Captivity (2007) - Crime, Drama, Horror

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A man and a woman awaken to find themselves trapped in a cellar. As their kidnapper drives them mad, the truth about their horrific abduction is revealed.

IMDB: 4.7
Director: Roland Joffé
Stars: Elisha Cuthbert, Daniel Gillies
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 81 out of 206 found boring (39.32%)

One-line Reviews (194)

It was intense (particularly Gary's character) and believable though, and that's important.

I was going to turn in off after 45 minutes of boredom and then a twist happens (and no, the twist wasn't shocking).

Though she has an obvious and boring character in "Captivity" she still manages to keep you attracted to her and wanting her to escape.

This movie also has its fair share of symbolism that make it even more intriguing to watch.

so, if you love stupid, boring horror movies with no plot, then this just might be the movie for you.

Now Elisha Cuthbert is stunning and beautiful, there is no doubting that.

A bad mark to this movie comes from the fact,that it has no story from the point on view of showing us how the killer is discovered...

If you think about it too much, you'll likely pick it apart, but if you just suspend all disbelief, it can be a pretty entertaining movie.

When you see something more than once, you usually get bored.

I hope that the crew for this movie realized what they were doing was a waste of time before the screening.

Take it as a refreshing break from all the pretentious, big-Hollywood megamovies with price tags that could feed a developing country for a year.

The "Saw" and "Hostel" film franchises are pretty average to poor horror movies but at least they're fairly interesting, the first hour of this film was akin to watching paint dry.

Worst movie of 2007.......

Worth watching!

It was a slow week for DVD releases so I gave Captivity a try.

This was entertaining only in being sat there in utter disbelief!

An Unusual Departure, But Enjoyable to a Point .

If you enjoy seeing people being tortured then I suppose there are a couple of scenes you may enjoy but for most part this is an incredibly repetitive and frankly boring film.

Everything is so contrived and utterly unconvincing; and the lead character (how she's written...

The movie does have several flaws, including a few incoherent plot points, but for the most part, it is incredibly enjoyable and one of the better horror films of the year.

Overall, Captivity is a waste of time, money, and film.

They need some sort of complexity mixed in with the adrenaline.

)Absolute rubbish, and a waste of time and energy.

Everything that happens is predictable and it's all cliché as hell.

The second problem is one that I've alluded to and that the film is rather dull and not very tense or exciting.

Right from the beginning, as we contemplate the abduction ride from those stunning shots, deeply inside us we know that something in the film, somehow, sometime is going to go wrong.

The screenplay was written by the great Larry Cohen, who you can always count on for an entertaining thrill ride, and while this isn't one of his best attempts; I'd pretty much say he delivered (it's better than Cellular, too).

Three, it is predictable.

But it's a bore.

'David Gillies is the indistinguishably generic ' good-looking young man,' and every other person is cliché - both in their appearance, and character.

What a load of old boring rubbish...

In closing, I would like to say that this film is a complete waste of time and human logic and sanity.

The movie, if thats what you wanna call it, has many plot holes and is so boring after watching 15 minutes of it you wish you have brought your pillow with, man I wish I did.

Well in all honesty, yes it's a very poor film, but it's biggest crime is that it's so dull.

It's evident that the makers here felt that by plonking a sexy actress {Elisha Cuthbert} in some torture chamber, piling on the goo in the process, that that was going to make a winning formulaic film, it doesn't, and outside of some gross moments, one scene in particular almost had me emitting my recently digested dinner, it's poor and rather insulting.

The killer was obviously playing with her when he showed her another dog just like her, confusing her whether or not she actually killed her own dog or another one just like her.

It's more of a boring rehash of better films, if anything.

While the first half of the movie is interesting, the second half is way too predictable.

It's extremely predictable and there's no suspense.

More Like Boredom Porn .

It's pretty rare for me to find zero point in a film because I'm usually pretty easy to please with movies, but "Captivity" is about as pointless as it gets, and if it lingers in your mind at all afterwards it's only because you'll be thinking about how poor of an effort it was.

There's a really good one inside an hourglass that is incredibly suspenseful, a falling acid trap and the different encounters down in the basement are quite nice, as is a full-on extended chase at the end that is incredibly fun and makes for a lot of good stuff.

The characters were enjoyable, and the film had a good pacing and length.

This movie has no suspense, a very predictable sequence of events, and absolutely nothing special.

A young beautiful model is drugged, kidnapped and subjected to harrowing torture in a cell of horrors some dark dreary place god knows where.

I really don't know how to explain just how shocking this movie is, and I can just say if you want to spend an hour of your life watching a pointless movie, with no interesting story line that makes no comprehensible sense and then be left going "really?

Don't waste your time, you won't get it back.

Of course not, it follows the predictable path it lays out from the beginning.

The whole film was full of them) I think that was something that grated the most - the repetitive nature of the film.

One of the most idiotic scenarios I have ever seen, truly bad acted from every single person in this cast and it's so predictable that hurts to watch it.

The movie is suspenseful, it keeps you guessing until the end, and Elisha Cuthbert delivers a dynamite performance.

It has more plot holes than a sieve and watching three hours of your washing machine spin would be more rewarding than this!

story line is lame and is just boring , you can predict right from the start whats going to happen, i plead with you all out there do not waste your time on this movie.

The plot (to stretch the term slightly) was thin to non-existent and the 'gore' scenes, whilst undoubtedly brutal, were irrelevant and laughably formulaic.

Most of the story is pretty predictable and very obvious!

A boring stew of clichés .

Fails a lot in its thrilling, shocking parts and if's quite easy to be distracted at those scenes no matter how violent they might be.

As she spends more time there (days turning into weeks), she tries many attempts to escape, and also, is faced with many horrific and unbearable tortures.

other than that this has to be one of the worst movies of all time, don't bother watching this movie, it's a waste of money, nothing more, could have been a lot better, and yes i do regret wasting my money to rent it.

"Captivity" is pointless.

Seriously my people, do not waste your life on this, it is totally lame, utterly predictable and all the "torture" is just used for shock, with no value in the film.

Story Genre: a Torture Horror; a Suspense Thriller; a Psychological ThrillerThe Story centers around two young people as they Endure endless tests of their inner strength, It is disclosed that the tests hold a much deeper meaning, as fears must be faced, those unthinkable situations are presented.

The story line is predictable and undoubtedly horrible.

Thus the film becomes predictable before it should be.

What movie do you get when you add an empty plot, disjointed and meaningless script, possible incest, random love scenes, and infuriating characters with no real personalities?

With all the unproduced screenplays that are lying about Hollywood, how did something this banal get the green light?

Sure there are some cruel moments, but it was dull torture and never made much of an unsettling impact.

After the first 30 minutes or so it becomes boring and annoying.

mh On the other hand it was so predictable...

the movie overall is NOT scary, frustrating, and predictable, except for a part-way twist that's fairly decent and redeemable.

This movie does however, keep you on the edge and puts you in the movie.

The style was tired, and pretty much cliché.

The scenes early on and the symbolism will have you gripping your hands.

The plot was soooooo predictable...

"Captivity" isn't as well as Saw by far, but still entertaining.

The plot is so predictable that it is pathetic.

I went in with high expectations, despite reviews calling it predictable and boring.

Worst movie of 2007 .

But that point's when it turns into a genuinely entertaining, engaging little film.

Where the killer takes body parts and throws them in a blender and force feeds it to Elisha's character, was pretty boring, and the blender goo did not look believable.

I didn't care about any of the characters, but I did care that some cretin bothered to pen this crap: I'd complain about the money I spent, but my date and I wisely left after 40 minutes and went to an adjoining theater to watch the adventurous and entertaining "Live Free or Die Hard," which probably got a much higher rating from me simply because I endured the utter poop of "Captivity" for 40 minutes.

The first few scenes are pretty intense and creepy, - but when they use the same idea/scenes over and over again, it gets very boring, very quickly.

I only felt a mild sense of boredom towards the middle, it seemed more focused on trying to get a sex scene in the movie than the actual story line.

Now, I have to admit that the twist was cool, and it did get really exciting at the end.

Had I paid to see this, I would have walked out, just as a form of protest.

All in all I highly recommend this film if you like a good suspenseful thriller with a little gore thrown in for good measure!

If you just lower your expectations you'll witness a entertaining roller-coaster ride of pure saw and hostel material.

Call me a dumb, violence seeking goon but these movies are entertaining.

She is subject to very intense light, made to wear lingerie, and given nutritious smoothies, before finding out a hunk is next to her.

Worst Movie Ever.

The entire plot was predictable.

It gets rather repetitive and dull.

This is the kind of movie that would make you leave the theater scratching your head and wondering how was that amateur of a director allowed to create such ridiculousness.

The twist is as predictable as the film's conclusion which – despite a short running time – takes forever to arrive, and, as you watch you can't help thinking there's got to be easier, less messy and convoluted ways to get a woman to sleep with you.

The plot is abysmally predictable, you will see every twist and turn long before it gains screen time.

I think this movie was an entertaining thriller with a healthy does of sex and gore.

Yeah, there was a little, but like I already said, this was a boring movie.

I have a problem with boring crap about boring people.

This movie could have been named Whacktivity, or Scary Movie Saw; it was boring!

dull and blunt is what it is, no edge-of-the-seat thrill.

As simple as Captivity was, I still thoroughly enjoyed it, and it is one of my favorite horror films of 2007.

but it's also boring,and the story is not original.

The directing is good and I can respect Roland Joffe's previous works, however it's the complete lack of character development that makes this film pointless.

Whoever wrote the script to this film must've been high on drugs or something because the dialog is so badly written and contrived that it leaves the audience with a sense of emptiness that I unfortunately felt prior to viewing this film.

This movie is a load of boring crap!

2.1/10 - daft, yawn...


why did i waste my time"...

However, it's still enjoyable if you are a fan of horror—namely 21st century horror.

The trouble is, it tries to be a little too clever and as a result I found it ended up being a little bit too predictable.

Pedestian, boring, mediocre .

I still strangely enjoyed it, despite not really caring for certain camera tricks and whatnot.

Thsi film however was the worst movie I've seen in years.

So, as long as you do not expect an unprecedented work of genius, you like this genre, and you have a healthy taste for cheese and tackiness, Captivity is worth watching.

This got to be the worst movie I've seen in years its got it all, bad acting, no story to be told, worst script ever and probably the darkest movie I've seen, I mean sometimes you just cant tell whats going on.

First off, it's a pretty boring movie.

Throughout the entire film nothing happens!

Unfortunetely the movie started getting repetitive.

there is no plot, no real story.

Then put tons of blood and gore scenes but repetitive it a lot of times and direct the film like a high school project.

This made me sleepy.

What a boring movie and she's does not get all the way.

The movie has no plot, I would have liked a little more exposition at the beginning.

boring and predictable lark .

) I left the theater extremely enthusiastic.

This crap is so stale a 12 year-old would yawn and jeer the clichés.

And frankly if there was even a moment of reality in this waste of time "Jennifer" would have gagged, vomited and choked on her own vomit when she had the pureed eyeballs, ears and other gooey body parts funneled down her throat.

Elisha Cuthbert is the beautiful fashion model who's kidnapped and held captive by a psycho sicko with a torture chamber so elaborate it would make Hannibal Lecter turn green with envy.

The film's twist is that it transcends the cliché gorefest i.

And of course, the comparisons should suggest that this is a torture film.

Save your money and catch it on TV.

Believe me don't waste your time or money on this don't even bother renting it coz in every case you lose your money to nothing.

Boring Rubbish.

Quite frankly, my generation (we are in our mid-20's) has never had such an affective, major studio released, haunted house movie thus far: keep in mind that films like Saw and Hostel rely on a gore count, they are both pretty dismal and mundane compared to the intricately plotted Captivity.

For what Joffe presented manages to pull off the astonishing feat of being both one of the dullest and one of the most preposterous horror offerings of recent years.

This competes for worst movie of the year.


There is a boredom and banality to it that if intentional could be taken to represent the banality of evil or even just the dullness of these sort of films.

It was an entertaining experience to watch it though I would definitely dismiss it from my favourite crime film and literature collection.

While this movie borrows ideas from others, suffers from clichés, and is quite predictable - I had a fun time watching it.

Certainly, as a work of art, it's near-worthless; each scene that plays out is so familiar, the scares so overly signposted, that watching it is an utter bore.

Elisha Cuthbert gets slipped a Mickey and awakens in an underground dungeon where she's held prisoner by a deranged lunatic who gets his jollies by making Plaster of Paris molds of his victims, replacing their blood with battery acid, then taking a sledgehammer to their faces in this ho-hum Saw carbon copy written by the great Larry (It's Alive) Cohen and directed by Roland (Hey didn't I get an Oscar nomination for The Killing Fields and what am do here directing this crap) Joffe.

Saw meets Hostel in this entertaining, but painfully predictable film.

), and the camering was repetitively dull and quite amazingly unprofessional (if in doubt, go for a blackout.

Over all though, a little too predictable and without enough guile to hold the audience.

The woman in this movie is also incredibly dumb and cliché.

It is dull, unimaginative, slow and goes nowhere.

The villain is also a cliché as he bobbles about in a black cloak, obviously taken from "Saw" once again, and no explanation is given to why or how he's managing to do all this.

Nasty and boring SAW rip off .

A boring horror film where nothing happens .

I mean seriously, in the 1 hour and 33 minutes this movie ran for, I began to fall asleep because it was so badly constructed the movie.

Rated R for being Really Really boring.

Combine this with bad acting,torture scenes that are few and not really scary, an ending seen a million times before, and u have the worst movie of the year so far!

This movie is a complete waste of time and money unless you writing a top 10 of the worst ever horror movies.

Worth watching just once.

All that being said it wasn't a total waste of time because it's reasonably entertaining, and mercifully short and the last 10-15 minutes actually really turn into an interesting twist and a nail biting chase scene with Elisha Cuthbert doing her best at being the scream queen.

I saw this movie at the theatre and I will like to say that I completely enjoyed it.

I would like to talk about story, but there is no story.

Even when the film takes a predictable turn in the third act, the tension built up till that point remains unpredictable, and sustains "Captivity" to the bloody end.

This movie is horribly predictable and boring with its only saving grace being the ever so lovely Elisha Cuthbert (and I am definitely not talking about her "acting" here).

The opening was pretty predictable and almost boring - not a good start!

That makes for a really entertaining and enjoyable sequence that is definitely a lot more chilling than it should've been.

I'm not expecting Oscar material, but I think it will be entertaining!

no story...

So far, so bland, and indeed CAPTIVITY appears to be nothing more than a quick cash-in on more successful movies.

Even utilizing bits and pieces from other movies (some decent, some not so much), Captivity is one of the worst movies of the year thus far.

Definitely worth watching .

Among them are: uninteresting, unentertaining, unsuspensful, unsexy, unfathomable, and unwatchable.

I thought it was very suspenseful.

Thus, a total waste of time and money.

Captivity is predictable, dialogue is OK, clichéd,Saw substitute, has plot holes, a lot of events seem to happen in the convenience of wrapping up the story.

Although it was sick, I actually enjoyed it even though the ending was really weird.

The movie is great and I really enjoyed it, I recommend it to all the horror movie fans out there.

the dialogs were slow and stupid, plus the scenes were total imprecisely!


Lousy, uneventful movie .

They awaken in a torture chair and Gary's molar is forcefully removed by the still-in-shadows villain.

Saw was intelligent but Captivity was dum, stupid, boring and so predictable that you don't need average intelligence to understand.

Characters that are so boring and STUPID that rather than cheering the heroine on to victory, you will just be staring at the clock wishing this awful film would end.

This movie is so incredibly unbearable that they even misspell Michael Harney's name in the end credits.

As I was leaving the auditorium, a couple were next to me and the man said "I think I've just seen the worst movie of the year".

Stunning visuals save a troubled script .

The fat one of the kidnappers as well as brothers is a cliché.

Another major failing of the film is that for a horror/thriller it is neither suspenseful nor scary.

I won't go into details, because they are too boring to spend time writing about.

In the end, we have the predictable struggle, and you know the dog will be safe, so it's just gore for gores sake, nothing else.

Terrifying and engaging.

There's a really good one inside an hour-glass that is incredibly suspenseful and well-executed for the story, and how it plays into the film is a lot of fun.

The scenes early on and the straight horror will have you gripping your hands.

A Little Predictable, but VERY enjoyable.

There was a lot of intense gore in this film.

Third: How does the two detectives find the house of the two kidnappers/killers, when all they find at first is an empty lot??

Too predictable, too boring, too too too little of everything.

There were at most 30 people in the theatre when it began, by the time it was over I'd say half had walked out.