Carrie (1976) - Horror

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Carrie White, a shy, friendless teenage girl who is sheltered by her domineering, religious mother, unleashes her telekinetic powers after being humiliated by her classmates at her senior prom.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Brian De Palma
Stars: Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 37 out of 502 found boring (7.37%)

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And a compelling page turner it was too.

However, when you keep in mind that this movie was made in 1976, than you'll have to agree with me that this is still stunning.

Everyone know's what is going to happen at the end by the poster or DVD cover so by the time the slow-mo bucket scene at the prom was dragging along at snail's pace, I was virtually screaming out JUST PULL THE ROPE ALREADY!!

As stated earlier, the bloodbath at the end is so unexpected in a movie that was building up into a touching teen story.

And finally, there's the music: How can one describe the fascinating prom-song (I never thought someone like you...

Thank you Mrs. Spacek for your moving, thrilling performance.

That just made everything confusing.

The prom scene reminds me of what tragedy was for the ancient Greeks, sporting a conclusion so intense the audience feels a harrowing sort of purge.

Be it the wave after wave of High School based horrors that would follow, or the now standard use of the unexpected jolt, Carrie has earned its place on any best of horror list.

Brian de Palma did a very entertaining job with a very good script.

Spacek is a revelation in the role that officially made her a superstar and Laurie is equally as riveting as her mother.

Everything for the next 40 minutes is very compelling, from the slaughtering of the pigs to the prom, and the suspense in the scene where the bucket of blood teeters over her head is just great.

It has suspense, it keeps you interested, quite good soundtrack, you van feel throughout that all builds up to something and the climax is just pure adrenaline.

Definitely worth watching.

Carrie is one of the greatest Horror Films ever made,an Excellent,Scary and suspenseful Horror classic that is filled with amazing direction,great performances from Sissy Spacek and the rest of the cast,a fantastic script and a beautiful,haunting film score.

Still, it is an entertaining and scary movie.

Keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for the extremes.

It doesn't venture into any depth, it is just paper thin with an uninteresting conclusion.

Like many horror films in the 70s, this one moves at a slow pace and culminates in a shocking horrifying extravaganza.

This is one of THE classic stories and movies of all time,psychological,thrilling, suspenseful,everything!

Sissy Spacek conveys emotions of confusion and hysteria powerfully depicted by her facial expressions.

See Carrie if you want an entertaining scare on a Saturday night.

I find it intriguing that this is quite often put in to the category of a horror film.

You forget that between showings, only remembering De Palm's stylistic flourishes or the intense effect scenes.

It actually WAS horrific and the level of emotion invoked by King was intense.

stylish but empty .

This film is just too mundane in some areas for it to be interesting.

It's somewhat enjoyable if one treats it like a campy comedy, which it is unintentionally.

The story is also a coming of age story.

Carrie transforms from a disturbed, bullied victim to a stunning innocent beauty and, then, to the terrifying wrath unleashed upon her victimizers.

Even though it's from the 70s and there has been a really solid remake, this is really worth watching.

the shining claustrophobic and intense and lastly the Omen gr8 all rounder.

this movie is awesome and even though some people think it's boring they're wrong.

A thrilling death ride.

(Just a note, but the musical that spawned from this film, "Carrie: the Musical," had a very compelling and bone chilling song in this scene) She then drags her into the closet to pray, all the while quoting an unheard of section of the Bible entitled "The Sins of Women.

Interesting, intriguing set up.

I was really bored so I thought a movie could be good.

None of this could be achieved without Spacek's performance at it's center, a stunningly immersed work that dives right into the insecurities and pain of this character.

His vision of Carrie's everyday torments makes for a very gripping film and one that deservedly won Oscar nominations for both SISSY SPACEK and PIPER LAURIE.

Anyway, this is an entertaining and haunting movie that a fan of horror will enjoy.

The pairing of Stephen King and Brian De Palma truly has outstanding results as De Palma perfectly understands how to turn the creepiness of King's novel into a spine-chilling, thrilling and even very moving film.

one of the more entertaining, chilling, and tragic stories ever about High school .

When she snaps and uses telekinesis to terrorize her bullies and mother, it has some pretty frightening and unexpected images.

This harrowing, chilling and riveting movie takes a look at a very popular subject; adolescent cruelty.

The slow- motion montage before the tragedy in the end is very suspenseful and makes you want to in a way be there to actually help the characters, and it frustrates.

And Piper Laurie, who hadn't been seen by movie audiences since her appearance in "The Hustler" fifteen years earlier, pops up as a whacked out religious nutjob who would give Faye Dunaway's Joan Crawford a run for her money as worst movie mom ever.

My favorite scene which is probably many peoples favorite is when Carrie snaps with blood all over her stunning white gown which was a fantastic contrast and screaming and terror falls onto peoples faces.

And the ending falls into cliché more often than not.

My favorite scene which is probably many peoples favorite is when Carrie snaps with pig blood all over her stunning white gown which was a fantastic contrast and screaming and terror falls onto peoples faces.

And I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Those who feel that "nothing happens" in the first hour are missing all of the character development and thematic content that makes the ending so moving to those of us who have followed it.

The characters and situations are all unpredictable.

Brian de Palma's breakthrough movie is still breathtaking after all these years, and the well-remembered ending still packs a punch even when you know what's coming.

After an hour of boring and non-involving stupidity the film reached its climax.

And the characters is full of unique characteristic, going with good acting this movie make it very much thrilling and very memorable.

The maltreatment of Carrie by almost everyone else in the film is a constantly recurring theme, which, due to superb directing and screenplay, avoids becoming repetitive - the film favours Carrie's view of her world above all other characters, allowing you to become absorbed.

Entertaining at points and horrific at others.

The climax of King's novel was fantastic, this is just lazy and uninteresting.

The final twenty minutes of Carrie are some of the most intense and gripping moments to have been portrayed in horror cinema.

De Palma`s stylish but gloomy direction makes this film riveting, from beginning to end.

It's dull and prolong just to build up to that one infamous scene.

It's a well made and very gripping horror movie which I always stop to watch for awhile when it's on the telly.

Sissy Spacek is perfect as Carrie, and Piper Laurie is riveting as her mother.

I think it's fun and very entertaining even though it's not a truly great piece of cinema, I mean.

Cohen's Screenplay is masterfully engaging.

Sissy Spacek gives a riveting portrayal in the title role.

) is elegant and suspenseful, and I am sure that very few, if any, others could have made a movie this good.

De Palma refrains from using any visual effects with the exception of the infamous `Prom Night' scene which was incredibly well crafted and immersed the viewer in this horrifying display of rage.

Through his breakthrough best-selling novel, Stephen King painted, in bold red letters, a much fascinating portrait of a shy, insecure girl like we all knew in high-school, an easy target for more confident, popular and (although not a rule) prettier girls.

That first look of confusion on her face when she sees the blood flowing out of her is so innocent, so genuine, that I almost thought I was sitting there in that locker room watching it all happen in real time.

Before he could the empty pail hits him on the head, he's knocked to the floor.

What is intriguing about this film, is that it does not play like a classical horror story.

Recommended viewing, especially if you are wary of the boring standard-compliant stuff.

Cohen's excellent screenplay to life, displaying a confident and flamboyant style full of the fluid, gliding camera movements and impressive visual trickery that would eventually become synonymous with his work; these stunning visuals, combined with a lush orchestral score by Pino Donaggio and faultless performances from an amazing cast go to make Carrie an unmissable experience.

This is a tense, exciting thriller that is also a sturdy character study.

Odd mix that, so an odd and intriguing experience.

And the climax scene itself, where maybe 10 seconds of real time are stretched into several minutes of brilliant film time is just breathtaking.

I honestly can't remember where the time went, slow moving scenes, gym class, going to the prom, sitting, dancing.

Sissy Spacek gives a stunning performance as the tortured and bullied Carrie White, living with her religious fanatic mother and suffering the trauma of her first period at seventeen years of age.

There is no horror aspect in the movie at all, except perhaps for the contrived religious leanings of Carrie's mother.

Even before the prom scene, images as the crucifix, watching Carrie being dragged across the kitchen floor into the praying closet, the pigs being slaughtered, Margaret's fanatical lines, and the bloody horrifying scene of Carrie's first period.

When one of the most overrated directors in Hollywood adapts the most overrated author in America, the predictable result is an incredibly overrated movie, which is indeed what Carrie is.

On the other hand, the individual events can be very unpredictable (the menstrual blood as the first example).

Today they try to scare you with unexpected demons or monsters who wants to kill the girl blah blah.

The film does have another great thing going for it other than its underdog story, and this helps lift above the mundane and silly.

The rest of the cast is quite convincing (especially Carrie's insane mother and the utterly unbearable character portrayed by Nancy Allen).

The real to life villains makes Carrie feel truly unique and worth watching over 40 years later.

Though this was a long time ago movie and a little blood was here,the music was suspenseful because you don't know what's gonna happen after the creepy music.

Carrie is a whole of fascinating, memorable and even touching scenes.

Bullying can have unexpected consequences .

A great stylish coming of age horror film.

About half an hour later all of my fears were gone, as Carrie quickly made a turn from this bizarre camp into something much more sinister and wickedly entertaining.

The ending, of course, was unexpected, horrifying, and guaranteed to frighten even the most steadfast viewers.

Boosted by these great performances, De Palma is able to bring his high school hell motif full circle in wonderfully entertaining ways.

The score by Pino Donggaio is fantastic,haunting,beautiful,intense and truly adds to the film's nightmarish tone.

Not only is it not scary it is so, so boring.

It wasn't so scary you were on your toes all the time, but it was suspenseful enough to make you jump!

Things then take an unexpected turn when Carrie is invited to the prom by one of the popular boys from the school.

Some of the camerawork, sound and visual effects intended to be "suspenseful" are just plain hokey.

It was both tragic and thrilling and a real page-turner.

Then the night before the prom starts two teenagers named Billy Nolan (John Travolta) and Chris Hargensen (Nancy Allen) go to a farm and slaughter a pig and pour it's blood into a bucket in order to ruin Carrie's most exciting moment of her life which I won't give anything else away here.

And it's a guiding principle that helps Brian De Palma's seminal adaptation of King's fledgling classic persist as more than a schlocky '70s thriller, landing in The Exorcist camp of one of the most deeply disturbing but perversely, sheepishly enjoyable cinematic frights of all time.

The plot consists of a slow build-up which builds towards a climactic scene.

Carrie is one of Brian De Palma's greatest achievements, because his sequences of suspense are some of the most tense and gripping and teeth-gritting that I've ever seen.

Carrie was Stephen King's first full-length book and I very much enjoyed it.

This is really the only bad thing I can think of about the movie, with the exception of a pointless sex scene later.

) Carrie isn't a scary movie, but is a thriller film really entertaining and interesting.

Carrie accepts, and at first, prom night is an exciting and engaging experience, until someone pulls another joke, a prank that goes way too far.

And again, the actors all give stunning, believable performances.

Finally, the film introduced the final jump scare into the horror movie cliché library, something every major shock film of the next two decades would rip off.

It's not the first or last movie about telekinesis, but Spacek's achievement and De Palma's direction makes it good and enjoyable.

But it is also a teen high school 'coming of age' film.

During the last 20 minutes when Carrie gets her revenge, a lot of scenes seem really dragged out, especially when Carrie gets to her house and heads for the tub.

The book is fascinating, because of the way it's written.

"Carrie" is a thrilling death ride that will rip your heart out, chew it up, spit it out, and punch it right back inside of you.

It runs the gamut from unsettling, to creepy, to horrifying, and every second of it is enjoyable.

Carrie does have some genuine scary jolts and unsettling moments, such as the crucifixion which is thrilling and unforgettable and the ending which still shocks me.

Carrie is an entertaining horror movie wonderfully made to give the audience the shock of their lives.

I saw the movie nearly 40 years after it came out and, surprisingly, enjoyed it very much.

Brian De Palma's film, following soon after, is groundbreaking and intense, and captures the horror of the character's actions as well as the horror of her secluded and alienated school and home life.

Carrie and her mother do an excellent job ofpulling off believable characters, and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Now I am able to see beyond that and pick-up on other themes of the movie that are simultaneously frustrating (considering the film is both written and directed by men) and intriguing.

I was constantly uneasy and on the edge of my seat, and De Palma masterfully drums up atmosphere and suspense until we reach the climax.

"Carrie" is Brian de Palma's creepy look at Stephen King's novel, with wonderful cinematic moments, great cast performances, and what I thought was a hilarious credit introduction (as the opening credits roll with slow classical music playing, you see tons of high school girls in a locker room, some dressing, others showering, others talking...

But surprisingly when I saw CARRIE for the first time, I enjoyed it for more than being JUST a horror movie.

Slow down....

He may not be original when it comes to some of his storylines, but at his best makes things entertaining and interesting.

This evocative story of a high school misfit sadly degenerates too quickly into cheap, gory, melodrama when Carrie unleashes her powers in revenge against those who mocked her.

I did find one or two things unsatisfactory; such as some poor dialogue; which included "Keep your Tits on", "I can see your dirty pillows" and a constant misuse of an insult where Sue kept calling Billy a "stupid s**t", which certainly grows tiresome of hearing.

I think this was a great film, and I highly recommend it.

The writing and shooting is too drawn out, and yes, it is a very slow moving picture.

They love and hate each other with the same passion, and they are often unpredictable.

"Carrie" was an engaging, intriguing story, and I was on the edge of my seat literally just reading it.

The pace is quite slow and there's not too much going on for the most part.

Carrie isn't really scary, but it is entertaining and is a classic.

Their scenes are probably the most gripping of the show and, once again, hit really close to home sometimes when it comes to religion.

De Palma's Carrie pays up more visually and technically to any other work in his oeuvre, than to Stephen King psychologically intense and bleak novel.

The scene where Carrie gets the bucket in the head and starts the bloodshed seemed brilliant on the cover and could be a thrilling experience.

I felt so sick and empty after watching it, I had to break my habit.

In final word,if you love Horror Films,Brian De Palma,Stephen King,Sissy Spacek,or films in general,I highly suggest you see,an excellent,scary and suspenseful Horror classic that is Brian De Palma and Stephen King at their best.

Of all the Stephen King big-screen adaptations, I find this to be the most entertaining, then "Cujo" and "The Shining" behind it.

The entire movie was a slow promenade building up to a grand finale.

Boring .

Having lulled us in to a false sense of security De Palma brings the blood, menstrual blood.

So, when I started watching it, it was with great anticipation and a blanket to hide in the unbearable scenes.

Shy loner girl is made fun of, humiliated by the popular girls and the storyline revolves around that in a very boring and pathetic pace.

An Excellent,Scary And Suspenseful Horror Classic With A Brilliant Performance From Sissy Spacek.

That scene was so boring to me and the whole time Carrie is just staring real hard at everyone.

Speaking of which, I thought the whole slow motion scene was kind of dragged out.

De Palma boldly tries to mix high-school drama with horror and mystery, but in the end all aspects fall flat, and as is often the case with Stephen King stories, the supernatural element is the dullest one in the whole movie.

This had the effect of emotionally grounding the story for me, so that when all hell breaks loose, and the blood-drenched Spacek stares at us with empty eyes, it was the proverbial fist squeezing my guts.

Carrie is a breathtaking story of sadness, hatred, confusion and a thin ray of hope...

The trouble with a lot of non scary horror movies is that they become incredibly boring very quickly.

Despite this version of Carrie being thoroughly dumb and having script dialogue that reads like Murder, She Wrote or worse (at one point Amy Irving's mother says " Oh, I didn't hear you come in" despite them being seen clearly in the kitchen together for around three minutes immediately beforehand), there are reasons, albeit car-crash-viewing reasons, to check this version out – it does give origin to many horror clichés and it's entertaining to discover them first time around.

The next 40 minutes of the movie run pretty smoothly containing simple camera work and medium acting, with the occasional completely pointless sex scene.

I also found the acting quite uninspiring, especially from the protagonist.

(Originally reviewed: 22/02/2017) Brian De Palma's Carrie is a very good horror picture with a stunning performance from Sissy Spacek.

Relentless and often tough film hybridising these ingredients of coming of age; family relations and high-school drama to really good effect.. .

However, prom night will lead to a frightening disaster that will have the audience on the edge of their seats.

This is the part I found slow first time around, and in parts still is.

I read the book "Carrie" by Stephen King and I enjoyed it very much.

"Carrie" (1976) demonstrates an intense level of fidelity with the novel upon which it is based.

Also worth the watch for a Vinny Barbarino era John Travolta performance.

i wouldn't call this movie a horror but more of a strong drama or suspense because nothing happens until the last 1/2 hour.

What should be an exciting time for her is one of misery and bitterness because her own mother didn't think to tell her about the female cycle-and when to her horror she finally began it in the school locker rooms, she was subjected to laughter and humiliation from the other girls, who resorted to throwing tampons and sanitary towels at her.

This one is so much like a typical day at a high school that it is boring.

The emotional turmoil and abuse Carrie goes through is disheartening and riveting at times.

But they are effective, fun, and enjoyable.

But the movie was still confusing in some parts: 1.

Brian De Palma's stylish coming of age horror film.

And second: in the following scenes the director uses a silly split-screen effect to watch Carrie and the killings happen at the same time.. This scene opened up the opportunities to make this movie either a very entertaining splatter film with loads of blood and gore or a scary thriller.

This scene took two weeks and 35 takes to shoot, including an intense dizzying scene that was created by placing Spacek and Katt on a platform that spun in the opposite direction of a camera that was dollied away from the actors.

The suspense in Carrie is done with great build-up the most suspenseful sequence in the film being the now famous prom scene which is one of the greatest scenes in movie history.

It relies on other things to keep it entertaining.

The acting was remarkable, the music gripping, the direction good, and the plot amazing, even touching at times, something that isn't usually expected of horror movies.

The plot of the shy girl getting back at her bullies is a satisfying one, but with the added idea of telekinesis makes an even more exciting movie.

Even Carrie herself is over the top in shame, hopelessness, and confusion.

Luckily, the superb acting and thoughtful script make it still worth the watch.

Pretty unrealistic but still entertaining.

One of the scariest most riveting movies ever made.

When Tommy actually takes Carrie to the prom, he discovers that the ugly duckling has become a beautiful swan: her mouth aglow with shimmery pink lipstick, her once-lank long hair turned back in a curl, her body clad in a silken white sheath, Carrie is breathtaking and we can feel her joy as she dances with Tommy, the lights growing brighter and brighter as the two of them twirl round and round, giving a feeling of bliss spinning out of control.

My mother, whom I watched it with, enjoyed it for the human interaction and the bitchiness of the girls and their 'reward'.

Even though I wouldn't categorize this as a horror movie, rather a psychological thriller,it is still good and very intense .

This was the most frightening moment of the film because it so unexpected, at least they filmed the knifes flying before they popped into Laurie.

I was on the edge of my seat for the 2nd half.

"Carrie", is an excellent adaptation and if you're looking for a good horror movie to watch, "Carrie", is worth watching.

From the breathtaking pan across the girl's locker room to the infamous prom scene, this movie does not make one mistake.

Carrie (1976): Dir: Brian De Palma / Cast: Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie, Amy Irving, William Katt, Nancy Allen: Compelling high school horror film that is about as sophisticated as these films get.

The side characters are rather bland and for me got a little too much focus.

Then minus 0.3 points for a pointless sex scene.

The problem again is that the build up to this moment was far too drawn out.

Piper Laurie is possessed as the jilted bible spewing sinner of a mother while Nancy Allen, John Travolta and Amy Irving bring the confusing high school years back to life.

Though the mood of the film changes on several occasions, Carrie is a consistently highly intense film, that constantly builds up increasing tension.

Pros: Simple yet complex story riddled with foreshadowing and symbols, William Katt's performance, great use of music, amazing ending, Sissy Spacek's performance, and seeing Sissy Spacek nakedCons: A lot of outdated acting and very slow pacing in the beginning and in the middleOverall Rating: 8.4

Intense Film That Mirrors The Novel .

Carrie was a truly gripping movie to start this review off.

Prior to all of this, the film shoots Carrie purchasing a dress for the special evening to the same music that accompanied the rest of the girls engaging in gym class; a series of exercises making light of their sexuality to highly suggestive musical overtures.

Brian DePalma does an excellent job in directing this suspenseful tale of a high school misfit who has the gift of telekinesis.

First of all, it's directed by Brian DePalma, who made some dreadfully boring thrillers (Obsession), but also some very suspenseful thrillers (Dressed to kill, Body double).

If King or De Palma bothered with developing the characters period, and developing them in a non-cliché way, I'd of been much happier with renting this film.

Brian De Palma proved through this film that he is an unpredictable director in every way, who is to be feared of!!

First: the scene dragged on for something that seemed like the time from the big bang to the first human ape walking around on planet earth.

So absorbing is Spacek's performance that it's easy not to notice the wealth of talent in the film - Piper Laurie, Nancy Allen, John Travolta and Amy Irving.

The scene with the infamous pigs blood is on the edge of your seat, and holding onto the back so you don't fall off, screaming at Sue Snell to tell Carrie.

The imagery is stunning throughout, including one hell of a creepy little statue, and that now iconic image of Spacek doused in blood.

The rest of the cast does their best to keep up, but it is these two that make the movie worth watching.

The film is intense on many levels: it is disturbing, moving, extremely creepy and suspenseful, unsettling and the finale is truly terrifying.

Some of the other characters are rather bland particularly Travolta who shows his face a couple of times and collects his pay cheque.

Oh, to be able to engage in a natural back-and-forth whilst out and about in the side seat of a friend's car wherein you challenge the dominant force of a partner rather than remain shut away inside with that of an equal force engaging in strict mealtime processions and being forced into reading the bible whilst locked in a closet.

I finally caught it on Monstervision, but alas the movie kept dragging and I could barely stay awake for the climax.

Moment in the shower represents an open awareness of the main character's sexuality and her confusion.

It can be scary, suspenseful, beautiful or sad.

What's fascinating is that the White household is played tongue-in-cheekly Gothic: all dark, candlelit, rusty, creaking wood…every time Miss White enters the scene, Hermannesque orchestral music plays as if the Count of Dracula had just arrived at his castle while the guests were waiting.

If you're bored it's because you're not getting it.

The telekinesis angle used by Stephen King in his novel was an intriguing way through which Carrie exacted her revenge against a handful of scheming classmates.

The issue in general here is there is no story left – Stephen King's original tale is so pared down by De Palma that the viewer is just waiting.

It was thrilling to watch and made you want to cheer for her when she got her revenge and you also sympathized with her when she was being bullied by the school and her mom.

But it is overrated, tiresome, and often boring.

For a compelling and faithful version of this movie, see the Made4TV remake with Angela Bettis.

Still it's more suspenseful than horror.

De Palma also uses his trademark split screen shots for one of the suspenseful scenes in the film.

Certainly it is a stylish picture, with beautiful (if repetitive) music by Pino Donaggio, and the final sequence is still being copied today.

Drawn out, irritating and disappointing .

How did Tommy get killed, or even knocked out, by an empty tin bucket?

Equally fabulous is DePalma's cinematic treatment, brimming over with stunning effects - deep focus, low angles, overheads, filters, amazing use of split-screen and especially the most brilliantly stylised use of slow-motion.

An absorbing allegory about the effects of high school bullying, it is disguised as a horror film to allude to the horror of such mental anguish.