Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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Steve Rogers, a rejected military soldier transforms into Captain America after taking a dose of a "Super-Soldier serum". But being Captain America comes at a price as he attempts to take down a war monger and a terrorist organization.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Joe Johnston
Stars: Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving
Length: 124 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 187 out of 819 found boring (22.83%)

One-line Reviews (712)

That said, it is still a very enjoyable film, it has a good script and it is great fun from start to finish.

Chris Evans is engaging and well-cast as Steve Rogers a/k/a Captain America, a plucky scrawny kid from Brooklyn trying to join the Army until he is selected for a top secret experiment where he genetically transformed into a superhero.

He was way too uninteresting.

These poorly conceived and overtly contrived early scenes attempt to cast him as a Rudy-type i.

Chris Evans who plays Captain America himself is pretty dull.

I hate to say this but.. yawn .

The entire movie was rushed, scenes were predictable and the acting was overdone.

It could also be a cliche, though.

But all in all, Captain America: The First Avenger is entertaining and decent as far as comic book movies go.

And yes, Captain America is supposed to be banal.

The movie, though, ultimately hinges on Evans' ability to pull off the earnestly intense Captain America, and he does it brilliantly.

At about the 15 minute mark, I sank wearily back into my seat and braced myself for the another 110 minutes of recycled, contrived, over-the-top studio schlock.

Not perfect, but a very entertaining experience .

And that is when a superhero movie becomes dull.

Though I will mention my two friends that went with me and knew very little about CA enjoyed it a little bit more because there were a few more surprises for them.

Here is an enjoyable summer entertainment that doesn't insult the audience's intelligence.

Very entertaining movie.

It becomes a little boring and predictable.

Red Skull, apart from his intensely commanding appearance and dress, wasn't as outlined and the performance came across at times like a run-of-the-mill, snide villain who ends up being somewhat predictable.

Solid, entertaining, and heroic, everything a good superhero movie should be, which is exactly what this movie is.

Marvel seemed to care so much about the boring stuff, they forgot that it was a comic book movie.

That's just my opinion though.. Overall this movie was enjoyable.

Wonderful, Exciting, Funny .

It has an engaging story.

With a nice cast, exciting action scenes, and a retro visual vibe, Captain America is the funnest movie of the Summer.

The actors are all great in their respective roles, and The First Avenger is an enjoyable action flick despite what anyone says.

What makes this film seem more of an contrived Avengers prequel than its associated films is the ending, which features Rogers commandeering a plane with a nuke.

I did think the War Bonds Propaganda montage was a nice touch, as well as the (SPOILER ALERT!

When it all comes down to it, the movie is not terrible, just unmemorable and kind of bland.

In between the lacklustre Hulk and average Thor, Marvel Studios released Iron Man, a thoroughly enjoyable superhero film driven by perfect casting, tight pacing and well-scripted characters (well, about as good as they can get for blockbusters anyway).

Captain America is an enjoyable blockbuster and necessary viewing if you plan to view The Avengers in 2012.

Chris Evans gives Steve Rogers/Captain America a brand new perspective, far from Reb Brown's botched up costume or Matt Salinger's bland personification.

Chris Evans' engaging performance as the 'First Avenger' is something else, too!

However I'm happy to say that this movie is a great super hero movie and worth watching.

Aside from the fact that nothing happens here that some other superhero hasn't done before in many different, more interesting ways, there's just something about watching this ridiculous superhero in action that never resonates.

I really wanted to like this movie, but its approach is so amateurishly banal that I found myself hating it with each passing moment.

Johann Schmidt's introductory scene was overly theatrical and cliché-ridden.

Kind of empty if you ask me.....

The first half hour was funny and entertaining.

The film is quite respectful to the era and WWII (it easily could have come off as insulting), while still being an exciting and fun modern action flick.

It was a fun movie and Comedy was also good for example the shows conducting for Captain America for people and all there is also one interesting thing "Howard Stark" father of iron man it was overall entertaining nteresting movie.

So I found this movie to be quite entertaining, as I had no prerequisite hopes or expectations for the movie holding true to the comic book universe.

It is an action packed film that can please the adult as well as the young at heart.

A New York senator then convinces him to become a propaganda tool.

For me who just watches it once in a while it was entertaining enough.

This is a great action packed family film that tells the heroic story of Captain America.

Entertaining .

For the recent rash of Marvel Comics oriented films from the last few years, I found this one to be the most enjoyable for me.

It is dull and contains no exciting action sequences.

The plot is predictable, even though there were MAJOR plot holes like *SPOILER START* when C.

Enjoyable experience .

Basically the plot is entertaining and will keep you hooked until about 75 minutes into the film, at which point it degenerates into a frenzy of special effects and action sequences.

You'll find it's more entertaining than this garbage.

The action is not good, it is really boring with dumb enemies.

Captain America: The Boring Avenger.

The villain is fairly weak and the plot can be a bit slow at times, but it's action scenes are entertaining, most of the characters are likeable and it is overall a good setup for the Avengers movie.

The action was exciting (albeit unmemorable) and the 1940s environment was gorgeously replicated.

Im just watching this movie and Im so bored I chose to write this review to help raise awareness about how bad this movie is and boring and boring and BORING!!...........

Director Joe Johnston's visual style deliberately recalls wartime propaganda films from both sides of the WWII, including the masterpieces of Leni Riefenstahl.

Sebastian Stan as Bucky is utterly forgettable and uninteresting.

Along with Evans of lacklustre supporting cast, including Hayley Atwell, who's monotone Carter provides a one-dimensional and particularly shallow love interest (any interest whatsoever in Rogers literally occurs after his CGI rendered frame is replaced with his natural torso), and a ultimately pointless villain in Red Skull (considering Hitler's role in the war at the time) a quickly forgotten about Richard Artimage, and a slumming, emotionless Tommy Lee Jones, all form a rather toothless cast.

Little by the numbers, but quit enjoyable ww2 film none the less.

Still resorts to the usual predictable fight scenes though, and one-dimensional characters.

He's got the (ho-hum, and sometimes boring) Red Skull to deal with, as, I guess, Hilter's so passé.

I've seen this movie like 3 times already and I can still watch it because it's so ENTERTAINING.

The action scenes, while sometimes entertaining, are, once again, cliché-ridden.

However it is weak in too many areas to be thought too highly of as it has an overdone storyline, a bland villain, ropey CGI and some off-putting direction.

Cheesy, but somewhat entertaining.

Entertaining to its core!

Suffice it to say that the two most entertaining things about the movie were the "let's see who can come up with the most ridiculous German accent" contest duked out between Hugo Weaving, Toby Jones and Stanley Tucci; and the performance of Tommy Lee Jones, who barks out dry one-liners as if he was born to fulfill that very task.

It's first and last half hours are the most compelling.

Sadness, gratitude, love, action packed!!!

 There's some well written humour, the segment of the promotion tour of America to rally financial support of the war is complete with a dance number and showgirls which is highly entertaining.

There is one saving grace in this borefest of a movie, and that is the end scene where Cap wakes up in present time.

Summary Old fashioned swashbuckling fun in the Indiana Jones style, with a straight as an arrow good guy, pantomime villains and exciting well executed state of the art action sequences.

Everything is too slow.

the action never bored me, but then again it never really got my heart pumping, in fact the scene where Steve gets the super solider serum was probably the most intense scene in the film.

It's just a shame that his character was written rather flat and dull.

This is one of the most action packed films I've ever seen.

I went into the cinemas with high hope, expecting this to be different compared to recent and cliché genre of Superheroes.

But it's severely underdeveloped at times, and the flow is a bit too slow.

There was only that exciting ending in Times Square and the Avengers clip at the end of the credits that buoyed up the day.

The plot is dull, and almost non-existent.

It is highly entertaining, with perfect acting, grand sets, and a first-class story.

But it then drops from 5th gear into 1st gear, as Captain America is used as a propaganda tool for the war.

Somewhat languid and rather dreary...

Hayley Arwell is an adequate actress and breathtaking to behold.

It's a little hard to follow, mainly because it's based in the 40s.

But this one made me fall asleep twice.

"Captain America could so easily have been presented to us as a wooden caricature of the ideal all American superhero, another bland, inconquerable Superman.

A really good enjoyable superhero action flick if it had not been for Xmen First Class this would have been the best superhero film of 2011.

I felt like it was a slow film; easy to follow and the characters involved are great.

) before returning too more boring chat!

And then you combine-connect him with Nazis, world conquering technology, jumps into the future and end the whole story with cliché used in tens of movies.

This is an enjoyable, if occasionally cheesy, punchy superhero film that charmingly displays the classic comic book story in a way that all ages can enjoy.

This film moves at a steady pace and the plot points are pretty dull so there aren't any real surprises.

Evans is OK as Captain America but he comes off as sort of dull.

Every ridiculous cliché comes alive in this one.

Keeps up recurring themes in marvel this far, like dips in the second half and boring love interests.

Its jokes were redundant, its action lacking and story pathetically cliché.

We share his frustration when he is held to a propaganda role.

It just looks cool, it's enjoyable with little flaws.

Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely's Screenplay is entertaining.

It was even somewhat hard for this film to be enjoyable.

Best propaganda film since the original "Superman" with Chris Reeve.

This film delivers a lot of action, an intriguing plot, a tantalizing and beautiful love interest, many humorous moments, powerful messages about internal fortitude and courage, a classic villain, superb acting and many of the basic essentials of any good action movie.

I found this thoroughly unimpressive and predictable.

Seriously, this was one of the worst movies I ever watched for the whole of 2011 so far!

But Johnston did create an acceptable film, with compelling imagery and a unique tone.

It started off well but quickly became tedious.

) In the end, despite poor Steve Rogers waking up 70 years later, and despite him not having aged a day, it's a shame that the movie itself feels and looks nothing of the sort; with a character rooted in the forties and movie-making that's stuck in the nineties, Captain America: The First Avenger is a stilted, banal and disappointingly forgettable affair that fails to distinguish itself amidst much more formidable and relevant foes rendering much of the experience entirely forgettable.

Boring, dull, and lifeless.

But just like the all too earnest and bland Captain America of comic fame, this superhero remains a a blank character, devoid of any humor, emotion, or depth.

And, sincerely, a certain "propaganda montage" is something special.

The former a rousing build up that actually has you caring about a character, and the latter a non-stop parade of action sequences, reminiscent of old time serials.

The plot is enjoyable.

It's a solid origin story and makes up for an enjoyable first half with director Joe Johnston's decision to frame the action in a 50's setting also allowing Cap to retain his goofy patriotism without it ever feeling out of place.

Very enjoyable .

I could tell the movie was trying, and it had potential, but it really fell apart as the movie dragged on.

But I did enjoy this movie because there is an interesting plot, exciting characters, and there is really a lot of entertainment.

The story was boring for the most part and I was literally about to fall asleep several times.

Unfortunately, cliché takes over in the second hour, and Peggy Sue falls for the hunky Captain America.

From Wow to Yawn .

Apart from this it was very exciting throughout and even though it was intended for wide audiences the action is good enough and doesn't look like its been trimmed in any way to get a more family friendly rating.

- Initially, until it got too obscure - Villain was enjoyable but still got to be too cliché German villain -Took a while for the action to take place.

Of the endless onslaught of mediocre superhero movies that have been carelessly churned out of Hollywood in this past decade, alone, I'd say that Capt. America, along with The Green Hornet, both stand tall as 2 of the most predictable, disappointing, and, yes, embarrassing productions of the entire contrived lot, bar none.

The action is a bit unrealistic at times, but it's somewhat entertaining.

Unfortunately, the awesome Mr. Jones cannot save a lackluster script which includes an awkward showbiz interlude early on in Captain America's career and somewhat repetitive fight sequences.

The action sequences, while not as impressive as some of the other superhero movies, were still awesome in their own right and the fight scenes were fairly entertaining.

The movie is just too straightforward, full of clichés and it has way too formulaic plot.

Some problems but Entertaining none the less .

What kept gnawing at me as I was watching the film is that Captain America as a person and as a superhero is rather average, not necessarily boring, but definitely on the uninteresting end of the spectrum.

A bland part of MCU .

The story line is so boring, there are no character developments.

A wildly entertaining summer adventure .

Speaking of which, it was really entertaining how they used pieces and fragments in this film from other recent Marvel movies, like "Thor", "Ironman" or "the Incredible Hulk".

But after watching a serious well paced movie with a lot of heart, it just stops on its feets and drags for about 25 mimutes on the fact that Rogers is/was used as propaganda (without any nuanced commentary, just finger pointing) and his sadness about not being allowed to sacrifice himself for his country and a few romantic scenes (all mediocre at best).

but not the plot and, although i enjoy a few cheese sometimes, the script was just pelted with too much cliché'.

The retro-40s aesthetic design work is generally enjoyable to see.

He is finally transformed into a superhero after one hour of screen time, which is pretty long and slow if you ask me.

The ending is a open one and a bit confusing or not fully explained.

I enjoyed it in Real-3D and found the light levels to be just fine.

Unfortunately I can't mention the strengths without the minor weaknesses, for while Captain America is indeed worth watching I can't help but feel it has been a victim to The Avengers success thus far, as the sheer number of big names already in The Avengers universe has resulted in Chris Evans being dragged off the bench for duty.

A serious drop in quality expected from the marvel series of movies that are obviously coming to the big screens in future,and from whats expected from the iron man movies (which at least were entertaining on some level)im hoping this mediocre effort is not what we are expected to veiw in future releases.

The weak spots in this film were, as I stated above the rushed montage, Johnston's very calculated and sometimes soulless action sequences that just feel bland, and the Red Skull's lack of development.

Terrible waste of time.

Overall, a truly enjoyable film that was both exciting and uplifting, with - finally!

The single worst movie I have seen in 2-3 years and I've been watching so many movies.

it is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The other characters were so bland, I can't even remember their names.

It appears not, this goes for serious in the most deathly dull way.

The result is what I expected: A huge, action-packed (though it does drag a bit at times) movie that's immensely entertaining.

He simply becomes a very boring obstacle as the film goes on.

The action as well though enjoyable to an extent had nothing special with it like any great stunts etc. There also wasn't enough of it and felt incredibly rushed as though it just wanted to get to the next scene past the action to the talking.

It has dumbly made chain of fights; the movie transforms there into a video game with someone so used-to-it playing; meaning the lead is having victory effortlessly, killing all without a scratch, going his way facing no danger, and we are watching in bore.

What a waste of time and money .

Boring and hard to swallow .

However, if the viewer forgets the flaws, he or she may find "Captain America: The First Avenger" an entertaining "popcorn" film like I did.

Boring : nothing else to say I just fall asleep when I was watching this crap.

Slow down Hollywood.

There was nice sets, the boot camp scenes were enjoyable, and CGI they used to put the head of Chris Evans on that small body was seamless.

Red Skull just was not a particularly compelling villain, and while it's not necessarily damaging to the film, it's one of the few dull elements that, when compared to everything else, stands out a bit.

Me and my friend (Sorry I mean my friend and I) both walked out of this movie bored crapless.

I like the Captain America character very much whenever he is presented in the comics as a strategic and spiritual leader of the Avengers team, but I honestly never enjoyed his original adventures, which were written during the '40s as simple political propaganda during the World War II, more than 20 years before than when Marvel Comics adopted him as a fundamental part of its emergent superheroes universe.

Too predictable even for a person who is not familiar with the comic book.

I find them entertaining and fun.

Whatever the reason, it seems most enjoyed it as much as I did.

It was so slow and boring with no fancy graphics at all, one guy in the cinema yelled out, 'this better be good!

I don't know what left to say about this film except that was excellent, exciting, and action packed.

Boringly Correct .

I love that the designers showed some love for the original costume in the propaganda sequences, and the actual costume was a great combination of the original Captain America with a more realistic style.

I enjoyed it.

Cons: it is slow in the middle, and Dominic Cooper's underuse is just a teensy bit disappointing.

As the evil villain, Weaving starts off strong and has the makings of an intriguing character until his make-up and special effects take over his role.

I assumed Marvel's temptation to gild the lily meant a decrease in quality, but I found Captain America to be pretty entertaining with a minimum of silliness.

The question is how long can the producers keep on making these films entertaining and fresh for audiences.

His journey was exciting, the fighting sequences are amazing and the effects are up to standard as you knew they be.

I only went to see this US propaganda pantomime because I watched some of it being filmed in Liverpool England, and although watching it being made was a long drawn out and painful process I didn't realise watching the finished movie would be a far worse experience!

Don't like America patiotism, however I really enjoyed it .

So while the technical storytelling is quite good and entertaining, this movie is not just substantively a step or two below Spider-Man 2 or Iron Man.

I'm pretty sure I would've loved it more with a different idea of how to show the "used as propaganda" without trying to be too cute, smart and meta.

Boring and badly laid out plot.

In fact, the whole movie is pretty predictable -- its just you do not know how it happens until they show you what happens.

A lot of boring drama, if you are smart you will save the 40 or 50 bucks and wait for the DVD.

The build up to how Steve Rogers becoming Captain America is well crafted and the action sequences was entertaining to watch.

An enjoyable movie .

Admittedly, the first half is a lot more entertaining, contains welcomed great performances and special effects/cinematography for a superhero film.

I enjoyed Alan Silvestri's musical score, it was patriotic and enjoyable to listen to.

Also it was boring.

This movie was so boring that it makes me mad.

Even more disappointing than the lack of deep and original characterizations were the incredibly boring action sequences.

I also hate how much this movie is in love with itself, how seriously it takes itself and how propaganda/patriotic it is: the name of the hero in itself: "Captain America" makes me wanna throw up.

HYDRA never really feels like a true threat because of the way Cap and his men handle them so easily, and that's too bad, because a real menacing presence is the one thing this movie really needed to go beyond "Entertaining".

No idea here feels fully original, yet the brew is disjointed as well as stereotypical.

Unsure of the results, Colonel Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones) turns Rogers over to a senator who uses him as a propaganda tool to sell war bonds.

Boring and the color paper is terrible.

Later it kinda spent into a series of its own, and while this one isn't the best in the series, its a very enjoyable movie on its own.

Because of the pro-democracy propaganda inherent in the story, I initially identified Captain America as a film with a lot of promise.

Most war movies happen to be propaganda based and as such, Captain America's script could easily have worked within those confines to deliver on every level.

Wooden, bored with stupid accents.

An excellent throwback to the straightforward heroism of the past, and a mightily entertaining blockbuster with great humour and loads of thrilling action .

With all of that said, something I had against this film and many mainstream action picture is that it runs way too long.

While the true make-or-break of the character will depend on his exploration in a contemporary context by Joss Whedon in The Avengers, it is hard to imagine a more appropriate or enjoyable character introduction.

There is a great scene where Steve is in a movie theater watching a propaganda reel advising all young men to enlist and join the army, and the camera pans out to show how emotionally inspired all the women in the theater are (there are few men, because they've all enlisted), and a later one where a pre-hero Captain America tours the country doing a stage show where he tells everyone to "Buy war bonds; each bond you buy is a bullet in the gun of a good man" (or something like that).

Although the atmosphere seems to be good during the first scenes, the movie sadly turns into a lousy propaganda b-class movie after about 20 minutes.

Overall an enjoyable movie.

The "Avengers" clutter is mostly kept to the side and the solid origins story makes for a cheerful and entertaining romp.

The passable Marvel films (X-Men: First Class, The Incredible Hulk) have been relatively pedestrian yet have the uncanny ability to be irresistibly likable and undeniably entertaining.

It was enjoyable and entertaining.

A thrilling fantasy is "Captain America: The First Avenger" .

You feel the intense patriotism and see the propaganda.

The beginning with the weak Steve Rogers being bullied and beaten by stronger guys is funny and entertaining.

Very simple, but really enjoyable story.

By no means is this film a masterpiece of cinema but at the same time, as a super-hero fan (read NERD) it was a thrilling, action-packed and witty work of fiction that kept me interested from beginning to end.

' Once we get past the experiment and we learn of Schmidt's masterplan then the film does become enjoyable (albeit in fits and starts).

This movie reminded me of the Captain America TV movie from the late 70's it was that slow.

I mean, this is a superhero fighting Nazis, and we all love seeing a Nazi getting smashed - but the big and loud action scenes are surprisingly dull.

Three words come to my mind, predictable, predictable and predictable.

Tommy Lee Jones is as engaging as ever in a thinly written role.

I was not expecting anything from the movie because i knew in the first place that it is another super American hero movie ( extra boring one this time).

On the whole, while I agree the film does lag in places, it's still enjoyable and I love films that go back in time which is why people compare it to the Wonder Woman movie (2017).

Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull is as entertaining as they get, being evil just for the sake of being evil.

It has to be entertaining.

Con's: Sometime's, the movie can be boring and cheesy at time's.

There are spectacular action scenes as well as heartfelt, intense moments.

The movie was only just interesting enough to watch, and I found myself yawning through a lot of it.

The second half of the movie is predictable.

Admirable effort for a rather dull superhero .

Truly well done, from the action shots to the 1940's feeling I left the theater much happier then when I entered.

It's amazing how the writers and director deal with how he becomes Captain America, how he gets his abilities, how he gets his name (he's a propaganda piece, selling war bonds).

If I wasn't with my friends, I would have walked out.

Ever since "Batman Begins", studios came to realization that an origins story can have an unreal amount of depth and be extremely entertaining at the same time.

One Word, Predictable!!.

In retrospect, very little worth watching .

Just saw Chris Evans helm the role of the first Avenger, and I must say it was more than entertaining.

Like Thor and the Iron Man films, this is movie-making of the most entertaining order and it easily deserves all the praise it has generated from both fans and critics alike.

The villain (can't even remember the his name, or any other character besides Steve Rogers) was the same cliché we've seen over and over again.

Captain America just came across as a pretty dull character, with not enough charisma.

The transformation of a schmuck into an invincible someone is obviously something the audience loves to see, but the bland and cartooned second part puts a damper on that grandiose beginning.

One of the things i found very boring and also needed to be shorted or taken out was the part where captain America was promoting war bonds and rallying up the troops in the old costume it went on for far to long and I was sitting there thinking can we get to the next bit.

I have always judged these movies in part on the central romance, that formulaic hookup between the hero and some form of a fawning female.

Script Failure Hurts an Already Uninteresting Superhero .

That's exactly what I love and I would watch if the movie was boring.

Altogether, "Captain America" is a predictable but entertaining comic book movie with sensational special effects and a sympathetic hero.

A very very clumsy work that is a waste of time at best.

Even though it did have some interesting parts and some enjoyable/entertaining parts, as a whole it was somewhat hard to enjoy.

Too predictable .

When Dr. Erksine is then immediately assassinated by an agent of Nazi Germany's head of its secret HYDRA research department, Johann Schmidt aka the Red Skull, Rogers is left as a unique man who is initially misused as a propaganda mascot.

Over patriotic propaganda.


Red, White, and Bland .

Every new scene is just some random cliché and you can pretty much guess what is going to happen all the time.

Some steam punk seems to get too dark and stay in immersed shadow.


I loved the more recent X-Men: First Class and it was a very entertaining movie.

Boring as hell - even the action scenes are clearly sub par choreographed and unfortunately not even that well realized.

Scenes of romance and humor help the film to become balanced and entertaining to watch.

Boatloads of money spent on special effects, costumes, sets, etc.So, If you're either under 18, sick or high on drugs, this movie can be enjoyable.

Its difficult, long, and very tedious work to do.

'Captain America: The First Avenger' is a fun escapist fare, that provides a worthy Superhero, entertaining moments & terrific action-sequences.

These guys have done an outstanding job of taking material that could easily have been tired & corny, & making in entertaining & funny.

Overall, Captain America: The First Avenger is an amazing and heartfelt wartime adventure with memorable characters and powerful moments that induce thrilling goosebumps.

The concept of a young man wanting to enlist in the World War II military I found intriguing whom later on becomes a crusader due to being injected with a special serum.

ONE LINE REVIEW : Utilitarian use of CGI and thoughtful story make this a don't miss movie RATING : See it in theaters (Rating scale : "See it in theaters", "Wait for the instant download", "Don't waste your time")NO SPOILERSSteve Rogers (Chris Evans) is a 98-pound weakling who wants nothing more than to kick some Nazi butt.

Hayley Atwell is stunning as Agent Carter and it's not a surprise that a Marvel spin off series all her own was born.

The pacing was probably a bit off, because even though it has a lot of action, some parts seemed a bit boring.

And then that ending- it was confusing, completely anti-climatic, and IMO terrible.

There were multiple times I was bored and zoned out.

Spoiler alert: Unlike the other films in this series, don't waste your time waiting for the secret clip after the credits role.

In the end this movie definitely had potential but the clichés and inconsistency really dragged it down.

Captain America does have its flaws but it's still an entertaining summer blockbuster.

And so it is perhaps inevitable that, of all Marvel's origin movies, Captain America:The First Avenger feels the least exciting.

When this film embraces its campness it can be very entertaining.

I couldn't find a word for that feeling, until I understood that it was "boring".

That's all this movie is: Propaganda.

The special effects are excellent, and if you are looking for an exciting, fun movie to watch you need look no further.

The story obviously sets up that he is the first Marvel hero in history, and will lead onto Avengers Assemble, the story is pretty easy to understand with the world destruction trying to be stopped concept, less so with the political war stuff, and the special effects accompanied with good fights definitely keep you engaged, an entertaining wartime action adventure.

Dumb, dull, Marvel movie .

It's heartwarming, fun and entertaining.

Rushed, corny, and entirely predictable .

I had difficulty staying awake after a few minutes of this film.

There are plenty of large scale army battles and mass gun fights to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

After the crushing banality of Transformers 3, I had been desperately hoping for something less appalling to appear at the cinema.

Pointless, let me tell you.

During World War II, Steve Rogers is turned down for military service due to being about a third the size of a usual adult male, but he gets a chance to fulfill his dream of serving(this is surprisingly enough not as jingoistic and blindly nationalist as you might think, it pokes fun at that, with propaganda pieces and being more about real patriotism, courage and wanting peace) when he gets to test out a super soldier serum(try saying that three times fast).

A VERY enjoyable film.

The action is exciting, and even better, there's humor and heart.

The superhero genre is still a fairly successful, winning one that churns out a lot of successes and still has a lot of potential, but while Captain America might have generally won favour with the audiences and critics, I found it to be an over ambitious, over long and over blown misfire, which appears to have ended at least three times but carries on, dragging the story on and playing out in a mispaced style, the end effect of which is just one big bore that all the big action set pieces and effects in the world can't put right.

The story board very interesting and long but intriguing.

Muting his customary swagger without sacrificing his overflowing charisma, Evans concocts an effortless blend between earnestness and underhanded humour, that makes his transition from good-hearted scrawny loser to unexpected patriotic icon somehow feel incredibly believable, sympathetic and appealing, thus selling the whole film.

I find it compelling enough to give it at least 7.5 out of 10.

This movie was excellent and entertaining and deserves all the praise it has gotten.

Clocking in at just over two hours, Captain Ameirca: The First Avenger finds it self to be highly rewatchable and entertaining more and more.

dull and boring, I think.

But I enjoyed it tremendously.

With the right cast- Chris Evans and the others, and heartfelt moments with sprinkles of unpredictable comical scenes, Captain America proves to deliver far beyond expectation.

***Spoiler Warning*** The story dragged at times unnecessarily and the writing was a bit inconsistent.

Sam Raimis "Spiderman" is a better introduction to a superhero, but this movie is entertaining too.

Each of the other directors of the Avengers films (including Kenneth Branaugh, Jon Favreau and Louis Letterier) gave their movies a unique, personal quality to the aesthetics, but Johnston just seems to throw his hands up and settle for the most basic, boring shots.

The First Avenger confidently throws its shield in enjoyable acts of heroism.

As for the 3D it's non-existent and an incredibly pointless post production job.

The good guys fight the bad guys in the most forgettable and boring ways possible.

I know many movies claim to have something for everyone but this one manages to pull it off while remaining interesting and compelling all the way through.

But this one was very enjoyable for me.

I really don't know if it's just me, but I found the plot extremely boring and almost fell asleep while watching the movie.

Extremely Nationalist but Enjoyable .

Phillips is the grumpy and pessimistic army man, and Peggy is the cliché "strong government woman".

Still resorts to the usual predictable fight scenes though, and one-dimensional characters.

An entertaining set-up .

But a little relatable human imperfections would go a long way into making him a more engaging character.

Like the Cap, this movie has been embellished with all the bells-and-whistles of modern-day technology, supported by state-of-the-art special effects and blatantly high production values, but just as Captain America is, deep down, still the scrawny, scrappy Steve Rogers, at the heart of the film lies the simple, noble intention of telling a good story and, hopefully, entertaining the audience while it's at it.

And the rest of the film is just a load of American chauvinism and propaganda with a few entertaining jokes in it.

For the first 40 minutes I entertained myself by laughing at all the stupid stuff going on, (There was a lot of laughter) but then that became boring and eventually too stupid to even laugh at.

For a summer blockbuster, Captain America is dull and boring.

"Captain America: The First Avenger" is an extremely nationalist but enjoyable action film.

I was really glad to finally get a really simple, but quite enjoyable hero in a movie to lay my eyes upon.

The action scenes are top notch and the climax was exciting and emotional.

Tommy Lee Jones just shines in the movie and with cliché terms, he steals the show in the scenes he appears.

Tommy Lee Jones is engrossing, Stanley Tucci is superb and Hugo Weaving as the villainous Nazi just shines in another bad guy role.


Though it is nowhere near as weighty or transcendent as Chris Nolan's Batman movies, it follows closer in the footsteps of Jon Favreau's surprise hit, which similarly took a B-list comic book character and turned him into the star of a wildly enjoyable blockbuster.

Because this movie is soooooo bloody boring.

With a great cast leading the way (the likes of which include: Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Dominic Cooper, Tommy Lee Jones, Stanley Tucci, Toby Jones and Hayley Atwell) Captain America does a great job at entertaining the audience while also delivering a great story with a message that relates to each and every once of us today, even though the film is set in 1942.

And it's as predictable as the fact that Easter Monday will be this year again on a Monday.

Instead, I'll touch on how much I really enjoyed every moment in this movie; the scenes are perfectly put together, all the set pieces move the action forward (even the cheesy USO show montage), and the pace never drags, even in the slower, more personal sections.

Dumb cliché's aside...

So actually I'm not saying that the Captain America character and franchise doesn't has a bright future ahead of it but they need to come up with a better story next time, also to make all of the characters some more compelling ones.

So all in all, Evans is great, as are the rest of the underused cast, 3d is pointless, and the film is dull, boring, with a few good action scenes.

Fun, entertaining and a terrific superhero flick...

Unlike other works by Marvel, Captain America is unexpectedly simple, with a linear story, 2 sides of good and bad guys, and a predictable ending.

Characterization is dull and dialogues are unmemorable.

But he was really just boring (though not unlikeable) and quite bland like a lot of the film.

And the scenes before he becomes Captain America are quite boring to be honest I would like this movie a lot more if he was started punching Nazi's earlier.

Topics+Predictable and Not Even Entertaining .

Waste of Time .

Another cliche American movie!

The way you're drawn to the main character as he grows from a a bullied kid with problems to an intense true hero is remarkable.

Has to be more enjoyable than this.

But then I remembered the boring Hidalgo, The Wolfman, and Jumanji, and alarm bells began to ring.

Evans is unprecedentedly touching and engaging for a superhero - and the rest of the cast help this adventure seem something close to character-driven instead of just being a bundle of stunts.

Red Skull is pointless.

It takes far too long setting up the back story and Cap doesn't show up until 30 minutes in.

From beginning to end the movie was very enjoyable.

It's not that it's bad, it's that in just rather ho-hum, which is disappointing for a movie universe so grand.

The First Avenger, with its steampunk-laser weirdness and numbing, never-ending montages, felt dull and insulated.

Captain America was the worst movie i have ever seen in my whole entire existence on this Earth, so bad that it compelled me to write a review about it.

To this I just have to shake my head and remind folks that it is based on a comic book, of course it's cliché!

That and the fact that this movie is also mighty entertaining is just the perfect finish to this summer's superhero bombast, and a run-up par excellence to next summer's 'The Avengers'.

Even though Captain America: The First Avenger was a bit slow i do think it is a good set up since it is the first instalment.

They don't have the charisma or ego as other superheroes and if a movie like Captain America isn't superbly written and/or directed, then you end up bored 80% of the time like i was.

) from scrawny nerd to super-hunk was a jolly piece of pseudo-science, but as Captain America Evans seemed a bit bland (super-heroes all too often are).

The first hour of the film was the best and most enjoyable with the main characters set up nicely as it was quite interesting.

I actually found myself looking at my watch every time a fight sequence would break out because they were all thoroughly uninteresting and on par with those found in the awful Batman TV series.

Captain America was never a really interesting superhero, but Marvel went all out in pushing boredom.

The film not only captures the flavor and essence of the time period and its characters, but an exciting good versus evil element in its most fundamental form.

What I liked:What I didn't like: Costumes, Acting (and the terrible German accents), Action was dull, Characters were awkward and unnatural and relationships were rushed into and forced without much if any detail, Story, Sappy American Patriotism (I could almost handle it in Transformers because well...

All in all it was very slow moving, lacked any kind of imagination, threw in the very cliché love angle, and sported a very unconvincing Evans as Cap.

As for the interlude with Captain America as morale-boosting poster-boy, it may have been a narrative necessity but it is also a dent in the film's pace (despite the evocative use of montage).

Not a movie in my opinion for small children but a very well rated PG-13, when I left the theater I was thoroughly entertained and glad I saw the movie.

The characters are well-developed, the action sequences flow together very well, the plot is thick and exciting, the photography and special effects very good without being ridiculous, and the "real feel" of all the wartime memorabilia make this a work of art as well as a keep-on-the-edge-of-your-seat adventure.

Other dull aspects of the film include the score, which is one of the most unmemorable I've heard for awhile.

That all being said, Captain America was highly entertaining.

It is excessively cheesy, boring, and just plain bad.

I was wrong, it was just as pointless and boring as all the other movies marvel has put out as of late.

The reason I found this to be a good movie was because I enjoyed it, plain and simple.

This pitiful weakling through never lets anyone knock him down, and it's enjoyable to watch because Evans makes it look so genuine even with the computer effects.

Highly recommend it.

I left the theater feeling a bit divided over what my opinion of the film should be.

The characters are clichéd too in a sense but like the actors are engaging.

Whilst not fully able to escape Marvel's Blue Beam of Light, Johnston fits the exciting superhero action set-pieces into the serial mood, from the rousing score by Alan Silvestri and chases in 40's cars, to Captain America throwing his shield at hissing Nazi goons.

SPOILER: Gee, what a waste of money.

Leaving aside the "boring" part, the plot is somewhat purely fictional.

I also appreciated that they kept Capt. America's rah-rah patriotism down to a dull roar.

Captain America: The First Avenger is also shallow, superficial and contrived in all the negative ways one used to mean when using the phrase "comic book" in a derogatory way.

They wrap him in an American flag and make him dance around as part of the propaganda campaign……and people think Batman is hardcore…

recycled, contrived, over-the-top studio schlock .

But, reading less into meanings, Captain America is a rather dull film.

Instead of being a bland story it acts more as a homage to the pulpy action stories of the Golden Age of comic book heroes where they were clean cut good guys fighting bad guys with world domination on their minds.

Best of all, you leave the theater smiling.

'Captain America: The First Avenger' is sadly disappointing - as a flashy, popcorn action movie it's fine, but otherwise it's quite empty and there's a distinct lack of period atmosphere (especially compared to director Joe Johnston's earlier pulp-era superhero film, 1991's THE ROCKETEER).

The bad guy was the bad guy from the Matrix and how can they make him boring?

In comparison, Captain America's origin story is kind of bland and attempts to make up for it with explosive combat scenes.

And Tommy Lee Jones reprises his increasingly tiresome role of the folksy sheriff/soldier/authority figure.

The original 'Captain America' was, as the film explains (in a roundabout way) merely a morale-booster, a propaganda ploy, and Johnston used this to his advantage.

Despite some flaws, Captain America is still rousing entertainment.

It hits a high standard of excellence by combining a cool plot, breathtaking action sequences, a heavy dose of self discovery and realization, charisma, a dash of patriotism, love and puts it all together in one amazing package.

Directed by Joe Johnston, 125 minutes, Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action.

Captain America is funny when it needs to be, action packed where it can be, and grounded throughout.

It's so boring and long, everything seems kind of pointless.

Others have pointed out the Americanism and over the top Pro-USA propaganda and patriotism.

As most of the paid critics have mentioned, Chris Evans is particularly both enjoyable and indispensable.

The end credits are made of the most famous of real propaganda posters, and, coupled with excellently trumpet-bound cheesy music, this all adds up nicely to a good half of the movie being an homage to the time period from whence the comic book character was born.

A bit dull movie.

This heightens the tension, so often missing from comic-book movies, and adds real weight to the action sequences which are thrilling and often mesmerizing.

That aside I think the development of the lead character Rogers was excellent in this film (best yet), really brought out that classic can do spirit that the allies had during the time with all the propaganda...

The movie drones on and on and moves in fits and starts.

Captain America is a creation of Wartime propaganda.

propaganda .

in my opinion this entry in the marvel Cinematic universe is one of the least enjoyable.

Suddenly he has a team of men (uninteresting, or not taken care of, characters !

I admit that I don't know what to make of this, that there's been a run of comic-book movies that have managed to be plausible and thrilling, not cheap knockoffs rushed out to exploit a fad.

Absolute Rubbish and a waste of time and money .

The newest Marvel Studios release, "Captain America: The First Avenger," nicely captures a period of American history in which overt patriotism was still in vogue; however, with such a low-key (downright boring is a more appropriate term) hero, the premise falls apart.

Yet Captain America lacks the deft humor or breakneck Saturday morning serial momentum of Indy, instead delivering its outlandish premise in a dull, straight-faced and earnest manner.

It's as if the events of this film take place in a bubble that the rest of the world found thoroughly irrelevant and uninteresting.

It is interesting that after he is turned into Captain America, he is turned into a propaganda tool for the US government, going around entertaining troops and attempting to sell war bonds to the public.

Anyway, I enjoyed it.

Entertaining .

Steve Rodgers' new found strength suddenly makes him the most coordinated human ever to live, and soldiers crack unfunny quips to one another at the most intense combat moments imaginable, in the face of new Star Wars type weaponry.

His exhibition on the stage in Italy is too much nationalist, boring and annoying.

Chris Evans was made for the role and the journey his character goes through is very enjoyable.

The visuals are wonderfully entertaining and it's pure fantastic

Tommy Lee Jones is always an entertaining presence, so it was great to see him.

The so called "relationship" was cliché.

I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole of the film, it has all the elements to be the best film of this year and there are some really good contenders this year!

And of course who better (or more predictable) to play a souped up Nazi with a red skull face than Hugo Weaving?

I enjoyed it better than Thor and X-Men First Class (both which I loved as well) so that should definitely tell you something!

It was beautiful and also exciting.

Of the phase one Marvel films it's one of the most successful in bringing its characters back-story to life while also presenting a genuinely enjoyable film in the process.

The 3d version also is an after thought at best, a gimmick if you will to try and make this more entertaining than it is.

Nonetheless, it had its ups and downs and overall i enjoyed it for what it was.

The most boring film to hit the screen in years .

The first movie gets off to slow start as a lot of back story has to be filled in including Stanley Tucci's character Dr. Erskine, the inventor of the serum that makes Captain America strong, finding Steve and recruiting him to boot camp.

One bad thing about the movie was that it sometimes was a bit slow, it became a bit boring, and it felt like I trod on the same spot.

It's the same cliché one liners, cocky attitudes and corny acting with lots of explosions, high speeds and c.

We really got a plot line which felt compelling and was kept at a premium.

But still when i walked out of the theater I didn't feel ripped off by any means.

But the dominating main villain, Red Skull, with a red painted face brighter than a fire truck and a cliché desire to rule the world, just doesn't wash.

Other than that though,Captain America is very enjoyable,action packed and a very strong cast and I would recommend it to all Marvel fans.

Mediocre acting with cliché lines aplenty and good ole lets fight for the American way,more cheesy lines than a fondue and not much more to say about the rest of the whole movie,nothing too congratulate either the producer or director for either and the effort and thought put into many of the scenes was sorely lacking.

A real thrilling fantasy is "Captain America:the First Avenger".

Red Skull is completely the opposite and one of the most boring villains I have ever seen.

Out of all the Marvel movies this one is the worst because of the propaganda and the awful musical score.

The movie follows with Evan's beginning as Captain America: featuring him in propaganda films and posters for recruiting purposes.

Plot and relationships are too simplistic, too predictable.

The CGI is pretty good though, and it's worth watching.

One superhero film I am most nostalgic about because of great action, style, and an engaging Captain America by Chris Evans.

Mind boggling visual effects, as it was difficult to make out the body Chris Evans had, prior to being Captain, was actually shrunk.

Positives: -Steve Rogers before he becomes Captain America -All of the side characters that Steve gets to know -Star-spangled manNegatives: -Boring action scenes/to much time spent on action -movie drags on near the end; would have liked more time spent on developing Steve's personal relationships -generic villain

The movies as a whole was rather boring.

Even as a pathetic piece of American propaganda it was poorer than the usual fare.

The action scenes are well staged and generally exciting; even if they do become a bit repetitive towards the middle, and it really is cool the kind of tricks Cap can pull with his shield.

The first half of the movie did a very good job of establishing the story behind the creation of this man and how he was initially just an experiment and then turned into a propaganda piece for the war in order to excite people and inspire them to fight the fight.

Anyway back to this borefest movies story.

The rest is the usual amount of classic brilliant computer made special visual effects, the thrilling action and the no less usual suspense clichés.

)Also obvious is the cliché invincibility of the Captain.

But like i said, this is not the ordinary movie, the following scene was truly unpredictable and hilarious.

I understand that for some it's a little slow, as I've done some online research to discern how it is viewed by other fans.

Enjoyable action flick .

Ridiculous boring propaganda crap .

Following this I was rather bored.

Even a couple of brazenly Spielbergian montages - conflating Captain America's early triumphs or the Red Skull's past crimes into a series of dramatic snapshots - somehow function as endearing and in keeping with the boldly cheerful feel, as Johnson keeps the pace whipping along with an engaging sprightly bounce, accompanied by Alan Silvestri's soaringly heroic musical score.

Yet looking back, both share the same kooky, somewhat terribly written, pseudo-patriotic propaganda comic appeal that, at least for comic books' key demographic back in the day—kids—was enough to secure a healthy pay-check at the end of the month.


that I cant finish this movie..this review is boring???????

Therefore, an hour of boring exposition building up to an anticlimactic ending is a disappointment.

Was this movie slow at times?

With a unique concept (superhero's in WWII makes a refreshing change to the bland modern day urban setting), and with a strong cast, this had so much potential.

propaganda spectacle and admittedly there is much that would appease the American sensibility.

The movie has a lots of action scenes, that are very entertaining and will definitely satisfy a fan of the marvel movies.

Most of the story was just boring as it showed Steve Rogers joining the army, getting transformed into a big guy, then he goes around the country raising money.

Entertaining, funny with good action and enjoyable, and chris evans the right to play captain america, I like how they reflected the Second World War and this movie is inspiring and a good plot, but it is short with a bit of boredom and a little film slow.

So for me, the emotional parts were just slow parts.

The movie was both entertaining and inspiring.

The Comic books, however, preceded the Sky Captain movie, - nevertheless, it was questionable to use cliché aesthetics.

'Captain America: The First Avenger' bucked the trend by being a box office success, but in my opinion all the earlier 1930s-period superhero films that I've listed above, together with the previous, low budget 'Captain America' movie that was released straight-to-video in 1990, are considerably better and more enjoyable than 'The First Avenger'.

Or it may be due to the fact that parts of the movie were a bit contrived and hokey (the whole singing to raise money for war bonds thing).

It's so predictable, and it is just not adding much to the plot of the movie.

It's not exactly my cup of tea when it comes to superhero films, but I enjoyed it for what it was and don't regret watching it.

Just something to fill an empty space.

Some people don't like all the action towards the second half, but I thought it was well-choreographed and entertaining.

It starts off slow, detailing how he was bullied on the streets of Brooklyn and then in the Army training base.

Nevertheless, the movie is upbeat, the acting is good, the bad guy is sufficiently sinister and for those reasons the movie is worth watching.

It was one of the worst movies I've ever watched.

Its fun, entertaining, well written, solidly acted and directed.

A waste of everyone's time .

This movie is would be a 10 star film if it wasn't for the villain and the third act, because other than that this movie remains entertaining and charming up until the point of the reveal of Red Skull, which is where the film take a serious dip in quality for me.

Joe Johnston has done it again, managing to take what SHOULD be great action flick material and managed to make it, well, boring.

As just a kid from Brooklyn, Captain America makes a name for himself in this extremely entertaining and engaging superhero flick.

The film also tends to wallow too often into cliché territory.

While action isn't awful, seeing all of the futuristic sets and high tech weaponry is really dull.

Above all, it is directed by Joe Johnston, whose talents have been evident to me ever since the third Jurassic Park film made its predecessors look like plodding religious epics, so quickly it moved and so skillfully it blended drama, action and humour.

Still, looking at the 6.9 Rating at the moment of this review, I expected something bland and boring.

But what's really unbearable is how the two powers meet every time.

The action is sometimes well over the top and the fight scenes often go way too long.

to harness the same power to create the American fighting machine, only to get revenge, in what still amounts to an American WW2 propaganda campaign enactment - then don't see this movie.

When it comes to entertaining people maybe you are searching for some cool moves, nice modern hero costume, extremely sexy hot girl, strange machines, super-bad final boss or any killer special effects...

Some say it was predictable.

It terms of the consistency it starts off as the usual abused hero story, then it shifts to what seems to be an attempted criticism of the resources wasted in America Propaganda, then becomes a zany action flick (With battle montages and Hugo Weaving), then ends trying to be all serious and dramatic.

what it uses as an excuse for lack of action is it's American propaganda and jingoistic nonsense ,while for that matter even that is not properly served as all you would hear in the movie is "hail hydra" a fictional setting not doing justice to the soldiers who fought against Hitler not some hydra-whatever-we-don't-care,funny thing you can't even blame the directors for that,it's just that it's based on one of the most boring and creatively-barren comic book character .

But it took way too long to get to the end of the credit roll.


This movie is a waste of time.

The rest of the cast is OKI didn't dislike this movie, but it was inexcusably bland.

If the effect is deliberately exaggerated, the result is stunning.

And i'm really upset to say, it's the blandest and dullest of the lot.

Credit yeoman director Joe Johnston to let Christopher Markus' & Stephen McFeeley's adaption fly freely with a peppering of humor and pathos, great rousing score by veteran composter Alan Silvestri; ace sepia toned cinematography by Shelly Johnson, evoking the era perfectly; expert production design by Rick Heinrichs and great costumes by Anna B.

The first have, though, was not exactly boring, but was a little slow.

most boring ever .

Otherwise Evans is a pretty bland character.

Shooting from the hip with pomp and propaganda, "The First Avenger" expects (rather than assumes) viewers will believe the world created for the movie.

I don't know what I hate more about this two-hour snooze-fest: the Uncle Sam wants you posters, the obvious propaganda advertisements for the US army, the Captain America suit and shield, the future technology of even today, existing 70 years ago during world war 2 or the musical part when they invent Captain America and make him perform on theater stages and sing.

The Winter Soldier does go out on an intriguing note, which should have big repercussions on future Earthbound Marvel stories.

Promising premise, good storyline, slightly confusing ending .

boring superhero movie .

The central conflict is so generic and bland that it hardly deserves any explanation.

Cliché after cliché after cliché!

From the strong willed and developed Steve to Classic Captain Cliché American Jock.

The girl is a throw in - but she's required because, this is the prototypical formulaic superhero movie.

So now people are interested in Cap again but for how long , is he as exciting as some of the other characters.

In my opinion, he is the dullest villain on screen.

As it is, it's an entertaining movie.

I really was bored out of my mind while watching it.

It's an engaging double act.

Therefore, the film wields a double-edged sword tapping into new comic adaptation ground, but still suffering from clichés and an underwhelming predictable end of the world plot.

All the parts of the story make a perfect storm that keeps audiences immersed in the movie.

The whole entire movie is predictable.

It becomes really dull.

The Nazi villain's demise was way too anti-climactic, and given the decades long relationship between Captain America and his friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) in the comics world, his death here seemed contrived and almost certain to disappoint Cap fans.

Save your money.

So 5 out of 10 because the story seemed too short, but it was enjoyable.

An exciting, and glorious return to past form for composer Alan Silvestri.

Tommy Lee Jones is awesome as always playing the symbol of authority, and Haylie Atwell is charming and enjoyable as a femme fatale of sorts.

When done poorly, they can be a waste of time.

If you're a fan of movies where you see everybody running and everything exploding and people screaming and a predictable, soulless love story...

Considering it's a Superhero Flick, it offers entertaining moments & terrific action-sequences in the goings-on.

The movie got more interesting when it poked fun at (or satirised or whatever) 1940's American war propaganda.

Me thinks next time I'll just stay at home and watch paint dry or play with my navel!

The story is surprisingly intriguing.

Captain America: The First Avenger faced the task of simultaneously being an exciting introduction of a superhero, and an adequate prequel of the future film The Avengers (by the way, don't forget to stay until the end of the credits).

I Rather Enjoyed It - a LOT.

An enjoyable outing which stands alone as good, pulpy entertainment with plenty of pulpy action, and some fine performances.

But every single time I have watched it since, I have enjoyed it more and more.

I saw this initially when it came out, but was pretty bored by it.

The issue is that this is a story that has been so many times that it is entirely predictable and though the film does it well, it doesn't do it exceptionally well and doesn't really add anything new onto the formula.

The action scenes are excellent, fast-paced and exciting.

It was a waste of money.

It's riveting and grabs your attention right from the start.

Captain America is entertaining, but it lacks a certain element which would make it exciting.

It can be watchable but some of them are pretty bland and poorly directed.

The rest of the movie is fun and action packed.

Explosions, - tons of them, and so boring.

He was so stodgy and bland and square-chinned and All-American.

Trust me on that, the film is long, but it's really worth watching, the plot is really captivating, and they choose such great actors : Chris Evans for Steve Rogers, Hayley Atwell for Peggy Carter and Sebastian Stan for Bucky Barns.

The red, white and blue avenger, in the best comicbook movie of the decade - and by that I mean, it's lightweight and predictable and aimed at twelve-year-olds.

Hugo Weaving's villain is bland, while the love story feels forced and one dimensional.

its the worst movie except from wall.

The nodding winks to the comic book nerds and the links to the other films provide lots to smile at, especially in Tony Stark's father Howard, who as well being an entertaining character, is played well by Dominic Cooper (though not the level of Robert Downey Jr.) who is an actor I've never really taken to in the past .

the ending where he goes right for the ice with the plane, kept me on the edge of my feet!

Overall this movie is quite enjoyable.

basically, no continuation, no story to mention of, no drama, no nothing in this movie.

And it does have some exciting yet illogical action scenes for the crowd that seeks adrenaline rush.

A problem I had with the Red Skull was that he felt like a cliché villain.

To be honest it is starting to become boring and I hope Captain America is next to the first Avenger also the last Avenger.

Worst movie this year?

It was simply one of the most boring movies I have ever witnessed and is on par with the Pearl Harbor movie starring Ben Affleck.

It's got everyone and everything it need that makes it an entertaining and memorable.

He was first released during the second world war as part of the propaganda campaign and his popularity quickly faded away with the war's end.

A rousing score by Alan Silvestri and a sure to be nominated song by Alan Menken add to the fun.

Entertaining .

I heard a lot of good things about this movie and was surprised to see how dull it was.

Was it entertaining or boring?

More like Captain Boring.

I know its Captain America and its better than the previous versions, but it is still unbearable not to rif on.

Overall its fun and enjoyable.

I recommend this to everyone who is looking for an entertaining film to watch.

It was a lot of fun to see him as a propaganda for the military because it gave the feel that it was his decision to become...

Surprisingly dull .

As a film it is enjoyable, and if there is a theme it is that even the smallest and weakest in society can rise up and become a hero.

Cinematography by Shelly Johnson, is stunning.

This movie does deliver some nice action scenes but those are few and far between - a lot of the in between fodder with his origin and back story do get bogged down with some cheesy dialog and scenes of the old USO type shows with beautiful but boring girls glamorizing the war and using Caps image for propaganda.

Don't get me wrong, the movie is slightly entertaining.

After Steve Rodgers gets his powers, the movie starts to move slow and does not pick up again until about 20-30 minutes later, and those parts had a lot of scenes that make you wonder why didn't that get cut.

When Dr. Erksine is then immediately assassinated by an agent of Nazi Germany's head of its secret HYDRA research department, Johann Schmidt aka the Red Skull, Rogers is left as a unique man who is initially misused as a propaganda mascot.

The second half of the movie suffers from some surprisingly boring action.

I can look past the ridiculous propaganda if the action scenes and special effects are good.

I was looking forward to a good Nazi ass kicking but all the fight scenes were corny and dull.

Please, don't waste your time or money, if you know good films, like me, and you have half a brain, then don't waste your time.

The music is rousing, and I just love Star Spangled Man, one of Alan Menken's best songs in my opinion.

In this mind i would say that the story behind captain America is quite fascinating and makes a bit sense.

All in all, while the graphics and action were good, the story was underdeveloped and disappointing - Captain America was an entertaining no-brainer flick worth watching once...

Probably the worst movie I've seen in a while .

Things go from barely-likable-B- movie to unbearable garbage in about 2.5 seconds, and the conclusion is equally as tedious, resulting in more eye-rolling than any film I can remember in recent memory.

The audio is repetitive and irritating.. massive overuse of the camera warm up sound ('weeee'), which has now been used everywhere, for every weapon owned by the Red Skull.

For the rest, we must be realistic, there are very redundant in the world of superheroes and a relatively predictable path themes.

It is too long with too many scenes that should have been edited out.

Again - we are talking a comic book that was written during WWII originally and was a Pro-USA propaganda and patriotic comic book!

It's exciting, nostalgic, patriotic, and a lot of great fun.

Most Enjoyable Movie of the Summer for Me So Far .

The movie is anything but boring.

anyways, dumb movie for dumb people and a waste of time for me.

Tense, entertaining debut of Marvel hero Captain America .

A good decent attempt but I think Thor was much Better and Entertaining.

The character development is great and the action is cool with a compelling story.

The film is awkwardly stuck in the middle of uniqueness and hopelessly cliché making what could have been a great movie into only being a good flick.

Very enjoyable .

The film contains a sequence in which Captain American, before he takes the fight to Germany, is reduced to starring in silly, one-dimensional propaganda pieces for TV and radio.

Steve Rogers' journey from frail young man to, well, strong young man, presents us with the tale of one of the most one-dimensional, uninteresting protagonists in recent memory, as any amount of internal conflict or struggle is tossed to the wayside from virtually the opening frame.

If you love action packed movies with well known actors, and a superhero comic, you'll love this.

There is thin-to-no story line.

A very enjoyable film which embraces its comic book heritage .

The villain has a 24th century airplane but 1937 viewing screens (ok, that was clearly on purpose, but seemed a rather pointless and silly curiosity).

A sci-fi set around 1942 with technology and weapons of 21st (or perhaps 23rd) century and a hero who from being a weak and fragile person transcends to be The Captain America with the help of a scientist (or perhaps we should say A Magician..!!) and fights against the villain Red Skull (literally..!! though how he got that red skull was not explained) who with the help of a CUBE (said to be left by the GODS, reason unexplained.!!) wants to destroy everything for some unexplained reason,,.. And in the end the villain was killed or better to say disintegrated (like voldemort..!!) by the CUBE, due to some unknown and unexplained Godly phenomena..!! Yet, with all this sort comings, the movie is entertaining.. Its just the beginning of another super hero movie series, may be with a better storyline the sequels of this movie will be MORE ENTERTAINING,.!!

A thoroughly enjoyable tongue- in- cheek pulp magazine styled action fest with dashing heroes, caddish evil villains, damsels in distress and of course plenty of good old fashioned Americana.

A Very Solid and Enjoyable "Comic Book" Movie .

Entertaining origins film that sets a strong standard for the films that follow.

It is weak, hard to follow and well, weak.

It also didn't have any like-able characters, poor events, simple characters, entertaining but not thrilling action sequences, Many slow parts, and an uninteresting premise.

I just say CA and have to admit I enjoyed it a great deal and was more satisfied with it than with the other recent Marvel based films.

Much of the cast was enjoyable and the majority of the movie prevails to be nowhere near as corny as the Norse thunder god-Natalie Portman love story.

I personally even enjoyed it more than Iron Man actually, because Captain America The First Avenger has much more to it than just great action sequences and a solid story.

I did feel that the overuse of fast cuts in many fight scenes got boring and repetitive especially towards the third act minus the final fight of course.

I'm reading a lot of reviews critiquing the cliché-ness of the film.

The action sequences were pretty boring and mainly consisted of Captain America running and jumping around.

This was an enjoyable movie, although rather frustrating at times.

As a viewer, you are constantly vacillating between intense sequences and fun moments.

Despite its exaggeration and garish ways, it indeed works as a mostly simple and entertaining experience with a little food for thought about Cap's little guy background and eventually plenty of action fodder to give it energy.

This somewhat entertaining action film had its origins from the early 1940's to help the war effort and serve as patriotic propaganda.

Yes, Captain America is propaganda.

after being forced to endure visually thrilling train wreaks like Green Lantern and Transformers 3, its nice to finally get my daily dose of a good story and great character development.

The writers, to counterbalance the corny costume of the original Marvel character, has the Army turn Rogers into a purposely cheesy performer in propaganda films, given the name of "Captain America," shield and all… So when he becomes the real deal, traipsing around the battlefield with a troop of soldiers and a more mainstreamed uniform… it seems a legit, and less silly, alternative.

Even, the climax was a bit confusing; they never did make a good account on how Captain America reach the present day.

Captain America: The First Avenger is a relic in its old fashion style but a little messy when it comes to the editing of the action scenes, but it's still enjoyable.

Hugo Weaving makes a lame red skull who looked like cross between Michael Jackson and the mask his German accent is insulting, offensive and bogus German accent The action sequences are nothing special and boring, they'll make you feel sleepy.

Curiously, Johnson's film works in some surprisingly intense action, (including one of the more unexpectedly gruesome deaths in a comic book film), exploring Captain America's comparatively 'grounded' superhuman abilities to the effect of some of the most gripping fight scenes in recent memory, alternating tightly choreographed beat downs while adding the intriguing new dimension of his ricocheting shield to keep the action nuanced.

Rogers' full potential, however, is not realized because - after saving a child and capturing a Nazi spy - he is turned into a cartoonish figure and used as a propaganda tool to sell war bonds.

Those big action scenes might actually be a big part on why the movies does feel bland, at it really doesn't give out the feeling that there's something at stake during it.

TL;DR: Good start, terrible after that, and predictable ending.

The problem is that it is an action movie full of boring people.

A little boring, and you have to wonder if this Chris Evans guy was ever given a challenging part to play....

This is the worst movie that i have watched this summer.

This movie can feel like it was written with a superhero checklist open at times, but the action is thrilling, the ending is thought provoking and there is humanity amidst the explosions.

As stated in the title, movie started out very slow.

Conclusion: So Captain America is an enjoyable adventure yarn, but it is a very flawed film and is just downright dull in certain areas.

We enjoyed it very much.

While it botches any attempts at perfection (and really did not need to be post converted to 3D), Captain America: The First Avenger still manages to be a wildly entertaining adventure that is even more impressive than you may imagine.

In short, this is was a very solid and enjoyable "comic book" movie and I have rated it accordingly.

Highly entertaining .

Worst movie of the decade?

It is largely silly and boring.

Captain America: The First Avenger is a tense, solid, and entertaining addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a soulful introduction to the titular hero.

Well worth watching, although just a small step away from being a must-see.

I have to say, it was rather entertaining to watch even if it was rather predictable.

All in all very entertaining.

WORST Movie this summer !.

Another part I found really underused was the bike chase scene I feel that he should of used his shield to take them out it would of been quick but it would of also been entertaining to watch.

The boring origin story of the least interesting Avenger .

I like x-men and batman, but some superheroes are just plain boring...

the movie picks up rather slow but convincing we meet Steve rogers/captain America in a movie theatre watching a war propaganda film of the day were a local jock type man taunts and laughs at the film the small rogers then engages the boy in a fight out side the movie theatre refusing to give up the losing fight until he is saved by his best friend Bucky who has just signed up to join the war effort.

This movie is yet both enjoyable and filled with action making it a very interesting and fun movie to watch.

In this film all the dialog works well and never sounds cheesy, but what makes it work is the snappy jokes and dialog that the writers put in.

I loved the snappy one liners scattered throughout the movie, for example when Peggy shot his shield and said that she thought it worked.

Such tonal fluctuation mirroring the social/political climate demonstrated that having a successful film with such a politically entwined protagonist, was anything but 'safe' – it's hard to imagine Peter Parker being subjected to the scrutiny of "military propaganda" or "patriotic cheese" that beset Steve Rogers.

That's fascinating subtext if you're curious as to how Wakanda will play into Infinity War.

He passed with flying colours making the character his own from a skinny nobody to the patriotic propaganda spinning Captain America.

The only thing worth watching in this instantly dismissible flick is Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark.

That being said, it is a very entertaining film and still well worth a watch.

Just one word, Predictable!

Thor: dull, Green Lantern: fizzled, and X-Men: hardly first class, it is refreshing to have arrived at a superhero movie with some meat on it.

However, to his chagrin, his first assignment is to "wear tights" in a silly super hero costume and be a walking talking breathing ad campaign for war bonds – the money used to fund the war is as needed as soldiers according to higher ups but upon learning that his childhood friend is trapped behind enemy lines that all changes and Captain Rogers comes into his own as a warrior – fighting for truth justice and the American way – cliché and the movie is cliché but that does not detract from its broader appeal.

The film is shot well with some very thrilling camera-work in certain scenes.

Through most of this excruciatingly dull picture, I felt like I had seen this movie before.

Even the part where Captain America is used as a living billboard to attract new cannon fodder for the ongoing war, was reasonably entertaining.

It has a lot more action than the equally awful X Men First Class and Thor but it is still way too long.

Eventually he went off on a little escapade that did provide some momentary relief from the stupidity of the story line and boredom of watching that didn't last long before the filmed turned into something that could sold as a sleeping remedy.

But the second half stumbles becoming a borderline predictable sci-fi rather than comic superhero as the script is thrown out for all out action.

This, unfortunately, made the plot boring at times.

Hayley Atwell is bland and empty as Peggy.

There is, of course, lots of action, which was beautifully sequenced, and the special effects were predictably stunning, and also fantastically well implemented.

Even though this movie was pushing the whole American war propaganda a little over the edge I never quite felt the "america" in the movie which is a good thing.

Throw in a little mysticism, add a touch of Nazism, some bullies, and threaten the country, stir a big dash of patriotism, and a rousing score, and we have a powerful film.

But once our hero becomes Captain America the movie quickly dissipates into a formulaic messThe weak plot is the biggest letdown.

It was far too long to be as dull as it is.

In fact, the movie was so cinematographically dull I was surprised they just did not shoot everything with 3 cameras, like I Love Lucy.

It will make you keep you on the edge of your seat and will make you beg for more...

Considering how fundamentally 'safe' the superhero action film has become in terms of box office and reasonable standards of entertainment, selling Captain America, age-old icon of American propaganda on cinema screens in cynical and economically unstable times could hardly have been a more difficult endeavor – tellingly, the film was marketed simply as The First Avenger in Russia, the Ukraine and South Korea.

Oh, and the ending… "I wanted to bring you in slow" and that's why I even made you a fake girlfriend and put you into an easily escapable facility in the middle of NY, after which you get a very odd looking finger by Uncle Sam.

yawn .

Title: CAPTAIN America – THE FIRST AVENGER Directed by: Joe Johnston Starring: Chris Evans, Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving, Dominic Cooper, Stanley Tucci and Hayley Atwell Rated: PG 13 for intense sequences of sci fi violence and action Rated: 7.5/10 124 Minutes

Being a completest as I am, I cannot just watch one without seeing the previous one since the stories would not be involving that way, therefore being confusing.

I think YouTube creates a much more compelling audio/visual experience because you never know if you're going to see something real or not.

During this part, Captain America: The First Avenger is a decent and enjoyable period movie, which sometimes is more than enough to entertain.

Enjoyable 3D Blu-Review .

In summary: a very entertaining action and adventure film, which is free of any ideological contaminants and stylish excesses.

It has been fascinating to watch Marvel bring these characters to the screen from Iron Man and now to Captain America.

But surprisingly enough, director Joe Johnston managed to turn a sparse script about an anachronistic and old-fashioned character into a well-paced, even entertaining film.

(Btw the CGI on Chris Evans and the other guy is great) he becomes a hero and experiences war and it's action packed and even at some points violent.

The first half is intriguing and well done.

Looks like The Black Widow will have her hands full of intrigue (good thing she's so flexible~ yawn).

I figured THE FIRST AVENGER was going to be really bland, a weak story hidden behind spectacular visuals and costumery and set design.

A lot of this is down to the fact that Captain America, as a character, is actually rather dull and his overly patriotic manner can be a little grating when it's being digested in the cynical 21st century.

Adopting one of the most classic American stories of our time, and across the fascinating historical backdrop of WWII, this film had all the elements perfectly aligned and was geared to set the bar for all superhero movies to come.

It's entertaining rather than dark; exciting rather than dismal and engrossing rather than self important.

Well worth watching.

The acting is good, the special effects are good (and more importantly they don't overwhelm the film) and as Steve Rogers/Captain America Evans injects just about enough likability to the role to get you behind him and will him on to save the day, but at the end of the day at close to 2 hours in length Captain America: The First Avenger is padded out and far too long and these things make the film feel like a bit of a slog at times.

An entertaining beginning that turned into a dull spectacle.

But in the end I came out quite disappointed with a movie though entertaining is completely forgettable and didn't reach the real potential it could have with a few major flaws.

It had enjoyable moments and some things were well-done.

Uplifting, Moving, Entertaining .

The final set up movie for The Avengers now reveals itself, and I am proud to admit that it's an enjoyable experience.

Its enjoyable as long as you don't take this film too seriously.

Still, it's an enjoyable enough movie that does a solid job of telling the Captain America story.

Finally seeing the film that is was looking forward to for ages was really exciting!

And in this formula it's also bland and unexciting despite all the big action scenes it has going on for it.

But - happy to say, I heard a resounding stamp of approval at the ending credits of this film and an even more intense reception at the short preview clip of the Avengers in the post credits.

Well, I will say that while Captain America didn't blow my mind like Iron Man, Thor or Guardians of the Galaxy did, I still found it to be a very entertaining and engaging movie, from it's 1940's theme to it's great acting and fantastic action scenes.

The ending was too predictable in my opinion.

I Enjoyed It .

He is a very cliché bad guy, his motives make no sense, and his evil plan is laughable.


There is an ease with which Jones works that creates an overwhelmingly fun and thoroughly entertaining environment and that carries over to the rest of the cast and the audience.

All in all, an enjoyable and 'retro-fitted' comic book genesis of a superhero.