Disconnected .

In the final scene of the film, the audience will feel the intense melancholy Elio is experiencing, while life continues around him.

Honestly, it was teetering on boring, basically, the entire time.

A summer of intense passion is bound to have a short lease as Oliver has to go back to the States.

Zero chemistry between the two male leads - Armie looked nervous as hell and the kid was dull.

My Name Is Boring.

Yet here we are with one of the most engrossing dramatic journeys of last year.

The film uses its slow burn pacing to build up the relationships and sexual tension between Elio and Oliver, using its incredible screenplay to build an intellectual and emotional connection between them.

His acting is stunning.

Relative unknown Director Luca Guadagnino ("A Bigger Splash" 2015) has hit the movie jackpot with this at times painstakingly slow moving storyline that ultimately proves a backdrop for forbidden love, heartbreak and strong family values.

Elio's father speech, which so many consider a highlight of the film, I found contrived - like what the writer imagined his father would say, or what he wished his father had said - about how pure his love with Oliver was.

Too long and dull .

The first one hour or so was utterly boring with nothing going on.

In its 132 minute runtime, it manages to be both uneventful and completely empty.

The die was cast when they were chosen, but they remain spiritually and emotionally empty.

I haven't read the book, but the screenplay lacks any kind of conflict, which makes it BORING.

Painfully boring and slow.

If you've seen more than three art house films (all of which will be better than this) you'll be bored out of your mind.

Stunning .

It is by far the most visually stunning, with a ravishing, soft color palette that brings the hazy Italian summer to life.

The air is full of the sounds of birdsong, songs that will be evocative to anyone who has spent a summer in Europe when young.

Occasionally, they combine to make for some relatively entertaining scenes.

One example above all, the father-son dialogue towards the end is just not real 3) the style is so manneristic and pretentious to be highly irritating Last, it is just, simply plain boring....

Armie Hammer makes Oliver seem like a pretentious showboating creep, and the random acting from happy, to laughing, to dancing in the street, to screaming,t o anger...

The film is also a beautiful coming of age film as Elio struggles with embracing his identity and its stigma, juxtaposed against the older Oliver's hardened experience and slight disillusionment with his own.

The cinematography is engaging.

It's just another silly and boring movie for a teen audience, with the difference that it's two boys and not a boy and a girl...

A 90-minute movie packed into 132 minutes, this one goes on and on and on with nothing happening, supposedly building to the "coming of age" moment between the 17-year-old and the "older" man hired by daddy as a research assistant.

I have seen him in movies before, but didn't recognize him in this, because he is so boring you forget about him from movie to movie, or even scene to scene.

The gentle, yet fiercely emotional, relationship revealed over the course of the movie is stunning.

The film is a pretty picture that combines child sex/romance with very slow pacing, interminable still art shots and the very long run time.

Meaningless conversations, complete lack of logic and overall in general ABSOLUTE BOREDOM, that may be the worst screenplay ever written.


While the Liv Tyler film was also slow and very similar, there was something likable about it.

When watching the movie you see the life of a teenager turbulent in a normal daily life and boring, which made pearls deviation, in my view the film is not appropriate and I will not watch it again or advise anyone to watch it.


No story line.

Im not against homosexuality or anything, but this film is utterly pointless,I waited and waited and waited for something special to happen the entire film and in that constant search of a memorable scene, the credits roll.

Mostly completely BORING Oscar Bait.

This is, along with "Mudbound," one of the worst movies of the year.

He has an inability to eat soft boiled eggs, manages to fit a LOT of clothes into one knapsack, can NOT dance like its 1983, and comes across as short tempered and pretentious.

The way the film was shot was nice but way too slow and a bit borring since most of the scenes are empty with nothing actually happening besides the discovery part...

Amazing visuals, but boring.

The movie is far too long, too empty and unconvincing, and the only bright moment of it is the scene at the very end, when ending credits start and Timothee Chalamet shows his true skill, making everyone who has ever been brokenhearted relive that memory.

the languid libertines lol don't get me started on them wanted to slap the pair of them.

But there are issues that made this film dull and kind of unbearable.

Chalamet gives a terrific performance as the clever and talented virginal teenager, Hammer is equally good as the visiting and confidently attractive intern, their relationship is believable, it is a nice simple story of gay eroticism unfolding, it has a witty script, and the Italian scenery is beautiful, an enjoyable coming-of-age drama.


The storyline, based on the book of the same name, is surely an engaging one, in all of its simplicity.

I was expecting this to be your usual schmaltzy, predictable romantic drama, just with a same-sex couple.

It took me two sittings on different transatlantic flights to get through Luca Guadagnino's much vaunted coming of age film.

His eye for breathtaking visuals is apparent in this film.

I definitely think you should check this one out and if it is too slow for you, then you can still stop watching.

Simple coming of age film .

Unusual creation, full of emotion and apricot aroma, featuring stunning Italian landscapes.


There was no conflict at any point in the film, Brokeback Mountain or Moonlight had the societal pressures against their relationships weighing on them, feeding into their confusion and struggle.

Only I didn't liked the manipulation and bypassing of it, camouflaging it with the coming of age theme.

Though plodding and a bit of a slog, the mood is what you go for.

I get why lots of reviews found the movie boring, that means they didn't get drawn in as most of us did, funnily enough it's filmed where I grew up in Italy, near lake Garda, I can even understand the dialect spoke by some of the locals, but what I found so irresistible and completely gripping is the way the love story between "those 2" develops, never ever I found myself so going "awwwwwww" and feel completely connected with what the characters were feeling, I felt transported to those feeling of euphoria and dread typical of the " falling in love", like I was the one who was living it!!

Bad acting, unrealistic and slow story line .

Even with all of these strengths, it can feel unjustifiably slow in some chunks - the feelings intended in them wearing thin quicker than the shots themselves.

It's basically a slow-moving lust-mance.

He was stunning in every way possible.

The interaction and relationships are drawn out, egging on the viewer.

However the unexpected happened.

This film verged on pretentious.

The cinematic production is simple yet is very powerful, engaging you in the movie itself from the third person point of view.

This movie wanted to be "carol" but with a mix of pretty cinematography that felt once again pretentious.

I found it slow-going, and banal, and the characters uninteresting.

There are very long sequences of silence, making you relax and take in either a romantic moment or the scenery around them, which I also found poetic at the same time, so I actually have trouble coming up with issues, but I have to admit that I did find the movie slow at times.

Taste in movies like taste in Art or decorating is very individual and obviously many people love this sweet pretty movie but I was disappointed yet still enjoyed it.

Overrated, Disappointing and Boring Gay Romance .


So contrived from outset WHY did they SHARE A BATHROOM in that sprawling mansion...

Overlong, banal, not credible, uninteresting characters, no message except perhaps as a boring cigarette advertisement.

Very overrated movie, what makes her attractive is that are was a homosexual couple, but if it was the relationship of a heterosexual couple having a boring summer vacation was equal nominated to the oscars awards?

Suddenly those sunny days and to a certain extent, boring of a common summer change for the attention that Elio awakens the perfect American.

Everything was agonizingly boring already when finally the two characters say they like each other, the scene in the WWI monument somehow establishes that.

And before you know it you're left with an empty void in the shape of an Oliver (also goes by the name of Elio).

Pretentious drivel .

Another mediocre and boring movie, like hundreds of other silly teen novels .

It's hard to bore me honeslty and this movie succeeds.

This movie was above all, slow and boring.

The picturesque views of Northern Italy were just fascinating!

Otherwise as boring as watching paint dry..

Mmm, A Boring Film About Twink Love .

The film extremely bored me.

I was bored .

I score it a solid six regardless of the sexuality of the characters, because I find romance movies a bit boring and contrived.

While visually Northern Italy is indeed stunning, the film was insufficient at capturing the typical 80's summer atmosphere across Italian countrysides.

) and I was so disappointed - it was long, slow, and not very romantic.

Escapist, but way too pretentious.

" A chilling and riveting message to the audience, of the value in hurt and the importance of pain.

I very much enjoyed it, much of it reminiscent of my own youthful years in the Mediterranean.

slow, slow....

First is like a sugary-water romantic coming of age film and second is like a youth-fetishistic film.

it got slower.

The sense of place and time is stunning, thus giving the movie an unique meditative feel.

Pretentious (another reviewer here nailed it - "smug and self congratulatory"), dull, aimless, confused, no stakes, no conflict, no structure...

There was lots of unnecessary scenes which dragged on and made me uninterested.

With a dreamy, piano-laden soundtrack of assorted Impressionistic pieces and a smooth, dreamlike directorial style, Call Me By Your Name perfectly captures the complex sexual spark of adolescence and sensuality, and captivates its audiences with elements of a coming of age story and same-sex relationship to heighten the dramatic elements in this beautiful work of art.

It's a little bit boring.

As it is, the whole thing is quite dull and certainly kept going when it should have ended a few scenes prior to where it did.

Many get that, there's no need to point this out expressly, but this is a very realistic approach to first love, for a long time nothing happens and then - boom.

While slow and long stories usually bring out high emotions, this one failed to do that.

It is an Oscar worthy performance-at once charming, evocative and tender.

an universe real fascinating.

Bored and with a script poor.

Boring .

But that is why I'm giving it 3 stars, because the plot/story was just boring with a rather unsurprising ending.

Boring and nasty .

It's not a Hollywood drama, and while it shouldn't be and certainly doesn't try to be, it was slow at times.

The cinematography is breathtaking, the locations beautiful, and the music perfection.

The acting is phenomenal and it draws out an intense emotion from every person watching.

Timothee Chalamet delivers a stunning performance as a confused young man looking for someone to love.

The surroundings are evocative and idilic: 80´s countryside Italy.

Chalamet conducts an attractive character to watch live his life, even when he's doing something dull like reading.

One pointless scene after another.

This movie is literal perfection - stunning, career defining performances from the two leading males - Armie Hammer & Timothée Chalamet - as well as breathtaking cinematography & camera work, masterful editing that allows scenes to play out naturally & progress organically instead of feeling rushed, beautiful direction & a profoundly moving & emotional love story at the centre of the film's beating heart...

The drama is slow and drawn-out, so action-film fans will be asleep within the first 30 minutes.

I took one for the team with this pretentious total waste of time.

But film is slow and briefly depicts how the contact between the two evolves.

I like slow films.

Armie Hammer has to be one of the dullest actors around.

The chemistry between the 2 main characters is beautiful,the music,the scenery,the atmospheric beauty of this film is breathtaking.

The similarities between Chalamet and Hammer's performance is what connects their characters so tightly and make them so engaging to watch when they are on screen together.

Tedious, overlong & painfully boring, this coming-of-age romance is one hell of a disappointment.

With breathtaking scenic views of Northern Italy, paired with culture, art, and music, the film is rich in romance and gaiety.

The confusion.

It addresses two people and the feelings they have for each other in a breathtaking way.


The story is flat and the love between the two unmatched characters is very unappealing, This film is shallow, empty of substance, miscast with mismatched and one dimensional characters.

Dry, depressing and drawn out .

The relationships that develop between Elio (Timothée Chalamet), summer house-guest research assistant Oliver (Armie Hammer) and village girl Marzia (Esther Garrel) is what saves the film from self indulgent tedium.

So boring.

The movie was deeply boring.

Its the worst movie i have ever seen, its a waste of time to see this movie i warn everyone wants to see this

to the point where they tried too hard and it instead feels like a cheap, formulaic blast-from-the-past romantic foreign film.

Oliver should be just a few years older than Elio, while Hammer looks like (at least) 15 year older than a younger actor, and on the screen there is a striking encounter of a grown up, bored older man seducing a half his age ( and still under age) boy.

This is a visually stunning film.

Boring, slow, bad caracters, bad acting, i supose it is for adolescent in crises??!

Timothee Chalamet's performance is absolutely stunning.

Exquisite and Fascinating .

A boring and overlong erotic film .

might be the most exciting director working today.

Utterly boring, with the exception of Chalamet's excellent performance .

Hear me out: It's about a young gay man who is attracted to the boring hunk who comes to stay.

But even with all that, I found myself bored, checking my watch every few minutes in hopes that I was approaching the end.

On the way, however, we are treated to the breathtaking beauty of the Italian countryside, squabbling, and of course passionate, Italians, and the heterosexual distractions that constitute the moat between the two main characters.

I thought it was 40 minutes too long and that James Ivory's screenplay was contrived and reminded me of a Gay or should I say Bi Sexual version of Room With A View.

The film took me about 50 minutes to connect with the material because the story is subtle and slow.

Extremely boring, weak & annoying characters.

It's like watching pretentious big brother.

The film was filled with such poor and pretentious acting.

Second of all, the story line was too slow and boring and nothing was happening.

The director Luca guadagnino was able to immortalize Andre Aciman's powerful and compelling story so much as to feel yourself reeled in and part of it at the very first minute.

Set in the summer of 1983 in a countryside villa in Italy, filmmaker James Ivory ("Maurice;" "A Room with a View;" "The Remains of the Day;" "Howard's End") penned a screenplay, adapted from Andre Acimen's novel, that is truly breathtaking.

Too long and boring.

Crucial as well is the film's masterful use of restraint in its patient, languid rhythm that perfectly captures the feeling of a lazy summer afternoon.

It is refreshing to see that a coming of age film that is not overly dramatic.

This film is truly sensational, touching, and highly enjoyable.

Call Me Horrible, Boring & Lame .

This movie is so boring that i already lost my interest halfway of the movie.

The pacing is slow, which gives time for feelings to develop and sink in with the viewers.

Kinda pretentious and boring .

This was a very touching story of coming of age.

This teaches its audience whats its like to feel stunning love & lust.

"Call Me by Your Name" is one of the more tedious gay-themed films I have seen.

Tedious .

All I wanted to do after watching the film was to book the first best airplane to a small beautiful Italian village and spend my time there exploring the breathtaking nature by foot (or bike) and eat delicious food.

The smartness, candor and gentleness of this unexpected love story goes beyond anything I've ever seen.

The only things that are preventing this movie from being dead boring are Timothée Chalamets incredible performance, and the music score.

Innocent, intense, touching.

There are hints that each of the two main characters has special talents - intellectual Oliver and musical prodigy Elio - but those scenes seem out of place and contrived with no payoff in the plot.

The scenery is stunning and sets the tone to the story.

It is utterly boring.

The film captures the languid summer laziness, where meals punctuate swims, naps, trips to town, reading, chatting and playing musical instruments.

The characters were kind of boring, and didn't really have any specific traits that I could tell you about.

This well put together coming of age film is one of the best i've ever seen in my life time.

Are people really enjoying this, or do they just say they do because they are pretentious and think that this is the right thing to say about this film?

A few scenes drag out a little too much - the movie is pretty long for this type of movie, and it get a bit boring, especially during the (sort of) 2nd act.

Once in a while you become so immersed in a film that you forget you're watching one, and you simply exist in the same reality as the characters on screen for a small slice of their life which momentarily becomes your own.

I would love to see another version of this where the actors are digitally extricated from the movie so I could have enjoyed it more.

I reiterate: One of the worst movies of the year.

pretentious .

Don't waste your time with this tacky movie.

Way too long, so much that was so unnecessary.

The whole book is dull and boring.

The acting was brilliant, the scenery was breathtaking!

I loved "A Bigger Splash" (the previous film by Luca Guadagnino,) and was in awe by the trailer and stunning reviews for this film.

Boring as a watch paint dry.

By the end, I was struggling to stay awake and actually was mentally urging Elio and Oliver to part.

I also know intellectual banter and pretentious meanderings when I hear it, and that part didn't ring true either.

Amazing acting by Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer and beautiful soundtrack by Sufjan Stevens make this coming of age/romantic drama even more worthy of watching.

There is no story.

It feels pretentious, drawn out and overall like someone is slowly draining my soul.

Long, tedious, occasionally rewarding and very, very art house.

pretentious and grotesquely bourgeois, over-acted, miscast .

A coming of age story about a gay man who falls in love with an older student; this film is a slow burn.

The journey is filled with unexpected pleasures, detours that can take one to the pinnacle of satisfaction and, in minutes, when false words are spoken or unexplained actions complicate the relationship, send us spiraling downward to the eventual low.

Every actor delivers an incredible driving performance, shaping a compelling and all too familiar tale of coming of age and romance and heartbreak.

The picture is awsome with breath taking views typical from italy and the south of europe but the movie is slow, long and I had to watch it during the day to prevent falling asleep.

Sexist, pretentious and thoroughly underwhelming slop.

but the story was dull.

It withholds me from getting immersed in Elio's character and the love story.

Boring Story.

The films features great original music by Sufjan Stevens and stunning landscapes of the Italian countryside.

The characters felt so fake and it was so boring I just couldn't wait for it to end.

The pacing is very slow and the runtime is overlong.

Call me by your name at its core is about conflict and confusion, specifically those in one's tender age of adolescent.

An overall message so wonderfully delivered directly through Michael Stuhlbarg riveting monologue in the final act of the film.

Had it been between a man and a woman, I would have felt similarly bored.

The lingering scenes throughout the movie and beautiful setting along with the romance between Elio and Oliver is breathtaking and has you wishing that this kind of love could find you and just takes your breath away.

Mr. Chalamet plays the intense young Elio and it is an astonishing performance.

Such a waste of time to watch it, such a waste of money and resources to make it!

My only gripe would probably be the pacing, which is purposefully slower in nature.

And i must reply to stupid remarks : TOO SLOW ?

This for me was a long, drawn out, boring, not believable Stealing Beauty.

Handsome newcomer Timothee Chalamet turned out to be just about the only redeeming feature in an otherwise hollow and artificial waste of time.

Timotheé Chalamet is a joy to behold on screen as a coming of age youth in the throws of self-identification and self-legitimization.

The story was extremely slow and disengaging.

But if it is filmed in Italy, with long bicycle rides in the sunset, great music , etc, is art and "coming of age"??.

It is a visually stunning film, there's simply no other way to describe it.

Its a VERY hard find, but certainly worth the watch.

It was visually appealing but the story was kind of uninteresting and drawn out.

I get the intention, but sometimes it felt a little contrived.

Extremely boring.

Nevertheless, it's a coming of age film that depicts first love nicely and has a very moving scene in which Elio and his father talk about Oliver.

I have seen many films that I think portray that first love experience in a more compelling way for the audience (I would strongly recommend Beautiful Thing if you're a fan of this genre).

A remarkable revelatory "coming of age" story - not for the overly shallow .

Stunning .

Put this snoozer on.

Before you know it you're caught up in an emotional rollercoaster resulting in the most intense experience of your life.

There was very little chemistry or substantial character development, leading to the film's often disjointed, dry pace.

He is so entertaining to watch because of his mannerisms, and the quotable lines he delivers throughout the film which made me laugh out loud in some scenes.

If you are a bunch of friends looking for a nice entertaining movie; well, this might not be for you.

Timothée Chalamet is extraordinary and his performance is compelling.

Lengthy scenes depict the mature man and the teenager cavorting, wrestling, bicycling, swimming, dancing, and engaging in general horseplay.

It's highly debatable that this film belongs in the Best Picture category, even with all of the believable content, at its core you feel empty at the end of it.

When Oliver shows up, the script says Elio is interested, but Chalamet is completely incapable of displaying interest or attraction or lust or any emotion other than petulant boredom.

Still you have to sit through 2 hours + of boring melodrama to get to it.

The young actor brings such a beautiful naivety and youthful confusion that echoes the prose of Acimen's novel, in addition to Chalamet's actual age and visage.

The one truly moving moment was a conversation with father and son that was powerful and brilliant, but they had to carry the film on even longer with yet more slow and inconsequential scenes.

A satisfactory ending and good score and cinematography prevent it from being an outright bad movie, but it was nothing more than a boring, plodding romance to me.

I feel empty after the movie.

Utterly stunning, the language, the visuals.

Boring, Slow and Long .

Pros: Heartfelt story, good acting, and a great endingCons: Slow pacing and overlong runtimeOverall Rating: 7.0

And finally there are a few moments, especially in the long dragged out parts, that I think the directing could have been better.

I highly recommend it.

Don't waste your time.

The locations and shot composition are truly breathtaking as well.

This movie was so dull that it become a painful chore to try to finish it.

Occasionally voicing his thoughts aloud as in the novel, we get into Elio's head and can feel his confusion and attempts to come to terms with who he is.

I was immersed in that summer, I could feel what the actors were feeling, their passions and questions and hopes.

It moves at a snails pace and gets real boring real quick.

The movie was boring and the sequence of the story is tedious and stodgy

With a soundtrack ruled by classical music, we have many symphonies already known by moviegoers, and even sometimes getting strange in some moments of the film, in the general context it is beautiful, especially when some tone is used acutely in a certain scene, scaring the viewer and character, it's as if the movie sometimes screams, "Hey, do not sleep, look at me," and the film needs it, especially because of its slow pace, which seeks an exploration of the Italian landscapes, after half an hour nausea, the film could easily take about 20 minutes less.

A film that is slow and character-study driven can be very entertaining, yet most tend to come across as artsy and pretentious.

The setting appeared to me, at first, a little too pretentious: wealthy, cultivated jewish family who switch from Italian speaking to French, English and even German; art, literature, classical music and apparently not a single worry in the world.

One of the most bring and worst movies .

Total waste of time and money!

This film tells you by compelling you to experience Elio's world, embodied so beautifully by Timothee Chalamet and under Luca Guadagnino's careful direction, which lends this masterpiece its timeless quality.

Maybe my empathy towards Elio is greater due to the fact the first time I saw this film I was dealing with my own heartbreak which made my overwhelming sadness become strangely beautiful, but also more intense: after being intoxicated with a sensory overload of rich Italian summer landscapes, a gorgeous soundtrack, peaches, and wonderful characters.

The story is very predictable, though nicely shot.

VERY slow-moving gay romance.

It's a too slow and somewhat tedious.

One cliché after another.

Downsides however have a lot to do with the performances with Chalamet at times channelling Labeouf and Hammers character being uninteresting, there's also a pacing issue with large sections being void of interest.

Extremely Long and Boring as Hell !!!.

A slow, cautious beginning, which leads to a monumental ending.

All the Europeans spoke like 50 languages and spent their time listening to, writing, or transposing music, or reciting poetry, or engaging in other cerebral activities.

It was boring, superficial, with only one interesting scene (the father one).

As it was, it became tedious.


Cheap propaganda .

He is just a sullen teenager with a boring life.

) but it was a little too late because during the film, his performance was very slow and way too subtle but in a very boring way...

Their awkward chemistry perfectly compliments the slow developing relationship between Elio and Oliver in the film.

Terrible Pretentious Nonsense.

Boring Unnecessary long Not authentic performances Can't feel connected to the characters

Empty, Cold, Mechanical.

This movie is one of the most stunning love stories of all time.

Oliver, an uncanny unpredictable man who worries for others than his own good.

The character dynamics in the film are interesting from the two main leads to the family as a whole, there is a intriguing laid back atmosphere throughout.

It's just one boring moment of non-conflicting ennui after another.

Powerful and absorbing.

Like all those films where Americans or Brits buy houses in Tuscany or Umbria or whatever, it's impossible to relate to their plight of being rich and bored.

Super boring .

Call Me by Your Name is a literate film, it is slow, it is awkward, at times sensual.

what a waste of time .

Coming of age film set over a long, lazy Italian summer.

While the plot is supposed to make for some form of scandal or controversy, 'Name' is more boring than anything.

Luca Guadagnino manages to extract the very best out of his actors: Armie Hammer's performance shows unprecedented depth and Timothee Chalamet is the essence of awe inspiring acting, this film will land him an Oscar nomination at the very least.

Way, way too long and unengaging .

I tried engaging with this movie for two hours and it never spoke to me.

While physically he seems too old for the role (sparking some unnecessary controversy over the age gap between the two characters), he has a natural chemistry with Chalamet that is riveting.

Ho-hum so sad.

"Call Me by Your Name" is an overrated, disappointing and boring gay romance.

The cinematography looks stunning.

It's just that there is no story other than the romance.

Call It By Its Name: 'Dead Boring' .

The effort to create some tension in a young gay man's coming of age by setting the problem 35 years ago in the early 80s is ineffective, in large part because nobody seems to be aware that AIDS exists.

If I had to describe this movie in one word, it would probably be "pretentious.

A dull, static gay romance with little else .

Best Coming of Age Story in The History of Motion Picture.

Very good, if slightly predictable for anyone familiar with international movies.

Tedious slice-of-life .

Call Me By Your Name Showcases Gripping Self-Discovery Romance .

Coming from one of my favorite books I've been waiting for it since two years now and it was everything I expected and more It's Erotic, lustful and sensual yet beautifully vulgar, aesthetically pleasing and engaging, established in this beautifully cultured bourgeoisie.

Utterly predictable and unconvincing .

The production values and direction are excellent, and I would go so far to say that this was easily the most engaging and emotional love story I have ever seen depicted in film by a country mile as not a single viewer will watch it and not think back to their own first love, so the journey the characters go on becomes very personal for the viewer too.

It is like they wanted us to feel something in this too pretentious and too staged movie.

The worst movie of the last coup,e of years .

And that's not because I'm homophobic, "Brokeback Mountain" is one of my favorite movies, but because this movie is simply boring and these two people feel terribly wrong to me.

It was bland and boring for most of the film and felt way too long.

On the whole an enjoyable watch

The father's scene near the end of the movie made impression on me but the scenes that follow are too cliche to rate this movie high.

The problem is that the connection between the two men is purely based in sexual attraction, which makes for an inherently boring story (actually it's a non story).

The film is languid and sun drenched, creating visually what a summer spent lounging in the Italian countryside must feel like.

And like so many misguided filmmakers who think ennui is a substitute for atmosphere and action, the writer and director have us following Elio through the boring pattern of his life.

For one thing, it was way too long, at least a half hour more than necessary.

But the direction could have been tighter, in my opinion, and the film is too long.

There are lots of slow, quiet scenes of eyes peeking above a book, furtive attempts to make fingers touch flesh, kids playing volleyball, riding bikes and swimming, and an old man showing up with a freshly caught fish for dinner.

This has got to be one of the most pretentious movies I have ever seen.

Far too pretentious for my taste.

Chalamet's performance here is stunning, the emotion in his eyes and his face is so real that the viewer feels it too.

Then, hideously and for NO reason, these two straight men start having sex with each other, and the film goes from boring to horror.

By doing so, it flattened the tension for me, and reduced the romance to a cliché.

It's analogous to going to a restaurant and ordering the most bland dish of all time and drinking tap water.

Some scenes left me with some mild confusion due to a lack of explanation and a lack of subtitles (Wether it's my partial deafness of the beautiful Italian language).

The smarmy nature of this pretentious art film comes across in the bonus segment titled "The Making of Call Me By Your Name" that is included in the DVD version of the film.

Pretentious nothingness .

What is an issue was just how boring and tedious this movie was and the acting was lamentable.

Both had beautiful scenery and seemed to parade young people's coming of age, first sexual encounters, and the European casualness surrounding sexuality.

The cinematography is stunning, and the camera languishes in its beautiful setting, allowing us to watch a beautiful love story develop.

The two scenes at the end (the father/son dialogue and Elio by the fire) are heartbreaking/awe inspiring and stand among some of the best examples of acting/writing/filming in cinema.

Very dull indeed.

Despite Guadagnino's denial that Call Me By Your Name is not a "gay" picture, it fulfills its function as a propaganda (or agitprop if you will) for the gay pride movement.

Be prepared: the film is quite long; the various pieces of the script take time to fall into place meaning that the completed movie is like one of those one thousand piece jigsaw puzzles that seem too complicated at the beginning but are hugely compelling when finished.

In fact, as the film does illustrate to the very end this sense of confusion and pain and tragedy that befalls him is in fact the utmost importance in his journey to maturity.

Rather than excitement, it's enticing and unpredictable, daring the viewer to watch and see how things unfold.

This is self-indulgent filmmaking at its best.

Waves of intense sorrow crashes within me during the beautiful sofa scene between father and son.

There's nothing happening in it's 2 hours and a bit long runtime.

It's worth mentioning the fascinating work of the protagonist's parents, Amira Casar and Michael Stuhlbarg, especially the father's due to his tearful monologue, brimming with understanding and power, he expresses and encloses unusual skills.

At times, I was bored too.



* At times the film is boring and really struggles when nothing happens.

Excellent scenery, stunning Italy.

It is an Oscar worthy performance-at once charming, evocative and tender.

Guadagnino specializes in slow films that explore character's hidden wants and needs.

3) Cinematography: Way, way too many shots that just go on forever, with nothing happening.

slightly inane &/or confusing & contrived much of the time.

This tells a twisting coming of age story for Elio, the seventeen year old son of an Italian archaeology professor.

They're being self-indulgent and who gives a damn about story logic?

Breathtaking .

overrated and boring movie .

Which meant, of course, that there was only one utterly predictable possibility - the 17-year-old son Elio was going to have some sort of love affair with the grad student.

But what makes "Call Me By Your Name" such a phenomenal film is its gripping sense of feeling.

I was extremely bored with everything that does or doesn't happen in this movie from the beginning to the end, and in a few scenes, I was even disgusted.

Bored to death .

When the film needs to heat up, it does, and when it needs to slow down and provide a more methodical and thoughtful approach to romance, it most certainly does that as well.

This film tells a lovestory that makes you feel warm inside and also long for an intense romance as is shown.

For younger people, the pace must be painfully slow - that's definitely the most courageous aspect of the film, it replicates the narrative structure of the book and allows its story to breathe and slowly grow on you.

It is so boring that you just keep wondering when it could end.

Starts off slow...

Direction- absolutely stunning...

As I said, there are clues that all of this is absolutely the wrong thing to do, but the audience will overlook these clues and view the movie as a wonderful coming of age movie.

I just loved how they grew to love each other more with each day as they got comfortable with their attraction and explored their love rather than boxing it in, going from defensive and tension to vulnerable and relieved and this was a joy to watch and Mr. Perlman's (Michael Stuhlbarg) lines to Elio at the end must be one of the most touching and evocative movie lines I've ever heard and the last scene is just heart-wrecking.

You'd guess he'd have the theory of mind ability to place himself in her shoes, especially since he now knows how intense and important love can be.

First half was slow...

The characters are engaging, the emotions are raw and palpable.

Both of them were pretentious jerks.

So very infrequently can an actor capture the inner turmoil going on in his characters thoughts, but Timmy breathes Elio's thoughts and desires; he wears them on his skin so exposed and unfiltered with his emotions, and whilst the end of the film should be celebrated from such a young and up and coming performer, it is in his earlier scenes of his growing intense irritation by and infatuation of Oliver that I enjoyed the most, from his fidgety restlessness, to his lingering gazes, to his embarrassment and insecurity around the more self assured Oliver, to most especially the disappointed, jealous thoughtful glare at Oliver on the dance floor as he realises the depth of his desire for the first time.

Call me by your name is made out to be an amazing romantic/coming of age film.

There is too many things wrong with the film, too long too boring...

It isn't, but what it is is a solid coming of age / character study drama carrier by a very good acting especially by Timothée Chalamet and good writing.

I found "Call me by your name" to be a beautiful and endearing summertime love story between Elio and Oliver, two individuals who develop an intense relationship knowing it's risky, socially unwelcomed and ultimately with a close expiration date.

He perfectly embodied the often confusing stage between adolescence and adulthood.

For starters the surroundings are absolutely gorgeous, North Italy in the early 80s during summertime, breathtaking and so well captured on screen.

At some time it can be a bit boring and it leaves you with an expectation that stays incomplete.

Why, it even works in suburbia with boring, run-of-the-mill people and boring heterosexual relationships!

I understand how a story like this could be romantic to some but it also seemed wildly confusing and painful (remember that summer I had sex with that grown man who got married and still calls me?

The actual plot is dull.

It solidifies Timothée Chalamet as one of the most exciting young actors currently working, features an excellent supporting cast including wonderful performances by Michael Stuhlbarg and Armie Hammer, and a beautiful piano heavy score that occasional features original compositions by Surfjan Stevens.

Armie Hammer's performance is stunning.

Very good movie, fantastic love story, but also boring.

This is sub-mediocre cinema for the pretentious mass of moviegoers.

Timotheé Chalamet is a joy to behold on screen as a coming of age youth in the throws of self-identification and self-legitimization.

One of the best things about this film has to be that even being a coming of age story it never assumes a life-changing experience turns you into an all wise human who becomes ready for any kind of challenge ahead.

In addition to this, his on-screen chemistry with Hammer is something unusual, it's hard to find two actors able to exude a sexual tension as exquisitely restrained and absorbing, that when it finally explodes an erotic and sensual charge rarely seen in modern cinema gets released.

languid love .

Homosexual, coming of age, erotic drama.

By the time they finally start feeling something for each other (which took forever and a day, through a long grindy, mish-mash of pretty but pointless scenes) - I couldn't care less.

The young actor displays the gamut of emotions and shows the vulnerability and confusion of a young boy trying to come to terms with his own sexual identity during homophobic times.

Everything simply feels right and compelling.

In contrast, Timothée Chalamet, the cast of Elio, is stunning.


Plus, I had a hard time connecting with the characters initially because they felt so pretentious.

Slow paced and pretentious.

* Film comes close to the cusp of being too pretentious.

At least four of us would have switched the film to something else if we were watching it at home simply out of sheer boredom.

2h11 worth watching.

Another reason why the media and all the award shows are just pathetic and unwatchable

Don't waste your time.

I felt quite a lot of the scenes were dragged out and unnecessary - can I have a glass of water, for example - and the film could have been half as long and still achieved the same thing.

Yawn .

I found the pace somewhat slow though.

The setting of well off people summering in the beautiful Italian countryside has become a tired cliche.

This is just a waste of time.

Oliver (Armie Hammer) is presented as a pretentious, semi-obnoxious, aloof character.

One could argue that the relatively large age gap between the two is responsible for and lack of chemistry, however several films have pulled off much more compelling stories with an even more significant difference in age.

What i liked the most about this film is that it doesn´t bring up the typical homophobia or AIDS plot, is just the romantic story we deserved, and every single minute is worth the watch.

While some found this "immensely enrapturing", I found it to be terse, stereotypical and BORING.

I was able to stay awake during the movie.

I was expecting something like Brokeback Mountain (2005) vol.2 and in the end I walked out with my jaw open and a small tear on the side of my cheec.

A pretentious story of first love.

Agonisingly Boring and Pretentious.

Again, I enjoy similar coming-of-age dramas, but this was more of a contrived, overly pretentious attempt to exploit another non-heterosexual narrative.

The sunlit beauty as each summer day passes initially masks the emotions, and the stunning setting, people, colors, and music is accentuated by the camera work of cinematographer Sayombhu Mukdeeprom.

The movie was way too long for the thoughts their were trying to portray.

A simple but lovely film about teenage angst and love set against the backdrop of stunning scenery.

All of the cast, not only Timothee, had stunning performances that made all of the characters so unique.

There is a scene in particular where the camera slowly follows the main two characters moving around a statue and it was just breathtaking to look at.

The shots were stunning and visually pleasing to watch.

There are very long sequences of silence, making you relax and take in either a romantic moment or the scenery around them, which I also found poetic at the same time, so I actually have trouble coming up with issues, but I have to admit that I did find the movie slow at times.

The slow build up of rising actions drag the emotional weight down and make the final resolution fall flat and feel disappointing.

For me, this is a very slow movie about a couple of bland, unengaging people.

It is utterly compelling.

Taste in movies like taste in Art or decorating is very individual and obviously many people love this sweet pretty movie but I was disappointed yet still enjoyed it.

Call Me By Your Name is truly a breathtaking piece of cinema.

The cast does an amazing job, from the stunning Timothy Chalamet, to a great Arnie Hammer and sweet sweet Michael Stuhlbarg and Amira Casar.

As he did with the equally colorful , Italy -based romantic drama of "I Am Love" (2009), Guadagnino paints with robust, sometimes subtle cinematic brushstrokes to bring forth an evocative atmosphere of heat, sun, flora and fruit as vivid background to the main story at hand.

An absorbing pleasure to watch .

Timothee Chalamet's performance was stunning.

I was expecting too much I guess, especially the ending was very dull and boring.

Such a boring movie.

I find many romance movies involving young people tend to get very cliché ridden.

Tedious, Pretentious,Overrated, and just plain Creepy .

Slow, methodical, contrived and uneventful.

Luca Guadagnino made quite an impression on me as a filmmaker with A Bigger Splash, a film that combined an engaging narrative with some fantastic performances.

Timothee Chalamet is breathtaking and a huge star in the making.

Three of us found this incredibly slow, far too long and were aching for it to finish.

While I enjoyed it, it certainly didn't grab me like that.

I was hoping for another Brokeback Mountain, instead I sat through I film so dull it felt like it was six hours long.

This review is merely a thank you note for Timothée Chalamet for blessing us with a breathtaking performance.

Watching this movie relax you, and help you slow your down.

Sometimes it's exciting, sometimes there's just quiet moments and it's all very real.

Timothee Chalamet was brilliant and deserves every award he gets for his awe inspiring work.

This is way too long, and drags in some scenes.

It's a film that so beautifully captures the intense sensuality of this critical period of our lives, and, in effect, becomes wholly relatable in the most subtle way.

I thought this would be one of the worst movies I would ever see - it is a love story about gayness, Oscars winner, so of course this will be pretentious crap and political correctness stupidity right?

Don't waste your time.

The scene-setting and plot development are good and the characters engaging.

What a bore .

Could someone tell me the deep meaning I missed from this super boring, predictable piece of crap?

I found the film to be quite enjoyable.

The languid pace that allows the revolutionary love to grow like ripening fruit is just right for those of us who long for the magical, bucolic Lombardy region at summer with lunches that last delightfully forever.

For the viewer to become immersed the world so thoroughly is high praise to all involved.

Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer are both brilliant in this film as the two who find companionship in an unexpected place, and Michael Stuhlbarg is wonderful as the professor.

A Sensual, Coming of Age Awakening .

It's a beautiful film, set in a beautiful rural Italian setting with a stunning cast.

Way Too Long .

Disappointing to the point of being boring.

A depiction of the indulgent, carefree life of the rich among French, and with lots of time to spare.. The core is a story of gay romance but it was too dragged on the sides while telling this.

As it stands, instead of eroticism, we get a rather staid and dull series of coyly filmed encounters - and let's not forget that tree!

And Timothee Chalamet's performance was stunning absolutely stunning.

Breathtaking .

(There are a couple painfully contrived scenes: Elio playing piano for Oliver and Oliver giving Elio a brief neck rub.