Captive State (2019) - Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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Set in a Chicago neighborhood nearly a decade after an occupation by an extraterrestrial force, 'Captive State' explores the lives on both sides of the conflict - the collaborators and dissidents.

Director: Rupert Wyatt
Stars: John Goodman, Ashton Sanders
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 109 out of 344 found boring (31.68%)

One-line Reviews (281)

It's rather confusing and vague.

Captive State is a different type of alien movie with some interesting points, but the drawn out story and mediocre acting make the film intolerable.

For people who are familiar with Sci-Fi films, the events in the film can sometimes seem somewhat familiar or predictable.

No script, no character development, no tension, no sci-fi, no action...

It includes one scene with a bloodied character and the clear implication of a torture/beating.

Slow like hell.

REVIEW - CAPTIVE STATEThere have been a number of films recently when you watch the trailer and the film seems to be one genre but then when you see the actual film it actually is something quite different, a recent example of this was They Came By Night which by the trailer seems to be a fast paced horror but in actual fact turned out to be a slow paced thriller.

This is one of the worst movies ever.

But the most important are the unexpected last 5 minutes, and no you cannot fast forward to see directly the end or you will miss the thing...

Dull, incoherent story.

Overall it's definitely a solid film to watch but the dialogue and the message is so cliché and unnecessary at this point and bogged the movie down incredibly .

However, it had the effect of making the film boring as you are unable to connect with the characters until the credit roll.

And the tv show "colony" did something similar to captive state, but much more intresting and fun to watchMost the movie is wasted showing needles deatils, the acting is wooden, thre isn't any character development, a confusing plot and story.

They managed to create a new exciting take on alien invasion.

Maybe you could see the plot twist coming from a mile a way, but it was suspenseful enough to keep you hoping the end would play out as you were hoping.

But, hey, I get it, we need to freshen up the already tired French Resistance cliche, so we get movies like this.

109 minutes of mainly what looked like a constant reverse scavenger hunt, leading to a great, albeit predictable ending.

Overall I enjoyed it even if the American in me was looking for some more fireworks.

But sadly this movie is simply a waste of time I'm gonna cruise YouTube to find discussions on this movie especially the ending.

Well for starters, the editing is just plain bad, cutting to different angles every two seconds to pointless close-up reactions of characters, which brings no impact to a scene whatsoever.

An intriguing espionage story set in a distopian future .

It creates one of the most intense and anxiety producing reactions I've ever had watching a movie.

Waste of time.

Boring .

I read some of the negative reviews, written by the pretentious, I so desperately need attention critics, realizing these people have miserable lives.

Total waste of time.

It's worth a watch and did have some good action sequences that kept it suspenseful.

It was kind of a snooze fest.

Most of the negative reviews seem to revolve around the "lack of plot" or "complex story".

Captive State of confusion .

Sometimes our imagination of what happens is more exciting than watching a director try and play it out step-by-step on screen.

In some ways, this is a detriment, as it makes some payoffs feel very numb and sorta empty.

In the end, the second act machinations are too convoluted and confusing with the entire plot involving the conspiracy (which turns out to be a staged set-up) proving to be not so exciting with rather predictable scenes of annihilation by alien entities who have come out of their cocoon deep underground.

This makes the film a rather dreary affair, no matter who lives or dies, the audience doesn't care.

We quite enjoyed it.

like pointless cloverfield this movie goes nowhere showing us on the way just enough to stay still.

one of the worst movies ever.

Boring and absurd .

One of the most boring and absurd movies I have ever seen in my life...

I wouldn't recommend seeing it in theaters, if it looks appealing to you, I would wait to see it when it is on Netflix or something "cheap" as it is entertaining.

It was just a tedious mess that didn't seem to make any choices.

That said, it certainly is far from entertaining and hardly suitable for some light-hearted Saturday night family past-time.

The lack of dialogue made the movie hard to follow at first.

The thing I look for in movies, a good/ gripping story that makes sense and is interesting to me, actors who make it a believable journey and visual aesthetics.

This progression can be seen as helpful or a waste of time if you aren't the sort of person to try and piece together a story - as you start from pretty much nothing at all.

This unspecified symbolism is empty.

Instead you get surveillance state propaganda the entire thing.

But the whole way of things happening was a bit pretentious, shallow and messy.

This movie started out good for the first 10 mins or so and then it got boring.

The movie is slow.

I just waste 109 minutes of my life.

The low-budget associated to a terrible screenplay make a boring but intriguing film.

When I say there is no script I mean there is no begining, no middle, and no ending.

That this cheap trick is already trite and tired is enough that it's starting to fade from popularity.

hard to follow story line and boring.

I would have liked more action, and a bigger budget, but I quite enjoyed it for what it was.

Captive State is certainly worth a look (or even a second one), despite a poorly edited and drawn out second Act, since the climax wields a powerful punch.

Don't waste your time.

The most boring alien invasion movie ever .

This is a real movie so many people will find it boring.

This is where the film loses focus--because if you don't realize that the conspirators are all on a suicide mission and their plan is designed to fail, you will find a good deal of what happens before you, confusing (to put it mildly).

The movie is rather slow paced, the introduction is drawn out and could've been summed up in short to avoid being repetitive.

By the time it made any sense, was at the very end, I had forgotten 3/4ers of what I had watched cause it was so boring and to understand it better, required you to start the movie from the beginning again with this new discovered mentally ie 'what if the whole plan was to fail?

Either way, great performances and the ending certainly deserves some points as the only main thrilling part, so it's a very generous 7/10 from me.

Very enjoyable film, good part played by John Goodman, I challenge any SCI-FI fan to not like this, I find the rating of 6.1 unfair and totally wrong.

A lot of the characters were boring and static.

There were some confusing jumps in logic and it was hard to get past that a certain someone couldn't keep the anti tracker collar on and not to mention, no one figured out that the trackers can listen in to conversations.

A decent film worth the watch.

An exciting, very fast paced flick sorta about aliens.

This movie is a total waste of time for people who loves decent sci fi.

Plus there were some confusing parts of the script

Slow and boring.

Characters are not complicated, and nobody is crying "you don't know what's like to be me," or contrived racial hatred.

A film that lacks character/story development, dull direction, and a script that handles a story that is very much uninteresting.

A two-hour movie doesn't have time for that kind of depth and relies on viewers paying extra-close attention to lots of little details, which can be jarring and confusing.

I was expecting to watch an enjoyable movie, unfortunately, it was boring, slow, no action, the aliens just appear in a few scenes, and unrealistic, also the twist part wasn't surprised, you can expect John motivation since the beginning of the movie, beside the end wasn't satisfied.

you teeter on the verge of boredom, then it slaps you in the face and says "wake up!

It's a convoluted and boring alien invasion drama that spends its abundant runtime (wait...

If you're like me and you don't like waiting two hours to find out what you're watching, then don't waste your time on this film.

I do have to say that there was a lot of clever writing with how the resistance pieces together their plan, and the espionage was mildly intriguing.

You see there is a very tin like between Creativity and Entertaining.

Captive State is an excellent film that shuns excessive CGI special effects in favour of a suspenseful story and great acting by a multiracial cast.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time trying to figure out what was happening and what was going on.

Honestly one of the most boring movies I have ever seen.. if it wasn't for this quarantine I don't think I could have finished the movie.

There's also just so many pointless montages in the movie, like most of the second act is just convoluted with scenes that just make no sense at all.

First of all, i was very interested in sci fi movie and this movie was the worst movie i have ever watched in my life.

The execution could have been a lot more refined though Shame, this is a waste of an oppurtunity, but most of all, time.

Very slow and boring, don't waste your time with this.

I am so so getting bored so fast.

No story no characters don't waist your time and money


Such a confusing, frustrating movie.

A visually well put together film with a political message that is truly unnecessary and borders on leftist propaganda from Hollywood once again.

Great twist at the end, exciting, good acting.

Don't waste ur time

Even with a large Diet Coke and a bag of Sour Patch Kids, I found it hard to stay awake.

So boring and pointless, I fast forwarded after 20 mins .

What a waste of time.

I loved the slow pace, I loved the acting, I simply enjoyed this movie.

No '10min gun battle" or "action" for the sake of "action", but the film is engaging from start to finish.

It was thrilling from the start to the end and it had a great ending.

If someone does not watch this movie to the last minute, he'll end up in confusion because the "plot" completes and clarifies itself right there.

It's both frustratingly confusing and narratively intriguing, once the final frame cuts to black.

I have seen so many movies in theaters this year I'm on a first name basis with some of the staff at the local movie theater, this was hands down one of the worst movies I have seen this year.

It's a layered story and worth watching.

A surprisingly engaging alien invasion (rather, occupation) film.

It's not spectacular, but it's decent and enjoyable, with a I didn't see that coming ending.

Goodman, while giving an engaging performance, doesn't quite sell a central tension of his character.

The movie was very dark and confusing.

I will say I was definitely held in a captive state watching this movie very entertaining throughout and John Goodman is great as always.

Nice dreary and oppressive environment-had the right feel throughout the film.

Instead it's all just so heavily fast paced that is counteracts with the ambiguity the screenplay has set the movie up.

Movie is entertaining, and very well made.

Right now, I just want to sleep cause I was bored stiff.

This movie bores me.

I got bored a quarter into and actually lost interest in the story.

Very enjoyable .

The result is that the movie feels disjointed, distant, and pointless, and the direction is so haphazard and muddled that it's difficult to really get a sense of what's happening and what it all means, even in the mild context of the movie itself.

Often times the movies would just be trapped in this roundabout of shots, that just seem so uninteresting and repetitive.

The story is expecting you from the beginning to understand that you need to pay attention and if you do just that you'll get immersed in no time.

Captive State (2019) is indeed a suspenseful thriller full of undercover agents, spies, policemen and a few aliens, with a profoundly dark and hardly optimistic atmosphere.

There are a lot of twist that most of the time are completely unpredictable.

But that was of course pointless considering other 98 minutes.

It was interesting but slow.

The direction and music score is so dull and grim.

This movie isn't for everyone, because it's a slow burn.

The story well written, interesting and exciting without having to have car chases and explosions every turn.

Like I said, it's interesting but a little drab.

It felt like I dropped into an episode halfway a mediocre series.. Stuffs happening, so intense, so meh..

I (as per usual during rubbish movies) fell asleep during it, multiple times.

He fell asleep.

Some Creative Elements But a Mostly Boring Slog .

Do expect Sully to be walking around a lot trying to be tough, the odd alien bringing some entertainment to an otherwise banal and pointless movie and a really mindblowing twist at the end (yes that is 100% sarcasm) that you'll never see coming...

You know this kind of movie : self-absorbed, pretentious, forgetting to tell an entertaining story.

It's an interesting political thriller with the dressing of a Sci-fi movie, that's overall mediocre and it has the tendency to get real dull at times, sometimes so dull you'll...

Dont waste ur time watching it,it's boring n long with no victual effects

All in all, I found this movie enjoyable and happily introduce it to my list of favorite Sci-Fi movies.

Don't waste your time.

All in all, this entire operation is initially fairly incoherent and difficult to follow.

But it became confusing.

But the movie is just poorly done and a waste of time.

It seemed like a suspenseful and action-rich Science Fiction about extraterrestrial dominance and their reign.

If you like romantic, drama movies then don't waste your time and come on here to complain about a this movie that clearly states the direction the movie is going in!

I mean, they had it all: a good cast with the always astonishing John Goodman (William Mulligan) as one of the protagonists, beautiful visual effects that elevated the set design, and the aliens actually have an intriguing physical shape.

However, I walked out of the theater after investing an hour of time hoping to see or get something out of this film.

CAPTIVE STATE is just entertaining enough to keep you engaged for the duration.

Supriseingly good, atmospheric, unpredictable, fresh, provocking, and strongly directed and acted.

The allegorical nature of the story is made clear during this rally where a complacent public is depicted as submissive, lulled into believing the aliens have brought unity to the planet.

Boring and you'll be wondering why you wasted time on this movie.

One of the worst movies I have ever watched, it's just wasting time and it's very disappointing.

If you want to see aliens versus plucky humans in an action packed battle for survival, this is not the film for you.

Wonderfully suspenseful film.

Movie is boring .

yes and then it endsYour state was captivated to be patient throughoutThey literally made a pointless movie for you to wish it had a point.

I love a good story telling and the story of captive state was mature, intriguing and consistent.

Waiting nearly an hour more, nothing happen!

Captive State is unevoking and dull, lacking the basics.

Very boring .

This movie is definitely worth watching!

While the rest of the story feels like a propaganda on trying to rise up.

It was slow, it lacked depth and made absolutely no sense.

This movie rewards the viewers patience and commitment, through a focused dialog and a suspenseful narrative, with a satisfying conclution.

Entertaining movie .

Such a fun and intense movie.

Disappointed and bored .

But it became more and more engaging with a steady rise in tension and conclusion.

The story is disjointed - yes - that's what it's all about.

Boring movie.

there are some cgis and vfx that works, the acting are average but the grumpy old man had a boring experience .

I've seen all of it in bits and pieces elsewhere, but the way the story gets woven together in a smart and suspenseful way is new, the twist at the end was almost a surprise and for the most part the acting is very good.

Don't waste your time on this one folks.

It renders the film hollow and frankly a little dull.

This film has a ridiculously convoluted storyline that makes it difficult to follow and it eventually loses you.

It's a unique, intense, highly original (for Hollywood, anyways), and somewhat thought provoking thriller that takes its sweet time getting to something we saw coming.

Unfortunately After an hour the main characters where still undeveloped and unrelatable, the plot was slow and action was non existent.

Save your money, it's not even a popcorn romp, wait for this one on Netflix.

However, Rupert Wyatt clearly respects his audience, using visuals and limited information a create a very gloomy, suspenseful atmosphere that consistently kept me on edge.

Starts off compelling but soon after the titles it becomes an extraordinarily disjointed and impossible movie to follow.

From my point of view this is an example of a film, that has few quality actors (Goodman, Farniga) playing small parts just to lift marketability of a film that basically is a real waste of time.

Boring .

Watch it, if you have insomnia and nothing to do!

It has engaging characters; paces itself well; dissembles its premise just enough, without feeling like it's trying to pull a Shamalamdingdong "twist" on the weary viewer; has serviceable special / monster effects; and a denouement that, although nothing particularly new, somehow does not feel fomulaic in the context of the film.

Thank science for the ability to fast forward, yet still, a waste of time, as there's nothing to see later either.

If you find it boring at the beginning hold-on, the middle gets more animated and the ending is solid.

If you do want a slow burn, thought provoking film that does not attempt to spoonfeed us with obvious characterizations of the main players, this could well be it.

Because of the deficiencies of the script and the direction, watching this movie was a tedious experience.

Speaking of no focus, the writing in this movie was just held captive by the amount of pointless montages, characters, and unneeded ambiguity to the overall story being told.

This film provides no story or actions to be worth the watch.

Enjoyed it Overall .

Good action movies have that tension that keep you on the edge of your seat.

And a waste of time.

So it's nice that it managed to also be gently interesting, because otherwise, you might not keep watching long enough to experience the true, bone calcium depleting boredom this movie gets up to.

the sound effects were on point I hated the movie I was bored watching the film It doesn't offer all the excitement and explosions and drama a lot of people want.. The ending should have a more detailed explosion.

After this, the film turns into a cheap Sci-Fi invasion film with many cliché events and alien sounds that have occurred in other Sci-Fi films before.

Bad, boring, sleepy movie.

It's worth watching.

Riveting from start to finish.

35 minutes of the movie & nothing happened.

This is boring.

In this movie, the viewer is exposed to numerous character arcs that intertwine and ways that can be completely unexpected.

Every time you think something cool is going to happen, the scene would cut and then another, boring scene would start.

I dont really know if you could improve on the film, it is what it is, it sticks to its strong plot and demands attention from the viewer, but at times it becomes unexciting, maybe even a little boring.

But almighty, you cannot really call the film fascinating.

It's all just so mysterious and fast paced at the same time, that it just doesn't make any sense at all.

I really appreciate seeing and entertaining sci-fi movie.

I get what the idea is but holy this was boring AF...

A waste of time, money and film.

Totally boring, confusing and that's a understatement RATED 3/10 for the Aliens!!!!!

It's a bit of a slow burner, and all the alien cgi is done in dark places so you never really get to see them.

This is a good, enjoyable Sci Fi movie that lovers of the genre will find entertaining and enjoyable.

Movies where practically nothing happens.

It's messy and confusing and could have been done so much better.

Empty film .

Unfortunately the character development is weak and disjointed.

Worth watching for certain.

A clever slow burner I for one enjoyed.

Predictable but entertaining .

Nothing happens, not much makes sense, the aliens are good they brought the only entertainment to this bore of a film.

Instead I got an entertaining, weaving tale of intrigue and a seemingly non-existent protagonist.

If you're into boring Indie films, you'll love this.

Solid cast and compelling story .

The plot is dull.

Good movie but slow and confusing plus plot holes.

skip this movie don't waste your time.

Things move slow and deliberately, with information mainly passed along through dialogue.

Lots of plot an questions to think about, good acting, and an interesting enough idea to keep you on the edge of your seat.

This movie is well worth a watch and will deliver the unexpected.

Much of the movie is a cat and mouse game between the police and the insurgents as we follow multiple characters in a plot that initially appears chaotic and disjointed.

Don't waste your time.

Stuck in the boring space between.

Some shots show the lower budget but the script and acting make this worth the watch.

It's worth watching if for no other reason than to have John Goodman capture your attention and imagination.

Those expecting an action packed movie with invincibly heroes will be somewhat disappointed.

The writers have build a exciting world.

Made it to my list of worst movies I've ever seen.

It is no masterpiece, but John Goodman is good as always and the movie is overall an enjoyable experience.

(It was so suspenseful!

Yeah - what followed was total mess and pointless waste of screentime.

) about the haves and havenots, political propaganda, people drinking the koolaid, rich versus the poor, exploitation, cowardly politicians, man's will to survive, and ordinary women and men willing to sacrifice everything for freedom with a little 1984 thrown in.

It is definite worth watching for anyone that enjoys intelligent Sci-fi, spy films or dystopian films.

Shockingly slow .

The story is nothing new, and it was quite boring on it's pace.

Boring and forgettable.

What we end up with is a very tense series of chases and surprises as we move to an unexpected climax.

It is an engaging and deliberate movie with a few interesting plot twists.

waste of time.


Action packed beginning to end, easiest story normal amount of characters, go to the doctor if this movie confuses you haha.

All the characters and plot premises are presented in a very confusing, indirect way and nothing is showed directly.

What you see in the beginning was confusing.

I found the plot to be confusing.

No script.

Finally an original, highly ambitious and intricate movie in amongst all the tedious remakes and superhero movies.

The script/plot is a jumbled, boring mess.

The boring 1.5 hour version of the TV show "The Colony" .

As a non-African, this movie will look slow to you.

No story.

But it's prolonging for so long that I got bored.

The plot is unpredictable in my opinion, the acting is great, the cinematography is great.

Very Enjoyable .

Unexpected; a movie that will push to deep thinking .

It's more like a thriller mystery spy movie with too many characters and too much going on to give a damn and still not living up to anything decent to be loyal to any of the above mentioned genres, really nothing about this movie made me want to say that was ok, not even could of been worse, in-fact it was the worst actually God damn WORST MOVIE THIS DECADE, Never mind the plot, where were the aliens?

Wyatt and his team were aiming for a clearly mysterious and highly intense suspension.

Once we kind of understood what was happening, we got into and enjoyed it.

Somewhat engaging once you get through the first 20 - 30 minutes, this movie could have been written by the same screenwriters as those who wrote for the unfortunately short lived series, Colony.

Waste of time to watch.. .

Quite a few really negative reviews about no plot, waste of time, why was it green-lighted, etc. There were good reviews too, of course, which is why I thought we'd try it.

Entire film bored to freaking death!

It is very slow.

As bored as "Arrival"!

The movie starts off really slow and difficult to keep engaged.

Probably the worst movie I've seen in a while.

i dont know whether this movie about some alien or just some random people chasing other people or just some pc propaganda which clearly happens in all new movies/series nowadays.

The movie was pretty out there but a little to much for me, it was so hard to follow if you miss something you'll fall off track pretty hard.

One of the worst movies i have ever watch and i have watch over 1500 movies

Cannot be as the movie is boring and just looks low budget with bellow average actors.

It is boring throughout.

It starts slow with intrigue...

Talking of such I cannot express how bored I was watching it.

The new direction of sci-fi is intensely boring unwatchable celluloid abominations.

Keeps you thinking and on the edge of your seat.