Captain Marvel (2019) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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Carol Danvers becomes one of the universe's most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Anna Boden
Stars: undefined, Brie Larson
Length: 123 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 237 out of 1024 found boring (23.14%)

One-line Reviews (588)

I also thought that the beginning of this film was very confusing, and I wasn't really sure what was going on untit about 3/4 of the way through.

however the action was to decent to enjoyable with a few fresh ideas inserted here and there, all in all a thoroughly enjoyable movie 7/10 maybe an 8 on a good day.

Thoroughly enjoyed it .

In the first moment I saw the movie I found it a little confusing more during the story he ends up developing.

It was a testament to how poor the acting, directing, and editing was that I consider this movie to be one of the worst movies I have ever paid money to see.

All the story is predictable !

Boring story (if you can call it a story), boring jokes, mostly bad acting, useless visuals.

From start to finnish this Movie feels like it was patched together in a hurry the ain Character Captain Marvel feels empty soulless and inhuman.

Bad writing forced female lead A propaganda movie.

I mean the 1-hour middle part was just so boring that I almost fell asleep.

The only entertaining portion of this movie was the last 15-20 min.

It was fun, enjoyable and entertaining.

I was expecting big things from this but it turned out to be silly rather than exciting.

I left the theater feeling like I had been robbed of seven dollars.

Anyway the whole story is kinda pointless, you have the Skrulls who spend the first half of the movie trying to kill Captain Marvel and to infiltrate earth.

Horrible storyline, extremely boring & awful acting.

Captain Marvel is the most poor and worst movie at marvel univers.

Boring .

Acting is fine and movie was entertaining.

It rises to the occasion with strong performances and with its directors' willingness to slow down and take their story seriously, balancing humor, action, and exposition in a carefully calibrated package.

Would've been more enjoyable if she wouldn't have been as overpowered as she was.

Great action packed super hero movie!.

She was bland and boring.

This film was entertaining although confusing at times.

Bland and boring .

Too predictable in so many ways: stereo-type characters and lines: obvious (supposed) twists: and bland attempted suprises.

Brie Larson was great and the story was compelling as well as action packed.

She mastered the following: smell the fart acting confusedsmell the fart acting intriguedsmell the fart acting condescendingsmell the fart acting smugsmell the fart acting arrogantBesides a boring, non-sense script, a superhero that seems invulnerable making any fight scene moot and a oscar worthy facial expression of "dry wall / paper wall" if would be such an award by Brie Larson this is the worst MCU movie.

The ending was boring and predictable with no "challenge" to rise up to.

Worst movie in MCU .

Just a formulaic bore-fest.

Overall an exteremely enjoyable movie and it blends in perfectly with the over all story arc of the MCU movies.

Brie's acting was bland and emotionless, although the other cast members were outstanding, Jude Law, Ben Mendelson and especially Samuel L Jackson proved their A+ Star status and enormous talent once again.

Boring movie .

The movie is engaging, fun, and delivers a powerful message to the core.

So mediocre, acting so bland and way too too much CGI.

Unwatchable .

I was bored the whole movie.

I enjoyed it immensely!

I thought it was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish and Brie Larson was fantastic as the titular character.

Overall I did enjoyed it somewhat but it was boring and because of lack of empathy with the main character I couldn't care for the stakes that were in this movie.

A boring movie, the only connection to the avengers is a pager!

generic, but it did made me laugh in the theater due to how entertaining it is.

Her personality seemed dull, and just not lovable like the other characters.

It was exactly how I expected it to be, just an overall sweet and enjoyable ride.

All round action packed, funny, entertaining and super awesome powers.

The likeable cast which charms its way into your heart, combined with nice humor, great action scenes and intriguing plot makes up for all of the movie's shortcomings.

The plot and writing is kinda shaky and dull as is Brie Larsons performance.

I wish the movie had taken more pains to establish origins and dwell on the most exciting characters and places, of which we see too little.

Yes, it's fun and it can be enjoyable if you can ignore everything else and solely watch JUST the action.

Kept me awake which means that it was anything but boring.

Instead, Captain Marvel became so much boring in the middle part.

Captain Monotone?

Don't waste your time on this one.

It was funny, it was entertaining and it looked great.

I found the movie to be quite entertaining myself.

Brie Larson's acting is excellent, charismatic, engaging, beautiful, talented are so many words to describe her acting in the film.

What a waste of time and cash.

Flat boring movie .

Enjoyed it thoroughly...

She is rather boring in her on screen presence, acting feels wooden many times and it feels as if she is lost in search of proper emotions in some of the scenes.

I went into the theatre excited to watch this movie, but ended up pretty disappointed with how boring it ended up being.

Samuel L.. Jackson is entertaining as always as Nick Fury.

I found it to be a bit boring and after the first 45 minutes the movie struggled to keep my attention.

Waste of time and money.

Bland and uninspired .

There's some shoehorned-in rickety peeling back the layers stuff to add this is a serious movie not a computerized cartoon, showing Cap Marvels' origin as a salt of the earth type adrenaline junky, racing go-karts, and doing crazy military rope swinging around, rad!

Solidly entertaining.

As for the main plot, it's predictable and nowhere near as engaging as some of the other previous super hero's films we've seen before.

Dreadful film with a pointless message, whose lead character is also going to spoil the next Avengers movie - simply by being in it.

* Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), until then as Carol Danvers is flying a plane with a scientist, and that plane crashed, but she does not remember her capture she discovers the whole truth about her, and is free from what holds her and will help a people to find a planet to live,I liked the special effects, the sound effects too, I found the story itself good, but repetitive, 1 positive point that the movie itself gives the answers that are open during the movie.

Save your money .

Waste of money .

refreshing, adventurous, funny and action packed - you can't go wrong with this movie.

Plodding and forced.


Good storyline, engrossing actors and apart from a silly bit towards the end I loved every second.

This movie was enjoyable.

but it was just "entertaining.

A Flat Movie with a Totally Uninteresting Character.

I had low expectations going into this movie and still found it slow and boring.

Our story is predictable and our lead is sadly a bland character.

Her facial expressions alone are very 'monotone' and the character rarely shows any deep emotions which is a huge disappointment considering this is the leading role.

I got bored after 30 min!

I have seen the edited and un-edited speech given by Brie Larson and I think people are over-reacting and taking their personal/political feelings out on a film that is pretty entertaining.

a confusing story .

The story is predictable with all of its components being done to death already and the main character is not captivating in the least.

The story was astounding, the way it was connrcted in the end it was worth watching .

A complete waste of money and time seeing this 👎🏻

Perhaps then it is Larson's comic delivery and mannerisms that are most entertaining.

Boring .

Boring .

It truly was a waste of time and money!

Really entertaining .

And the action was fresh and engaging.

It was the most dull marvel film I have ever watched.

The Captain Marvel's origin story is so different from the typical structure (get the powers - learn to control them - something emotional happens - unleashes the full potential of the powers) that has been new and fascinating in addition to the mix between a start with science fiction environment and for later the 90' atmosphere.

▪ CGI 8,5/10 ▪Music 10/10 ▪Heroes 9,5/10▪ Supporting roles 7,5/10 ▪Costumes 9,5/10 ▪Genre 10/10 ▪Dialogues 7/10 ▪Storyline a bit confusing but 6/10 ▪ Villians 7,5/10 Conclusion: A worth seeing Marvel comic film with varied plot with good Origin story is both exciting and funny.

Aside from a boring performance of a boring main character there is the matter of the script that drags down whatever this movie had going for it.

Save your money for a better movie.

It is boring and unsatisfying.

The beginning of the film is a bit confusing because the film seems to prefer to have action scenes and humor instead of telling the story of Karol Denvers.

But i got bored, turned my phone screen to its dimmest setting and started texting.

Incredibly boring, dull lifeless movie ughhhh .

Boring, predictable and unoriginal .

Not only was this an SJW ridden crapfest its also very boring the lead female actress is TERRIBLE, monotone and immature.

Overall, Captain Marvel is a soulless and bland sci-fi/action movie, and an undeniably second-tier superhero flick that doesn't deserve to be among most of the installments in an otherwise Marvel franchise.

Stunning visuals and amazing effects.

I've been able to find something enjoyable in every Marvel movie to date, until I saw Captain Marvel.

Slow and pathetic .

Brie is decent throughout yet has some dull moments and the film overall does too, and a few scenes did make me cringe...

Its special effects are breathtaking and I say the same about the sounds.

Hence the twist felt empty and i didn't really enjoy it.

No story, no basis on how "Carol" became Captain Marvel.

I don't have a problem with the picture's underlying politics as, apparently, others on the Internet do, except that it's trite, and the story of Danvers here is not interesting enough to even execute that properly.

It's thrilling and it's FUN.

Conclusion: Fun, enjoyable, check your brain at the door and relax.

Jackson, and self-discovery thread/powers, its muddled in an otherwise *unbearable* outer shell.

Disapointing and a waste of time.

Long story short, we both left the theater disappointed.

Ignore the haters, here's an honest review: Its another enjoyable MCU film .

I'm not particularly a fan of the MCU films, I liked Iron Man I found the first Avengers film a bit dull, I haven't bothered with much of the others.

We all know him for playing big action packed roles.

During the tedious final battle as Captain Mar-Vel let the daughter choose the colours of her uniform (aside from wondering how the hell she (the daughter) knew how to select patterns and colours from the device anyway) I began to consider the propogandic power of superhero movies in upkeeping the false altruism of American global power.

This movie was boring, Captain Marvel is unlikeable and you don´t really care about any of the characters even Nick Fury is boring in this movie.

I enjoyed it very much.

Fun and intense from start to finish .

Waste of time what I don't u understand by viewing all the reviews.

A light, entertaining film filled with Marvel-style quips and buddy-cop dynamics.

The movie is a horrible mess that insults the make viewers if I wanted to be insulted I'd go to a stand up comedy show where they make fun of you it lacks entertainment and fun it's a snooze fest the worst mcu movie to date it doesn't deserve a 7 never been a fan of the charecter or the actress who plays captain marvel and this movie makes you despise both even more so you can skip this garbage and not miss anything of importance so avoid!!!


Let me remind you, my wife fell asleep in the theater watching Age of Ultron, which had plenty of action.

I wasnt expecting much of this movie, the truth us that I was dragged to see it fir an 8 year old's birthday party.

Trouble is, If you have to sit through 3 hours of Captain Marvel, I wonder if any of the dead characters would actually want to be brought back to life in the final film...

She's very bland as a character overall.

However if the viewer has watched a previous MCU film, there is a villain that makes a return that makes the twist feel incredibly predictable.

And man this movie was boring...

Brie Larson is terrific as Captain Marvel and the story was engaging.

This movie made me realize why work of fiction could be dull and boring.

The movie has a pretty good beginning, but the final third after the "big," ridiculous left-wing political message just limps to a pointless finish.

It was a fun ride and enjoyed it better than Wonder Woman.

It feels like a completely unnecessary movie and personally a waste of two good hours of my life.

The storyline was dull, a cat and Fury's eye stole the show.

Unwatchable .

-The story was very bland, took no risks.

It is visually stunning, with CGI surpassing earlier attempts to make characters look younger/older or "resurrecting" them.

Thank you Anna Boden for giving me the worst movie experience in my life.

Boring .

A film marked by excellent social critics but that loses a little by the predictable history.

She started actually being engaging during her training phase alongside Jude Law.

Enjoyable Origin Story, Failed Expectations .

In fact, I would consider some of them to be some of the most compelling characters in their respective movie and/or comic universes.

This was by far the worst movie and worst cast character in the MCU.

Worst and most boring Marvel movie I've ever seen.

Nothing really creative, but still an enjoyable ride with a new character in a plot with a "been there, done that feeling".

I see that most of the reviews are negative and I can only conclude that it's a concerted effort by disgruntled fan boys, who can't stand to see a female in the lead role, to trash what is a very entertaining film.

Admittedly I only went to see this so to keep up to date before end game and when the film started all I could think about was how Brie Larson has come across recently, however I found myself forgetting all about that and got totally immersed in the film pretty quick.

Ok, so it's not as good as other movies but is way better the first Captain America movie, which I had to watch 3 times before I could get to the end due to how boring it is...

I also liked that the film managed to bring about an unexpected twist, something rarely seen these days.

She wander around bumping into the plot now and then with a BORED superior look on her face the few instances where she shows emotion are anger look contipated laughter in weird jump cut scenes that look like the were added post production and bewlderment again looks like she is constipated the stars of the show are Samuel L.

Other themes are war and propaganda, memory and control, and yes, female equality.

The acting in this is good though, Brie Larson was good, she brought an inde feel to the character, but was hampered in my mind by the script making her bland and emotionless.

Captain Marvel / Carol Danvers, although showing potential at first, shown zero character development or significant arc, she remains unjustly cocky throughout and un-engaging for most of movie and ridiculously overpowered for no real reason other than she 'absorbed' an explosion and inherited these powers for no logical reason.

This movie was Captain Marvels origin story and I thought it was entertaining and easy to follow.

Don't waste your time .

Worst movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe .

First 20 Minutes I could say that movie was boring so if anyone who didn't watch the rest or fell asleep, they missed the good part.

I saw Captain Marvel yesterday and as a lover of Marvel movies I can say this movie is overrated because there is no plot in the movie and it's really boring .

Unexpected twists by the shapeshifting Skrulls2.

The acting was great, very enjoyable fight scenes and dialogues.

If she can destroy anything easily in a second , why she not finish everything at the beginning of the first minute of the film without the need for all this effort .. Also, the dramatic line is very naive and weak, similar to what is done in cheap films .. Added to the element of dazzling film is very weak .. If it achieved success in the box office, This is due to the propaganda made by the film The Avengers of the Infinity War

Every other marvel and DC movie have been overrated pieces of crap but this one is the most enjoyable besides the sequels of Batman & Captain America.

While it has some imperfections in exposition, Captain Marvel has some fresh twists to the superhero tropes and is consistently exciting, amusing, and visually pleasing .

Don't waste your time and money watching it, ask someone who did who is Captain Marvel, her super powers and that's it!

The 'live-action' action sequences aren't as involving as they could have been, mainly due to the poor editing, however they're still entertaining enough in the moment.

It's very entertaining and fun.

It's flat, boring and really, really underwhelming.

Captain Marvel is easily one of the best and most entertaining and I've seen them all.

Ho-Hum Marvel .

Pure propaganda .

In the begining I thought "man this is actually great and intriguing!

It shows trust and friendship but it's mostly just funny and thrilling to watch!

One of the worst marvel movies out there, very disappointed & a big waste of money.

Im only giving a 7 because it wasnt boring .

The movie is lazy and forced, it is just not done right, everything feels rushed and empty, she acts way more arrogant and chill at the same time than she should be, the script writting is awful.

What really disappointed me was how dull this movie is compared to other origin stories like black panther which for the record won a god damn award!

The connections to the stories that follow are entertaining and continue to show why the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the king of the interconnected franchises.

" Such a cheesy film with a boring story.

But overall it lacked heart in the plot, Carol was hella boring and generic.

As a result, a pretty boring experience is conceived.

The story is tried and unoriginal, the baseline feel is slow and boring like it's all building up to something that never develops.

Marvel films are also enjoyable to watch.

Yawn .

)We went as a family and enjoyed it.

It has a semi-confusing story line that is rushed through to make it work with other movies.

We get some interesting tid-bits to the backstory of the current state of the MCU but as a stand alone movie it absolutely fails at telling a self contained engaging story.

Besides being just plain out bland, I lay most blame on Brie Larson's utter lack of personality.

There has to be ups and downs in the story to keep us on the edge of our seats.

I enjoyed it .

I watched this in the cinema with my boyfriend and we were bored from the start.

Everyone I know that has watched it thoroughly enjoyed it !

Ignore all the boring comments and just go watch it.

It's very, very boring origin story.

The jokes are about as bland as the jokes from first Thor movie.

The character development was lazy and cliche to the point where it didn't even feel like development.

My girlfriend who is just so so on super hero movies most of the time really enjoyed it.

In truth, I was a little disappointed; I'm by now a little bored of the origin story formula, and though this tried to depart from it somewhat, the whole film seemed to lack a distinctive identity.

I enjoyed it about as much as Antman 2 actually so if you liked that one you will like this one too cause it's a similar blend of humor and action.

Brie Larson is soo unremarkable and boring she literally puts you to sleep with one look, which I guess is a superpower.

Worst movie of the MCU .

While it may not be as complex as "Captain America: The Winter Solider", or as grand as "Avengers: Infinity War", it is a fun and entertaining ride.

For me, it was a refreshing experience - sure, the CGI had kinda low quality sometimes (sorry, Goose), but the story is unpredictable, the jokes are funny, and - I repeat, for me - Carol is a likeable, strong character.

The beginning of Captain Marvel's movie, which was questioned so much by the audience, was also very confusing.

Entertaining AF .

First half is a bit slow, second half flows better.

Watching Danvers' story play out, complete with boggling plot twists and a scene-stealing friendly feline, is hugely entertaining.

Marvel still finding ways to stay new and exciting .

Bore .

Had so much potential, but failed to even be entertaining, ending up as a total disappointment.

Boring .


The narative is plain and boring.

Score was uninspiring, not bad, just not right in the moment.

Newest cliché Marvel .

Frankly, the funny situations with Jackson, Mendelsohn and the cat made it quite enjoyable.

Really, the 1 star ratings are mind boggling.

One of the worst movies I have seen, the acting by Brie Larson was so plastic and lack of facial expression were so boring.

it was just a bland movie overall

The action sequences are troublesome, snooze fest city to be honest - the film's strongest moments are the subplots of a main character in search of identity and meaning.

Spectacular but it's have some boring little stuff

Captain Marvel was a film that I liked a lot in general, however, he has some minimal things in the script that displeased me is predictable and weak making it just another Marvel movie, saturated ...

Brie Larson cannot act and her character was dull and uninteresting.

It was an unexpected plot twist for a Marvel movie, which is very good: "absolute evil" (like thanos and nazis) and "ambiguous evil" (like loki) became quite boring and tiresome.

Not only that, but the lack of any real lesson or moral of the movie makes for a boring, underwhelming, and disappointing beginning to a what can be a fantastic franchise.

Actually, all the actors did well and the effects look great but both the story and the main character are a bit ho-hum.

Waste of time.

It was a waste of time.

But sadly I found the character of Carol/Captain Marvel to be a tad dull and overall uninteresting.

Her powers are dope and thrilling to watch!

The acting was a bit cliché with lots of Jedi Council looks and working with mediocre script.

Total waste of money and time.

The fight scenes were boring and had absolutely no tension.

Just like its predecessors it's action packed and filled with humour.

I was yawning at points.

The plot was fairly lacking, most of the characters were unmemorable, the nostalgia and soundtrack were nice, the dialogues were a bit bland, the action was pretty good.

The story was boring, the acting was stiff and corny.

Seriously, I almost walked out of the theater...

Lol), and it had some fun twists that were unexpected!

Captain Marvel follows the Marvel formula and becomes a decent addition to the shared universe, but due to the lead's bland acting, a convoluted story, and the slow pacing, this new solo film shows to be inferior to the last entrees in the franchise, despite having an amazing soundtrack and great visuals.

This film was shocking stale and boring acting from Brie Larson and boring story which progressed slower than a snail.

Worst MU movie, boring .

As always the CGI is top of the line and is great to see, I'm not flaming the movie but it felt as if it dragged in parts which I think is largely due to the writing because of what's going on and how long they focus on it (which is too long).

I enjoyed it a lot.

Her running gait is nonathletic, her punches look wrong, her movements are slow.

Very formulaic .

I found the third act in particular to be the most exciting part of the entire film.

In my opinion this strength gets really boring and isn't special and feels that it doesn't use skill or thoughts.

Sure has its flaws, but entertaining enough .

Boring plot and villain.

Jackson brings a spark of life that's otherwise missing, and the climax is powerful and engaging.

Then they pull the old "the guys you thought were bad were good" which just makes the movie more confusing.

That scene was funny and entertaining at the same time and the MCU we know for quite a long time now.

This movie was awesome, I really enjoyed it.

Not as good as latest Superhero Origin Movies, but still enjoyable .

As a result, I found this movie to be very dull.

But the formula used by Marvel has become repetitive: the protagonist gains their powers, loses their powers and soon after an event, she returns with their powers.

Her performance was forced, uninspiring and flat!

The script is eloquent and the story is engaging.

Some funny parts but a pretty bland here introduction movie.

During a mission, I can only say that "everything goes wrong" and our heroine is stranded alone on Earth, searching for one of the Skrull leaders before he is able to threaten all life in the universe, the film is still a very fun and exciting adventure as the captain strives to save the universe as he gradually discovers more details of his past.

The movie is slow paced,not funny as most marvel movies are and no good story its just a mess who ever wrote or directed this should be ashamed.

Characters, story telling, background music, continuity of the MCU,this movie is definitely the worst movie Marvel ever made till this date!

It is more like she is an empty shell with no identifiable personality.

This movie tries hard to reach woman and girls, so much so that it changed the Captain Marvel story and made it boring.

If it wasn't for Sam Jackson, Ben Mendolson, or even the cat the movie would been a very dry watch.

Well worth watching .

Whilst it has, thank God, none of the stupid gender cliches Wonder Woman had, it was surprisingly boring for an Almost-2020-Movie.

Boring .

Had some nice moments but mostly boring in-between, actually boring for most of the film.

Very slow pace and does not get better as the movie unfolds.

Brie Larson is so boring .

I had high hopes but it was uninspiring.

The end of the work does not differ so much from other Marvel films, being extremely predictable, and very cliché, with elements and techniques already used by the company, besides in a certain nucleus, some solutions to the allegories present in the film are not consistent with scenes presented in previous releases of the same.

In this movie, I liked most parts, but some parts are just slow at times.

SJW propaganda being showed down the throats .

It had a few distinctive touches which made it more exciting and worth my time.

While watching the movie, I was bored for some time like in conversations, for example.

More enjoyable than Wonder Woman.

It winds up being a completely dull experience, which is the worst thing a colourful superhero movie can be.

Some suspense in that regard could have helped empathise more with her confusion and shock at being gaslighted and betrayed etc.I also absolutely loved the character of Carol Danvers.

I am not going to write my full length review here, because I fell asleep during some of the moments (I was tired).

With old slow computers and pinball machines it bought humour to the film and also would bring pleasant memories to people who were bought up within this time period.

The banter especially between Larsen and Jackson was really enjoyable.

"Cockpit" jokes are 5th grader level, and the bland Mary Sue-ness of the star also made it unpleasant.

The movie was boring and added nothing to the MCU.

Still, I did find it to be entertaining.

Let alone tons of absurd and cringe-worthy stuff: paying homage to the '90s by showing slow loading processes and not-working web pages, a pandering to diversity through the movie's so-called messages in a most heavy-handed, and superficial way, outdated CGI, some of the corniest and cheesiest lines, etc.As much as I love this franchise, the humor in MCU usually doesn't work for me as it does for many people.

This movie is a huge mess, it has a wildly inconsistent tone, extremely boring one-note characters, awful pacing, and worst of all, an absolute nothing of a main character.

This movie, yes it is a typical super hero movie, yes it can be predictable, maybe even corny.

It's a grotesquely disjointed addition to the previous (awesome) Avenger movies, and a preachy bore.

Boring, bad, forgettable and great performance by the cat.

Jude Law also seemed out of place, his character remains unconvincing and boring throughout the movie.

Boring.. period.

The acting is poor, visual effects go back and forth between great and horrible, script is as generic and bland as it can possibly be.

The script was disorganized, but other elements made the film enjoyable.

More like captain Boring .

Fell asleep the first time .

It is not the worse, at all, it's enjoyable.

She is bland, with an extremely limited emotional range.

The movie was about as bland and uninspired as it gets.

Feminist propaganda .

A horribly shoehorned-in effort and a real misstep for Marvel at a time when they've been having such a great run, passably enjoyable at best.

Was really excited to see CM and how she would fit in the MCU, but the actress's blandness and the over the too (sometimes) corniness that she couldnt pull off we're enough to bore me to tears.

CM was BORING and Larsons wears her smug personality on her sleeve.

He is 'Captain Marvel' despite the lawsuits and confusion from the past.

Besides that, it was just a chore to sit through (arguably its greatest sin), because there are so many lulls in the film.

It was so boring and generally a forgettable movie.

Captain marvel was a boring non emotional character who ends up being as much a Mary Sue as Rey in Star Wars.

This is by far one of the weakest and most boring MCU movies since the black panther.

Sorry MCU,you shat the bed on this one and tried shoehorning an obvious, predictable and boring movie right before Endgame to get that franchise moolah and it shows.

I enjoyed it....

A very dry character who just reacts to other characters without bringing her own personality to the movie.

Instead of getting a strong, independent, relatable character however, audiences were treated to a whiny, bland, overpowered characterization of one of Marvel's most powerful and deep characters.

I literally fell asleep in this movie it was that boring.

Just as Guardians of the Galaxy was a fun romp with a killer soundtrack, Captain Marvel is filled with artefacts of the 90s set to a selection of hits from the early 90s that is thoroughly entertaining.

Copy and paste to the next one..This was a very entertaining and well acted movie and is also a nick fury origin story as well so you get a 2-fer

Very bland couldn't wait to leave .

Boring movie .

Also Brie Larson gives a very unconvincing and bland potrayl as Captain marvel.

Lame acting by lead actor, poor background story and the incredible amount of boredom this movie provides you with is just ridiculous.

While is had some downs and that's why only a 9 but still a great movie and I highly recommend it.

The acting especially of the lead character played by Brie was so bad and boring.. this movie is just chow fodder meant by Marvel seeking to make more money from MCU by their fans doesn't add anything special or new in any way...

Only reason it's doing well is feminist propaganda .

Pretty much had to endure a dull, non intriguing story line that was jumping around so much I didn't understand the point of the movie until it was almost done.

The pace was perfect, the imagery was fantastical and colorful, the characters were engaging.

Nothing spectacular, checking of the superhero list, but enjoyable to watch.

SO boring movie and no more jokes and comedy in this movie

Not essential, but still very entertaining.

And at the end of all the cliché, the villain was the person who was on her side from the start.

The storyline is INCREDIBLY mundane, utterly prosaic, to the point of being boring.

I saw this movie as somewhat of a coming of age story since she is discovering who she is.

It's boring and forgettable.

#MarvelComics #Marvel #StanLee #Disney #BrieLarson #CaptainMarvel #Avengers The music was perfect, as there are both exciting film music and pop / rock music from the 90s, which again underlines the time back then, 1995, and makes you feel more into the time.

My kids were bored and that's never a good sign.

While there are definitely some entertaining moments in Captain Marvel, the film overall feels flat and rehearsed with a cobbled-together storyline.

I've been a big fan of the Marvel films long before Iron Man, but this is the worst movie Marvel Studios has put out.

I just wish story-writers would consider those of us who need multiple layers of interest and compelling narrative.

This is a better movie then people say it is I enjoyed it except for the bad guy and captain marvels character was most of the time bad other then that good

Horrible bland film with the most miscast actress of any movie ever...

It's so boring.

A very boring pop-corn movie.

Despite all the negative reviews online i think Captain Marvel was very well done and entertaining film.

The film was entertaining, not preachy as people have said and I love the banta between Fury and Captain Marvel.

It was extremely boring; I think my attention was caught for as much as 2 minutes throughout the entire movie.

The film dragged at times and was missing a lot of action.

But reports from many theatres that the seats were empty.

The power set displayed by Captain Marvel is visually exciting and new for the M.

All in all it was a good Marvel movie, if you're looking for something groundbreaking cinematically you're in the wrong place but it is thoroughly enjoyable.

Total waste of money.

Overall well worth the watch and not just to better understand Endgame!

I enjoyed it, fit well with the Marvel Universe.

Even our cute blonde heroine came across quite dull.

That kind of jostling made the movie into a failed juggling act; the tone was all over the place, making it hard to follow the plot.

Brie Larson looks like we want Captain Marvel to look but she does a very poor job in the action scenes and her boring dialogue is hard to pay attention to.

The acting was treacherous and it seemed like the director wanted to turn this into some feminist propaganda movie.

Enjoyably battles but the rest of the film was dull

No plot, no character development, no special effects.

I think the best scene was when Carol remembered her friend, it was exciting.

Not sure why so many Alita fans dislike this movie and Brie Larson, but I saw it twice and quite enjoyed it

This movie easily surpasses Thor, Doctor Strange, and The Incredible Hulk in terms of being an entertaining and well thought out introduction to a new character.

Boring and not catchy at all .

Within the first half an hour, fell asleep.

Don't waste your money on it.

Dont waste your time and money!

So dull and Brie Larson was terrible!

Man.. this was a boring movie.

The premise is generic at most things that take place are boring and have been done before.


The film was rushed and uneventful.

Ignore these reviews on here it's a good watch and the ending is full of action and really enjoyable.

The entire beggining of the movie shows Captain Marvel (CM) as a member of the Kree starforce thinking of herself as a Kree (utterly pointless as anyone familiar with the MCU will already know she is human.

Captain Marvel 2019 12A director: Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck starring: Brie Larsson,Samuel l jackson,Ben Mindleson,Jude Law,Clark Gregg and Lashana Lynch etcoverall rating 74/100Captain Marvel was mostly what i expect from a marvel film thrilling for the most part,entertaining and intriguing.

Where is that adrenaline rush when i see every movie of marvel!

The final battle was thrilling, full with power beams and other CGI, nothing was bad and I was actually impressed.

Personally enjoyed it very much, storyline was ok, acting pretty good.

Suprisling entertaining .

Even the lavish special effects couldn't spark an interest in the dull, formulaic directing and screen writing.

Even his story for the movie coming up has changed dramatically but promises to be really entertaining and fun.

After 30 mintues of boredom, the shoe is on to the end .

A really enjoyable and visually beautiful film with a strong female character.

Completely invincible heroes are boring and give no excitement.

film was slow and confusing and pretty much boring .

Film was slow and confusing and pretty much boring, its no make Adventure filling.

It's all too bland.

Like I understand there will be another part to this movie..but for now..its a waste of time

The pace was solid, albeit predictable for a comic book film...

The plot, the script, and the "jokes" all felt like they were all cookie cut cliche tropes and Frankenstein stitched together to make a whole movie.

The story had a couple of really slow spots.

The movie itself is wonderful .. And worth watching.

I enjoyed it.

NIce story line, but little overacting .. Over all , a enjoyable movie ...

Boring movie, boring performance .

Terrible, boring, pointless.

This film is very tedious and nonsense.

Boring and uninspired .

Brie's acting wasnt very exciting.

After watching this movie there is only thing I want to say, Please don't waste your time and money watching this movie.

Probably the worst movie from Marvel.

Probably the most boring film out of the Marvel universe hands down.

Brie Larson does an incredible job as Captain Marvel who turns quite unpredictable and indestructible when filled with anger.

Captain Marvel is an entertaining partially standalone movie, that mostly serves as a prequel to Avengers Endgame, if you watch the post credits scene.

Very much a slow burner, liked the 90s setting and a young fresh faced Nick Fury, classic 90s songs too!

But overall I left the theater wanting my money and my time back.

Whilst it is entertaining it all seems like the appetiser for something better to come.

I recently watched Captain Marvel and I was surprised over how boring it was.

This is literally one the worst movies I've ever seen.

And made for a fast paced film.

Boring one dimensional acting.

Boring .

Worth watching if you are interested in every possible little background detail before Endgame, or if you are bored and can't come up with any better options.

The characters themselves were charming, but very bland.

Boring .

The most boring and rushed MCU movie .

Thankfully, directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck's Captain Marvel is one of the better more enjoyable instalments introducing shapeshifting aliens Skrulls and the Kree, powerful humanoid warriors.

It is very bland, no heart to the main protagonist.

Captain Marvel seems to be a boring expressionless "hero" who does not do anything heroic throughout the movie.

The movie keeps telling you that captain marvel cant control her emotions but Brie Larson (one of the worst actors in history) does a bland and boring performance and shows no emotion what so ever.

I found Brie Larson to be expressionless and monotone, and I felt another actress such as Emily Blunt or Anne Hathaway could have played the role with much more personality.

Confusing and dull .

I was bored and my mind drifted a lot during it.

So predictable, like people said, a "Green Lantern," reboot.

I thought the movie was entertaining and a good origin story fit into 2 plus hours.

About everything was predictable, and I mean seriously, like every second tiny scene.

Main actress is unlikable and bland.

Waste of your money .

There's a "big plot twist" but it's very predictable from the start of the movie.

I felt that there was no character development, and that the story was one of the most predictable origin stories that marvel has made so far.

This is expected with a marvel film but Captain Marvel delivered well in enough places in order to make for a entertaining film.

That being said, I did find the film to be just a bit on the bland side.

This is quite a fascinating way to tell a story.

I also found Jude Law's character to be rather bland, which is a shame because he's very important to the movie.

Is Captain Marvel a propaganda piece, filled with subtle messages and offensive to male audiences?

Fast, predictable and boring.

This movie is fun, inspiring, and action packed.

All that said, Captain Marvel is perfectly enjoyable and a very fun and entertaining ride.

We do not need captain marvel at all, all I know is that marvel and disney could have done much better than this boring popcorn movie.

No plot, no script, just noise and relentless CGI.

The storyline is pretty bland and got quite boring in parts.

It is a very bad movie, with no message at all, bad story, bad acting, even from Samuel L.

Has to be one of my top 3 worst movies I have ever had to endure.

Also some jokes were predictable, even if they were good.

In many ways Captain Marvel was very two dimensional and bland, exhibiting little that the audiences can relate to.

Worst movie I have seen in years.

At first I will not deny did not want to watch, only then was getting more emotion and adrenaline.

Very good movie, worth watching (probably several times).

I was bored out of my mind most of the movie.

I thoroughly enjoyed it; and I am looking forward to seeing more Captain Marvel adventures.

Didn't expect the remake of live beauty action beauty & the beast made billionI feel sorry for battle angel alita, the adrenaline watching marvel can't surpass alita.

Super boring .

▪ CGI 8,5/10 ▪Music 10/10 ▪Heroes 9,5/10▪ Supporting roles 7,5/10 ▪Costumes 9,5/10 ▪Genre 10/10 ▪Dialogues 7/10 ▪Storyline a bit confusing but 6/10 ▪ Villians 7,5/10 Conclusion: A worth seeing Marvel comic film with varied plot with good Origin story is both exciting and funny.

This movie was completely boring the whole way through.

The 3D effects were enjoyable and the film as a whole pretty watchable.

But the back story was great and she makes a very entertaining super hero.

She feels too dull.

The whole first two-thirds of the film is pretty slow going, and Jude Law is out of place in a part that signals the movie's core twist far too early.


Lacking any type of backstory makes this movie uninteresting.

This movie is the worst movies ever made in the history of MCU.

As a Marvel (movie) fan, this movie was very enjoyable.

Boring, bad acting, terrible writting, and they cram the soundtrack down you throat.

Lots of FUN & entertaining.

Bland and bossy, why is origin story so boring and just straight up bad, why was only Nick Fury sent to investigate denvers, how did denvers crashing went unnoticed by howard stark.

However the movie was a little bit hard to follow as I got confused between who are the real villains.

Captain Propaganda!

"Overall the movie is enjoyable, not nearly as bad as the haters and people so threatened by anything resembling SJW stuff that they will crap on it if it has a female lead in it.

And the fact is that they are using feminist propaganda and i hate when u put in stuff like that, and brie didnt fit at all to play captain marvel, U dont wanna see this movie its bad Save your money!!

Boring, slow, dull, obnoxious...

17", steadily supplying mediocre uninteresting films such as Captain Marvel, ruining the well-established canon - films made for the sake of the current moment, it may be the beginning of the end for so called the "Marvel Renaissance".

Dull story .

It's a bland and flavorless.

All development occurs out of chronological order, it seems that confusion of information, is necessary are some issues that arise during the film.

I have some grievances with this one, namely lack of any style or originality in the writing or direction but the chemistry between Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson helps to make this an enjoyable watch.

The last two quarters of the film were very action packed, and almost seemed rushed.

It's an excuse to string together snappy dialog and fun scenes.

i would've gave the show 6 stars if it wasn't for this pointbut despite these shortcomings i still believe its worth a watch, it was completely boring, at some points it was even interesting.

Furthermore, it was also, for non-comic book fans, hopelessly confusing.

Fabulous soundtrack and a very enjoyable film.

It was enjoyable.

Now the movie, the movie had a simple but dull plot with her old life and then the twist in the end just felt lacking and the aliens who got rescued really could have used some remodeling or something for more classy.

That being said, it's still fun and entertaining and it raises more curiosity and excitement for the upcoming film, Avengers: Endgame.

The first two quarters of the film were pretty slowpaced and confusing.

Wanted to like it but it was too boring.

Marvels worst movie I have ever seen in my life..

Enjoyable, pretty funny addition to the MCU.

I enjoyed it.. .

I took my 80 year old father to see this after subjecting him to many previous marvel movies and he throughly enjoyed it, as did I.

A thoroughly enjoyable origin story.

I feel as though it accomplishes this goal, and with stellar performances from Brie Larson and Ben Mendelssohn it is as entertaining as t is satisfying.

JK, it's an enjoyable, fun time like most MCU films are.

Dont waste ur time .

This is not a masterpiece but is a thoroughly enjoyable movie, good cast, good fake cat, good writing, solid jokes, good characters, especially female ones (more interesting than Wonder-gorgeous-but-boring-Woman), and solid plot.

My son liked it but when I turned to my wife even she thought it was uninspiring.

Was bored to tears and Brie Larson is the worst.

Worth watching.

Pure trash a waste of money and time.

Brie Larson wasn't very helpful because she played the role boring too with no enthusiasm.

Im not paid to review, Im a working dad of two and my views may not matter, but the film is entertaining, funny and not for one minute did I feel like there was 'male' bashing, hidden messages or anything else.

Dislikes - SJW propaganda, with tacky and cheesy "female empowerment" messages that have no place in a movie of this sort.

I also think Carol's character is kinda boring for a lot of the time.

Brie Larson is utterly emotionless and boring.

Cinematography is about as predictable as possible...

Seemed more like a movie about gender equality than anything else, which is fine except that to be a good movie you still need an engaging plot, credible dialogue, credible action scenes and an ending that doesn't spiral out the realm of believable, even for a sci-fi where most people suspend reality for a bit.

If there's one thing that can kill a superhero movie it's being boring.

A breathtakingly-unoriginal hero extremely unpopular in comics stealing everything from Shazam's name to Supergirl's look/alter-ego to basically everything about Green Lantern's pilot-turned-spacecop backstory and Corps IP is given a brutally-weak film with ultra-politicized plotting riddled with eye-rolling one-liners, condescending cat-pandering, a contrived generic narrative with no real villainous or strong opposing presence to purposely coddle/uplift its hero, & an absolute trainwreck of casting in Brie Larson being *thoroughly* unlikeable in every way and sleep-walking through the entire film.

In spite of an incredible performance of both the protagonist and the other actors, the weak plot could not hold the attention as expected, the story gradually became very predictable and nauseating, of course, saving some parts as the scene in which fragments of memories of Carol were showing every time she fell into her life, the message passed behind this is really incredible, the fact they wear something as current as the female power to show that women are rising even stronger than they fell makes the film even more valued for the female audience, these are remarkable scenes that deserve even more prominence, the fact that they are brief, makes the best parts of the film seem not so important.

The plot twist was predictable and the writing was lazy.

I found the Heroine confusing.

The dialogue is bland, the acting is mostly bad, the plot is ho-hum.

Fun and entertaining.

After the successes of Best Picture nominee "Black Panther" and "Avengers: Infinity War" (both 2018), the MCU seems to have retreated into a comedic hiatus before the anticipated "Endgame," with formulaic entries in "Ant-Man and the Wasp" (2018) and, now, "Captain Marvel.

Very slow pace and doesn't do justice to any of the characters both new and old.

Started off a little confusing with all sorts of disconnected flashbacks, then when they finally connected them...

Uninspiring .

Enjoyable and entertaining .

Long story short though, the movie's lackluster story and boring attitude of the main protagonist, some forced scenes made it feel rushed.

I found it enjoyable with a good mix of action and fight scenes alongside nostalgia and light-hearted comedy.

I left the theater wanting my money back.

The acting was forced by Larson, who had zero charisma and failed to wow at the most opportune times, with poor choices of music that were much too cliche for action sequence.

and i really enjoyed it.

Ok, so over all it's a 12 out of 10 when it comes to being entertaining.

Definitely worth the watch, don't let the negative reviews deter you.

Well, this film is entertaining from start to finish, me and my spouse have enjoyed it during entire screen time.

It took everything I had to stay awake while watching this.

What messages it contains are thankfully more understated than one may have expected, and it does indeed appeal to wide audiences, who will probably appreciate it if not as another Civil War or Infinity War, at least as a competent and entertaining episode in the ever-growing Marvel franchise.

But will they lose quite a few due to boredom?

the worst movie in the universe .

In fact, it's quite enjoyable, except for the absurdly overlong third act that almost made me want to skip and fast forward till I get to the very end.

Alot of scenes would look even better on an UHD OLED, I found the colors spectrum in theatre projection to be a bit dull.

15 minutes in and I'm bored.

The music was perfect, as there are both exciting film music and pop / rock music from the 90s, which again underlines the time back then, 1995, and makes you feel more into the time.


It's all predictable.

Tables are turn, which is dranating, interesting and exciting.

Boring .

My wife found it really boring and we both agree that the real Captain Marvel much better.

The actors were true to their characters within the confines of a fairly simple story and spoke some truly entertaining dialogue - Samuel L.

The movie has no message, NONE.

Please save your money and time for another Marvel movie, if you are a Marvel fan.

I don't think that this movie worth to be one of the Marvel's movie, soo boring !!

Well, watched the movie last night and must say that I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Save your money .

Its worth the watch.

Entertaining fun .

Confusing at first and surprising at the end.

This movie didn't quite meet it's expectations, but it was enjoyable in my case.

Story even though it is not so predictable (as the Black panther was), it was dry and slow paced.

the way they linked captin marvel and the end of ant-man 2 was unexpected.

Bland story .

The action scenes actually had me on the edge of my seat.

Yes, it can be boring & confusing at the same time.

The first half of the film was slow and confusing and pretty much boring.

Good movie, first 20 min were a bit slow and confusing then got better.

This is such an action packed, woman empowering fantastically put together movie.

Very boring .

Too long and boring from time to time Good things: Good performances of Annette Bening, Jude Law, Sam Jackson and Ben MendelsohnGood tunes from the 90'sPretty CGIThe cat

Interesting, compelling characters, original while still fitting story and tonnes of humour.

Brie did a really great job to make this film very worth watching and I've seen it for the second time in the theater.

The reason why she couldn't fully use her powers was because of some chip which was just boring.

And when I say confusing, I don't mean in a good way.

there has to be high stakes, or else it gets boring real quickly.

A film with no story beyond being a hate crime against men and those of color, It even failed in the most basic of story elements.

Entertainment throughout, action packed with comedy scenes.

Captain Marvel the lastest edition to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) was Entertaining, Funny and Smart.

Such confusion is indispensable for Carol Danvers (main character) to know who she is.

But if the main character had been a man with the same predictable plot and cardboard character development, it would have been panned as one of the worst movies in the MCU.

I really enjoyed it.

As far as the script, although I appreciated her back story, the overall story seemed somewhat contrived.

the movie is Boring....

People who say it's boring, that's your opinion.

Over all a very entertaining and enjoyable .

But this movie is on the level of Thor 2 in terms of how dull it was, at least Thor 2 had a central villain.

It doesn't have the complex villain or the thought provoking subject matter that made Black Panther and Winter Soldier so great, but it's an above average marvel movie and that's fine, it's a really enjoyable 2 hours, similar to Doctor Strange and Thor: Ragnarok

To put it simply; The movie was fun,enjoyable,one of the only movies in which the story line actually surprised me, the references to the 90's were awesome, acting was great.

But the plot was engaging, comic book level of mystery and backstory, well-paced, intelligent premise, probably the strongest moral argument of all the Marvel films (anti-Thanos all the way...

No, but definitely good and worth the watch.

Thoroughly enjoyed it .

I was, as others have said, bored with this movie.

Boring 90's camp.