Carnival Row (2019) - Crime, Drama, Fantasy

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A human detective and a fairy rekindle a dangerous affair in a Victorian fantasy world, where the city's uneasy peace collapses when a string of murders reveals an unimaginable monster.

Stars: Orlando Bloom, Cara Delevingne
Length: 56 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 78 out of 576 found boring (13.54%)

One-line Reviews (274)

They would use an old English style of delivering their lines and then all of the sudden throw in a few F words, so it was just confusing for me.

The story moves along quickly with twists and turns that are unexpected.

So binge worthy and exciting!

Hey stunning presentation of a very different world with similar problems.

Literally every nationality has experienced their time of severe racism whether the British, French, Irish, Italian, etc., etc., etc.! I felt like I was trying to stay awake through my History, college course again.

It's a good cast and I did enjoy the world that was created but the episodes are far too long and you feel every minute of it once you have that moment of realisation where your brain goes "oh, it's one of those episodes".

Such interesting and deep characters with a wonderful interesting and VERY exciting story slowly unravelled.

Great writing, intriguing plot and characters.

The Celtic fantasy is a nice idea, but it gets bogged down in the bigotry of Victorian 'Britain', which leads to 'Carnival Row' feeling predictable.

Bloated, boring and drags on and one .

Something fresh and worth the watch .

Story lines were plodding and going nowhere, dialogue became stale; limping towards a predictable conclusion.

But very entertaining.

Three episodes would have been better, too long to tell a boring story.

Really enjoyed it.

The series is both entertaining as a straight-out fantasy and solid as an allegory about racism.

You're watch it once and decide if it's worth watching again.

dark and entertaining .

Thoroughly enjoyable series.

Maybe that alone makes it 'too real' for it to be enjoyable.

These character had internal motivation to be intense.

Its "fairy tales for adults", as opposed to the kind you find at the bottom of the garden premise is fresh enough to actually be quite engaging.

But nevertheless a entertaining and nice looking show.

It a boring start and it the end it straches the same story line

Every now and then you get pulled in, only to be dropped into a confusing storyline's again.

An enjoyable series up until everything is revealed, at which point it becomes obvious that the main plots don't really make a lot of sense.

First few episodes are very slow and needs patience to watch then gradually story picks up.

It felt like a feature movie had been unnaturally stretched in the middle, forced and contrived into multiple episodes.

This may not be a series for every one but worth pointing out you have nothing to compare it to in the past, The First Episode may seem a little slow, stay with it by the end of the second one you will be hooked.

A little slow at times.

So it got boring, watching a dark screen.

It's just over the top political propaganda.

I loved this show of a murder mystery in a fantasy world that is so engaging!

The story seems a little uninteresting and doesn't have that binge worthy quality I look for.

It basically just drags on quite a bit, but if you like a slow burn with a predictable story then you'll be satisfied.

The idea could be nice if developed in the right way, instead it is a mixture of cliché and situations already viewed.

However the plot is predictable with all the 'twists' telegraphed well in advance.

This is one of the most compelling and beautiful stories I've seen in years.

There is a lot of bad, but enough good to say that it's an interesting watch: I, for the most part, enjoyed it - a guilty pleasure.

Certainly the opening episodes were epic, compelling and set up the promise of a season of hi caliber story telling.

It's enjoyable, gripping, and beautiful.

I enjoyed it, am grateful for risky big swings, would gratefully watch more.

Different and enjoyable .

Then make propaganda pamphlets, don't mask it in movies .

As far as entertaining goes, I think it's perfect.

I struggled to stay awake, too (head bobbing).

A fairly entertaining fairy/human, oppressed/oppressor, social commentary, murder mystery with intermittent clever dialogue--visually appealing costuming, makeup, art direction, props, with good diction as to be expected from a British production.

Sex scenes are great, but the show is otherwise way too slow, and so cliché with the racism theme.

The story is set in some fantastic world but sadly the plot itself is generic, redundant, boring, full cardboard-style.

Good acting, great costumes, amazing locations (location scouts give yourself a pat on the back) and enjoyable story/character building.

The mystery and story are captivating, keeping you hooked on the edge of your seat.

It was very enjoyable......

Good for something to help you fall asleep.

An enjoyable artistic series beautifully filmed.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This show is visually stunning.

After 4 terribly boring episodes I still couldn't get on board with this trainwreck.

It's all just a boring analogy for politics and racism that is set in a Victorian style location.

The production was great, the cast was strong and the storyline was gripping.

to a degree like the last fish epic by Mr. Guillermo del Toro and certainly weakened by a boring plot.

First of all, I must acknowledge the fact that Cara Delevingne simply can not act, and she certainly can't do an Irish accent, secondly, this show tries far too hard to be like Game of Thrones, with its pointless and ham-fisted exposition and lore, and its saturation of uninteresting characters, not to mention the meaningless, random sex scenes thrown in to keep people interested.

Worth the watch through wont watch again if a second season comes out probably will watch wont buy on blu ray so to me that means one watching and doesnt have much re watchable hope

If it twists into pc pablum, it ceases to be creative, origjnal or worth watching.

It took me a few episodes to feel fully invested in the characters and story but once I got the lay of the land I found this to be thoroughly enjoyable.

It touches on important issues as well as being very entertaining.

If you like pointless use of graphic content, this show is for you.

I decided to watch the first few episodes to see for myself and I hate to say it but there were large parts that are cringey, contrived, or just boring to watch.

Fresh, alluring, unexpected - I was hooked immediately .

" But rest assured that whatever side of the Isle you're on this is a minor issue that needn't ruin this entertaining experience for you.

It gets three stars for graphics but the rest is just propaganda that is getting so tired and old that it sucks all energy from this series.

Stunning world, bad casting .

Some sex scenes are drawn out so much that it takes away from the story completely.

Carnival row is worth watching .

The storyline is a bit confusing.

Very entertaining.

Really boring don't watch😴🤢🤢🤢🤢 .

There is a little bit of politics, or a lot, depending on how you look at it, but if you remove yourself from the actual world and let yourself become immersed in Carnival Row, you will enjoy it.

Decent mystery, great cast, but the plot moved way too slow because too much time was spent trying to drive the point home about the oppression of the creatures, over and over and over and over again.

), I was completely immersed in the illusion for 8 full hours.

Its a very boring series .


But it does drag out.

Production was intriguing.

The final result of the whole mystery, in the end, was just idiotic and predictable.

She fell asleep immediately.

Visually stunning, shockingly realistic, and superbly acted.

Maybe I am easily pleased but I enjoyed it .

Woke bore-fest .

Also the explicit sex scenes and liberal use of the f-word, plus the dodgy accents combine to make it even more unbearable.

Acting is top notch, the visual touches are stunning The mixture of fantasy and normal life is blended well into the story and adds to the story without smothering it.

Unfortunately-boring and unoriginal .

Carnival Row got some nice visuals and good actors but, and this is a great, BUT, the story is predictable to a degree that one can savely travel the road sleeping without missing much.

Aside from the dark and somewhat depressing overall atmosphere, Carnival Row is an exceptionally engaging story.

The politics is essential and well articulated, woven into a very compelling storyline.

Engaging story played out very well .

The cinematography, sets, costume and lighting are stunning, while Interesting characters and stories make it wholly compelling.

Pretty predictable, with a couple of surprises.

Fascinating politics.

The writing is somewhat cringey and at points boring.

I thought this was going to be alot better but it turned out worst than I expected, it's way too slow and too predictable at times there's also too many irrelevant moments along with irrelevant characters with no proper storylines.

With stunning sets and highly detailed makeup/prosthetics, this latest offering from Amazon Prime is the type of high quality show that will generate new subscribers and steer them towards the streaming service.

Fantasy is not my favorite genre, but this surprisingly entertaining series creates a gritty, richly detailed fantasy world for its characters and story.

Like all the other reviewers who gave this a bad rating, I was bored and annoyed.

This series is intriguing.

To my surprise I ended up binge watching the series and really enjoyed it .

Gripping all the way through.

Keeps you on the edge of your seat plus also takes on some on the problems we see in our world today.

Because of this, and all the other commentarys herein, makes the movie, slow, plodding, boring, and completely unrelateable.

Slow Storyline .

Unfortunately things get started clunky and slow and many critics only watch the first few episodes.

Very creative and enjoyable.

Very predictable and boring.

Its definitely worth watching a few episodes to see if it's your cup of tea.

Maybe they're trying to fit too much history and plot into each episode and that's why it comes out so thin and empty...

They created a whole world and history of it, as many reviews told us, the political / migration stuff is just boring.

Boring .

The mystery was intriguing.

Acting and accents wavered a bit, but overall, it was enjoyable.

However, the show is highly predictable.

Its boring.

Good story for me, really enjoyed it, interesting fantasy story, little bid of drama/horror/thriller/romance and a lot of Fantasy awesome......

Very entertaining, thoughtful filmography.

Its visually stunning .

I really enjoyed it.

This is a truly dark fantasy that's worth watching.

There not much to criticise: though there is not so much thrill at all, every episodes captivates because of the slow character development, little things coming to light ...

Unfortunately, plot, narrative, and dialogue are middling at best and derivative, predictable and unintentionally campy at worst.

Beautiful if predictable .

LOLThe acting was uninspiring and right from the get-go you can see the producers have a social justice agenda.

Very entertaining.

So intriguing.

Pros Fantasy world is detailed and interesting Good story line Dark in some placesCons Rubbish final episode Some elements are forced and predictable Some of the acting is woeful

I think it's an original series and definitely worth watching.

Plot dragged a bit and I had a hard time liking the characters

I wish there was 6 seasons out already; I binge alot I watch everything worth watching and this one definitely is worth watching!!!

Dark, full of angst and violence but visually stunning.

I watched whole series thinking that at some point it will become engaging.

Gives you plenty of time to get bored .

Immensely seductive depicting a beautiful intriguing world that makes me wish it was a factual world not fantasy.

The story is gripping and compelling and the special effects are superb.

Murder, mystery, love, and sci-fi all together with an intriguing story line that is a sad and deep reflection of societal and political problems that still plague this world we live in.

Only 3 episodes in, but so far what I can say is that it's beautifully done: sets, costumes- the whole world is really enjoyable.

Bloom himself delivers a compelling - though certainly not flawless - performance.

The only real problem with the show is its lack of story from the start.

As it stands, it is a mishmash of ideas, some good, some bad and some trite, all handled poorly.

Don't waste your time!

Also, WHY WHY were the fairies wings so dark and drab when they weren't in "action"??

Worth the watch ?

Overall, this was incredibly absorbing and binge-worthy TV.

The casting is both brilliant and bad, really don´t like Cara´s and Orlando´s chemistry at all, no puls there.. lovers nah.. the plot is ok, a bit slow, i like the scenes the tech are beautiful.

Definitely worth watching, this steampunk style show hits all the right areas, and has some great actors

Pros: Great cinematography, effects, and world buildingVery good scoreGood acting and plotDecent structureFun mystery angle for the season that has a good pay offCons: The show plods on a good bitThe lighting is unecessarily datkSome of the dialogue is really corny

Not a breathtaking, engaging storyline.

So in my boredom.

Carnival Row is taunt and tense from the beginning and grows more intense with each episode.

Too slow and tedious .

I thought it was really good combining exotic creatures with humans in the Victorian era woth that hint of medieval theme with nice little twists and turns along the way really enjoyed it roll on season 2!

Very boring !!

Can't believe it came under the axe of critics, but I found this series very enjoyable.

But is hard to follow the dialogue sometimes.

Unwatchable, man bad, blah blah blah.....

Unfortunately, this turned out to be the most boring TV series I have seen lately.

I found the writing and storyline predictable.

Though, if nothing else, at least 'Carnival Row' has bothered the perpetually offended alt-righters who view class, bigotry, racism, slavery, and sexuality as taboo topics only in use for the purposes of liberal political propaganda.

Slow and indulgent .

More German immigration propaganda.

Too cliched and predictable.

Thoroughly enjoyable fantasy with good amount of realism.

The thinly veiled metaphor for racism, immigration and refugees is dreadfully executed, and you could tell they thought they were being awfully clever, when actually they were simply being painfully predictable.

Enjoyable fantasy/steampunk .

Jared Harris steals the show as Chancellor Breakspeare - keeping the political aspect of the story compelling.

Boring..boring..boring.. Just by adding mythical creatures in the super banal and ordinary story won't make it something extraordinary.. why can't they come up with better story.. with huge effort made it through episode n1 keep hoping for plot to start gripping...

Very good acting and a gripping story line.

First, it's setting is very medieval type that makes it very enjoyable.

I found this an enjoyable fantasy series.

Perhaps in stark contrast to the 'source material', the script for the episodes themselves is insultingly uncreative, with dialogue that is in equal parts bland and forced, with plot threads that are unenticing and seem derivative, and characters that are comically two-dimensional for such a supposedly gritty series.

But for me I found it predictable, dull and Disappointing.

Such a mind blowing fantasy story .

Story is intriguing.

Predictable .

Therefore it comes even more of a shock just how squandered the concept is on such a drab, sluggish, one-note, joyless, cliché-filled television series whose attempts to cash in on the post-Game Of Thrones fad are blatantly obvious.

Strange as most fantasy steampunks are, but it's incredibly seductive and fascinating.

From the preview clips, I thought it might be the most exciting new series to come along in many years.

Stunning to its core and the characters are well developed also.

I believe the romance in this show is complicated - all of the relationships are - and I think the situations are intriguing.

It's brilliantly shot and was grateful for my 4K TV as the makeup is stunning and clever.

Can't wait for season 2, to expand impounded this intriguing world.

I find this intriguing, challenging, and timely.

STORY: I found the story quite boring until late in the season.

Slow plot, too much time was spent on the oppression of the downtrodden fae .

Recycling actors, plots and issues that are trite, explores and predictable.

If they don't have me interested by then, I don't waste my time or theirs.

unique and entertaining .

People are find it easy to forget that even GOT was a slow burner.

Having just finished the last episode of season 1 I must vehemently disagree with the people who suggest that there is no story or plot, no mystery to solve, and that the show is entirely political theater.

and it's simply wonderful to stay in this fascinating world that's so different and similar to a past real world at the same time.

I did manage to watch them all but the contrived ending failed on many levels.

Excited to see someone take the chance and take this exciting subject matter on.

Perhaps the most confusing is how Bloom's character is supposed to be intelligent, without showing the audience at any point.

"The heavy handed, not subtle at all, political statements get tiresome too after awhile.

Well-written, beautifully filmed, expertly acted, and compelling storytelling.

") and trite, you could finish just about every sentence before the actors do.

Here's hoping they focus on the better aspects, establish who their audience actually is, and then write an entertaining story, filled with entertaining characters, while giving better consideration to how those characters stories may interweave.

And an intriguing plot that keeps you in suspense.

Really enjoyed it.

It is relentlessly dark- in story and settings- but gripping.

So exciting.

How can you build a fantasy world and manage to make it so damn boring?

Very entertaining and well written.

Get Some - Generic Propaganda .

Visually stunning, great world and story and a very strong first season.

They did follow her struggles to find a place in the Burge, but I may have been happier just to follow her adventures more than getting wrapped up in the boring murder mystery that took forever to get anywhere.

Ignore the cliche, predictable SJW storyline and what's left is a clumsy mismatch of poorly chosen actors, CGI from the 80s and repetitive, pedestrian camera shots.

The plot was cliché and slow, the characters were unappealing (no matter how fancy, long and confusing their names were).

The Imogen/Agreus storyline is much more gripping, therefore.

Witty, adventurous, and visually stunning.

Engaging steampunk fantasy .

The new show 'Carnival Row' is a prime example of a good idea being made practically unwatchable because of political ideology being crowbarred into a fantasy setting.

Definitely worth watching.

Nevertheless it's enjoyable and I liked the actors' interpretations too.

It's engaging and eye catching.

I feel their pain, confusion, etc. It is complex and has a good build.

Wonderfully evocative and goes right to the edge of propriety in Victorian style England, with today's problems of racism, immigration and who has the power over it all.

The plotline with Imogen + Mr. Agreus is so exciting to me.

But it's worth watching, and I would absolutely recommend that you give it a chance.

Engaging Fantasy in a Stunning Visual World .

This is fun, immersively entertaining escapism, worthy of appreciation for the sheer level of artistery.

Deplatform this propaganda Netflix, before you are held accountable for decay.

Such a fascinating well written story terrific acting so well done.

Even if you don't like fairies etc, the message of the show, the cast and complete production is worth the watch.

Acting was flat and uninspiring and the show lectures us from the get-go.

Very entertaining!

It's actually unbearable.

It is visually stunning, no expense seems to have been spared in terms of location, sets, costumes etc...

It's slow, soooooooo incredibly SLOW.

It's slow.

So worth watching .

Speaking of hearing, the soundtrack is stunning as well!

Mostly engaging urban fantasy .

Extremely slow with long scenes which could have been done in 1/4 the time or in a slightly less boring manner.

Hopefully the others duets are stunning !!!

Horrible waste of time.

It gets a bit repetitive, and it's a bit slow.

The names are pretentious and the middle Victorian setting a bit contrived.

Production values are high, the copious CGI well-done, although a few laws of physics are broken, the score is engaging and well managed.

For me, it was too predictable and I never felt emotionally invested in any of the characters.

The initial romance is a bit contrived, Philo has a friend whose role/storyline seems to make no sense or is just a time filler, and a bunch of interlinked events seem to just conveniently occur when they're needed to.

boring, boring) and apparently the snowflake cons hate it,so that's a plus.

As a result we're looking at some stunning effects with zero emotional connection and a whole lot of nonsensical vocabulary and silly names that stop any involvement dead in their tracks.

Neither interesting or engaging I just couldn't get into it.

Good, but too predictable .

Dull and boring .

Really boring- who Green lighted this?

The same street footage, city panorama, indoor scenes, flying beings etc got me bored and I really wanted to see details and other things.

But even if you do that you get bored like nothing you ever seen before.

Fantasy creatures with our real world problems: racism, immigration etc. Great production values, but dreary with mediocre acting and written like a YA novel.

Stunning and beautiful to look at, the series also has layered characters and story lines that intertwine.

I find this show much more enjoyable than Game of Thrones, which was convoluted and poorly written.

It was so disjointed and slow moving, pause was our best friend.

As it wants to be Too slow not enough action Needs more action for s2 shame as looked good

Truly an entertaining TV series man I hate the it's over so quickly can't wait until season 2

Superb production qualities, great characters and story line yet truly passionate, horrific, intriguing and thought provoking reflecting all that is good and bad with our current world.

People into fantasy/action/crime thrillers may get bored by the class/status and romance portions, and people into romance and race/class intrigue may get turned off by the violence and gore.

Dark, full of angst and violence but visually stunning .

Engaging story and great production values.


The first two episodes were slow and I was lost most of the time.

Seriously when you get thru the first episode and continue it goes deep and is very enjoyable.

The main characters are confusing, they do things that they would almost be expected to not do, and don't do things they are expected to do based on how they are presented and developed.

I showed great potential but is very slow and boring and unnecessarily streched at many places.

I also find it more enjoyable than Spartacus, which was extremely good for the first three seasons.

Cara's acting is probably the best scenes, but everyone else's is just wooden and boring.

It took ~2 episodes before I was fully immersed in the story.

"Boring to the teeth," as the Brits would say.