Carriers (2009) - Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi

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Four friends fleeing a viral pandemic soon learn they are more dangerous than any virus.

Director: David Pastor
Stars: Chris Pine, Piper Perabo
Length: 84 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 34 out of 131 found boring (25.95%)

One-line Reviews (117)

It's just predictable and the ending you wait so long for is like the filmmakers having flipped you the bird (crappy end statement that tries to be arty and reflective and just wastes your time).

But to his credit, Pastor largely avoids cliché, and once you come to terms with the fact that this story is told in episodes, what is done is done, it is possible to enjoy it for what it is.

Too bad the company didn't saw the genius of this movie, so the marketing is that this is just another cliché, boring...

I found it incredibly disturbing, suspenseful, and even touching.

apart from all the thrilling moments that your sitting as far as you can from the screen and lower the sound cause its just too frightening, the whole agenda of this film is scary as hell.

It stuck with me enough to want to write a review, so if you're in the right frame of mind, it is worth watching, if only to remind us of our own frailty.

Slow drama with very little gore, although there is the obligatory shocking images.

Intrigue, intense drama , action and suspense film about a deadly and rapacious virus spread by means of infection and contagion .

Thrilling film about mysterious epidemic spreads across the planet , being well directed by Spanish filmmakers David and Alex Pastor .

It is a god awful BORING movie.

Worth watching!

Carriers is hyped up as a really entertaining movie when its actually the complete opposite.

At the end, i said to myself that it was a bit boring and ordinary.

Bad, boring and stolen .

It's actually worth watching it more than once, because every time you'll find out some new details that you might missed before.

It is certainly watchable and gripping in places but it may leave you feeling a little empty at its conclusion although I am unsure it could have gone anywhere else given what goes before.

Anchored by strong performances (Pine and Piper Perabo, playing his kind-hearted girlfriend, are especially good) and an engaging script, it is not the gore-crusted zombie film that many might expect (and that some might want).

It had loads of riveting scenes and some decent acting considering they made it with not a very high budget.

Boring .

Once again: "Carriers" has great potential but is a little bit to slow and to heavy on the drama to pass as a great movie.

Well worth watching .

I think the setting of being in a desert added to the desolate and slow feel at times.

Maybe they were all bored and had time to waste, because that's what they did, wasted their time and mine.

It's usually either an unremarkable remake ("The Ring" being a prime exception to the rule) or dull teen centered horror.

That's unfortunate, because it is a rather compelling cinematic gem that, despite an all-too-tired basic plot, has a lot to say...

Thus the "slow" pace lets the viewer digest what is going on on the screen and lets him think about it.

Another criticism is that the movie is predictable.

This is a boring movie, obvious and full of bad decisions.

Íf you're curious, better see it but if not, save your money on another, better (not hard) movie!

Major buildings, such as hotels, hospitals, schools, etc. are empty.

But it is a well constructed, engaging, entertaining story which succeeds by not trying to overstretch itself.

Good, but somewhat slow Horror-Drama-Mix .

Haven't been to many movies this summer, however, I caught Carriers this afternoon, playing to a near empty theater, and was very glad I saw it.

Suspense thriller that deals with an intense drama , a special relationship among two brothers and intrigue about a deadly virus is spread by contagion .

While it is "slow" it only clocks in about 84 minutes which is far too short in my opinion and I wanted more really.

I was on the edge of my seat at times.

If you like a good thriller with some very intense scenes then this one is for you.

"Slow" is a movie that bores you.

At 84 minutes there' s little flab, nor sub plot, yet there is often a languid feel about proceedings, a neat achievement in itself.

It is pointless and boring.

I have a morbid love of post-apocalyptic type films and this one seemed typical enough to be entertaining and it is!!

Suffer the boredom, unlike you may be led to believe in the film, this film is no cure.

Novel idea marred by painfully slow and predictable execution .

Veteran dramatic actors Christopher Meloni (Oz) and Mark Moses (Platoon) make brief and promising appearances which carry the film for some short time but I felt their stories had been left incomplete and the film therefore felt pointless and evermore predictable without them.

It gets a 6 from me because there were a few scenes which were engrossing to watch.

Oddly enough, though, for how absurdly pretentious the story is, the film's production values are pretty impressive for a project of it's size.

They're just the witnesses of the occasional short-lived drama unfolding around them, trying to stay unaffected by it and this prevents anything really exciting from happening.

Still, what a bore fest.

I'd have to agree that it was a long 90 minutes, but as someone who is prone to falling asleep during movies, especially after an 8 hour shift, my interest was effortlessly sustained throughout the movie.

)This bad script stole every cliché in the book (what book is that???

Your imagination can think of many possible scenarios and fascinating aspects of this theme that could be explored in a movie?

Unlike most virus flicks, 'Carrier' focuses on the emotional and psychological aspect of the survivors especially their struggle when they have to leave one of their own behind (or even commit the act of taking their life) in order to ensure their own survival and the despair of the soon-to-be-deceased after they have been abandoned on their own to die a slow painful death.

If you love post-apocalyptic films, this is worth watching.

It may be merely one of many movies with a similar storyline, but I found I enjoyed it - and that I enjoyed it more as the story progressed.

;- )) which were executed in a sloooooow and pointless way.

The cinematography's good, the acting's good, the message, again, good but the last note unfortunately comes off empty and hollow.

Slow, boring, and I saw mistakes in filming .

Now, after having watched it, I think it is much more precise to describe Carriers as an intense drama, because its screenplay ignores the fantasy in order to completely focus on the decay of modern humanity, and the replacement of the "civilization" for a values system in which the compassion and the altruism became into obsolete and almost dangerous artifacts, since they obstruct the objective of survival with emotions.

Good direction by Pastor Brothers who do have its thrilling moments , most of them in the first half , though the second half being mostly dramatic and tragic .

Nothing happens.

Altho, not really bad itself, but it could have been so much better if this movie was made as R rated movie, mixed with some intense scenes (I am not saying gory, just intense!

Entertaining and made me wonder what i would do if i were them.. .

Really I would check it out, It is worth the watch.

Be warned though, it is very slow.

I disagree that the pacing is slow.

So it is safe to assume that in order to have an entertaining film and some high tension conflict, some of these characters need to break those rules.

Not horror, not thrilling, just bland and boring.

But despite the flaws, the movie was entertaining.

Nothing happens to the infected except for death.

Without such disastrous storytelling at the opening, I would have said this film was worth watching.

'Carriers' means well and you might appreciate it if you're looking to pass time out of boredom.

They show what jaded Hollywood people think of the rest of the world, and they clearly think we're a bunch of sadistic idiots (or at least that watching sadistic idiots react to things is somehow entertaining).

Quite a few people were appalled by the fact, that there is not that much happening in the movie, but I liked it, because it was slow moving, because it took it's sweet time.

OK movie to watch, it won't hurt, but if you're fan of gory, fast paced or action oriented horror, it probably won't suit your taste.

Trite, predictable, boring movie that's essentially a "this is what we had to do to survive tale".

This low key film, which slipped under my radar until I picked it up as a bargain DVD, is well worth what I paid for it, and well worth watching.

Although not a great deal happens during the film, what does happen is gripping as the humanity of the participants is stripped away, layer by layer, in the interests of survival.

On top of that the characters of the brothers become annoyingly cliché as each lives up to their sensitive-liberal-brain/makes-the-hard-decisions-conservative-brawn stereotypes.

Don't waste your time, it's beyond terrible.

I saw the screener and was on the edge of my seat.

Don't watch The Road, a film even more boring than this (and more annoying).

For one thing, Carriers is a much slower film than the 28 Days/Weeks Later films, which is one of the ingredients to it's downfall.

It just gets a tad boring because it has no novelty.

Very slow horror movie .

Safe, Enjoyable, "Pandemic Genre", Fare .

Instead, however, we are left with a film so short in length that once we have just connected and engaged with the characters and their desperate situations the credits begin to roll and the lights come up leaving you feeling incredibly empty inside and asking one brief question; "Is that it?

Luckily, author of the film leaves out any fictional, boring and overused Zombie theme.

pointless, almost boring and DRY.

Meaning: Good, but a bit slow.

All together the movie was pretty boring.

I found the film to be quite thrilling at times.

'Carriers' tells a story that has been contrived countless times over the last thirty years or so and whereas it's well directed - though the two-man directing job is wasted - the story is muddled, there is little context and the dialogue makes up the majority of the cliché factor.

A gripping search for survival.

The filmmakers explore fear here in a compelling, genuinely human - at times, even poetic - manner.

The movie gets really dull, and kind of depressing, when we see them in scene after scene applying their nihilistic fatally self-absorbed "rules" to each and every character, including each other.

It is a very enjoyable movie with no Hollywood clichés.

Their encounters with obstacles (be they human or physical) are brief, confusing and entirely pointless.

The film successfully stimulates moral reflection and is engrossing from beginning to end.

Its not a perfect film, but it is compelling and tense.

An enjoyable movie which is more about people than horror .

Written and directed by Alex and David Pastor, this intense and gripping thriller is about a lethal virus beyond anyone's expectations.

Some of the behavior is quite predictable and a lot of the plot is fairly obvious.

Carriers just moves at such a slow pace, and apart from the odd moment here and there, it's actually a bit of a snorefest.

Predictable drag .

Basically at it's heart it's a road trip movie trying to transcend the usual coming of age angst and self-discovery learned along the way storyline by hiding itself inside of a coming of the end of the world angst and self-discovery of hate and loneliness learned along the way storyline.

Gloomy and empty with no point .

Was enjoyable.

I highly recommend it to those who enjoy their horror a bit more subtle and intelligent.

However, my friend fell asleep in, it's really not for everyone.

So I scored it 7 because it was an enjoyable movie which made me think "what if" a fair number of times.

It's a soulless, pointless, plot less little exercise in human drama that offers nothing new and goes absolutely nowhere with it.

Yet, on such a small budget, it seems real, suspenseful (at times) and they show enough examples of small-town America devastated to satisfy the target audience.

Talk About A Waste of Time.

As it is, small in scale yet profound in meaning, "Carriers" crawls under your flesh like a virus and plants a compelling question in its viewers' minds: what would I do if faced with a similar situation?

But still pretty darn good for a straight to DVD movie, me and my brother started watching it late at night and actually thoroughly enjoyed it.

Attractive actors but very shallow acting with terribly contrived character development

After all the so called "slow" pace is just appropriate, it sets the right mood.