Capitalism: A Love Story (2009) - Documentary, Crime, News

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An examination of the social costs of corporate interests pursuing profits at the expense of the public good.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Michael Moore
Stars: Michael Moore, William Black
Length: 127 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 21 out of 190 found boring (11.05%)

One-line Reviews (81)

The biggest change (and most unpredictable) has got to be...

Between his sardonic sense of humor and his mixed-media aesthetic, dredging everything from educational film strips to YouTube videos to his own back catalogue up onto the screen, he puts together a hell of an entertaining documentary.

) By this time, a large number of congressmen have departed, leaving a nearly empty hearing chamber.

While Moore's antics may seem dated, repetitive, childish and attention seeking even, you can't deny the fact that the film would appeal to the sandwiched class, no matter which country, who feel the squeeze because of poor policy making, or corruption amongst the lawmakers.

The lack of balance by Moore spoils what could've been an informative and entertaining film and there is clearly a political and partisan agenda to Moore's films.

Many of the things stated in this film , I already understood, still it was enjoyable to see Michael Moores usual style.

It's entertaining when Michael Moore starts to personally confront the corporate members.

So with this in mind I was looking forward to seeing Moore's latest film on capitalism because it sounded fascinating and I find Moore to be a very good documentary filmmaker because I feel he researches his films really well and always has a strong case and argument to make.

Confusion .

Done in his customary style of news clips, interviews, and enactments, he has fashioned a convincing indictment of greedy bank executives while being engaging and at times enlightening.

The gutsy manner in which Michael tackled people and objects is both funny and exciting.

They are political propaganda.

He also record himself seeking for the answers, which turns the documentary into an interesting and enjoyable adventure.

Current, good for some, boring for others, at times hypocritical .

This is not what I call a documentary, it's more like a conspiracy or propaganda movie.

But I digress… back to the film… it is an interesting documentary, engaging, informative.

Even though the subject matter is quite serious he masterfully manages to keep it entertaining.

But whereas that film appeared fresh and amusing 20 years ago, the same shtick – harassing security guards, staging publicity stunts outside corporate offices - is now wearisome, irritating and rather contrived.

In this hugely entertaining film, Moore distinguishes capitalism from democracy.

Indeed, Capitalism: ALS is entirely formulaic in terms of being a Michael Moore film.

For example, and this is no spoiler since it's another film, in Bowling for Columbine, he showed a young gunshot victim being dragged up the steps in his wheelchair implying the evil corporation didn't have a handicapped ramp.

Worse yet he's trying to help the most extreme, left wing elements win elections by brainwashing viewers into believing his tired, old propaganda.

It's extremely entertaining and moving, as engrossing as the best written, fictional film.

The most fascinating thing he explores is how the government and banks evict poor people from their home and give them 1,000 dollars if they agree to do so, or arrest them if they don't.

I saw it as entertainment; and I saw it as propaganda.

By being so overt about this, the claim that this is just another piece of propaganda does not stick.

If it had been done sooner, I might have walked out earlier.

What you would expect but more boring, little excitement or shock .

The communist Michael Moore is back, with more Marxist propaganda!

I saw Capitalism: A Love Story in NYC yesterday and enjoyed it quite a bit.

– and the argument for socialism is intriguing enough to warrant further research.

Michael Moore is a fascinating, intelligent celebrity.

These are questions, and some answers, that make Moore's documentary effective and engaging.

Other parts were more repetitive such as when he visits the headquarters of big banks with yellow "Crime Scene" tape and tries coming into the buildings to make "citizen's arrests".

Moore did an excellent job (and with a touch of humor) exposing and depicting the perils of an economic system of profit, wealth, and corruptible power built by ideological propaganda that Capitalism serves the Greater Good, and the world.

Shocking, Entertaining, Informative .

One review quoted on the movie poster called this Moore's "Magnum Opus", but I think that Sicko is a more compelling film.

Equally Entertaining and Informative .

I just finished watching this and I was thinking when is this going to end, it's just way too long.

For a filmmaker of his skill, his stature and his enthusiasm to do this, it is hard not to be disappointed with the overall result, even if it still has elements which are interesting and engaging.

Keep all your thinking under control as you leave the theater.

If you want to see a parody of the old Soviet era films, or really any old style socialist propaganda, then watch this film.

Some of the key elements I took from this engaging docu were: * After World War II, the rich in America paid 90% tax on their earnings.

The other involves 5 of the most touching and relevant minutes I have ever seen on film, it features one of the best politicians and Presidents the US has had the fortune of producing and a stunning and touching wish for his country.

He combines archival footage, undeniable facts, eye-witness testimony, humour and drama into a very entertaining package.

Michael Moore's smartest, most thoughtful, and most entertaining film since Roger & Me .

But as Moore unambiguously demonstrates in this work of agitation and propaganda,it can also mean corporations take out insurance policies on the lives of employees,effectively profiting from their deaths.

This is one fun and entertaining documentary.

One of the greatest ironies is that he's a capitalist himself making money off of true believers (the few that are left in the states, anyway) willing to fork out 10 bucks to go see one of his boring, predictable, monologues that doesn't tell them anything they don't already know.

His films may no longer be the box office draw they once were, and I suspect he may have come to be seen as corny and predictable in the eyes of many, and so this may explain the poor distribution of this, his latest.

On the whole, this is enjoyable as well as unsettling, and I hope that the ideas of it will be heard by countless of people who are willing to look at things from both sides.

For Americans indoctrinated by propaganda against the evils of socialism, this could be quite an eye opener...

Do yourself a favor and pass on this economically incorrect piece of propaganda.

I say reject this propaganda garbage and let Michael Moore cozy up to Fidel Castro by himself.

And I'm also getting tired of Moore's antics, which, while usually entertaining, were quite trying on my patience this time, and don't really befit a documentary, especially once that serves as propaganda.

Also, I have seen documentaries on people and events that do interest me and I have found most of them to be fascinating and in some ways entertaining films.

The film is entertaining and delivers some good information.

This is one of MM's worst movies.

He does it such an incredibly seemingly honest, straight forward and entertaining way that it will leave you shocked at what could be going on right under our noses.

This was a compelling story when it happened and is still compelling today.

For better or worse, he still makes his movies the way he wants to, with lots of archive footage edited and scored at this point to a kind of slick, propaganda-style perfection.

This film is entertaining and, of course, thought-provoking, it would rate a B in my opinion.

But see this is what mainstreams Moore's documentaries and makes them so incredibly entertaining.

Of course it is propaganda!

So, if you see this movie, sit back and allow it to entertain you knowing that it uses propaganda devices to encourage you to act on Capitalism for change.

Fascinating blend of the old and the new .

Moore describes back to the past "golden days" of American capitalism following World War II, and a speech by President Jimmy Carter warning Americans of the dangers of worship self-indulgence and consumption.

I never thought that until I walked out of the theater after I saw Capitalism: A Love Story, an entertaining, interesting, smart, and thoughtful documentary about how the government harms people in order to make money off of them.

It was as usual well put together and with ample entertaining footage embedded into the documentary.

Thank you Mr. Moore for your film, I thoroughly enjoyed it and will recommend it to others.

It's not because I always disagree with his thoughts nor because I find his films uninteresting, it's due to his underhanded approach to the subject matter at hand.

In order to seek out an answer to this question and many more, Moore takes a trip to our nation's capitol, engaging average Americans in conversations about the prospect of repairing America's failing, debt-ridden economy along the way.

However this this film, like others Michael made, is funny as well, in addition to being entertaining and moving.

Personally, I think this was an engaging, thought provoking and well done movie, which I hesitate to call a documentary, because Michael Moore's films are quite unique and straddle quite aptly the balance between mainstream entertainment and serious documentaries.

The movie is quite enjoyable to watch and you do end up learning a few fun facts here and there.

mm, I love this exciting film, it is a 10 from me.

Entertaining, with some smoking guns...

And it is mind blowing when you realize that teenagers are being put into jail on offenses that don't seem against the law; and then the Judge gets a kickback payment for condemning them.

) Finally, the scariest fact is that 210,000 IMDb people voted for Avatar (a fun, entertaining alright film) and only about 6780 bothered to see and vote for this one that is actually a must see for every American and for every fellow outside USA who worships the American system based solely on old Dallas reruns.

I love Michael Moore documentaries, he makes them in the way that they come out being equally entertaining as they are informative.

The fascinating thing is that both of those and everything in between is just so the governments and banks can make money off of you.