Captain America: Civil War (2016) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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Political involvement in the Avengers' affairs causes a rift between Captain America and Iron Man.

IMDB: 7.8
Director: Anthony Russo
Stars: Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr.
Length: 147 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 165 out of 1000 found boring (16.5%)

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After the disastrous Batman vs Superman that left a bitter aftertaste, time had come for something more refreshing and engaging, and I must say that Captain America Civil War delivers the goods.

A powerful and exciting movie everyone must see.

but for me it's getting boring.

The movie is worth watching for ending battle.

Ant-Man: Scott gets thrown into the mix, like Spiderman, and is able to provide clever dialogue and a pretty intense Giant Man moment.

With Iron Man switching towards responsibility to contrast the irresponsible behavior prior and Steve Rodgers justified do-gooder turned independent vigilante, neither side trumps the other; sometimes it's good that the world is saved with a few casualties, but sometimes said casualties wind up too unbearable to cope with.

*Potentially very mild spoiler – feel free to skip this paragraph until viewing* I mentioned earlier the Cap and Carter relationship test, which pitches Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) into an interesting position, but one of the most intriguing relationships is that of Vision (Paul Bettany) and Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen).

In this concluding chapter, the stakes are higher than ever and the action sequences are bigger in scale and more entertaining, as we get to watch our favorite heroes battle on the big screen.

Captain America: Civil War is a thrilling, action-packed Marvel movie that will surely entertain you through and through.

After the first avenger (that I really liked), the 2 sequels were just plain boring.

Overall the movie was convoluted, clunky and way too long.

The slightest possibility of Spider-man being included in the MCU was literally the definition of mind blowing.

the villain was so boring I was expecting someone far more intriguing.

By playing the scenes in reverse you experience the confusion Lenny undergoes throughout the film.

As Marvel's movies always is, this is entertaining.

His character is just that entertaining and badass.

Civil War was a more enjoyable experience.

Civil War is a civil bore .

I found that it had slow pacing, which made it kind of boring, and had characters making illogical decisions (especially from Zemo).

Yawn .

It boasts every element that fans love about these movies: the action, the humor, the interesting and entertaining character interactions, etc. Despite the title marketing Civil War as another Captain America movie, it's much more reminiscent of the Avengers films.

good film, though pointless .

Silly, But Entertaining (Even For a MCU-hater Like Myself) .

 But in the end, the movie does it's  job and is very entertaining with parts action, parts human emotions and parts FUN (hear that BATMAN vs.

I liked it, it was entertaining.

The emotions tend to get a bit overwhelming and also confusing.

It is fun, fierce, thrilling and simply breath-taking.

The action scenes were very thrilling and the acting is so much better.

none of characters have seriousness,very predictable and immature.

"We need to make it fair, so let's force in a character simply for the sake of getting people excited for another pointless solo movie!

This movie is a good enjoyable entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I looked long and hard, I signed up for boring jobs, got boring friends and went to boring parties.

Civil Bore .

Plenty of weak and/or questionable stuff to pick apart, but it's very entertaining and generally well-made.

There are a few scenes here and there that feel more in the spirit of your average Marvel movie, such as the airport battle - but directly after that, it's back to being boring and depressing.

I was really on the edge over Captain America: Civil War.

Despite a massive running time, this is a fast-paced and hugely enjoyable production, with a large cast featuring all manner of new superhero faces (Ant Man, Black Panther, and Spider-Man all make their appearances here).

The Russo brothers enter the 3rd phase of MCU and stick to the formula that has worked wonders for Disney/Marvel in keeping with a brighter, entertaining tone.

Although the special effects are good, the action itself is messy and uninspiring.

Action Packed Movie .

I was able to watch an advance screening of this movie at IMAX with my sister and it seriously blew me away even when I watched it for the second time with my sister at the Director's Club it still kept me on the edge of my seat and the third time I watched it with my parents yesterday it still satisfied me, I can truly say that Marvel is on the right direction of their movies compared to DC.

There is a ton of fighting and while there is also downtime, the action is exciting and towards the middle and end it keeps going.

As a wrap, I can say that when the credits rolled, and I put down my empty soda cup and empty popcorn bag, I had a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my soul, for I had just seen a very important chapter in the Marvel Universe's history and am anxious to see more.

Simple Bore .

He's actually quite intense.

This movie may not have affected the status quo of the Avengers that much, but is definitely worth watching.

He's a bit more bleak and it's fascinating to see Tony at this state.

Don't worry Hollywood, even added a ridiculously and pointless love scene so you can convince your "partner" you didn't go to see this so you could stare at man bulges.

What makes Civil War such a gripping film is its refusal to offer any easy answers.

There was nothing villainous about him, and he was just so bland.

Overall, Civil War is an amazing film, and quite possibly the most entertaining film of 2016, and one of the greatest marvel films ever made.

Civil War is certainly entertaining.

However, a MARVEL film being comedic or action packed isn't news to anyone.

This movie is so boring the most exciting thing that happened during this time was when the two attractive girls stood up next to me, almost 30mins in, and never returned.

On top of Caps stupid decision making the actors performances just leaves you with the impression he is bored of being an avenger and wants a team of his own and that the whole affair is rather amusing with this smug look on his face in every scene.

Just this duel was incredibly entertaining.

You seem to get lots of narrative and build up, then you'd get some random action, before being thrown back at the drawn out narrative.

Captain America: Civil War is quite entertaining, but empty superhero movie.

People are switching sides the entire time, extremely confusing especially because there was no reason to fight.

The movie itself is okay, entertaining, although a bit slow at times.

The second half has an exciting mix of comic exaggeration and dramatic exploration of themes and characters.

The Villain was good in my opinion, he was given a clear motivation and you can easily follow his plans,well some people may think he is just boring,for me he is interesting.

I'd call that part of the story "just above a snore.

The ending probably dragged out a little and didn't quite resolve everything, with Zemo (Bruhl)'s plot not being as interesting as it could've been.

But nothing beat the moment when he became Giant Man, lumbering around the airport in a slow, clumsy manner, taking on anyone he could catch up with.

He alone made this movie worth watching.

This has two advantages: firstly you're going to talk about it after you leave the theater adding to experience immensely, and secondly you don't have time to think about what has happened (will happen) so you're experience better follows that of Lenny.


More of an Avengers film but still worth watching .

Primary movie leaves quite empty feeling, even it has a lot of action.

More busy than exciting .

For me that fight looked like a boring commercial which advertises super hero action figures.

All these questions that the movie raises as well as the contrast in every facet of the story is what makes this movie so wonderful and gripping to watch.

Differing from past Marvel films, the plot does not rely too heavily on crazy CGI and explosive action; rather, it highlights the intrigue and tension between Captain American and Iron Man, along with those on their respective groups, and the unpredictable consequences it leads to.

It has a very engaging story to tell with some very engaging characters and talented actors.

All this stealth and mayhem caused by the antagonist, played by an understated Daniel Bruhl seems pointless; the length to which he goes, in order to acquire the red book and animate the Winter Soldier, and for what?

A Solid, Exciting Adaptation of Marvel's Civil War .

So when Cap and Iron Man really get down to business, it becomes unbearable to think that one of them may not walk away.

After the rousing success of 2014's "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," which strived to redefine a problematic superhero in a post-"Avengers" landscape, Marvel Studios sustains the introspective atmosphere for "Captain America: Civil War," expanding on ideas of heroism and responsibility as the Marvel Cinematic Universe expands and costumed crime-fighting becomes ubiquitous in fictional realms and at the local multiplex.

At first when I saw the trailer, I thought it was just captain trying to protect The winter soldier,but a lot more came than unexpected and I was very impressed.

Superman impetus was very contrived (a Gotham City character interacting with a Metropolis character and the simple moralistic reasons they fought).

And director Joss Whedon makes sure the action is as big as its stars: Androids do battle in breathtaking scenes, worlds literally fall apart, and superheroes rescue and do good from one breathless moment to the next.

It's worth the watch for any fan of the MCU.

There is a morsel for everybody, as they get a shot at each other with some rad action to ice the intriguing melodramatic plot.

It does say the movie is based on Characters in a comic, it doesn't say this movie is based on book 14 etc.Captain America: Civil War (2016) is a fairly done film with a ton of hiccups within the green screens, graphics, story, and a whole lot more but….., was it entertaining?

In the end unfortunately this is a little like a very dull Avengers film with all the good key elements of Joss whedon missing.

They are both clear, exciting and relevant.

I am so grateful to the team who have decided to make this film possible it was just a fun, exciting movie to watch.

that last fight was so emotional - and brutal, unlike the hugely entertaining airport fight.

Team up scenes, unexpected powers and just coolness of their abilities soared throughout the screen with so many different awe factors.

This film, on the other hand, consists mainly of tedious and boring lectures from Ross and its atmosphere is often dismal such as Tony's visit to the Raft.

I guess this movie is good if your 5 year old is bored and you need a nap.

This heightens the tension, so often missing from lesser comic-book movies, and adds real weight to the action sequences which are thrilling and often mesmerizing.

And the direction of this film was slow and then too fast and then to slow and again to fast.

And what is probably this movies greatest achievement is just how entertaining it was in spite of its strategically calculated formula.

Tonight I wanted to leave the theater ...

Very enjoyable MCU movie, good how the conflict came with in and some of the fight scenes were crazy good.

Having taken one for the team with the not so nice "Batman VS Superman", this was actually a movie worth watching.

OK, this movie is for the most part pretty, and the action is often stunning - both in how it was conceived and executed.

Beware your own propaganda Hollywood.

Tension actually exists here, some fight scenes are intense, and the story is GREAT!

From now on, it will be fascinating to see some developments of the consequences of the acts presented here.

And entertaining is all it needs to be.

I especially loved the way they developed Spider-Man, and I walked out wanting to know more about Black Panther.

Honestly, the plot was so bad it made me want to snore.

Dismal, tedious, overstuffed, and unearned crossover .

The cinematography is, for the most part, bland and unmemorable.

Instead of radically altering narrative directions, it maintains the ongoing evolution of these characters, adding to the engaging soap opera atmosphere with new challenges, darker reflections, stranger characters, and enough dramatic lubrication to feed additional sequels and spin-offs, adding more width to this already gloriously widescreen world.

Worth Watching!

Not special, boring.

The timelines are also starting to get confusing and mixed up (i.

The plot speaks for itself and takes things to an enjoyable political level as Iron Man and Captain America find themselves on opposing sides of the law.

Marvel has shown it can make movies that, while formulaic, can still be enjoyable.

On the other hand, Capt. too is right in that by submitting to be monitored by the UN, the Avengers lose their ability to take on crucial operations due to their being ramshackled in the quintessential political propaganda and such; and thus the Avengers could end up being a mere tool in the promotion of said propaganda.

It hurts it as the movie becomes quite predictable.

I found the first act to be a little boring.


First, it was so boring except for the first half of the presentation part of the film.

The battle scenes in Nigeria were shot all shaky so that they were kinda hard to follow.

The climatic fight scene in the airport is the most entertaining fight I may have seen in film.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed "Civil War" and I highly recommend it.

He really steals the whole show and is exciting to watch.

It isnt special or a must see, but you wont get annoyed or bored either, because (as I have said before), the characters and the dialogues make this into a grown up AND entertaining action blockbuster.

It's a really enjoyable movie .

From the Russo brothers who jump started the film series with "Winter soldier" comes another action packed marvel film to the marvel movie universe with new characters and an expansion to the coming films in the same genre.

While they are fighting in the airport, which is very conveniently empty, the joking took away the seriousness.

I had to give this a 6 though, because even though there are some seriously slow parts and plot holes abundant, plus an odd choice of casting (why is aunt may like 35 years old?

Yes the movie was entertaining!!!

I came out the cinema with my young nephew thinking this - was it because he is only young, and needed a toilet break, and I generally made sure hes enjoying it, that I missed out on engrossing myself into a classic movie?

) and entire cast of inspired-thespians involved with 'Cap-America: Civil War' present compelling arguments for competing-philosophies laying the foundation for authentic drama, immense action, and even intense though-provocation!

I don't know, but as an entertaining film, it did everything it can give the best for the viewers.

Worst movie i would say .

While BvS surely had its own flaws, the good moments in it were absolutely breathtaking.

Civil War is definitely the most intense and mature of all the MCU films as the audience can invest and personally choose what side they are routing for as they feel every hit and feel like they're triumphing at every counter attack, for these heroes on an emotional level, which is what the MCU has done with all of the involved characters whether it be their own scenes in films or they actually have their own film.

After the entertaining second Captain America installment "Winter Soldier", three other Marvel Universe movies (Age of Ultron, Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy) we kick off the third phase of the Marvel flicks with Captain America: Civil War.

A slow intermission in the greater story arc .

Marvel continues to do Justice to these characters, and its exciting what's to come in the near future with the Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange.

Overall, the movie is very engaging, funny, and thrilling.

S Heroes idea I was unsure about at first but it ended up working Very well with a lot of exciting scenes.

Entertaining and silly at the same time while the writers manage to not make a mess out of this huge ensemble cast.

Captain America: Civil War is a film that has an engaging conflict, strong characters and thrilling action that creates a fresh and exciting addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The action is intense with a great deal of hand-to-hand fighting.

Civil War was an enjoyable movie with all three elements above, with added emotional finesse that can be fully understood by those who have watched previous films.

I was really bored to death!

First of all, I wasn't a big fan of captain America because of how boring he sounded and how the 1st movie wasn't that great.

That's not at all to say superhero movies can't or shouldn't address heroes' moral culpability or echo real world concerns, but continually lecturing to and piling the guilt onto the protagonists (and, by extension, the viewer) for superheroes doing what superheroes do is growing rather tedious and, frankly, taking the fun out of the genre.

I didn't expect too much after seeing 'The Winter Soldier (2014), which I felt was probably one of the more boring entries from Marvel, but this film makes up for that slow movie, expands on it, and drives home quite a punch.

Captain America: Civil War is entertaining, if somewhat over-indulgent in its messy strained relationship between Captain America (Chris Evans) and Tony Stark a.

Despite some questionable events, the movie brought in a large cast effectively, and gives you an enjoyable experience.

They make it seem like the fight is to the death and very intense.

While some may claim showing the scenes in reverse is just an annoying trick to make a simple plot confusing and add a plethora of twists, I wholeheartedly disagree.

Overall, I thought it was an excellent film - visually stunning, riveting story line, superb acting...

I am a comics fan but I have to say I was getting bored at some times.

) (Spiderman is cute, but the part of Ironman with Aunt May is too long.

If not uneven, it's at least exciting.

Visually it was enjoyable, but overall I found it a bit slow and I kept waiting for Captain EndtThis to finally appear.

Except for Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye (who I felt appeared bland and underwritten in this film), all characters leave an impression that is sufficient for the viewer to care for their futures in the upcoming Infinity War films.

This film isn't just about singular impressive performances, however: it's an opportunity to see how these heroes both relate to each other and act when they are at odds, and the work done by the Russo brothers and Markus and McFeely is stunning.

The action sequences were gripping and I was very happy with the way the Russos managed such a huge cast.

Civil War is engaging enough to keep you entertained, but The Winter Soldier is intense enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, and so I prefer the latter.

The first one was a great origin story that dated all the way back to 1940's but was still told in an engaging way and was far better than anyone thought it would be.

One thing i would say is having watched the winter soldier as well as age of ultron prior to this movie will make the plot more tidy and easier to follow, making it even more enjoyable to watch.

To put into simple terms right from the start, Captain America: Civil War is the most intense, emotional, developed and well rounded Marvel film to date.

Black Panther is so one sided and dull I don't even wanna comment on him, it will take me 3 pages alone.

A thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining & satisfying extravaganza for the masses, Captain America: Civil War is the summer blockbuster to beat this year.

Overall the pace is brisk, the battle scenes of the actual premise is entertaining and silly at the same time while other action scenes are worth a watch, the actors seem to be having a good time and it shows in their performances.

I have to say i do enjoy these pop corn flick's but some characters really bore the pants of me!

This's an enjoyable film and I highly recommend checking it out.

This third movie didn't feel the same though, felt more like a TV show or something, I was bored through most of it.

If they kept it to them, and whenever other characters had to react to them, it would've been a much more intense movie.

I do understand the importance of Spidey's cameo in this movie to bring the character "back home" into the MCU, but his drawn-out introduction felt completely out of place and made the story grind to a halt for almost ten minutes.

A Flawed but Entertaining Time at the Movies .

I just want something enjoyable.

Whilst the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man is interesting, the snappy back and forth between both sides whilst fun and enjoyable leads the clear impression that neither side will be willing to take the fight too far, thus reducing the stakes of the film.

The two reasons why I have to give this film a 9 instead of a 10 are because one, the politics did confuse and bore me quite a bit during the majority of the first act, and two, the amount of non- action scenes with little to no tension did become bothersome to me.

That last part was intense.

An exciting addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe .

But nonetheless it's a powerful action adventure with stunning visuals, top notch performances, and an engrossing story that continues to be as gripping as ever even with multiple viewings.

Definite enjoyable piece of work .

Thrilling and Emotionally Impactful .

This is like bored-ception.

But, the story is too contrived.

Co-directors Anthony Russo and Joe Russo, who helmed "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," have the two rival divisions, led by Captain America and Iron Man, knocking the shenanigans out of each other in this contrived, drawn-out, 147 minute epic.

I Hope all of you decide to save your money!

The music really add on emotions on each sense, whether it was intense, troubled, or depress.

Contrived Battle between Marvel Superheroes .

The Unbearable Heaviness of Being A Superhero .

A fun, exciting movie with some questionable events .

The Russo's realized something very pertinent from the word go; This movie ran the risk of being too loud, cluttered, without direction, CGI driven and pointless...

This movie is very entertaining overall and it is the best film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Avengers Age Of Ultron and Captain America The Winter Soldier.


The best Marvel movie to me still belongs to Captain America: Winter Soldier because it made an otherwise boring superhero interesting all by himself.

Was really boring, too.

It was an OK and lightly entertaining movies…probably a better script would have helped; case in point being that during a short stretch they let loose on the comedy which wasn't there before or after (aka: unbalanced tone) aside from some amusing Downey Jr. quips…he's always good in this genre.

Via placing a person such as Helmut Zemo in the action and only from his will to complete his promise it is fascinating how he manipulated the avengers into turning the one against the other to fulfill and accomplish his revenge for the scar they left in his life after leaving Sokovia.

In any other film, people may get bored waiting or possibly find that it wasn't worth the wait when it finally came.

There were parts in the last 2 Avengers movies that I just went to bathroom for because they were boring and felt unnecessary.

This is a quite an intense superhero movie, where a UN interference attempting to rein in the Avengers' unlimited powers ends up pitting them against one another, with Iron Man going along with the UN and Captain America going against.

During the final Act I had become immersed in a Greek tragedy plot twist which had me leaning forward in my seat (essentially in a bloodlust).

Top notch special effects and exciting scenes abound, but the story seems repetitive to the previous instalments at times.

This movie has both the intense comic-book action expected of a Marvel movie and complex character conflict.

It's funny, it's exciting and it continues to explore the characters that have remained at the core of the Marvel Universe since its inception.

Entertaining to the max with a good story, great characters, fun comedy, and unbelievable action.

Civil War is a disgustingly contrived bore that champions the moral that the friendships of the powerful few triumph over the lives of the many.

But, if you are a boredom affectionado like me then you have to watch this movie in 3D.

Now that's some mighty contrived writing.

With amazing, heart-pounding action sequences, an intriguing character-driven storyline and several fantastic character introductions, 'Captain America: Civil War' is definitely of the MCU's best and also one of the very best in the genre.

Nonetheless, after 2015's bland Avengers sequel I was a little apprehensive about the quality that would be presented in Civil War, these concerns were soon forgotten about.

Again it's so predictable and dull, that only movies like Taken 2 or Transformers might have it.

His focus on a small scale goal of tearing the avengers apart rather than conquering the world and his human motivation establishes him as a compelling and credible threat.

The fact that most of the characters battling it out have multiple films of development behind them makes it all the more enticing, none more than the final act between Cap, Bucky and Iron Man, which was so intense, it actually made my stomach twist.

It's complex, interesting, and completely entertaining.

Worse, it was repetitive talk.

The Story is also nice: The movie has a nicely developed story-line, and with a few twists and turns along the way, made it very entertaining to watch.

The effects are in place, the perfect combination of CGI and stunt, I just enjoyed it.

With so many characters and an endless supply of action packed into two and half hours, the film (and attempting to review it) can seem daunting.

Action scenes were very tense, very entertaining, and an on the edge of your seat ride.

Although it must be admitted that getting to see more of the character in his own feature, under the direction of Ryan Coogler, is an intriguing prospect.

) It's confusing as heck, trying to keep straight who's fighting whom, or what exactly they're fighting for.

I'm talking about the kind of boredom that stops time.

In addition, they are just one heck of a good team when it comes to action, delivering some of the craziest and most thrilling sequences of the year.

The next big film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe arrives in a slam-dunk fashion, with a great story line and unexpected twists and turns.

Those were just good films with somewhat decent humour and sick new fighting scenes, all caked up with stunning visuals and, of course, superb acting (as in, RDJ, Mark Ruffalo and Sam Jakcson ONLY!

Back to location, the hangar the big battle sequence takes place is very dull.

He was just, stunning.

Rating: 8.7, Awesome Movie*The most anticipated movie in the MCU has finally landed in cinemas, and boy was it entertaining.

I don't remember because I got bored, and usually Marvel movies are at least entertaining.

The Airport Fight alone is Worth watching this movie for.

well to first start off, i really did watch this movie with a open mind and to be really honest i felt it dragged and IMO its not the best SHM ever.

The first 35 minutes where pointless!

failed to tell a compelling story of two superheroes going into conflict with one another.

A Villain who's plan is very fragile and who's motivations are rather boring.

"Civil War" is incredibly exciting and swiftly paced, sustaining the MCU flow despite a roster change, with Thor and Hulk taking a break for their own adventure (due in 2017).

Strangely, with all this in mind, the film is ultimately still most impressive as an action spectacular, dazzling when brought to life in 3D, and taking you on a magical, mystical action packed journey that bursts into life at various points in its nearly three hour length.

The greatest and most exciting characters are definitely the new comers, Black Panther and Spider-Man.

The romance between Scarlet Witch and Vision is intriguing.

It's contrived and illogical.

"Confusing White Noise: The Movie!

I think that Black Panther was the only thing that saved me from falling asleep, being a childhood favourite superhero.

Worst of all, the chief villain is a family-guy-turned-vigilante, Helmut Zemo (Daniel Brühl of "Rush"), who is a rather dreary fellow compared with previous Marvel antagonists.

Also, Joss Whedon set the MCU ensemble bar really high with 'The Avengers' (2012) and 'Age of Ultron' (2015) (with the former being a slightly more entertaining film).

Where Civil War falls short is an extremely boring first half.

CAPTAIN America: CIVIL WAR: This is Marvel Comics' answer to DC Comics' Batman V Superman, and just like the latter, the conflict between the Avengers, with Caption America and his team vs Iron Man and his team is rather contrived.

Given what they spent, likely felt compelled the additional dull 45 minutes .

I was also yearning for a lot more depth in the dialouge and interactions between the characters, yet I was sorely disappointed when they chose to go with the long tedious action sequences instead.

His differing ideology from Cap's is the crux of Civil War's philosophical and literal battle, but, like 2016's Other Superhero v Superhero Movie, this heady and repetitive debate also grinds down the pacing at times.

Go see this if you can, I highly recommend it.

The result, even considering a few missteps, blooms into the most grounded yet thrilling superhero movie since THE DARK KNIGHT; a shining example of Marvels status as engaging character- driven action romps with poignant philosophies about what we believe is the right course of action.

The narrative and dialogue is just poorly written and beyond all entirely dull, there aren't even character arks, its just damn bland badly written story with no outstanding qualities at all.

The story is really boring with some action scenes added to it.

OK , fist thing first i start with things that i love : 1) bucky , the character is fascinating , he goes from a good guy to some killing machine to someone struggling to gain his humanity back , actually winter soldier movie was good because of him and Alexander pierce.

Ever since my long days of boredom in all my years of school, I have wanted to experience the ultimate experience in boredom.

It was weird to have him in, then have the monumental airport scene, and just throw him back in like nothing happened.

It wanted to be a psychological movie, it wanted to explore some deep themes but it just sort of scratched the surface then half way through sort of says "well I'm bored of that let's go back to the original marvel family friendly formula".

Why not let the story cause emotions, instead of paining everything in a dull gray?

Entertaining action pack superhero(s) movie .

Snyder consistently tries to make things more poignant without actually earning the right to be, resulting in boring cinema because we're not invested in his characters.

Yawn .

Now you can be bored in three dimensions!

He is chasing a slower, gliding guy, who is basically un-armed in comparison to the Iron-Man armor.

Essentially a third 'Avengers' film, 'Captain America: Civil War (2016)' easily ranks amongst the very best of the 'MCU' primarily because it's so breathlessly entertaining and effortlessly character-focused, featuring an eclectic set of charismatic characters caught on two sides of a captivating moral dilemma that has no clear 'right' or 'wrong'.

and now i watched this movie, which is so ridiculously dumb, that its kinda funny and entertaining again, just like "The Room" by Tommy Wiseau.

It doesn't really feel like a Captain America film, it feels more like an Avengers 2.5. Anyways, the established characters show some growth and the new additions are very entertaining and add to the film in many different ways.

This film, "Captain America Civil War" is a boring, confusingly plotted, poorly acted and an ending that settled nothing with regards to the Avengers being divided by a law that restricts the movements of the superheroes.

It felt drawn out in parts, maybe a little too choppy, and other parts were to quick to sink in properly.

"Captain America: Civil War" is certainly an enjoyable action- adventure that'll appeal to everyone from fan-boys to adrenaline- junkies, to entertainment-seekers to those looking for a well- crafted movie.

The action scenes range from clever to intense to downright entertaining.

And it sells well, because it IS ENTERTAINING.

Worth the watch!

An over-hyped bore fest .

This movie is worth watching!

action but like i said we get too much of these movies lately AND IT'S KINDA BORING.

High on breathtaking action and bro-feels.

Civil war has a few really entertaining fight scenes and even its juvenile humor works sometimes (i.

Firstly, as this movie built up, all I felt was boredom.

This is a waste of my time.

Mid-Second Act, with the emergence of cameos from Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) Ant-Man (Paul Rudd)and the new Spider-Man (Tom Holland) who was shockingly the best part of the film, "Civil War" becomes the action packed superhero movie I'd been promised.

The makers have overstayed their welcome for sure with the repetitive gags and banter between their lead characters across multiple Marvel movies, I am not sure if I am ready for more of this.

They could have trimmed a bit of the fat on the running time and removed a pointless romantic subplot.

I enjoyed moments, the action is loud, and some, but it is shocking how bored I could be with a movie that manages to pack so much into it.

Typical/ boring plot.

Most boring Captain America .

With scenes that literally have you on the edge of your seat.

It was disjointed, bloated, and anti-climactic.

Long story short, this was the first time I actually got bored at the theater.

It's engaging, it's emotional and it's a thriller.

The story is gripping and cohesive.

And the fight between Cap and Iron Man is so intense it will literally bring you to the edge of your seat.

The final fighting scene showed everyone's skills and was very exciting.

BAD, don't waste your time.

I understand there must be set-up in a movie of this caliber, but at times I thought it was a little too slow.

It's predictable.

It appeases the adult in me by providing rich dialogue, completely balanced non-archetypal politics, and stunning modern action sequences, each one with three or four gags at least that makes smart individual use of the characters skills involved.

If you forget the story (which is easily done) this is a visually stunning movie.

But as exciting as the film is, it's one of the most humbling films of all the phases.

Conversely, Chris Evans traces Captain America's dogmatic, unwavering morality and gradual acceptance of his role as propaganda figurehead to darker places than you'd ever imagine, his strained conviction verging on the psychotic.

For me its a boring movie.

It is amazing and makes a full circle that is interesting and compelling.

It is overstuffed(in order to be very good) and repetitive like other avenger movies and has a serious identity crisis.

It was fast-paced, exciting and the great photography made the viewer feel he was actually part of the action.

Awesome special effects and direction, but with an lacking and overall boring story.

It is very entertaining thou and you easily spend 2,5 hours with it if you have enough candies, popcorn and soda to flush it all down.

It seemed he was there just to help the movie get from here to there and he wasn't very interesting, he even got boring at one point.

I fell asleep half way in & I wasn't even tired.

The Final Captain America disappointed what are The Avengers Fighting because Tony Stark is to Dense to become a Government also why in the heck did they shove spider-Man down are throats also that ending was the Worst Batman V Superman is much even though its ending is predictable and Had the better VS match at least its resolved and why in the heck would Cap give up on being Cap this is 2nd worst MCU Movie behind Iron Man 3 .

Which, despite the fact that our superheroes don't shy away from publicly flashing their bruises and black eyes anymore, is a promise of a happy ending one bit too obvious to be compelling.

It is boring to watch, moreover, if in the end of the movie the villain does not die, nor the hero, it sucks.

It was funny, got you emotionally involved and Action Packed.

It's a consistently thrilling action extravaganza filled to burst with complex characterizations, carefully laid plotting and non- stop fun.

I had to watch this movie in 50 sittings as I keep falling asleep.

He was part of the conflict for personal reasons and had his own agenda and that's why his character was intriguing.

This thrilling ride could've been a 9.9/10...


I wasn't a comic book kid so perhaps I shouldn't have even watched these movies, believe me, I wish I hadn't because they are long and I could have been doing something that created memories worth having in the time I wasted on these really awful, pointless and terribly acted excursions into nothingness.

Gawful shaky cam action scenes are unwatchable dreck.

It mainly was just repetitive dialogue scenes about you're right, no, I'm right, followed by mostly the same punching and shield throwing.

The action is entertaining and filled to the brim with wit and creativity.

5th, plenty of plot holes and lazy, contrived writing.

And a sometimes contrived plot that forces you to make some stretches in order for it to make sense.

boring movie .

This movie feels like a Avengers rip off, but the boring kind.

The second example is the mind blowing ideals of all the heroes.

The plot is considered, well planned and intriguing with many elements pulling together to make a thrilling plot with surprises along the way.

Bored to death actors playing the rendition of one of the worst marvel sagas ever .

Don't, just don't waste your time or hard earned money on this extended version of garbage.

The first Avengers film was very enjoyable.

Great acting, which is always important, amazing plot, mind blowing action, and very funny.

The film certainly looks great but once again I've only got one real complaint and that's the fact that the film ran on way too long.

You can't have your cake and eat it too, Marvel, and that's exactly what Civil War wanted: to be sincere about the very real and relevant issues it's tackling but also make it fun and entertaining for the whole family to enjoy - because more $$$.

The music again has much rousing excitement and haunting intensity while being no less memorable than the music in the previous two outings.

It was fun, exciting, and had a fantastic plot.

For the first 2 minutes it was great to see some of my favourite superheroes fight each other, but it got boring pretty quickly.

The only reason I give this movie a 2 instead of a 1 is because it does have some fairly intense fight scenes.

BUT, I found this movie instead and boy oh boy was I BORED.

The opening sequence starts the film with a bang, with its tragic consequences being genuinely affecting, while the airport scene is tense, enormous fun and thrilling (though because with so much going on, the camera/editing does at times struggle to keep up).

The blockbuster provided overwhelming spectacle with so many of our protagonists converging on each other simultaneously while also having a more intense and personal one-on- one fight that pleasantly surprised me with its relentless brutality.

No, this film has perfectly woven exceptionally clever comedic into it that just make everything so entertaining.

Without giving any spoilers, I thought that it was a very enjoyable movie, even for non-super hero moviegoer fans.

Also, is the Winter Soldier really compelling enough to make two movies focusing on him?

There was a good balance of quirky comedic lines and punches and kicks to keep it entertaining and true to the Marvel persona.

I fell asleep when I went to see Age of Ultron in downtown LA, Deadpool seemed like the worst movie I'd seen in ages and then there is this.

Both his superhero persona and civilian character are interesting and engaging.

The cinematography in the film is terrific, but it is absolutely breathtaking in this scene specifically.

As far as the actual story line it is as predictable as any other Marvel films in the past.

The new movie is equally thrilling, fun, engaging, emotional, smart, and thought-provoking, and really everything you want from summer entertainment.

The first half of this movie was boring and the pacing was slow.

It's really enjoyable to watch the relationships between characters that we know for years, while they meet each other only now.

I almost walked out within the first ten minutes over this.

Also, the giant black panther statues were awe inspiring.

Most of this film was boring, as I had a real problem suspending my disbelief.

One word: Complexity of the character that I find intriguing, I don't dislike it or like it just felt a little odd and out of nowhere.

But the bad guys motivations, while nailing the theme home, are pretty lame and impossibly mundane for a guy who has caused as much of a ruckus as he has.

I wouldn't go so far as to say this is the crowning achievement of Marvel's cinematic endeavors (I still prefer Guardians) but it's an entertaining romp with enough humor, heart, and action to make a general movie going audience satisfied.

" When you watch these superhero movies am I the only one who gets bored when nobody gets hurt, wounded or maimed in the slightest?

Packed with action, right dose of humor, amazing acting and truly breathtaking battles.

And the deeper into the political well the extremely talkie "Civil War" fell into, the harder it became for me to wrap my mind around the fact that I potentially could be stuck watching an entire superhero film consisting of a series of repetitive moral and ethical roundtable discussions for 2 ½ hours.

I think it is a common issue with Captain America movies - story lines are way too long...

Many Superhero fans have been waiting a very long time for this movie, and it delivered what it promised, just from the name it will get you interested, the style of the movie is intriguing itself.

Too confusing, not funny, Captain America's reason is childish, and I think it is just a showcase of special moves.

I highly recommend it if you want to watch a great film.

The look of anguish and sorrow on Tony's face was intense.

And if Marvel actually cared for making a civil war adaptation,they should've acquired all the character rights instead of jumping the gun just because DC came up with the original idea of pitting superheroes against each other on their second movie while Marvel has been doing the same boring linear story lines for the past 12 films.

The comic book films are becoming tired and repetitive, despite the genuine efforts of some.

The villain story was also far-fetched and highly contrived, and forgettable.

It was all confusing and didn't actually contribute to a real storyline, and ultimately nothing came of it.

They are able to balance out the conflicting tones of the characters present in a very grounded way, allowing for entertaining and well-conceived interactions with everyone from Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) to the Vision (Paul Bettany).

I found it really tiresome wading through what felt like a pointless two and a half hours and was relieved when it ended.

One of the most entertaining movies in the series and it really pays off if you have seen all the previous entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A Thrilling and Thought Provoking Action-Adventure .

Spiderman's dialogue and childishness, Hawkeye is a waste of time, Wanda the Witch is misused, Vision was NOT a sight to behold, No one died in all the fighting, The plot has big holes, if you care to look, a dearth of decent female superheroes, a weak origin story for Black Panther, Set up had flaws like the fact that no one admitted that without the Avengers, things would be worse.

>Tony feeling guilty about the death of an aspiring young man, only to enlist an aspiring 15-year-old into his war moments later>inconsistent power levels>realizing that in Captain America's third film, I wholeheartedly side with Iron man and believe him to have more logically sound and compelling motivationsUltimately, Captain America: Civil War, despite many drawbacks that prevent it from reaching its full cinematic potential, is a solid superhero film.

The story is incredibly compelling and very deep for a superhero movie, the acting is outstanding (per usual when it comes to these) and the action scenes are intense, to say the very least.

It had real emotion in parts (namely the final fight) and the acting was stunning.

so many stunning scenes and moments.

And after the initial action, there was too much exposition afterward that lulled on.

Overall, Civil War is a very exciting battle between lovable heroes that corners you into not knowing who's side you should be on that makes for some extremely tight tension.

Two awesome moments including Ant-Man's entering Iron man's suit through his FINGERS, and the other when he becomes gigantic, were extraordinarily entertaining.

Minus Points: 1)Duration: Movie's duration is 2hr 30min long so some may feel bored and to those who hate more conversation and less action movies they may not like this movie much.

Not only is the story confusing and all over the place, the many slow parts of the movie just made things boring.

The moral debate of the movie between government control and non-government control is fascinating and leads to some of the best superhero action in the MCU.

Though it has its share of pitfalls in the beginning but a rollicking second half makes it wildly entertaining!!!

It reminded me of the boring scenes that you fast forward to get to the end of a series so that can't be good news.

The fight was great, didn't expect to see Scott Lang there, but his presence was very enjoyable.

This is a waste of money by producers who could've put their money and time towards actual good storytelling.

There are the requisite action scenes; the car chases, air assaults with our flying heroes, etc., etc., nothing we haven't seen a hundred times before, but exciting never-the-less.

This was mostly because of Robert Downey Junior, and some of the intense action actually supporting the story and carrying some emotional weight.

This battle between Marvel's finest superheroes left me hanging on the edge of my seat.

In regards to both Captain America and The Avengers, this is the only movie in each of the series which I will watch more than once, it is that enjoyable.

Scarlett Johansson,Sebastian Stan,Don Cheadle,Jeremy Renner,Anthony Mackie,Chadwick Boseman,Elizabeth Olsen(who looks absolutely stunning) and Paul Rudd lend excellent support to the cast.

The tension between Cap and Stark grows into a brutal and intense final fight that doesn't pull it's punches.

Captain America: Civil War is packed with some incredible fight scenes and an engaging plot which differs dramatically from the source material it's adapting.

Joe and Anthony Russo had the massive task of bringing together majority of the heroes within the MCU together as well as introducing two new superheroes, while also having to tell a coherent and compelling story that continues the path of Steve Rogers.

There are many twists, and things you don't see coming, but it's very enjoyable.

This is possibly the worst movie I've seen in 2016 and possibly the worst MCU movie so far, though I'm sure Marvel Studios will make me eat my words later on.

The action scenes & fight scenes are absolutely fantastic in Civil War, especially the frantic & exciting gritty opening action packed scene with Cross Bones & his terrorist team, it's outstanding.

As if /sarcasmThe color palette of the movie felt cold, gray, dull and depressing.

Full of incredible dialogue, emotion, and suspenseful action .

What a plodding story line.

but a breathtaking battle between two people destined to urge to fight against each other.....

Entertaining, best marvel for a while .

If you refrain from comparing to the comic or to previous Cap movies (or to anything that makes sense), it can be an entertaining movie.

Yet this film struggles to keep Captain America in the limelight, with a plot those unfamiliar to the MCU will find confusing.

Yes, it lasts way too long and the storyline is disjointed.

Spider-man - yea this kid with no story in movie at all was one of few good funny things about this movie 2.

Vision is very enjoyable to watch struggle integrating with the world and trying to figure out how social encounters work.

A truly excellent film with a stunning third act that is as surprising as having the best Spider-man ever in itEssential

I found the movie entertaining if a little confusing at times.

One aspect of Civil War I find especially fascinating is the use of its villain, Zemo.

I should mention this movie is really boring.

It's still the same sort of bloated showroom floor for next year's big Marvel movies, and I never liked the central warring factions plot line, but it does at least have more enjoyable bells and whistles.

It's a terrific plot, very thrilling and character driven.

Iron Man/Tony Stark tries to convince Cap to give in which after a point feels to be very repetitive.

I used to love all the characters back in the 60s but they are pretty dull now and have not one iota of realism regarding the relationship with themselves.

Worth the watch!

But seeing these two very similar movies come out pretty close together made this one kinda boring.

The MCU has largely found its groove in refuting the genre's trends of claustrophobic darkness, but allowing Downey Jr. and Evans to dabble is morbidly fascinating and entirely truthful, and a reminder of just how talented they are.

As exciting as a senate hearing .

The discussions on how to react or handle such a powerful group of individuals let alone control them is certainly compelling and fascinating as there are both pros and cons to each sides' argument as Tony strictly believes that The Avengers need to be kept in check following the events of the previous movies which is also driven by his guilt over unleashing Ultron upon the world while Steve is far more hesitant to do so due to what he dealt with in Winter Soldier and is compelled by the belief of superheroes operating without the consent of the government which is an interesting and thought-provoking idea and it helps to build upon the friction that's existed between Stark and Rogers since the first Avengers movie not to mention this animosity between the two serves the story well and proves a solid foundation from which future films in the MCU sprout from.

The first 30 minutes is boring, nearly left at that point.

Fun, action packed, iconic, and overall amazing, Captain America: Civil War is probably one of the most deep movies the MCU has ever made, as it highlights how a successful team full of very different people can have internal conflicts that we have seen earlier in previous movies.

Every fight scene in the movie is well choreographed and very thrilling.

Did Captain America: Civil War excel at juggling multiple characters, create enough tension, and still manage to be entertaining while keeping superhero fatigue at bay?

There's so many Awesome characters here such as Spiderman, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow & more great stars of the Marvel universe but it's the interesting & intense relationship between Steve Rogers & Tony Stark that is at the heart of this serious sci-fi Thriller.

Overall, all elements of Civil War are stunning.

Without spoiling the movie, too much, I have to say, the Civil War conflict in the comic book was a lot more intense, than it was, in the film.

It would be great to have the Skrull invasion they are the most visually striking and interesting aliens and they should be kept the way they are, yes green, with the weird chin and the shape shift, and the Super skrull as well as Annihulus could pop in, the Imperial guard and the Kree all very exciting stuff.

Tell your composer to write the most bland score ever 19.


Action packed from the start and delivers throughout.

At times they become repetitive (Stark's parents' death for example) and draw scenes out forcing some views to lose interest.

this one is a knitpick but there was a scene or two that was there purely as eye candy, I can see it as desktop wallpaper to be honest but because the scene leading up to it was so intense and full of emotions that final picturesque shot just cheapens things...

Civil Bore .

Fascinating action scenes, and it all came down to the point where all the Marvels heroes must fight to prove a point.

As someone who mostly enjoys the MCU, this film is at the bottom three of my list and it is only worth watching on repeat viewings for Boseman's excellent Black Panther IMO...

Predictable (Don't read unless you want to know what happened) .

I'm amazed at how bored I was.

Captain America was right and Iron Man was wrong, completely, and in a ridiculously contrived manner.

Captain America: The First Avenger had a riveting plot that kept you at the edge of your seat.

That was the point when the movie became enjoyable for me because the the tension escalated to a whole new level.

It was entertaining, it mostly made sense, and it was funny.

Well, there are many storylines and many characters, which result in a somewhat disjointed, chaotic storyline.

While Tom Holland was a very good and entertaining Spiderman, Chadwick Boseman fits the character of Black Panther PERFECTLY.

So all in all: very well-made, very enjoyable with great action and story.

I fell asleep at this point, please, please don't bother telling me what happens next, I really don't care.

My two guests and I enjoyed it.

Climax fight is just stunning when Iron man and captain faces each other.

Action packed never thought those fighting scenes would even make it to the screen.

I just was expecting this one to get a ten, but as it is I enjoyed it more than the other hero versus hero film released this year, Batman V Superman, it only equaled the enjoyment I got from Deadpool also released this year.

Tedious and depressing - I personally found both films extremely dragged-out and lacking in the entertainment factor, which is even more surprising with CW because Marvel at their worst are usually entertaining.

However in the second half then the movie lost its pace and felt bland.

Although the interesting trailer, I always thought it will be the same like with the Age of Ultron, few good moments in kind of boring movie.

It's a nice change of pace from the invincible demigods and dull dark elves we've been getting in previous installments.

Multiple repetition of battle scene, really boring visual effects.

It's a very enjoyable movie.

There were some intense fist fights and chase scenes that really grounded the movie.

If you, like me, didn't watch Agents of Shield, read the recent comics or watch and read all the other extended content Marvel throws at you, the first hour of this movie is going to be boring and confusing.

We get a movie with a boring political premise, after that, characters and heroes we've come to love over a couple of movies suddenly go haywire.

At least make sense whilst being confusing.

Gone is the bland spectacle of mowing through faceless CGI blurs.

The film brings in Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, and he is very entertaining.

the Film was fast paced and exciting the whole way through and I never got bored.

It was exciting especially at the end.

Another indication that this is just a formulaic offering for a quick buck.

Far too many long talkie parts and most of the action consisted of hand-to-hand fist fights, which got terribly boring and repetitive.

Flourishing in the moments of brightness,the writers make sure to highlight the less than heroic qualities in their superheroes,thanks to the UN's questioning leading to doubts over how helpful they truly are,which leads to a thrilling twist ending,that brilliantly alters the perspective of The Avengers origins,as The Avengers discover that history does not hide the lies of a civil war.

Those movies only depend on VFX but no plot.

But it sure was entertaining enough for about two and a half hours.

Well this movie was very intriguing.

Everything is to happy go lucky, The fight scenes, the plot, the villains, and all of the characters are so bland.

The fights were a big improvement over those in The Winter Soldier, which I found to be incredibly fake and boring.

Honestly, I felt like BvS had some faults, but it was enjoyable.

However, a series of events including Rody being injured and Iron Man finding out that Bucky was responsible for his parent's death lead to the final fight between Cap, Bucky, and Tony to be an epic, intense, and almost dead-serious climactic clash.

But worse, it bored me.

If you LOVE confusing white noise this is the movie for you!!!!!

Captain America: Civil War is a stunning film which has helped withhold the reputation of the MCU.

So many cool stunning bits that you have to see the movie again to keep your cross-hairs locked.

It would be easy to discuss the effects here but be honest, you already knew they'd be mind boggling.

He is my friend, So was I..!! had a bit of snappy emotion attached to it.

To me this movie was bland, shallow, just entertaining to kill 2 and half hours and thats about it.

Between them there are dozens of movies that are lazy and boring.

Just kinda boring .

This film has got exciting twists because Captain America has got his team and Iron Man has got his team fighting against each other.

Personally, I am putting my foot down to say that this continuous narrative device is getting tiresome.

The excitement lasts the whole fight and it's breathtaking to watch.

After boring us with scenes of saving people by loading them into shield helicarrier in Age of Ultron,they are still blaming the heroes?

The story, while a bit over-stuffed and under-cooked in places, is never dull, never feels too stretched or thin, always makes sense (even with parts that needed more development) and is endlessly riveting right up to the end, which is an achievement for a two and a half hour film with this much going on.

The multiple chase and fight scenes are monotonous and, ultimately, pointless.

It was okay, definitely not the worst movie in the world, but I just found it to be kind of boring.

It had its flaws and it wasn't the best MCU movie, but it was thoroughly entertaining for the majority and sets up a lot to look forward to in the upcoming movies.

And boy, this movie was disappointing in all possible aspects, from plot and acting to even the CGI - even the over-the-top action scenes was somehow dull and boring, character conflict that was driving the movie plot was so forced and incredibly stupid, that I was just absolutely blown-away with the fact that anybody can call it plausible and go with the flow.

If Sebastian Stan's Bucky verges on tiresome histrionics, he's easily redeemed when paired with the hilarious banter of Anthony Mackie.

Ant-Man dragged along to be beside Captain America, he just blindly follows Cap.

The movie pacing is terrible, it will slow down and speed up just to get the next scene and the character running around shouting plot.

A good example of this would be the first scene with Wanda and Vision - the movie wants you to believe that this scene is developing these two characters and providing you with the reason as to why they fall in love, but in reality it is just pointless filler.

End result is a free for all battle of the wills and some genuine thrilling moments thanks largely to the directing team of siblings Anthony and Joe Russo with a dense screenplay by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely relying on more kinetic fast-and-furious action sequences and less on light-hearted humorous ones (which is the Achilles heel here folks) in spite of some warm welcome comic relief in Rudd's Ant Man and newcomer Holland as Spider-Man (don't worry he's getting a reboot too) By all means see it in IMAX 3-D to get the full effect of the amazing visuals and aforementioned battle royales!

The Airport fight scene is, while I concede hardly a practical realistic battle in that a group of "fashionably dressed" super-people happen to chance upon a conveniently deserted airport and fight each other while actually enjoying themselves while consistently smart-talking is well, possibly frown-inducing, yet one of the most exciting action sequences in CBMs, with hilarious exchanges between the many characters.

All in all, the movie felt pointless as nothing was achieved by the end.

Everything happens to set up the next action sequence which are pretty dull themselves.

I mean REALLY slow parts.

Go for the movie you will not be disappointed, its so entertaining and good you can go for second time.

Great plot , solid scenario , unexpected outcomes , tensions between heroes , no way for easy ending.

The entire opening sequence in Lagos in the persuasion against the Crossbones (Frank Grillo) - which triggers the questions of the governors around the world - is simply breathtaking, as well as the attack in Vienna, the persecution of the Winter Soldier in Bucharest, the fifteen uninterrupted minutes of action scenes at the airport involving more than a dozen heroes and, of course, the final climax involving Iron Man, Captain America and the Winter Soldier involving a major revelation of the past.

Earlier I was looking into US senate hearings on some boring subject such as Foreign Relations, yummy I always wanted to be bored to death on US relations to some backwater Kingdom somewhere in the middle of wherever.

There are perhaps too many characters for them to really do them all justice (Spiderman for instance feels rushed into the film, and more about making another film I think); by contrast a cameo for Antman was enjoyable.

The scriptwriters could've created something with more of a tragedy element, after a short elaborate action sequence (not the long one we got), show the Team trying to save potential victims from the building, it would've been cool to see someone die while Cap was trying to save them, and I believe that would've been more compelling than the sequence we got.

Last thing I have to say After Avengers3 there must be a Avengers V, Justice League film where the public will vote who wins in each fight, this is thrilling stuff the both camps have done, never before has something as wild as this been put on screen, make this happened you hear me out there Marvel, DC?

I enjoyed it very much and liked it a lot.

Civil War is my second favourite Captain America movie in the MCU behind The Winter Soldier and is a more than entertaining action film to boot with some very crisply shot action sequences as the action filmmaking in this legendary film series just keeps on getting better and better and more sharply shot with every installment that comes out in this franchise.

Having these elements do not guarantee an Oscar, but having them means that the movie will be an enjoyable one.

The dialogue is the snappy best!

Thanks to excellent writing and in the good hands of the Russo brothers, we get an all out entertaining films and one of the best from the Marvel studios.

Its a deeply superficial watch, that relies on eye candy, a little well scripted but predictable action and a few special effect "novelties" to carry it.

The effects are breathtaking, with the obvious highlight being the air port battle.

His issues were the same; too many slow bits followed by fighting, then back to the slow bits...

This movie is extremely entertaining.

Crap-tain America Civil bore more like Poor man's BvS .

And yeah, the movie was really predictable.

Ice action packed movie..I felt like doing some action in theater.

by mid-point in the film they'd become repetitive and just kind of absurd.

The much needed humour that was sorely missing from AOU is back, and it isn't just Starks trademark sarcastic wit, Rudd has a wonderful extended cameo as Ant-Man, and he and Holland as the new Spider-Man just make that battle a laugh riot as well as thrilling cinema.

In conclusion, in Captain America: Civil War we have the truest, the most rewarding, the most riveting, emotional, suspenseful Super Hero movie that has ever been created.

The action scenes are also really cleverly done, and exciting; something increasingly hard to pull off, in modern blockbusters.

Entertaining and silly at the same time while the writers manage to not make a mess out of this huge ensemble cast .

This movie is disappointing because it is so predictable.

This one's boring.

Too contrived .

The introduction of Tom Holland as Spider-Man was also nailed perfectly and the scenes he appeared in were all excellent and entertaining, setting the tone for the future MCU Spider-Man films to come.

Every scene with Panther is intense and engaging, I don't think he smiles at all, I believe that's because he's always so serious, and I don't think you would smile either if your dad died right in front of you.

This film adds the stakes Marvel has been struggling with, and it does it with a nuanced but compelling villain.

The use of flashbacks just adds to the confusion.

The plot is also well written and the final act is thrilling.

The propaganda for each character is etched out with utmost subtlety.

Also, as i've mentioned before, there are so much of them that it just feels confusing.

All that money they made and it was filmed in the most boring scenery ever.

It gets dull and repetitive and its hard to care when it's ANOTHER.

Ban Zemo was just another boring marvel villain.

Waste of time .

When I left the theater, I was reminded of Batman v Superman.

Both great movies, but in the CW wins and is more entertaining even though BVS is more serious and dark.

Paul Rudd's Ant Man also made the proceedings a lot wittier and enjoyable.

Unfortunately, things become much more intense when Captain America and his allies do battle with a criminal mastermind and thereby not only break the U.

Id love to see someone take 2 hits like a champ, but unable to get up, instead of having black widow be hit 400 times and a kick makes her fly 10 meters, hit a wall and nothing happens to her, perfect hair and her face is pretty as usual.

For those who may not be interested in fictional politics, this will be rather boring.

I left the empty theater following the second after credits scene, satisfied and with a smile on my face.

In 2d format the action sequences were unbearable to watch.

Chadwick Boseman's performance truly shows T'Challa as probably one of the most psychologically compelling characters in the MCU films.

This exciting introduction of a powerful warrior expands the might of the Avengers in general with his formidable abilities and skills.

It's not particularly groundbreaking story-wise and, at times, falls prey to formulaic nature of the previous films in the MCU.

Not going into the spoilers much I would recommend you go get on the awesome bandwagon at once, and enjoy the thrilling action-packed bromancing ride.

Amazing action, boring story .

The characters are so indescribably stupid, the plot itself is stupid and relies stupid characters, Spider-Man is annoying and pointless, Black Panther is okay, and the 'villain' is just an excuse to make it a longer movie like Batman v.

This is by far the worst movie in the franchise and i wouldn't recommend anybody to watch this movie..Terrible, just terrible..

The reason why that big airport battle was so awesome is because I cared for everyone that was there and that made every combat so entertaining to watch.

It is a great film, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The only reason this is not a 10, in my opinion, is because there were some pointless/ drawn-out points that can make some people lose attention.

But even the teenagers in our house said it was boring.

Movie is quite long (2,5 hours).

I was excited about a movie based on it, but walked out of the theater rather...

When the best film you have seen so far this year is 'Eddie The Eagle' (which is very engaging and entertaining), you know you've got problems.

That said, the action scenes are great and highly entertaining.

Yet, the movie is fun, has its intense moments and sets ground for some cool developments.

First, Tom, I hate Peter Parker sucks beyond cinema also been contrived role.

In the case of the theatrical cut of BvS it was too fast paced and the story didn't plot out very well(though ill reserve my official opinion on this when the extended cut comes out) Cap Civil War didn't have this problem with the story moving at the right pace and with as many characters as this movie had that's quite impressive, it takes its time and segways through the plot showcasing what's needed and not veering off to something that takes away from the story.

The amount of humor starts to increase at major levels, the action starts to become more inventive and exciting, and the characters start to develop step by step.

A lot of part is boring, the side-stories sometimes are stronger than the main story...

My only con with this film is that the 1st act is pretty weak, and it left me pretty bored.

"Captain America: Civil War"- A wildly thrilling and often complex action adventure extravaganza!

Epic yet predictable .

Synopsis: When the government introduced the system of accountability where every Avenger would come under UN supervision as they wanted to,but decision was confronts by Captain America(Chris Evans) and wants to every avenger should free from this system,but from opposite side the Iron man (Robert Downey Jr) had great feeling to stay with that system,so when the issue was mounted ultimately which created a rift between Cap and Ironman,and dragged them to collateral damage.

Lots of Action, whole lot of fun, and Intense fight scenes at the same time like Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

CAPTAIN America: CIVIL WAR really delivers the goods, giving us a comic book movie with everything a good comic book delivers: a great story, compelling characters and incredible action.

Also, at the same time, I was bored quickly of him.

bit dull .

But this movie was literally boring.

BUT it's still quite enjoyable...

Firstly, the Score, was boring...

The action scenes are stunning.

Verdict: Too many cuts and changes of scenery, not enough focus on the actual Registration Act, too dull-looking, too many coincidences.

Like I said the action scenes were so good and so enjoyable.

And that is ostensibly the subject of this exciting episode.

Yet another unoriginal bland superhero movie packed full of clichés blah blah blah blah.

and a bunch of other awesome sequences in betweenand what a great completely unexpected twist-ish reveal at the end with tony's parents.

With his propaganda-poster jawline, WW2 promotional adverts to fitness inspirational videos and air of unimpeachable nobility, Captain America (Chris Evans) has always been one of the duller members of the Marvel universe.. Which is probably why, although this film or "the Avengers 3 with a Boy Spidey and a giant Ant?

Superman : Dawn of Justice (2016) and as usual Tony Stark and Steve Rogers also known as Iron Man and Captain America gives a stunning performance going to the core of there character arcs giving the fans the feels for the next movie's to come.

However, this movie was most the most enjoyable of the Marvel Universe for me.

I thought the film was about as entertaining as the last one until the end which explodes on the screen with action, humor, and drama....

The opening battle with crossbones in Nigeria was really thrilling and packed with action to pretty much tease what was going to come, more exciting fight scenes just like it!

I wanted to walk out, but the boredom had propelled me into an out of body experience where I could not control my body, I could only watch my self bored literally out of my skull sitting there bored.

The pacing is tedious and the story is jam-packed with too many characters.

For example Ant-Man appears in the film, in little more than an extended cameo, he has little grasp of the larger situation but his fleeting appearance is highly entertaining.

If you can't tell what the heck is happening, the scene is pointless and uninteresting.

While I am not overly a fan of the superhero genre, then I will still watch these movies when I have a chance, because they tend to be entertaining enough and usually be a visual treat in special effects.

The scene and the film itself are predictable without suspense or tension.

Great film, well-rounded plot; confusing at times .

But, it's consistent with Marvel, so, everyone should be used to these propaganda statements by now.

Captain America: Civil War Review: Very Exciting, Hardly Memorable .

That very special Marvel movie that you came out of the cinema thinking: "THAT'S what these connected, colourful, gripping, comic properties should be, full of in-jokes and great surprises and genuine humour.

By the end there was a mind boggling amount of plot holes and pretend risks being taking.

Lenghty, boring, and unneeded film .

I found the fundamental conflict here very confusing.

Waste my money....

He was a very compelling character.

As other reviewers have said there was too much to pack into 1 film and hence it was disjointed, dumbed down and frankly quite boring.

and then the ending felt kinda empty.

It's just so entertaining.

it was so exciting and intense.

And if the politics are motivated a touch over-conveniently at times (Rogers' resolution to keep fighting the good fight during a inspiring eulogy is one of the film's few stumbles of contrivance, while a non-sequitur kiss briefly flirts with the surreal unacceptability of 'Brutasha'), the Russos, in true Marvel fashion, are always ready with a quip or more stunning fight choreography to keep the melodrama at bay.

I really enjoyed it.

Most of the movie is built around the quarreling between the heroes themselves, but this ends up being uninteresting, and feel more like an excuse to have them go at each other.

The end is so thrilling and suspenseful that waiting for the next movie is like waiting for the next season of Game Of Thrones.

)This was the first Marvel movie where RDJ looked tired and bored to be there.

Imagery, lighting and music all created an intense atmosphere.

Besides the special effects, this movie made me sleepy and I don't get all those good reviews from the critics, like we saw 2 different movies.

I could nitpick this film if I wanted to but it was so enjoyable that I'll just skip all that and give it my wholehearted recommendation.

Here..? Blank, uninteresting, mostly just camera shots.

Some long ,Boring meaningless conversations with no emotional depth .

The actors, the scenes, the shots are definitely professional, but I am just bored by this kind plot.

Every action scene is thrilling, especially the encounter at the airport which was endlessly inventive and thrilling.

While what was delivered was the classic fun and entertaining it had nothing new and was poorly predictable which resulted in a feeling of disappointment and slight boredom at the end.

There are a lot of intense action scenes but they are not as detailed, unique, and intriguing as they are being praised for.

Iron Man is as least as predictable in this movie, that it could be Iron Man movie as well.

Not so much a Captain America solo adventure as it is an Avengers free-for-all, this is a unique and exciting blend of comic book adaptation and political thriller, with compelling themes of friendship, loyalty, and betrayal, not to mention the sheer joy of seeing so many superheroes engaged in a smackdown of epic proportions.

That's how blown away I was with the movie because they adapted it well for the screen and made a compelling enough story that wasn't too simplistic.

Good guys fighting good guys for reasons that are so contrived that even for comic-book characters it simply is not enough to justify all the mayhem.

There were also elements of the film that were intriguing such as the mass casualties of the Avengers excursions.

What follows is some cortex splitting but riveting action.

Sometimes a roller-coaster, sometimes a really boring boat ride .

Still an enjoyable movie though, better than BvS.

It is funny how they got scared after Marvel Fanboys steamrolled Man of Steel for killing all those people, and in this movie, they had to make stupid comments and messages to each other that the location is empty/being evacuated before the fight takes place.

The good news is, most of them are fun, and there are enough rousing moments to elevate the movie to Marvel's top tier.

How the avengers have separated into 2 groups and fighting against each other is also an exciting new twist.

However, the big airport fight, while fun, is pretty pointless.

This is yet another highly entertaining film and it's certainly a lot of fun, which is something missing from so many comic movies today.

In Civil War's defense, the minute action scenes were enjoyable, though nothing groundbreaking.

It's big, inventive, fun, and ultimately pretty pointless (the physical stakes in these movies have gotten laughably low), leading Cap Bucky to getting an airplane, chased by Iron Man and the Black Panther.

And it's very dull in my opinion that this idea is only exploited right now, and it's sole purpose is to serve the plot and make you believe the plot.

Vengeance, glamorous fights, super heroes, without any story is what i will say.. Best part is spider-man's comedy, and apart from that, this movie is totally a waste of time.

The first half of the movie was slow it start to pick up around the middle of the story.

The soundtrack was stunning, and went together perfectly with the movie.

Warning - boring .

Plot-holesMusic is entirely forgettableAn uninteresting and cliché opponentYeah right, that German police mission in Bucharest was SO realistic.

First off the first 40 minutes or so had me and my wife yawning.

Civil War's conflict is unforgivingly intense to a point where you get scared that the two opposing Avengers are willing to kill each other.

I really enjoyed it.

Captain America Civil Yawn.

It is a fun movie (the dialogue is just as snappy as always) and it proves that the Russo Brothers can direct something as massive as the upcoming Marvel's Infinity War two parter with confidence.

A run-of- the-mill action fest would have brought in the dough, while also entertaining the masses.

Captain America: Civil War is amazing, action packed and have incredible visual effects.

Civil War is a brilliantly crafted, action packed, full of story, fun- fest with deeper meaning.

The action felt boring and repetitive, and lost its appeal within about 20 minutes of a 2 and a half hour film.

The showdown sequence at the Airport is just mind boggling and they have done that without vaporizing out whole cities & crashing down buildings unlike Avengers:2, that is when you realise that this movie does make a lot of sense.

The story is very engaging and well paced, it seriously puts the movie in a whole new level and the action is just awesome plus the humor and jokes are even funnier when compared to its predecessor.

Above all a pointless kiss between two characters without any chemistry or tension distracts of the real problems.

"Captain America: Civil War" is a thrilling and thought provoking comic book movie with an engaging story, complex characters, and fantastic action sequences that are among the best in the MCU.

There are intense fights in cramped corridors, apartments and small spaces.

With all the characters on screen, we found it somewhat confusing, and whatever criticisms that Batman vs Superman had, was magnified here.

The action was mind blowing thanks to the Russo Brothers ,these two are the Coen Brother of Action Flicks.

It's boring like I'm starting to watch BatMan v SuperMan (2016) and it's better (not a DC fanboy) so what it's a bit longer at least BatMan appear way sooner than Spider-Man in the film.

Though the story has been pared down to the minimum basics of the original, what we do get is very entertaining.

This third film does something even harder, and takes what many people thought was a subpar sequel to a great fist Avengers movie (Age of Ultron) and makes another Avengers movie within a perfectly good third Captain America movie, continuing the story of two engaging properties while expanding on both and tying them all together.

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War is perhaps the first superhero movie that takes into account the large number of civilian casualties that these vigilante fellows cause and then try to do something about it, which, along with some spectacular action shots, make it an engaging watch despite the same vigilantes causing a great number of non-human destruction around the world.

The fight between allies was as pointless as Batman V.

Marvel really knows how to handle their source material and does so in a highly entertaining masterpiece.

While one is a populist the other is a elitist, so it was engaging when things went down.

This movie practically put me to sleep, it was one of the most boring movies I have ever watched.

This is a one of the worst movies i ever seen

Reviewed by: Dare Devil Kid (DDK)Rating: 3.5/5 stars"Captain America: Civil War" ushers in the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with action and thrills galore, but it sacrifices a lot of the wit and does away with the strong adversaries that had made our favorite superheroes' battles all so exciting.

Yes the plot line has flaws, yes it kind of feels like two movie merged together and could have just been called avengers, and yes some characters appear for no apparent reason but to fight , but hey , this is a super hero movie , a fun action movie , that's how it's meant to be entertaining , it's not w novel prize winning novel, it's not a serious drama , it's there to enjoy , not sit there and pick holes in.

The plot is compelling and the actors play well off of each other.

If you are looking for something deep, dramatic, entertaining and you are angry at Zack Snyder for not delivering what was promised to you, then go and watch Marvel's Captain America: Civil War.

The few weak points were minor, such as a few too many close up and edited hand to hand fighting scenes that were difficult to follow.

There's a lot for the Russo Brothers to juggle, but "Civil War" never feels heavy or strained, always maintaining momentum, keeping introductions snappy and chases destructive, exploring individual powers and agendas.

While the final act of the movie was entertaining and brought back the focus to Captain America, I must say that this was not a Captain America movie.

Boring .

Boring .

The fight between captain America and Cross Bones was Fantastic and I really enjoyed it.

Sheer boredom.

The movie has several entertaining moments and not a single dull moment,which keeps you intrigued throughout the entire movie.

Yes, it's as banal as that.

The movie is too long and after the opening standard action sequence it seems to take some time to get going.

and why was he very slow like he was in slow motion movie!!??

It's full of sensational action packed scenes which prove to be an eye treat for action and the comic lovers!

In the end, Captain America: Civil War is an entertaining film while dealing with complex human emotions.

All of the scenes were everyone's just sitting down and talking are engaging, compelling, and are by far the best scenes in the movie.

This movie makes a great sleep aid, I usually find the so called "action sequences" so dull you can pass out around 2 minutes into the flat unimaginative fights, and one liner joke that M.

Overall, It felt like it will never end, and we felt constant boredom through the whole movie.

The film is full of action and emotions and a story so thrilling that will make you want more.

It was fun, bigger than life Madness and highly enjoyable.

Black Panther is a total bore, Spiderman is an attention seeking hyperactive tool and Vision has nothing to add to the film.

Better than the second Avenger movie, Captain America: Civil War is action packed and enjoyable for all ages.

Chadwick Bosemans Black Panther is a fascinating character I am already eager to see develop more in his own movie and Paul Rudd as Ant Man is a welcome addition to the team and steals every scene he is in.

I don't mean to be rough, but this is a blockbuster that cost millions, shouldn't it have a more compelling story to support it's own reputation?

Overstuffed and repetitive .

Both Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans push their respective characters Tony Stark and Steve Rogers to the emotional-dramatic stratosphere in this one, with nearly every scene exhibiting inner (and outer) turmoil as they wrestle with their personal convictions and age-old human dilemma of distinguishing clearly between 'right & wrong' (and the lingering twin-demons of unintended-consequences and human 'collateral' damage)What really put this movie over-the-Top in terms of captivating characters and edge-of-you-seat thrilling action-drama are the introduction (and re-introduction) of two of MARVEL-Comics' absolute-Coolest most intriguing (and even entertaining) Characters: (1) T'CHalla the 'Black-Panther' and (2) your friendly-neighborhood-teenage 'Spider-Man'!

The story is engaging.

The first half is extremely boring.

This was bad, pointless, and fits very poorly into the MCU.

You can enjoy cool battles and fight, it's much better than messy and boring fight in Avengers.

Marvel movies are starting to get stale, and uninteresting.

Good, entertaining fun.

But this movie very quickly succumbs to a kind of Americana propaganda where "freedom" means nothing more noble than a lack of accountability for one's actions; and what is "truly American" is defined by the person with the biggest "gun".

The Spiderman character (for example) is an astonishing example of pointless exposition, throw away characters (complete with idiot, pull string dialog), and a troubling too common 'insert character' technique...

Some of the most exciting things about the movie is that we get to see characters from other Marvel movies, such as Spider Man and Ant Man, team up with the Avengers.

A convoluted plot made it flat out boring.

Most boring Marvel experience .

Very tedious and poorly made.

Whilst there are a few problems with some of the films action sequences, with some scenes suffering from the overuse of fast paced editing techniques, for the most part the fight scenes have the same exciting tone and focus on practical effects that the Russo brothers demonstrated in Captain America: Winter Soldier.

The movie is enjoyable for anyone.

Performances:Though the movie relies heavily on the shoulders of Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.,but th the scene-stealer here is Tom Holland,whose portrayal as Peter Parker gives a new yet entertaining image to Spiderman.

It's the fact that Tony is so damaged emotionally that makes him such a compelling character.

It could be my love for these characters, it could be the epic airport scene, or it could just be entertaining as all hell.

Wasn't even fun, but not dark either, just confusing and pretty ludicrous.

Unfortunately the plot suffers from having to be incredibly contrived and forces our favorites heroes to be psychotically stupid in order to get the to Avengers vs Avengers that it wanted to get to.

A gripping storyline?

The rest of the movie had my blood pressure rising with the very apparent globalist agenda propaganda BS intertwined.

All the characters are intense, and as the tension rises, these friendships are put to the test.

most intense marvel movie ever...

A very compelling aspect of this movie is the way the different viewpoints of the Capt. and Iron Man are allayed to each other and to the viewer.

Fair enough it has its part of amazing action sequences and CGI effects including a very exciting airport clash finished without anyone dying which is great.

They reminded me of a Jason Bourne or James Bond fight with superheros which was something that I did not know I wanted but apparently I did because every time there was a fight scene, I was on the edge of my seat.

Without any spoilers, Evans and Downey Jr. display their finest performances as these characters with an very intense and gut wrenching third act.

It would've been cool to see him like he was in the comics with his mask and vibranium sword but Marvel just gave us a normal man with a cliché backstory.

Predictable, I say.

Which I personally prefer to this clichéd and predictable mess.

It's really Ironic that Captain America is fast becoming the most exciting part of the MCU, especially when his origin story was arguably one of the poorest efforts of the cannon.

All in all, it was an enjoyable, action-packed saga and with all of its CGI glory, my eyes wouldn't budge from the screen.

This time, Tony's look itself confirms the film to be an intense action film with intense performances.

Any nitpicks are drowned out by how entertaining this movie is.