Candyman (1992) - Horror, Thriller

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The Candyman, a murderous soul with a hook for a hand, is accidentally summoned to reality by a skeptic grad student researching the monster's myth.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Bernard Rose
Stars: Virginia Madsen, Xander Berkeley
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 30 out of 226 found boring (13.27%)

One-line Reviews (121)

This is a slow burning horror film that takes a true horror fan to appreciate.

He manages to get set free quite early and spends a long portion of time merely tormenting her rather than going directly after her which does tend to make this a little longer than it should in getting to the good points, but otherwise this one is quite fun and enjoyable.

Number 3 "Day of the Dead" is a waste of time.

This film is so intense and frightening, that when I first saw this on home video with all of the lights on, I actually had to call my mother and get her to come over and comfort me, because this film scared me to death.

This is what a horror movie should be and well worth watching again and again.

This is immensely engaging and downright touching human picture.

This has by far one of the most compelling performances and delivery by a child *ever*.

Playing off a popular urban legend, Candyman is one of the most intense and unnerving horror movies I have ever seen.

This one's a mixed bag, it has an interesting premise, a decent killer, a really good score by Philip Glass, some decent performances, many scenes are actually really effective, they are memorable and genuinely unnerving but none of that can save this movie from the fact that everything else is just flat, dull, uninteresting and unoriginal.

It's slow in carrying it out though.

Virginia Madsen is more than believable as a woman on the edge of a breakdown, while Tony Todd was born to play the Candyman.

OK, Candyman has a very intriguing premise behind it.

However, even taking that into consideration ‘Candyman' is definitely worth watching for horror fans and even just casual movie fans.

The movie rids itself of the typical cliches (white, undefeatable stalker chasing half naked twits) and allows itself to be an entirely enjoyable, CEREBRAL horror movie.

Virginia Madsen has brought a compelling performance without overplaying the victim.

Only a predictable and trite coda really detracts from what is a thoughtful, and thought-provoking, modern horror.

Well this woman goes and forces her way into the black neighborhood shortly after breaking the rules and calling Candyman, and since her skepticism and general outreach has people engaging with her and her studies of "urban legend", the Candyman finally appears and demands the blood of innocents to continue the power of fear and vengeance--while also forcing the woman to join in his quest for spilled blood.

This movie thus becomes a fairly intense experience; genuinely creepy and not a little unpleasant.

Overall, not a bad film, but not particularly well thought-out, and far too uneventful in the first half.

The trouble I have is with the second half of the movie where it moves from urban legends/paranoia into a trite formulaic rehash of Universal's "The Mummy" via H.

But it ended up being pretty boring and lame.

**spoiler warning**candyman tells a gripping story of helen, a student studying urban legends only she learns to much and now the candyman is after her.

Really entertaining and quite creepy .

This is a very visually stunning horror movie which spellbinds you.

Stunning acting, awesome direction and well-constructed scary scenes with a serious foreboding tone make for a fantastic experience.

The film then becomes unwatchable.

Disjointed but still intense adaptation of horror-writer Clive Barker's story "The Forbidden" becomes scary vehicle for under-used actress Virginia Madsen (a smart, reliable performer).

Even the stupid, predictable cliched ending, tries to desperately redeem it's faults.

Madsen is brilliant in her role and takes the useless female actor cliché away from the horror franchise, well at least from this film anyway, and the score is intensely creepy although there is only so much organ playing I can take.

The title character's monotone recitations of the silly lines he's given, which perfectly matches the tediously droning score (by Philip Glass, of all people), makes you almost glad he was stung to death by bees in his former life.

A truly scary movie that's worth watching.

What sets Candyman apart from most other slashers is its brilliant slow pacing.

To it's high strewn score to it's beautiful last act, in amazingly an 1 hour and 30 minutes possibly more, this film in public makes it impolite to snore, for the Candyman will come knocking at your door.

There are some amazingly exciting shots, especially the aerial views of Chicago which are unique.

) Instead of relating with Helen's terror, confusion, and growing desperation, I identified with the Candyman's loneliness and hopelessly romantic, brokenhearted spirit.

This is a great thriller and very suspenseful.

But don't waste your time with the film.

The mythology combined with what can only be described as a fetid atmosphere bode well together, and ensures that this film is both a creepy and absorbing tale of horror.

'Candyman' is definitely worth watching for horror fans and even just casual movie fans.

Intense, well-crafted, and well-acted with a gripping story, effective twists in the plot, and a multitude of disturbing scenes...

Candyman is extremely suspenseful and intensely creepy, in fact just writing about it I can already feel the hairs on my arms standing up again.

The haunting aerial photography is beautiful, while the score from Philip Glass is very evocative.

Director Bernard Rose is a good director creating some truly innovative and evocative scenes.

The myths and legends behind the film are so complex and so fascinating that this film could have gone on for at least another hour and not be one bit overlong.

This aspect allows the movie to have an unexpected social-realist angle.

The film ends with a very unique and suprising twist, that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Candyman is a suspenseful movie from start to finish, with great acting and freaky soundtrack.

The rest of the time is spent with an uninteresting grad student who is doing research on urban legends (horror movies have taught me that there's always a class on urban legends at every college).

The middle of the movie slows down a little bit, but leads to a relatively interesting and exciting end.

And the final scene contains the only two points that are in anyway enjoyable in this movie.

The premise of the picture is a fascinating one, although by the conclusion, things get a bit confused; I'm still unclear on three or four plot points.

`Candyman' is a very frightening and yet intriguing and compelling movie that plays upon and cleverly manipulates old urban legends and myths of folklore and brings to life some of your worst nightmares and horrors.

The plot and the script is enough to leave you mesmerized throughout the whole movie and to remain on the edge of your seat with the anticipation of what is going to happen next.

Candyman is skillful modern horror that uses its inner-city location as a crucible for atmosphere and resonant themes, and a backdrop for some gory, suspenseful sequences.

The movie's kind of confusing.

I like a good slasher flick that at least can keep me interested but when the obvious & the predictable starts then I realize that the capable cast are wasted once again before the movie even starts.

The interracial love story adds little to the film, the "twist" ending was as predictable as cold weather in the winter.

Masterfully written and directed by Bernard Rose, the film creates its own fascinating mythology, which, given the fact that it was based on a Clive Barker story, isn't much of a surprise.

Tony Todd is perfectly cast in the role, as his brooding voice and intense presence make him the Candyman personified, making for one of the creepiest villains in horror history.

Too many horror films take a predictable route to gory voyeurism.

It's murky, dull, tasteless, extremely bleak and very, very unplesent in tone and horrible to look at.

The 'finale' is unexpected as well, though in retrospect,a bit of a cliché as indeed it starts where it all begun, which has been used in quite a number of horror movies (in particular the typical 80's television ones).

I'm not complaining, this movie is pure 100% enjoyable with a clear social statement.

To me, it was purely artistic and absolutely enjoyable.

Later that evening, Helen and her friend Bernadette jokingly call Candyman's name into the mirror in Helen's bathroom but nothing happens.

the intriguing killer...

Other than it's also boring to the point of nausea.

Among all the horror movie villains Candyman is one of the most frightening and fascinating.

Writer/director Bernard Rose, adapting the story "The Forbidden" by Clive Barker, does an expert job of creating and sustaining a grimly serious and despairing tone while shedding plenty of fascinating light on contemporary inner city blight and the need for myths in a bleak and unforgiving world.

The mood makes the film somehow disturbing and fascinating at the same time and that's why there isn't any other film like this one.

Another bonus was the smooth as silk camera-work; it captured the balanced layout of Chicago with plenty of stunning Ariel shots (great intro).

3) The story was compelling.

The story here is a very intriguing and, in my opinion, amazing mix of social abjection.

The set pieces are gripping, and Tony Todd's performance is bone chilling.

This movie is leave you on the edge of your seat fun.

I think it is a lot better than "Hellraiser", which just drones on the blood and other freakish things with some interesting ideas nearly untouched.

Technically, the film is equally as proficient, with fluid camera-work and stunning art direction making the film a joy to behold, a haunting score by Philip Glass that adds immeasurably to the unsettling atmosphere, and convincing central performances from the talented Madsen as poor Helen, and Todd, whose menacing voice alone ensures chills up and down the spine.

I originally saw this on TV years ago and was ashamed to say I enjoyed it.

I was excited about the whole naughtiness about my experience, yet left pretty disappointed, even falling asleep midway through.

OVERALL 9 (mean score) - Very enjoyable movie, with a strong lead performance from beautiful Virginia Madsen.

something which is quite unexpected.

In the end, even the expected horror movie cliché serves for its idea and provokes another thought in our head while the end credit rolls.

This is one of those movies that I hate to watch because it is a total waste of time and I cannot do anything at all to get my 2 hours back.

As you probably guessed it already, it turns out that Candyman is real, and the truth behind him is a lot more intriguing while quite horrifying in itself.

The story is really thrilling and fantastic.

it also is entertaining.

In other words, Candyman is a bland, generic slasher with a laughable villain and unoriginal premise.

I would recommend this movie –it is chilling, frightening, intriguing, compelling, sad and wonderful all in one.

I get to see plenty of the blood and guts stuff in my job so I find it in movies pretty boring.

The same choral themes occur in the pointless sequel, Farewell to the Flesh.

Woman reporter—already a horror cliché and I haven't even gotten through three words of the synopsis—is investigating a murder, she discovers a myth, she researches it, the myth comes to haunt her.

This film is gripping from the opening credits, which are the best I have seen since TO DIE FOR (arguably 4th on the list of superb horror outings) As pertinent to the flick's sucess as anything else - Virginia Madsen gives probably her best performance here as Helen Lyle, Uni student with a thesis that in one sense will be the death of her.

the movie is not groundbreaking or anything,but still,i enjoyed it.

See this thrilling movie right now before you head over to your friends house to watch trash like "I Still KNow What You Did Last Summer.

Anyone who's ever told a tale like this with a circle of friends either round a campfire or in a darkened room at a sleepover, will have to resign themselves to at least a month's worth of nightmares at the stunning ending.

But they become interested when they coincidentally come to know that Candyman is believed to exist by the people living in the Cabrini-Green Housing complex in Near North Side area of Chicago; they believe Candyman is living in one of those empty tenement.

Great move, and i would highly recommend it to anyone who scares easy!

Madsen was good in her role, all the actors were really, but the writing, action sequences, and plot suffers from just being boring and uninteresting.

this was a very scary and enjoyable film, i got a scare here and there.

A slow burn .

if they were to make a movie as scary as candy man, and as entertaining as scream 2 it would have to be a masterpiece!

Candyman is an interesting slasher himself as well and the reason why he exists is because people believe in him which makes this film lead to a very strong story with solid acting and engaging characters.

In 'Candyman', the expectations which the unfolding of the story present, are so quickly dispensed with to make room for the usual scenes of slasher violence, that it seems pointless that they were bothered with at all.

While slow, the first half of the movie may be a chore to sit through, it's still shot very beautifully with sweeping, Ridley-Scott type shots of the city and very ominous, slow POV shots of Helen walking through slummy apartments, but once the killings begin, the pacing picks up and it very much engages you.

This movie has a lot of good ideas, and the art direction is good, but the slow pacing and dull characters really hurt it.

He's so obsessed with over-the-top, cheesy villains and cliché situations, I find almost everything he's written nearly unreadable.

The movie never drags and even though the climax may not be to everyone's taste,it is definitely worth watching.

please don't waste people's time and money"...

I was expecting rather more terrifying bee sequences though and inbetween great moments there is much that is mundane.

The first half hour of Candyman is an ideal example of good horror filmaking, but a couple of strange plot twists set the stage for a somewhat plodding middle section in which not a lot happens.

Again, the movie's kind of confusing.

Phillip Glass's hypnotic and goosebump-inducing score is also very effective, Bernard Rose directs brilliantly, the story is always gripping with Candyman's origins especially well done the dialogue is thought-provoking, intelligent and fits each scene accordingly.

A truly wonderful, chilling, compelling and high quality masterpiece .

Worth watching if yr not normally a fan of horror .

Plus is is suspenseful.

Gripping and effectively eerie horror film about a graduate student at the University of Illinois researching urban legends and folklore.

The slow pacing of the film is perfect; there are no tedious blotches because you are totally wrapped in the story and by the delightful performances.

Of course, nothing happened.

I think at the time I was just too disturbed by the film to recommend it - seriously, I'm not easily scared by movies, but this kept me on the edge and mentally disturbed me more so than most films do.

Don't waste your time with this drivel.

Phillip Glass is as minimalists as he is repetitive.