Canadian Bacon (1995) - Comedy

Hohum Score



The U.S. President, low in the opinion polls, gets talked into raising his popularity by trying to start a cold war against Canada.

Director: Michael Moore
Stars: John Candy, Alan Alda
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 21 out of 118 found boring (17.79%)

One-line Reviews (43)

) viciously insulting portrayals of our military (rip torn in the idiotic role of a warhawk general)and bland, predictable humor.

It adds to the irony since one of the American's propaganda tools is that there are Canadian actors everywhere in the US as such integral parts of the American entertainment industry that they are taken for Americans, and lo and behold, here some are playing various people in this film.

Overall a very enjoyable movie.

This movie doesn't have the usual sex, swearing and violence of some intense comedies.

I rather enjoyed it.

The writing was the main culprit behind making a really funny and interesting idea bland.

A movie only made worth watching by its cast.

I have now watched this movie several times and still find it as funny and enjoyable as the first time I saw it.

If you are coming from Toronto, it is impossible to go over the falls since the falls start in Lake Erie and empty out in Lake Ontario.

The constant and flat references to Dr. Strangelove made it all the more unbearable.

Definitely worth the watch if you've got ties to Canada, otherwise it may seem silly and pointless.

Truly, with every scathing review stating "This movie is a waste of time as it makes obvious stabs at Canada.

And enjoyable, as it shows just how simple-minded a government can be when it gets the people excited and fearful, for its own benefit.

"Best moments include the Americans breaking the Canadian language laws, the propaganda broadcasts, and the potshot against the American military (an Omega Force member stubs his toe, which somehow warrants a bullet to the head).

) I was surprised to see that this was directed and written by Michael Moore - and in many ways I found this far more entertaining (and effective) than the quasi-documentaries/propaganda pieces he's now more famous for, although it's somewhat low rating makes me wonder if Americans can really understand and/or appreciate both the humour and the caricatures.

An entertaining film that exposes the depth and derangement of American's perception of Canada; a humorus exaggeration of the two extremes of Canadian liberalism and American conservatism.

Derivative and tiresome.

It is, however, worth watching if nothing else to talk about at parties.

But there is also a lot of satire directed at the United States which is a little more subtle, yet still thoroughly enjoyable.

So slow.

The anti-Canadian propaganda stuff in this movie is pitch perfect, from the maple syrup running down the TV screen like blood to the list of Canadian celebrities now living in the U.

3/10 It has however one thing going for it that makes it worth watching (1st half is enough, I don't expect anyone to sit through the 2nd).

While Michael Moore has become a pompous ass (see Team America for a response) his movie Canadian Bacon was and still is a great satire of America's ability to over react to media propaganda.

It's tedious, unfunny, and meandering.

My husband fell asleep while watching it because he found it so boring.

I was barely able to breath with laughter throughout the whole period when the US was flashing its propaganda about Canada and showing how threatening they are, especially how they claimed the Canadians were "infiltrating" American society and were "massing" on the border.

Easily the worst movie I've ever seen .

In fact, the most enjoyable part of their interchange was that it caused me to drift back to that brilliant production.

"Bottom line, don't waste your time with this highly offensive claptrap.

If you keep an open mind and just try to enjoy the bizarre humor, this is an enjoyable movie.

A full-scale riot starts, and before long the propaganda machine is in motion.

Particularly funny are the propaganda television ads set up by the president which portray the true evil of Canadians as well.

So very dry.

While his documentaries have received criticism for crossing the line and being self-indulgent, this movie does neither, and is a perfect medium for Moore's political views.

) I loved some of the jokes in this movie, (though at times some of them weren't funny, and also were slow) and scenes like the campfire, the hockey game, and the part where a cop pulls them over in Canada(in which Dan Akyroyd did a cameo, he also was in a film back in '88 with John Candy called 'The Great Outdoors').

At the end, everything is a little bit disappointing, for the brillance of the first half, but still an entertaining and recommendable film.

I can understand the woes of the reviewers here who claim "unfunny" and "plodding".

It also picks on the use of propaganda and even on mass media and mass mob hysteria.

What a waste of everybody's time .

Confusion formed, war declared and loads of jokes on the expense of both cultures.

And when it attempts to recreate Dr. Strangelove (which is frequently), it borders on being unwatchable.

I wouldn't say that this was outrageously funny but it was humorous throughout and completely enjoyable.

Being in it likely killed CandyIt's a big snore.