Carjacked (2011) - Crime, Thriller

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A single mom and her child are carjacked by a bank robber.

Director: John Bonito
Stars: Maria Bello, Stephen Dorff
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 10 out of 30 found boring (33.33%)

One-line Reviews (21)

The fact that Bello & Dorff are the actors helps make it into a more tense and exciting thriller.

This is the kind of movie that has you hooked 5 minutes in and you are tense and on the edge of your seat the entire time.

I just hope they will collaborate again with another movie and make it much more sharper and eccentric than this very predictable version .

It also starts very boring and there are actually many scene's of action and intense parts that are good, so starting a movie with a drab boring group therapy session was probably not the best idea.

From the get go the movie was boring,the acting poor and the editing was completely atrocious.

This is a movie i would recommend for an entertaining night.

rubbish script, crap story, boring story, really really boring story.

A very tense and engrossing thriller about a mother and her son carjacked and forced to drive the stranger to safety.

The story is quite simple, a woman and her son are Carjacked by a bank robber on the run from the police, the usual kinda stuff ensues, however this film has Maria Bello and Stephen Dorff, two actors who work extremely well together and they save what is usually a boring type of story.

Don't waste your time...

Enjoyable thrill ride with a human side.

He sits there with his jacket, smokes cigarettes, looks cool, but he comes across as annoying and rather pretentious.

The film lacks suspense and can be very predictable at times not to mention the fact that some of the decisions that the characters took along the way really defied logic.

Alas, the ending was bad icing finishing off a somewhat too bland cake *ugh* You feel like you are missing the real ending and they just cut right to a "twist" that the producers really felt was the highlight of the film ...

Nothing really amazing here, but one of the most tense and exciting thrillers I have seen in a while.

Don't waste your time with this.

Laughably contrived and rather insulting to the viewer's intelligence .

This is really just an enjoyable thriller that is easy to watch, has great acting and will not leave you angry at wasted money.

An Entertaining And Decent Movie.

Boring would be an understatement.

Watch a good crime film like " the getaway " with Steve Mcqueen, but don't waste your time on carjacked it sucks PS ending is idiotic, the baddies run over by a car so hard he'd be dead no question...