Captain Marvel (2019) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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Carol Danvers becomes one of the universe's most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Anna Boden
Stars: Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson
Length: 123 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 283 out of 1000 found boring (28.3%)

One-line Reviews (640)


There were a few amusing parts; one I actually laughed at but I felt it dragged a little.

Somehow this movie is 2 hours long and manages almost zero character development or interpersonal emotional connection, mostly relagated to awful cliche moments.

The lead is a sympathetic and well-rounded character, Annette Bening gives a nice performance, it's just a really enjoyable film with just enough action.

I fell asleep six times while watching the movie.

Altogether engaging enjoyable romp that once you get past the attempts to tie it in with the MU stands up well as a solo escapade.

Overall, I found Captain Marvel to be an enjoyable and inspiring film and a good introduction of a great MCU character.

When even the action scenes are boring I give up...

It was a good, fun, entertaining movie and that is the reason I go to the movies.

The story started off disjointed and there was not enough back story/time spent on her development as a military test pilot.

I've seen a lot of reviews saying that the movie was boring.

That is the exciting part of truly great movies, they can't resonate within you all the time, and some grow and flex with you, both apart and together like some friends and family.

Extremely highly recommended if you boring to watch so tedious mainstream "heroes movie".

A marvel movie shouldn't be this boring and painfully dull

Captain Marvel is silly, stupid and boring with a capital B.

Sorta entertaining, but very predictable.

Every character is boring except for Nick Fury.

But pandering if done right can be entertaining, this was not the case.

Enjoyable .

all these shiny Cgi- lasers, nano conductors, swords, pistols, whacky weapons that lose all sense of threat(they shiny and childish) served nothing, waste of time of concept artist and Cgi masters- Captain marvel is nerfed the whole movie then watch her demolish anything in the room, like your son do unobserved to his helpless toys.

It deserves a very below average score due mostly to the narrative being convoluted and story predictable.

This movie has so many 90's feel that a lot of people will think it's boring like mostly all the 90s shows in tv in that time.

At any stage she could have been killed, the whole movie is pointless.

Carol's character is emotionless and considering the whole point of her unlocking her powers is her emotions makes the plot and character really bland.

because this is not a movie, its propaganda.

The least exciting Marvel movie .

Captain Marvel lacks in depth; the dialogue denotes an unbearably bland, poorly written script.

Let's hope Black Widow gets a better movies, because Captain Marvel is just a pure boring movie that shouldn't have been made.

Even established characters are just "there"; serving little point other than filling an empty chain of events.

Larson makes a thoroughly engaging superhero, witty, courageous and with a sensitivity many others of the Marvel stable lack.

But this movie is so boring and Larson is so wrong as the title character.

This is a boring superhero movie, which shouldn't be.


The movie was just boring, little substance, little plot, and just over a "ok" movie.

Putting aside all this nonsense that people bring with them into the Cinematic World 🚯, This Movie was Marvellous 😊Tremendous parts of the Movie:° The Story and Change in Narrative was Excellent° Hala, The planet that the Kree are from looked Stunning🌆🌌, I cannot wait for the Sequel to see more of it.

The second act however was very boring.

This movie was so boring that I thought I haven't seen it so I downloaded it again and started watching only to realise I already watched it before and was bored as hell xD The story has no significance for Endgame.

Awful movie and worst movie in the MCU.

As the subject line suggest, the movie is quite boring.


Carol Danvers is super boring and flat, and while I like some of the other characters, they don't really have much to do.

Enjoyable movie!

Excluding a few of the new characters, the rest were uninteresting and kind of had nothing to do.

Beyond all the other sins, it is most of all Boring .

We just watched it again as part of our weekly family movies and thoroughly enjoyed it for a second time.

The only part worth watching is the post credits scene for teh avengers endgame

Being bored with her acting what seemed to be an option of refuge for the viewer was a good storyline.

Go in to the movie with your expectations being that it will be a decent, enjoyable way to spend your night and you might find you actually enjoy it.

The plot is derivative and predictable and humour is overdone to the extent that it drowns out tension or drama, which detracts from the emotional impact of what should be a tragic origin story.

Complete waste of my time.


Don't waste your time.

The movie as a whole, while sometimes predictable like most Marvel movies tend to be (good guys, bad guys, super hero(es) save the day), is well done.

Dull and boring .

Admittedly through the first half of this one, I did find it strangely slow burning and not as engaging as previous episodes despite the spectacle and heart that was clearly being poured into it.

Never gets interesting, let alone fascinating.

The Marvel films have done something extraordinary, combining 22 movies to tell a single running story but still enjoyable as individual films.

A really fun and exciting sci fi adventure with Brie Larson as Carol and learning how she got her powers was a crazy scene!

The movie either is too fast or very slow and is unnecessary over melodramatic.

It had the thrill of the triumphant hero after being knocked down so many times, it had star wars-esque flying fight sequences that have you on the edge of your seat, and it had interesting villains that really made you think.

I mean this is possibly the worst movie I have ever seen.

Captain Marvel 2018 Best Boring Movie .

It tells a sub-par story, no investment into character building, and just leaves you feeling bland about the whole experience.

Excruciatingly trite dialogue.

This is a waste of time.

It is boring so many levels.

I'd highly recommend you save your money, and just look up the after credits scene on YouTube and/or read the plot on Wikipedia.

I think the writers made a different a style of superhero movie to surprise the audience with some twist in the story, but they failed because it was a bad twist and no one surprised or impressed, they could make a wonderful, emotional and enjoyable movie if they just make it forward and clear (showing her early life, not as a flashback, until she becomes a "Captain Marvel'').

How did Captain Marvel regain her lost powers, her human insistence, and her memory, plus unlock her full super capacities, all at once, after that dull encounter with her role-model-in-reality-turned-evil-in-dream?!

But it's fun, Brie is cute, Jackson plays a hapless victim to the strong woman hilariously, the humor is unexpected and timed well, the special effects are as good as they get, and it tied in perfectly with the Marvel Universe.

B Grade movies are 4/10 and this movie is better and for the most part enjoyable.

It delivers as an enjoyable Friday night movie with interesting characters, fun dialogue and enough twists and turns to keep the story interesting - and I'm definitely looking forward to the next one.

I fell asleep half way through.

The hissy fit girly moves of Brie was tiresome after repeated use to inflate a flat script.

But come on, Captain Marvel is dull and nonsensical even by Marvel standards.


Bland and boring, there's nothing interesting and its cringe every few minutes.

Captain Marvel is a boring character.

Easily one of the more enjoyable movies in the Mar-Vel universe.

Cant remember some of it as i got bored and distracted too easily.

I am sorry to say, but it 's not the best Marvel movie, quite boring at one point, but enjoyable at moments.

No characer development, no real stakes to care about, a bunch of cliché plot point/holes and a film that you will most likely forget most of over a weekend.

Unexpectedly boring .

In the film, everything is very predictable.

But here are my two cents, if anyone cares:This movie is boring.

Somewhat bland .

I mean she fights space kittens in that and here we get stoic and bland.

In my opinion is very enjoyable and I've happily rewatched it few times.

If you want to waste valuable time, or want to take a nap, put this movie on and you'll fall asleep.

I thought it was funny and exciting.

I thought it was a more enjoyable waste of time than most entertainment today.

Otherwise it was just a bland story with poor jokes.

The story was weak, mind bending boring at times.

So if they were trying to go for a "superhero women can look up to" they dropped the ball hard on this pointless movie.

Even Mr Jackson bored me on this one and thats a first.

Saw it again and it's actually quite entertaining.

They were kind of bland.

This movie was entertaining in some parts and some nostalgia was fun.

2 hours of man bashing and an absolutely boring script, I literally fell asleep on two occasions.

The plot gets predictable after an hour of the movie.

Has some good moments but due to mediocre acting by the main lead, bad humour, no character depth, little to no exciting scenes, boring antagonists and a lot of unanswered questions.

This a very good and enjoyable film!

Some I can dismiss, all the people who are angry with "political propaganda" who seem weirdly threatened by a non-sexualized strong female character with no love interest.

In fact, her portaryal is dull.

Captain Marvels portrayal is just not likeable or entertaining, the captain is just dull while also trying extremely hard to be cool....

Was it entertaining, yes.

The movie was enjoyable overall.

A thoroughly enjoyable super hero movie.

It was flat, dull and could be seen coming from a mile away.

Lots of action and fancy visuals but I could fall asleep during most of it.

This movie is enjoyable and funny.

Went to watch it at the movies with my girlfriend and we left after 30 minutes after the movie started.

Boring, derivitive, poorly directed and just plain crap.

Brie Larson is bland as hell, I just didn't find her relatable at all.

I enjoyed it .

i am huge fan of mcu.. this is the worst movie they have made so far.. its dcu movie material..and they made us believe it has something to do with endgame to sell tickets.. DO NOT WATCH IT.

As soon as the film opens, it bombards viewers with two hours of non-stop US military propaganda.

The only thing I could do was buy the Blu-ray and watch it because if I do buy the film I will watch it, now there is a lot of things appear in some reviews that to me seems a little pretentious, suffice to say I am not a film director wannabe or any other of the many talents needed to make a film I just like watching good films.

Too much long drawn out talking about nothing and too many explosions and cgi and not enough story and interesting dialog.

fun and entertaining with good action scenes and an awesome lead character that you immediately like.

Unfortunately the main character is quite dull and reminds of a spoiled little "whatever" girl instead of a strong charismatic woman.

Definitely worth the watch

But it is very generic and dull.

It is still worth the watch.

But the character is so empty, the film is so politically charged that it's simply spoiled.

it was dull, boring and had an attitude in every movie shot which made it hard to connect to this character.

The character herself is too bland, too perfect, too pointless.

This movie was very entertaining, good CGI, was funny at times and the acting was good.

She can fly, she can destroy complete spaceship all alone, she can fly in space, etc. This makes the film boring.

Well I now that mig sofa is very cozy, but I just can´t blame the sofa becasue the movie was boring.

Entertaining origin story .

Even though it was a bit predictable, I thought they did a fine job of showing the hypocrisy of the Kree and the predicament of the desperate Skrulls (helped along by some fantastic acting by Ben Mendelsohn.

I thought the movie was quite entertaining.

Captain marvel's being an endgame was a good movie, captain marvel is a great job to continue his movie, although this movie is late, a very good movie plot is a good and exciting movie, it should definitely continue, it is a movie that needs to be watched

The plot is so predictable and basic, that you'll realise what's what in five minutes.

My question to them or real professionals is, do you ruin the movie when instead of the history and exciting characters you try to make it about the IDEA, about something so important that you need to tell the audience so badly?

Also a poor storyline made the movie more to be boring.

The fight scenes were mediocre and some were anti-climatic but for the most part enjoyable.

Completely boring and nihilistic movie.

The worst Marvel movie ever saw..Bad acting, no script, bad visual effects and boring overall..!!!!!

Entertaining .

How can they release a movie like this, don't waste your time to watch it.

At one point a group of illegal aliens from outer space are dressed in a manner evocative of Hispanic migrants detained at the border.

#MarvelComics #Marvel #StanLee #Disney #BrieLarson #CaptainMarvel #Avengers The music was perfect, as there are both exciting film music and pop / rock music from the 90s, which again underlines the time back then, 1995, and makes you feel more into the time.

Pretty boring .

The best part was the cgi fight in space but the rest was boring.

Yawn-fest .

Boring plot, no character development because she is a mary sue with no flaw, make just to show feminists that women better than men at every aspect and all men are trash A totally garbage, dont waste your time watching this

), but hey superman is invincible and whoops him like nothing-Yeah that's what Captain Marvel is she is invincible doesn't need help from anyone, cause she is invincible with a short temper and limitless power, and can decide on a whim who the enemy is, what a truly boring character for a superhero movie, as there is no danger to her ever, at least superman had a kryptonite weakness, on the flip side if there is a weakness it's that this character can wipe out anyone without thinking it through as clearly she isn't very smart.

Pathetic waste of time, social justice hit piece for the simple, marvel gave it very little effort, as did the star.

Very badly executed, and pointless sexist quips in some of scenes of this movie just leaves a bad taste.

Instead I got an entertaining movie, which had everything from action, comedy, predictable plot, likeable characters and Samuel Jackson - what's not to like?

After reading the bad reviews saying this movie is slow, all about women bashing men, jumps around to much, too much CGI, ect...

A light, entertaining film filled with Marvel-style quips and buddy-cop dynamics.

The character was so bland - it's hard to tell something memorable that the character did in the story.

Really enjoyed it!

I found this to be enjoyable and inspiring.

Sorta entertaining .

Yes I do very much and I admit I have no problem with a female being the most powerful Superhero, I was actually on the edge of my seat during the film and that doesn't happen too often.

Yeah, next you'll be telling me that Ad Astra was ENTERTAINING.

A movie promoted and praises by angry feminists while the ordinary people yawn in the cinema.

From Brie Larson's cringe-worthy performance, to a weak and predictable story, this movie was COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY.

come on MCU , it was so boring stupid storyline !

The cheap jokes in Spider-Man homecoming was unbearable till the point of revolting.

Feminist Propaganda .

Maybe there was just too much to take in the first time at the cinema but I definitely enjoyed it much better the second time.

Even the funny bits are contrived and forced.

Brie brings a lot of work to a role where she HAS to act empty.

Yeah it was something like an empty slot between the lifetime of Captain America and the main events where all the Avengers are involved.

The storyline was predictable.

The alien land is bland and Larson's character has a nonexistent to laughable character arch.

It was boring at many points and you get the feeling this is an attempt to fill in a gap in the very good Avengers storyline.

The first 40 minutes or so are kind of boring.

Many dull witted reviewers complained of confusion at the beginning.

A total bore from start to finish, the writers and the one that green lighted the script should have be fired.

They even found a way to make Nick Fury boring

Ultimately Captain Marvel is enjoyable enough popcorn entertainment.

I feel like you don't have to be a super marvel fan to even like this movie, i thought it was such enjoyable and feel goodtype of movie.

Bad, boring, bad for women.

It was so boring that I didn't bother to follow the story near the end .

As always Marvel following his "formula" of success in the super predictable film, where it begins introduces the hero and his allies and a little later a village where he spends most of the film having equal fights has in every other movie, at some point in time.

This movie was pointless and she's pointless in Endgame.

The characters are all so boring, captain marvel is sooo plain and poor acting that I'm not sure how she was chosen.

One of the worst movies from the MCU along with Hulk .

The movie is an overall enjoyable watch and as a movie it was pretty good.

Then I resumed it after he went to bed and fell asleep.

Performance wise the ever reliable and amazing Brie Larson delivers totally and brings another fresh and exciting character to the MCU.

Kinda predictable in places.

This is not a masterpiece, mind you, but it's a pretty entertaining flick.

Highly entertaining superhero origin story with lots of humor included.

Lame i literally even zone it out i came to read d review just to see if it was me alone watch it and got bored

1The plotholes, 2 the bad flashbacks, 3the dialogues, 4the predictable twists,5 bad action sequences, predictable near deaths of some characters (something like don't stare at your family so lovingly when there is a shoot-outs), 6wrong 90s theme, 7hero suit design (i remembered atleast three suit that goes better with ms marvel), 8pure lucky way of getting super power(way too lucky, no ups and downs, no responsibility), 9no good villain just your typical grunts(the accuser was a lie), 10 de-aged fury with aging actions, 11 fury's one eyed revelation, 12 captain marvel personality in movie are serious turn-offs imo.

The story is compelling, it really pulled me in.

Boring Film and overpower superhero .

It's worth watching, it's just not anything special.

shocks any universe as a vile waste of any time spent watching .

Dull, lifeless, non sensical with an unlikeable main character that ruins so much for the Avengers .

Worth watching on tv.

Cliche .

First ever marvel movie I turned off half way through and even that was a waste of my time .. time I will never get back.

Captain Marvel did a good job on being a boring and very annoying character in the MCU!

It's confusing isn't it?

This movie is ruins MCU.. terrible dialogues with terrible story.. this is the worst movie ever passed the 01 billion USD because of the Avengers Infinity war Ending Scene of Nick fury's death.

(the opening scene dialogues esp) The plot is uninteresting and you can see the twists miles away.

The dialogue can be very bland or very bad.

This was the first movie where I actually started laughing at how bad it was and the predictable PC script.

Exciting, funny and occasionally powerful.

So this was very enjoyable and I am glad I didn't shut it down.

This movie was actually really enjoyable.

It is entertaining and my mind can easily span the various plotholes and the Mary Sueish female hero.

The plot was so confusing.

Quite Enjoyable .

I think that this is the worst movie from the MCU.

You Don't need to watch this before Endgame , but watch one time , worth watching .

This movie was kind of weird in some scenes, and some parts of this movie has very cliche moments and it just doesn't seem like a Marvel movie, and for the results this is more like a generic Superman clone.

It was the best of confusion, and a brilliant turn off since the start.

It is very bland, no heart to the main protagonist.

A predictable and totally uninteresting story about a hero we didn't really need.

The character is humourless and annoying, the story is boring and problematic, and the effects are disappointing.

Honestly, it was just boring and overhyped.

Don't waste your time on this crap.

There truly is no such thing as bad publicity, and the amount of money this boring movie raked in shows it.

This movie is totally fine and is enjoyable to a degree.

I've seen it several times and enjoyed it.

If we ignore the drama and controversy surrounding Brie Larson and even remove the heavy handed "wokeness" from our memories, we are still left with a VERY boring and 'nothing' story.

We enjoyed it.

That was the worst movie.

That being said, this movie is just generic and bland.

Although plenty of viewers, notably the superhero fans, could find it disappointing, I enjoyed it a lot as an ordinary viewer.

The bar was admittedly high but Brie and her character fell so far below it they were practically being dragged across the floor.

You see what you want to see and I saw a decent, but flawed superhero flick that is enjoyable to watch.

It was so boring, lifeless and the main character (Brie Larson) was without any emotion and charisma so we skipped through some parts of the movie.

Its biggest flaw has to be Brie Larson, but not just because of her, also because of the rather bland reactions scripted into her role.

The other cast members work really well with the brilliant story line which takes you on a rollercoaster of twists and turns which were really unexpected.

I thoroughly enjoyed It, did I see a different movie to these trashers?

Lousy plot, boring dialogue, and bad acting.

Captain Boredom.

Captain Marvel is a relatively forgettable, average installment in the Marvel franchise which acts mostly as a satisfying filler between Infinity War & Endgame (to tide fans over in the meantime) - that's not to say it's bad, nor is is anything particularly memorable, but it's a watchable popcorn flick & enjoyable, nonetheless.

I just rewatched the film this morning and I still found it moving and compelling.

Very entertaining.

The only other subplot was exactly what I feared it would be, a repetitive, ham-handed, misandry with all the subtlety and nuance of explosives in your underwear.

Cliché .

That's how pointless this movie feels.

The beginning is confusing.

Stuff as a board, boring and really unfitting.

The story was uninteresting.

The film is missing lots of important values to make it worth watching.

Every time things start to get exciting, it almost comes to a stop.

Confusing storyline .

Boring waste of time .

Unlikable characters, slow moving plot.

The movie was very entertaining and well written.

The overabundance of smirks and smug are a parcel of Captain Marvel from the comics as far as I can remember but it gets too repetitive for my taste.

I have to say, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Worst film 1st half was so boring I almost slept, the movie is a complete mess how is it at 7?

It's just a nightmare, a ugly day, no capacity, no acting, no story, no new ideas.

It's very boring.

The chemistry between the Fury and Carol was entertaining.

Worth the watch!!

No real plot.

Enjoyable Marvel movie .

Brie larsons annoying "I'm a strong woman"'s acting was already bad enough but the movie was the most bland average predictable horribly acted garbage I've ever seen in a superhero movie.

Waste of money!

Very weak story plot,boring, i have nothing to give you any positive side about this movie except the acting of Brie Larson.

It is super boring, the 'fight' sequences are lame and the film is just CGI.

This is yet another formulaic Disney/Marvel movie with the same themes, action scenes.

CAPTAIN Boring movie MARVEL .

Now, as we go along, we will begin to understand all that confusion we saw in the first 10-minutes.

I mean, the movie isn't terrible, it's just terribly boring.

After re-watching the movie: i still don't understand why they include him in the movie, since he was the most uninteresting character in the MCU and he is definitely the most pointless inclusion in the movie.

Marvel films can be heavily formulaic and repetitive in my opinion and Captain Marvel was no exception.


The more recent films in this universe either raises the stakes for these heroes, adds more depth to them or does something unique to make it very worth watching.

Who knows, you might just find it to be quite enjoyable.

Taken together, this helped the pacing of the film and removed a little of the bland predictability normally associated with this kind of fare.

It's very boring.

she's a bit fun at moments, but the character persona is sometimes a little bit too pretentious.

On top of this, the film is a formulaic origin story with no distinct tone.

Well-choreographed and slickly shot action sequences, tinged with slightly excessive CGI to double up the effects of watching a Marvel film, "Marvel" at the very least is enjoyable in its action, which is well done.

Entertaining Adventure .

Brie Larson is so boring .

The story for this Marvel super hero is just plain preposterous and Brie Larson's acting was very bland and boring.

the action is pointless, ther's no villain to match the hero even though her powers are the most unconvincing i seen on any movie ever.

Boring storyline with so poor script writing.

I love female power and how it can be projected into a compelling narrative that audiences can fall in love with.

Watching this movie it's hard to follow and stay interested.

10 minuets in and I can already tell how boring this movie is and I'm just not loving it the way I have with every other marvel movie.

I've enjoyed all the movies so far, but this is the first one that felt "flat" and as if it was just a tiresome chore that just had to be gotten out of the way to make way for better things.

) Sadly, the humor falls about as flat as the one-dimensional, predictable plot and the action scenes didn't attempt to do anything that hasn't been done before.

inconsistencies and predictable .

Don't waste your money spend it elsewhere.

Boring storyline and trash movie lol

I'm so glad I've only watched this today, as it bore no meaningful need to be watched, prior to me seeing End Game when it was released.

Looks like she is bore tbh.

It was just a bland movie where a lot of stuff could be cut out.

She wisecracks naturally with Jackson and while the pair never really get out of auto-pilot, it's entertaining.

I kept falling asleep during the first hour of the movie.

First this film was boring So many holes in the plot im not sure what the movie was ever supposed to be about.

It was entertaining, I mean I've watched much, much worse.

There are various other plot hole spoilers I won't get into here, but mostly, its just soulless and boring.

Thoroughly entertaining .

Bland and boring .

Cool visuals boring story .

If you get past the first 10 confusing minutes, and brave the sexism, you end up watching a movie trying to force sympathy onto a character no one knows, or really cares about.

The action scenes are exciting, well shot and easy to follow.

Brie Larson's acting was bland.

This is the worst avengers the movie is so bad and boring

The idea that this bland creature may be leading whatever remains of the characters we've come to know over so many years because she is more altruistic, and more powerful is sad.

It truly was a waste of time and money!

I really enjoyed it a lot.

Dull and nonsensical even by Marvel standards .

Unwatchable .

Action scenes were boring and story was so generic.

for me the pace are too slow, the story too complex, the shapeshifters,too lame, and the score too classic(-al), howcome they dont use entirely heavy metal music as a score for this rough and tough lady.

At first, the comedy never ceases and the memories come by due to the excitement of spotting some earlier Marvel characters, in addition, the design and the soundtrack are engaging and fashionable.

It was so entertaining!

Safe but enjoyable superhero movie .


Anyway, this was very enjoyable.

You see, women have not fully won, and a little political correctness can make this group of people unbearable and attack the movie.

Overall an enjoyable enough movie, but I found that it was a little bit uninteresting compared to the main Marvel movies.

Just a waste of time and money.

What a waste of time this was.

One Of Marvel's Worst Movies .

all this feminist propaganda did not help the movie.

Enjoyable and a Worthy Marvel Movie .

Carol Danvers is very bland and Brie Larson's acting doesn't help.

Blockheaded military propaganda .

Really entertaining .

It's a typical Marvel film with all the formulaic troupes thereof.

main character is stale and boring, story sucks and fights are just i am strongest you go boom.

simple and disjointed.

Brie Larson is a bore actress and this movie was a snooze fest for me.

Present any marvel movie has no story and bad dialogue .

Otherwise it was the worst movie in the last 20 centuries !!

Their explanation was predictable and this was mainly due to lazy writing.

The story was at times not explained enough, and at others uninteresting.

It felt like the whole movie didn't take itself seriously because Captain Marvel can literally do anything and once that power was unleashed it sort of became even more unbearable because at least until that moment she doubted herself.

▪ CGI 8,5/10 ▪Music 10/10 ▪Heroes 9,5/10▪ Supporting roles 7,5/10 ▪Costumes 9,5/10 ▪Genre 10/10 ▪Dialogues 7/10 ▪Storyline a bit confusing but 6/10 ▪ Villians 7,5/10 Conclusion: A worth seeing Marvel comic film with varied plot with good Origin story is both exciting and funny.

boring and bad lead .

Story was weak and captain marvel was completely uninteresting.

Very slow starting.

So, gradually, Captain Marvel gains a more intense cadence and it is in her arrival on Earth that the film actually begins to take a more defined form.

So many viewers before me described this movie with boring and uninspiring.

I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Sadly after seeing "Avengers: Endgame" it makes the movie feel like a pointless addition, since in the post-credits scene of "Avengers: Infinity War" they made a huge deal that Captain Marvel will be very important and now - i'm wondering why did they even include her at the first place and sadly you're not going to miss all that much, if you decide to skip it.

Waste of money, if someone offer me the ticket price or send me 4k hdr bluray I'm not gonna see it..........

Captain Marvel is a worthy and enjoyable movie about introducing Captain Marvel prior to Avengers: Endgame.

Don't waste your time with this re-imagined garbage.

Unexpected very good show.

The film also is boring and most actors have little to no on-screen chemistry.

First of all I found it very amusing, entertaining and AWESOME.

or flerken waste of time .

It's all just a bit too formulaic and lacking in novelty or innovation.

Bland, could have been better .

My girlfriend wanted to leave because I quote: "boring, pushing politics of men trying to make women weak and etc. which couldn't be further from the truth" So after we left we discussed that there we woman who were strong and dealt with problems man couldn't handle and we came to the following conclusion: 1.

I went in with low expectations based on these reviews but was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it.

De age fury is good at funny scene but his action movements were too slow.

The unlimited smorgasbord of energy emanating from her body was laughably dumb, but entertaining.

Those are all clearly bogus, all of us IMDb users who have written hundreds or thousands of prior reviews agree that it is a worthwhile, entertaining movie that fits well in the Marvel universe.

I read a comment where they found her bland and boring and to a certain extent they're right.

everything seems too similar, even if it's all part of the same universe, it already started boring me on the second Avengers movie...

There's no need to add more, since there are people, who went in full detail on why the music of all MCU movies is very forgettable and bland.

It's fun and entertaining and just deep enough to make you feel good about watching it.

I guess the movie is a girlsmovie but somehow enjoyable.

Just as entertaining and interesting as enabling god mode in a video game.

Also the movie is quite boring and has some lengths - therefore, no recommendation.

Felt like a mundane film from the first 15 minutes.

I was bored throughout the movie.

Flat and uninspiring .

Captain Marvel is so lousy and a weapon the avengers can use to bore Thanos to submission.

What the hell was that,,, not funny, no story, id rather go watch an episode of Jamie and the magic torch.

The 3rd act is satisfying in general, though, despite the fact it is formulaic.

Boring .

Forgettable, formulaic plot.

Don't waste your money on this.

The rhythm of the film is a problem with the plot starting relatively at a slower pace, taking time to explain the central conflict - deeper than it appears - and, of course, the protagonist's role in this story.

Jackson as Shield Agent, Fury and he believes Carol is a good guy and becomes her side-kick so to speak; Clark Gregg as Shield Agent Phil Coulson; Ben Mendelsohn as Talos who convinces Carol she is on the wrong side; Lashana Lynch as Maria Rambeay, a friend and fellow test pilot back in the day before Carol crashed; Annette Bening plays a bad person as Supreme Intelligence and a good one as Dr. Wendy Lawson; (yes, this can get confusing); Lee Pace as Ronan, a Kree soldier under Yon-Rogg; Djimon Hounsou as Korath a Kree warrior under Yon-Rogg.

Great movie, tells a good back story and it has plenty or entertaining moments.

I have tried to watch it two times before, but fell asleep before the end.

Of course, this is a Marvel movie, so the action is here and every action scene is well done and very enjoyable.

The plot sucked, it was incredibly boring, the hero was lifeless, the cast was bad except for Samuel L Jackson because he's excellent.

Save your money.

Personally, I must say that "Captain Marvel" was enjoyable to watch, and I was thoroughly entertained throughout the entire course of the movie.

Boring .

The acting was pretty dull by the main cast except for Fury and Goose.

This really is boring and truly the worst Marvel movie ever.

The plot involves a race of alien shape-shifters who seem more like dramatic role shifters as they are contrived to play whatever dramatic role seems most convenient at the moment - villains, victims, wise counsel, allies.

This movie is a long yawn and a cat took out furys eye omg...

This film is a pretty big bore for most of the run time.

The first 29 mins were OK, then it got sooo confusing and boring, it's a snooze fest.

Hard to follow .

This movie also breaks continuity that has been set in the MCU, but on top of all, this movie is just flat out boring.

Maybe it's just me, but i enjoyed this movie and i don't feel like pointing out every thing they did wrong, if i enjoyed it.

In general I aside of such error, I would have to say the movie itself is boring and a lot of bad angle and acting.

Jackson), who was very entertaining to watch since he plays the character perfectly, and his story arc develops a lot better throughout the movie.

Waste of time .

As a feminist, I am surprised by the number of reviews that claim this film is SJW propaganda.

So begins the deconstruction of the MCU characters by giving us a clueless Nick Fury and a bland unlikable Carol Danvers.

Anyway the plot is fairly incoherent and at the same time predictable - to achieve this is quite a feat.

I want to see Tony Stark crash through his ceiling and destroy an exotic car as he tries to learn to fly or encountering an unexpected problem with his visor icing over.

Captain Bore Well .

Wow just wow for a marvel movie this one was seriously predictable, underwhelming and just plain acting from the star lead.

Boring and seems long winded.

When she gets to Earth, it's ok for about 20 minutes, then gets boring.

The first half of the movie we see Carol act cocky and gives lip to Nick Fury, the Skrull are there just get laser punched, the second part is cat petting, we get the sassy black female trope,Skrull teaming up and Sci-fi crap, "boring" is one word for this movie

worst movie i ever saw .

The music was perfect, as there are both exciting film music and pop / rock music from the 90s, which again underlines the time back then, 1995, and makes you feel more into the time.

Still, I did find it to be entertaining.

The film turned into blatent feminist propaganda, with even "I'm Just a Girl" playing from No Doubt in the background to really stamp home its blatent message.

Great engaging story, loved the acting and the music track was JUST brilliant.

Just specia effects and no story.

It's like they made this movie as uninteresting as possible on purpose.

Captain Marvel is one of the worst movies of the year.

The one thing it seemed to be missing just so happened to be the one thing it was shooting for, A compelling Character.

Remember why superman quickly got boring.

This was a waste of time even for a pirated movie.

Bad acting, predictable story-arc, lazy writing, cringe-worthy comedy & no style or class from start to finish...

Frankly Unwatchable.

Maybe it's due to it being about a female character, who knows, but it's entertaining and Brie is very good in the role...

The last problem with this movie is the plot, it's just really boring and doesn't really connect with the whole mcu story, captain marvel doesn't really grow in this movie, she just is the same throughout the movie and just way too powerful, if you know anything about making a superhero movie it's that you can't just say she's really powerful she can just kill anyone that's just lazy writing.

Glossy action cannot cover up a dull story.

I really wanted to like it like ever other movie but it had a poor story, robotic acting and slow in some parts that just made me yawn.

Only thing that seemed boring was the designs, suits, spaceships, etc...

Waste of time .

The rest was a well paced, entertaining, well acted ride through a pre-Avengers MCU scenario.

I expected nothing about this movie, thinking it was just an introduction to endgame but this girl got balls and a real personality making this full of adrenaline movie a really enjoyable one

Ms. Larsen looks bored.

Poor script, predictable, and boring.

Wonder Woman was the same but it was entertaining as hell and Gal Gadot gave a layered performance and is charismatic as hell!!

Yes, the CGI effects are impressive and the film can be entertaining at times.

At a time when the movie landscape is undoubtedly oversaturated with superhero flicks and even hardcore fams like myself are getting bored with the standard fare, studios should look to chsnge things up and make irreverent and innovative superhero movies.

Captain Marvel is a bland character.

Jokes felt forced and the whole earth backstory was pathetically predictable.

In essence this is a Nick Fury movie he shines with his wit, personality and strange fondness for cats, his interactions with the Kree are worth watching alone.

Also found the music somewhat ponderous, as it is was meant for some real drama and not a light hearted comic flick.

The most underwhelming movie from the series.. Plain, boring and so illogical at times.

Simply boring .

Fairly bland even if it has its moments here and there .

Samuel Jackson is good but Jude Law is as uninteresting in his role as the title character is.

this is movie is so boring that I felt irritated to even finish.

The writing was confusing, hard to buy into, and the main character went through no changes in the film.

The most pointless MCU movie and the most mind numbingly boring MCU superhero.

As a movie watcher, I really enjoyed it.

Don't waste your time or money on this movie.

The story suffers from both plot predictability and narrative confusion, with Marvel's trademark formula becoming much too apparent too early on in the film.

I would have watched this film at the cinema and enjoyed it.

These flaws are what drew Larson, an Oscar winner for Room, to the film, she said:"That is something that is really exciting to me about this film: We did not cut corners on that stuff.

So predictable.

Funny, intriguing storyline, ties into the MCU very well, must see before endgame!

The only character that kept me awake and focused was Nick fury,the other characters were just boring and terrible

Vulnerability makes for better strong characters and invulnerability quickly gets boring.

Marvel films are also enjoyable to watch.

Overall a standard, bland but still entertaining film, "Marvel" successfully sets up a promising character for future films, despite its many flaws.

A surfer shoots at Captain Marvel and a long, boring chase ensues with the end result showing us that the young Colson was a Skrull all along, and then its autopsy time, and at minute 29 they FINALLY tell the audience about the Skrulls and what they can do!

Overall disappointing and worse, boring.

Like slow, stop motion action sequences comparable to 300 or QuickSilvers scene in Days of Future Past.

If you want to watch a superhero movie staring a female lead watch Wonder Woman, it is by far more enjoyable then this complete waste of a time film.

Highly disappointing, predictable and cheesy.

Poor writing ,really a waste of time.

In one scene, Talos or whatever that one Skrulls name is while impersonating Fury's boss, is shot dead on by the hero and his suit isn't even singed, yet she's clearly not ever hesitant to kill a Skrull earlier, has no story reason to pull her punch in that moment and a split second later her same apparent energy blast disintegrates a giant hole in the ceiling to affect her escape with Fury.

There is some good chemistry between Larson and Jackson that saves some of the slower parts.

Only this time it's a lot more boring, and there's hardly any character development.

Watching this crappy movie reminds me of bland oatmeal.

The main character acting is so dull itll make you think youre watching a school made film.

And it is also boring.

The story is boring.

One of the Worst Movies Ever Made .

The humour all fell flat, and the set design was very boring (until the outer-space final act.

So boring and uninteresting.

Very very very bad Movie it's boring me The bad one in MCU, CGI was good

Starts well but like many movies of this sort the neverending cliche dialog comes into play.

By the time Capt gets shot with a Nerf gun, I was too bored to laugh, although that was quite funny.

Everyone enjoyed it and I enjoyed it as much the second time.

The plot is boring, this "Never give up, stand up" flashback thingy is so lame and the actors are stiff and lifeless (especially Brie).

It was hard to watch the first half an hour of the movie was dull.

I know things are expensive, but for that money I expected something a little more exciting and thrilling.

You'd want test pilots who had extensive experience flying similar aircraft of various designs under all types of conditions, including combat, and who have contended with mechanical failures and other unexpected circumstances.

I enjoyed it very much.

Carol Denvers is lame and uninteresting.

Which is what makes her such a fascinating superhero.

I really enjoyed it and hope to see another solo outing.

It's kind of enjoyable.

The story is full of political statements and feminist propaganda as well as a wooden performance by Brie Larson.

Outside of this she is powerful and in-charge, which just means she is pretty dull due to lacking humour, risk, danger, or edge.

Oh yeah.. this is so slow and crazy boring Movie..Same plot and Not a single difference.. Some how managed to watch till last.. Bye Bye Marvel

The story is brought in a boring matter, and the story is really thin to begin with.

Performance of leads was just ok, as there is no story, even they can't do much.

Boring, heartless and unneeded.

Sadly it went from formulaic to downright absurd before it was all over.

There are some things happening, but Captain Boredom is continuously bored despite her rainbow colored super powers and the "someone imposed us to add black actors at the last moment" characters.

An annoying, tiring and predictable script.

If you are looking for an action flick with a strong female lead, Alita battle angel does a lot of what Captain marvel does wrong right and while still flawed will be much more enjoyable in my opinion (it even has real PG-13 violence if that's what you're interested in not the fake feeling scenes in captain marvel).

Final verdict: 1 star Reason: Boring plot, lifeless characters, gender politics

Confusing, boring, snooze fest .

The story is a predictable snooze-fest.

I don't know, halfway to the film i feel this very boring sensation somehow..

Bland movie with lazy writing wasted my money and time wouldn't recommend superhero genre fans to watch it!

The most entertaining part of the movie is the last, effects-driven section, even though one could reasonably object to the movie on over-powered superhero grounds.

It holds enough appeal to be entertaining enough.

Enjoyable Movie Can't Understand the Negative Reviews .

As boring as it can get...

Even the really good looking special effects started to be boring.

Fell Asleep In Theaters .

Even Slj bored me here, and the reason he wears the eye patch, just terrible.

"Captain Marvel" is another entertaining superhero adventure.

I liked Brie Larson, but you could definitely see her expression hindered by this disjointed production.

To sum up, it is an okay movie to watch if you're bored and want to pass sometime.

This is one of worst movies I've ever seen from Marvell.

Bad wooden/plastic acting really boring movie .

Our family, ranging from ages 16 to 58 all enjoyed it.

Enjoyable Fantasy .

Larson's acting is as bland as oatmeal and her emoting is non existent.

Monica Rambeau (the child) was also very bland.

It however had incredible effects and an enjoyable storyline.

Due clocking in under 2 hours, I said it before, is really okay to watch, Endgame clocked in over 3 hours, way too long.

Fun and entertaining .

but instead what i saw was a boring cgi mess of a movie.

The Klingon people in Star Trek, the flying feelings of "Aspiring Clouds", the subway pursuit of "French Drug Network", a stunning glance at "Vulgar Novel", and a third of "X File", completeness Very high and burning ~

It was a little boring- I actually had to watch it in 3 parts because my 5 year old told me to turn it off about 30 min in.

Don't waste your time on this one.

It was thoroughly entertaining and the acting was well done.

I found the main character in little flat on emotion but entertaining nonetheless.

What a boring load of crap.

Enjoyable film with great actors and a fun twist .

This one goes down a much more predictable route, and it suffers hugely from having a main character who simply isn't very interesting; like Superman, her immortality and strength make her rather boring to see on screen.

Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn were the best parts of this pretty bland and boring Disney vehicle.


I don't recall seeing any of Brie Larsson's other work, but I do know after this that she makes a pretty bland superhero.

The movie is packed with enjoyable action and fun character interactions that make the movie a fun watch.

A boring predictable script filled with PC trash and a weak hero.


Fell asleep .

The story of the main protagonist is entertaining, though confusing at times and could have used a bit of polishing.

Ever watched something and you just got too lazy to follow it due to it just being downright uninteresting?

The best character is definitely Nick Fury, who is the heart and soul of the movie and he did make the experience at least enjoyable.

The way she was written and presented is a very uninteresting and unlikable character and i had a very hard time trying to connect to her throughout the whole movie.

The film has a lot of substance underneath its surface which I felt more in the final half which has moments of epic beauty and the realisation of Captain Marvel's beginnings is stunning.

I was expecting long drawn out pointless fight scenes, predictable characters and no story, not one I "a none fanboy" could follow anyway.

Fell asleep.

I felt that there was minimal action and it just felt like a boring Marvel film.

Some people need to put their political ideologies aside and they'll see is just a narcissistic, dull, over-powered one trick pony of a character.

Overall, the action scenes were bland, the side characters and villains were boring, the messages were poorly delivered, the twists were too predictable, and the writing was just shameful.

It has some cool moments but fails miserably, part scifi/action part comedy, it just doesn't work for me, the acting is somewhat cold and uninteresting.

The typical, drawn out, chocolate box, US folk-sey thing was mercifully kept to a minimum and something of a twist was thrown in.

The main villain was very bland.

It wasnt even interesting in the way that some marvel movies can be at least entertaining.

Carol Danvers fails to convince as a compelling character.

Boring .

It is just a pity that the Marvel folks may force Brie to work with some of the other pathetic characters that bore my socks off!

Highly disappointing, predictable and cheesy.

Captain Marvel has a lot of really cool action scenes, and a pretty compelling story.

This movie is easily the most boring marvel movie ever made.

Boring and uninspiring .

The middle of the film isn't great though, and is kind of boring.

Unfortunately Captain Marvel is a dull mess with a weak story, an uninteresting hero and weak villains.

Who is Brie Larson and why did everyone hype this boring movie?

I thought she was kinda dull.

The biggest villain is boredom.

Screenplay as mentioned earlier is either too fast or too slow, I think they wanted to comedy, action, emotion everything in the movie.

The main character, captain marvel, is dull, and hard to fall in love with.

Very Enjoyable .

I'm not sure what Disney and Marvel were thinking, but this has to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The actions scenes were dull.

I saw it 6 times in total and enjoyed it as much the final time as the first.

All of that being said, I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to watching it again.

Hopefully Marvel realises how badly they messed up with her and get her out of the MCU, and introduce some actual compelling female characters like black Widow and Gamora.

Unfortunately, Disney is part of the progressive propaganda because it makes money.

Beside total lack of character depth, both directing and acting were quite boring.

wierd, confusing and stupid .

This is an empty and boring cartoon.

Jackson, who is always entertaining and you can tell that he really cared when he was brought back to play a younger version of his character.

This garbage is close to unwatchable.

Worst movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe .

What i got was the opposite; an enjoyable thrill ride with a great story, great characters, and interesting plot twists...

Enjoyable .

Just boring .

On the other hand, if you are wanting to see a film with engrossing, likeable characters you care about on a plausible adventure you can have fun watching, you are bang out of luck, my friend.

Generally - loved the Iron Man films, hated Hulk, liked the later Thor films, enjoyed G of the G films, loved the Captain America films, thought Infinity Wars was enjoyable and Endgame was bloated and severely needed shortened.....

campy feminist waste of time.

It was boring .

Y'all, falling asleep was apart of the movie...

I don't know about others, it's kind of enjoyable.

The ending descends into MCU cliche fighting .

Boring .

Review: After reading a lot of negative comments about this film, I was expecting it to be awful, but I actually enjoyed it.

The Worst Movie in Phase 3(Still Fairly Good Though) .

She was sort of boring overpowered.

Confusing to say the least .

Characters, story telling, background music, continuity of the MCU,this movie is definitely the worst movie Marvel ever made till this date!

While it's disappointing that the majority of reviews seem to be spamming 1/10 simply because they were upset that a woman was the lead character, I, and everyone I went to see it with, enjoyed it in the cinema very much.

From ruining the secret of Nick Fury's eye to giving Captain Boring credit for the Avengers this movie is just riding the coattails of the MCU.

The plot was more engaging than expected, and ties together a lot of background from the other Marvel movies, with a fun dose of 90's nostalgia.

The main character is simply uninteresting.

Captain Marvel was a guy at the time but even still he was a pretty bland one that got mixed in with all the rest.

A boring cartoon .

To me, there seemed to be at least some genre confusion, with crazy sci-fi blending in with usual MCU action and over-the-top production for a quite unimaginative and stale plot.

To quote The Grayzone: "Captain Marvel is a perfect case study for how the United States military uses Hollywood to spread propaganda...

Because I started getting bored around iron man 2.

I'm bored senseless.

Pretty bland and forgettable .

The script is nothing but a series of quips strung together with the occasional maudlin attempt at character development, the acting is as 2D as the original magazine pages, the plot muddled and contrived, the direction simple and predictable, and the special effects are uninspired and unoriginal (with the exception of de-aging Samuel L.

Enjoyable Marvel romp .

This is super boring & super stupid movie.

Boring story 2.

Maybe you fell asleep due to boredom?

In all, a very entertaining and thrilling movie.

A+ for bland storytelling.

This is boring.

Tons of dull CGI.

Waste of time.

More bad: lots and lots of boring action scenes.

I watched the film and enjoyed it.

Fairly boring movie.

It's just the story which is boring.

I spend an exciting moment !

It is funny and enjoyable.

Too bad the story was bland; albeit this story may have been necessary for the Marvel's cinematic universe.

The movie was so confusing and had many unnecessary details.

The bland direction and cinematography stick out like a sore thumb.

Decipte the fact that the movie shows us how the idea of Avengers come and and young Nick Fury gets Captain Marvel into the team, it was very slow start and lacked the intense action/fighting scenes that we got used to by Marvel.

As far as the SJW propaganda goes, there is none to be found.

Possible the most boring MCU movie of all time Including, Thor: the dark world.

Like most marvel films the dialogue is a bit silly/ crackers but enjoyable nonetheless.

When a mission takes an unexpected twist she finds herself working with two enemies, the Skrull and Humans.

Ultimately this is just a rather boring movie with no meat to it.

I watched this, and I really enjoyed it, and I totally don't understand the hate that this film get.

Other themes are war and propaganda, memory and control, and yes, female equality.

Waste of time!

This is just your average Hollywood production with good visuals and engaging stories.

Brie Larson portrays Captain Marvel perfectly with funny moments and unexpected twists.

I guess it just wasnt very compelling to me.

▪ CGI 8,5/10 ▪Music 10/10 ▪Heroes 9,5/10▪ Supporting roles 7,5/10 ▪Costumes 9,5/10 ▪Genre 10/10 ▪Dialogues 7/10 ▪Storyline a bit confusing but 6/10 ▪ Villians 7,5/10 Conclusion: A worth seeing Marvel comic film with varied plot with good Origin story is both exciting and funny.


The story was very bland.

She was really bland and when ever she was given a funny punch line like in all the other movies, it sounded like a 5 year old standing in front of a big crowd giving a speech.

How can an action movie be boring?

Lame and boring.

The storyline is boring as hell.

I really enjoyed it!!