Carrie (2013) - Drama, Horror

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A shy girl, outcasted by her peers and sheltered by her religious mother, unleashes telekinetic terror on her small town after being pushed too far at her senior prom.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Kimberly Peirce
Stars: Chloë Grace Moretz, Julianne Moore
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 74 out of 414 found boring (17.87%)

One-line Reviews (215)

The movie barely offers anything in term of novelty as it follows the source firmly, furthermore the plot is highly predictable and very 90s, in the end Carrie feels like a mild psychology thriller at best.

The worst movie in the world .

The film's screenplay was very dull and cliché-ish and did not cut like a knife and did not feel so right, sorry Bryan Adams.

If she killed half the town, like in the book, you'd both leave the theater adequately disturbed and you'd understand the moral that King was trying to communicate.

She has a keen eye for detail and works very well with the intense acting by Moretz.

Might be people who disagree, but she was so bland, (and admittedly a tad harsh), her attempt at reprising such an iconic role was feeble.

The build-up of the story was somehow a bore, but thankful for the length of the movie that was only an hour and a half which defer viewers from total boredom.

This movie's appetizer was forgettable, the main course was boring and the dessert was slightly disappointing.

It's hard for them to face confusion and frustration and instead of being mature enough to criticize themselves and their families, they project their bad feelings on other relatives, teachers and class mates.

Don't waste your money.

It reminds me of that pointless shot-for-shot remake of 1998's 'Psycho' awhile back.

Sorry, it was just a waste of time.

It had such a great feel to the horrible film and although it did just bounce of the storyline a lot and there were only several changes that where not involved in the original, I really enjoyed it.

Worth watching once if you were a fan of the original or horror in general.

I thought that acting was joke and most of the scenes were boring there was no chemistry between characters.

The worst movie in the world so boring bad acting bad script one more time.

With great performances, a story that doesn't change much from what we already are familiar with and greater advancements in special effects that help create better visuals and more satisfying carnage, "Carrie" is a decent and very entertaining film that does justice to the one that came before it (the 1976 film…not the made-for-TV remake from 2002).

Of course, the part where they dump the pigs blood on her is when things start getting intense.

Aside from the tingling sense of eerie parental guidance and the unsettling corruption of innocence, Carrie is missing intense suspense; even its jump scares are juvenile.

Is "Carrie" entertaining?

and intense.

Even though the unique and dynamic story and mother-daughter relationship keep this from being a complete bore-fest, what we're left with is a bad teen drama parading around as a supernatural horror film that simply pales in every aspect to the original.

But the fact is, the middle section was fairly boring, and you will probably find yourself rather tired of the movie and looking at the clock to see what time it is.

Car explosion and blood pouring by Carrie's power was exciting.

It adds that evil intense moment to it.

This fast paced, individual, material world is no good place for those who try to be different.

A faithful entertaining remake .

The bucket of blood scene is over done, literally replayed from six angles and by the third it's already boring.

The characters were boring and flat.

Worth the watch .

I've always been a fan of the original, despite it being a bit slow and certainly not a masterpiece, so I was looking forward to it being brought up to date in this remake.

For me this was yet another pointless remake from many, and those started to pile up a lot.

The prom scene is straight up awesome and has some very intense death scenes .

Don't waste your money on this one.

Enjoyable despite Chloe and Julianne being too beautiful .

this movie is dark, intense and emotional, i love Julianne Moore in this film, she's hauntingly beautiful.

And if I enjoyed it this much without ever seeing the original or reading the book, then I'd say this movie deserves another look.

Having not enough substance and bite this Carrie did not disturb as it should,i sat there feeling bored and hoping the movie would end soon.

The story is divided well between Carrie's preparations for her unexpected date to the prom, Sue Snell, a popular girl and her efforts to be kind to Carrie, and Chris Hargensen's plotting for a vicious prank.

I'd give it a better rating if it was the first time this movie was made, but the original is pretty much identical but better cast so I ended up watching only the first 45 minutes before getting bored and writing this review instead of watching the rest of it...

There were a few awful slow mo shots, which ruined the flow of things a bit.

The dramatic story of Carrie and her relationship with her insane mother is engaging especially because of Julianne Moore, who is one of my favorite actresses.

Well executed, well casted, and beautifully filmed, Carrie will have you on the edge of your seat (especially if you've read the book) waiting and pawing for those last 10 minutes.

This was a phenomenal and thrilling remake.

This remake is actually an enjoyable film and sticks quite close to the original.

Pointless, unnecessary retread .

It was OK, but a complete waste of time and money.

One bucket of pig blood taking 10 seconds to empty?

2013 Carrie is fast paced and has great C G I effects.

The experienced actress did a great job and made this film a much more enjoyable experience.

The cast is full of bland pretty faces and an awful performance by Julianne Moore and miscast Chloë Grace Moretz.

Take away the telekinetic powers, the hyper-religious mother and a bucket of pig's blood on the noggin, the original CARRIE, a suspenseful Stephen King adaptation directed by Brian De Palma, is really about a high school girl who doesn't fit in.

) the dramatic parts are generally more compelling.

you will be amazed how insanely enjoyable it is.

If you have seen the original Carrie, this remake will bore you to tears.

Slower than the Seventies.

As many others have said, pretty much pointless .

I left feeling kind of empty.

I quickly found myself growing bored, impatiently tapping my foot in anticipation of the defining moment.

Thankfully, great directing, exciting effects and strong acting creates an entertaining movie.

Personally, I just left the theater with this "um okay...

What followed, in De Palma's version, was the most riveting, suspenseful, heartbreaking and technically near perfect 20 minutes of cinema I have ever seen.

The story is a bit slow at some points.

Easier to watch and more entertaining than the original.

She's still religious, yes, but gone is the hysterical fervor and outbursts of rage and violence, which makes audiences perk up on the edge of their seats whenever she enters a room.

Worth watching!

There are some aspects that are closer to the novel, including the more violent and intense climax, and the pregnancy subplot.

The original was much more intense.

For a modern horror this is a very good effort and well worth watching if only for the excellent and bloody Prom finale.

I also felt Carrie was a little too over dramatic during the massacre at the end, with the slow breathing and arms held out like she's trying to constantly hug the earth.

I'm an admirer of "Carrie" (the 1976 version starring Sissy Spacek), so, like everyone else, I was highly skeptical of yet another pointless remake/reboot of an established horror classic.

Closer to the short story written by Stephen King, this updated vision of the coming of age nightmare pays tribute to the 1976 while modernizing the characters to relate to 21st century horror fans.

Carrie is an enjoyable remake.

Yup, it's a remake (or a 're-imagining' as pretentious producers would say) of Carrie circa 1978...

pointless remake .

The dialogs are pointless, it just like a chick movies.

That being said, this is just another movie to watch just to keep from falling asleep.

I loved this remake and really worth watching.

It's just suspenseful.

What makes the original Carrie truly disturbing is that it's really slow paced.

I will admit when I received the email from Netflix that the 2013 rendition of Carrie was on line, I was a little excited, maybe it was because it is October, and there a few horror movies worth the watch.

The carnage at prom that Carrie unleashed was the only entertaining part of the film.

Ofcoarse it isn't going to have the tense simplicity that 70's & 80's horror had, because nowadays we are not very patient and as much as it is part of the charm of older movies, we cannot get away with those sorts of drawn out frights anymore.

Brilliant and gripping.

Not terrible, but you will probably find yourself bored and disappointed .

Overall the film is very good And I highly recommend it.

But the differences are played out in the acting and setting and made this a very enjoyable movie.

I really enjoyed it because i am fan of the book and the old movie.

Carries mom was so bland i felt sorry the people who had never seen Piper Laurie's performance in the original.

Some may enjoy the more modern update to Carrie, whilst fans of the original will find it dull and unnecessary.

It's notably more brutal and exciting than the other prom scene adaptations (I have seen those particular parts on YouTube).

 As such, the movie is moderately entertaining at best.

I had pretty much the same problems with this remake that I had with the original movie: it is uneven and, to a certain degree, boring.

Recommended for fans of thrilling mainstream movies.

I highly recommend it.

But it's more so fun and entertaining.

So, was it the directors fault or the fault of the studio for wanting these one dimensional characters and pointless fx updates?

The girl who played Carrie, bless her heart, it was ssssooooo overacted that it seemed forced and contrived.

It really bugs me that in modern movies often every detail is spelt out to the viewer and I think that new audiences watching this version today will miss out on the subtle, and thus more suspenseful, qualities of the original.

Complete with the well-deserved revenge and how that transpires here, these here are what really make this one enjoyable and more than a worthy remake.

I have given this remake a 7 rating and would still recommend it as well worth watching.

Really Enjoyed It.

I sat on the edge of my seat for the entire movie and I thought everything that transpired in the end was very satisfying.

Ignore the nay-sayers, worth watching

It was definitely entertaining and better than other remakes I've seen

So, sadly, this is another pointless redo.

But thissssssssssss movie started out OK, then it got got slow.

Boring Remake of Classic .

From Sissy Spacek to Vinny Testorino, the sweat hog, to the afro on William Katt and Nancy Allen, everything that was wrong about the 70's was in this first POS Carrie, unwatchable.

what can I say about "Carrie" this horror/ thriller will have you on the edge of your seat wondering if Carrie will get her revenge on those horrible girls that made fun of her.

A Virtual Scene for Scene, Line for Line Redo that is Flat and Uninspiring.

It has it's high and lows, but it was enjoyable.

Yes, they made the film more modern, still, the film feels so fake with a bland good looking model like high school crowd, lame Tim Tebow jokes and cheesy highly ineffective CGI.

Really great film, enjoyed it a hell of a lot, I would recommend it to everyone.

I find them pointless when the original is indisputably a classic.

I see it for what it is, a very similar remake, updated to fit today's short-span audiences, but still a good entertaining Friday night movie.

Made at another time and things have changed so much that watching the original is a pointless experience.

A good attempt was made but it was pointless.

An entertaining remake .

It was dragged out way to long.

If you are looking for an entertaining movie that you can tell around a campfire as well, this is a must.

All the efforts for the reimagining, whether it be an attempt to create a franchise or sequel or to modernize the narrative has totally undermined the essence of this otherwise compelling story.

Those that haven't seen the first film might very well enjoy it, but for those who have, you most likely will leave the theater disappointed.

The movie starts out interesting, and compelling for sure, and the ending is very well done.

It is always very hard and generally pointless to remake cult classic films.

I even daresay the 2013 version is fairly enjoyable, mostly thanks to a very solid & plausible performance by Julianne Moore and a surprisingly big amount of bloody murders and explicit make-up effects.

It felt like this movie was a waste of money making it.

It all just seems rather dull.

Not a bad remake, I quite enjoyed it .

The supporting characters end up becoming more black-and- white and it comes off bland.

), delusional religious freak.. I kept shaking my head during the movie as it got more and more trite.

It doesn't matter how lank they try to make her hair, what drab clothes they dress her in, or how much she hunches her shoulders, Moretz is simply way too attractive to play the part of Stephen King's tragic, reclusive outcast.

It's a very predictable movie, even if you don't know certain things about this flick before watching.

The young star is not the only problem in this underwhelming flick though; Julianne Moore is silly rather than spooky as Carrie's religious- nut mother, Marco Beltrami's score is depressingly uninspired and the penultimate climax (in the school hall) is criminally bland.

However I found this completely worth the watch when it comes to the prom turning sour.

But unfortunately nothing happens.

But whereby the Coen Brothers shed their rework of the sentimentality of romantic cinema narrative, the director Kimberly Peirce, seemed to embed this reworking of Carrie with Hollywood cliché.

The Carrie series is thrilling if you seen the classics go see this remake.

The earlier from 1970ies is worth watching, though.

It's a movie about a very horrific sadist tragedy that's probably not gonna make you scream the hell out, but can company you through a thrilling ride from start to end.

The relationship between Carrie and her mother is boring.

I found myself bored throughout a lot of the movie.

Where the original felt creepy, this was just plain slow and dramatic.

In The original you can feel the rage and sorrow in Carrie's face, in this version you just get weird empty faces from Moretz.

Overall, it's an exciting horror story and not a bad remake of the 1976 original.

I enjoyed the film and think it was worth the watch.

A pointless remake that I will forget rather quickly.

It's that moment when the film's fascinating relationship with the absurd and the horrific boil over.

It could have done better in creating and maintaining suspense, but usually, whatever suspense is created is either quickly extinguished or dragged on too long without new input.

"Carrie" is a suspenseful drama and only becomes a horror movie once more than one hour has passed.

She manifests the pain beneath Margaret White's fanaticism, which is quite compelling.

And I suggest you don't waste your time.

The first sections of the film is a little slow at times, but the final section makes up for it as things get really intense.

Overall, it's fun and entertaining, and manages to be a good remake.

The remake also corrects the major major problem which I and many fans had with the original, the slow as sxxx pacing!

Pierce is under the impression that Carrie - a coming of age horror story by Stephen King - is a "superhero origin story.

The first hour and fifteen minutes are a waste of time.

Other than that, though, it was thoroughly entertaining.

Okay, before I go into what may come across as a rant (my apologies) I will say that this movie as a stand alone, teenage, popcorn guzzling flick was enjoyable enough in its own right.

You either one, stay completely true to the original with just different actors(which is pointless), or you change it and people fuss about how you messed up the original.

The pulsing of her pupils and blood dripping upward off her arms were breathtaking.

Despite the use of more relevant topic of bullying, great talents behind it, and the same ridiculous amount of blood, Carrie is merely a toned down dull rework of old movie.

Unfortunately a predictable disappointment .

Her depiction of the insanely religious Margaret White is intense, disturbing and genuinely petrifying.

Yes, it was creepy and that's what they wanted, but it was so over the top and in your face, that it quickly becomes tiresome.

The original has the uncanny ability to still make me jump at the end after all these years with the hand out the grave bit, so the flippant grave cracking at the end of this is just the final slap in the face of what has already been up to this point been an embarrassingly sanitised, bland, soulless attempt to make a classic original appeal to the Facebook generation.

Bland and Without Bite .

Despite of being disappointing, Carrie is still an entertaining film.

Just As Enjoyable As The Original .

The first three-quarters of the film is a slow, effective build-up which leads to the final quarter of the film in which all hell breaks lose as we see a rapidly-growing body count.

Some scenes, I didn't even want to watch, and almost walked out of the theatre because Of how vulgar, disgusting and completely over the top all of the injuries, death, and crazy things that were happening.

A few funny scenes which make the film quite enjoyable.

The upcoming "Robocop" looks to be entertaining as well.

Very enjoyable remake.

This remake is a pale, superficial and boring version of the original horror one, which has been well directed by Brian De Palma.

I really enjoyed it , maybe because I thought it was going to be a poor remake that actually helped my viewing experience.

If you want to see a scary movie, see the original, if you want to see the drama version of Carrie and be bored out your mind, then check this out!

This outstanding cast up their game even more when the prom sequence explodes, this film roars to life and at times gets unbearable to watch, especially the knife slashing ending, that's the sign of impact and effectiveness.


It's an engrossing film that deals, first and foremost, with bullying.

She was her usual great self, however, the original mom really exuded craziness, always with a little grin, empty eyes...

First I must mention Julianne Moore who plays Margaret White, Carrie's mother, who is a haunting presence with intense eyes and intense beliefs, which makes her the parent you would only wish on enemies.

Fantasy, Romance and Horror's collaboration was thrilling.

You'll find investing your hard-earned money on things like embalming, caskets and grave markers to be a waste when SuperCarrie miraculously springs back to life, cracks her CGI tombstone (because - you know - real tombstones or even plaster ones painted to look like real tombstones are just way too hard to crack so they must be made out of cartoon) and then causes a metal guitar riff to sound out from nowhere.

Once again this proves that movie remakes are worth watching when done in the right way.

After her classmates teased her about her horrified reaction to her unexpected first period, one of them , Sue Snell(Gabriele Wilde) takes pity on her and gets Tommy Ross (Ansel Elgort) , her boyfriend and class hunk to invite Carrie to the senior Prom .

It's the same old stale money-grab formula: a pale remake where some devoid-of-talent hack decides to "re-imagine" someone's else's creative work, and the predictable result is one of soon-forgotten cinematic dumpster garbage.

Carrie: Finally, A Remake Worth Watching .

Carrie (2013) is a pretty entertaining movie for me, I have not watched the original version of this movie, it's quite entertaining when Carrie who is at the prom night party gets furious and expels her telekinesis power to punish those who have hurt and destroy her feelings.

But despite this, it turned out to be quite enjoyable because the story is such a good one and it's perennially entertaining.

The ending was a bit confusing for me that's why only 8 of 10.

I can understand why some people were upset with "another remake" but if you really want to watch a film that is up to date with modern technology, attractive enough to target not just teens, but adults as well - then this film really is worth watching.

I also missed creepy atmosphere overall in the new movie-in this movie you'll got dull atmosphere and one-dimensional characters.

De Palma's version was a slow-plodding style that reached a terrifying crescendo while this version creates a terrifying situation that ascends to less than horrific levels.

As for the rest, meh in parts, unbearable otherwise.

This is a pointless film, why was it made.

Still, this is the personification of pointless movie remakes as it didn't outshine the original.

The movie is well done, and even though it starts her off with her telekinetic powers earlier in the film, it is still rather slow to get going.

over all its a great film, insanely enjoyable.

Carrie is bullied, her mother abuses her, and she's coming of age except her puberty is telekinesis, with a little revenge.

For me, it was an unexpected treat.

Boring, tired and bland.

-Fast paced -Terrible ending

A sharply divided reception was predictable.

I really enjoyed it.

Great acting of Julianne moore, who's actually making the movie worth watching.

Many scenes translate from the book into this version that were not in the original, but unfortunately two to three major scenes from the book that involve Carrie's childhood and what occurs in the third act are omitted from the film, which would have made it more cohesive and intense.

My main problem with this movie is that it is very slow for the first hour and ten minutes,but there is a constant atmosphere that it is building up to something huge and terrifying,and once that scene we were waiting for finally comes,it is very uneventful,the last twenty minutes or so are brutally filmed and almost appear like stop motion was used to make these characters be blown away by Carrie's power.

It was enjoyable.

It's also very intense and benefits greatly from two marvelous performances: Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore, as the two women who have been tormented by the mother's misguided belief that they are being punished by divine forces.

The Julian Moore performance stood out and was really fascinating ( especially compared to other crew).

An enjoyable version .

The most engaging scenes are between Margaret and Carrie.

I find the movie slow and all the action for me happened in the last 10 min.

The CGI also made Chris's death thrilling.